"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Wednesday 15 December 2010

A Universe of Freedom Hidden in Plain Sight

A Universe of Freedom Hidden in Plain Sight
'Aye' Of Califia, through the 'Eye-of-Horus'

Growing up in California Consciousness -- without the benefit of an indigenous upbringing in the wisdom of the spirit-world, in the songline of all our sacred relations -- without the 'overview' of a globe-trotting 'upper crust' social elite matriculation -- left me giddy, clueless, ungrounded, unconnected...
not much different from the consumer plastic of Hollywood and the World-ruling Aerospace industry that we were immersed in.
Soft-victims, yet victims nevertheless of our cultural isolation, economic inSolation'.
 In my case, the early death of my father, my brother, my grandfather -- and separation from my sisters and mother -- all conspired to infinitely broaden and deepen my polymath 'psychosis' in science, engineering, literature, economics, law, media, politics, philosophy -- all 'Western' disconnecting indoctrinations. A men's (Martian) world.

Saenger-Bredt spaceplane design, 1943
And did I say 'polymath'? Indeed, all and every mathematical discipline available in twenty-five years of university -- again, without the benefit of 'poly-linguality', world language skills.
 A child of the mountains, forests, rivers who thought he was going to build spaceplanes and starships... walk the mountains of Mars, sail the Sky-Seas of Rigil Kentaurus.
 What is it like to walk the career path of an aerospace geek, and when does one awaken, if ever?

Chuck Yeager, Bell X1 and Mach 1, 1947
After the early university years learning the ropes of electronics, computers, spacecraft assembly - after a near-death experience in the UC hospital - I begin to see a greater social world, and the vastness of the terrestrial, solar and galactic living plasma-scape we are all born within, sung from.
Memberships in the L5 Society, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American Astronautical Society; the Space Studies Institute, Planetary Society, National Coordinating Committee for Space... invitation to the UNCOPUOS in Vienna... founding of the University of California Space Working Group, the Space Frontier Society, and the California Space Program, then internship in the California Senate, and a dalliance with the California Aerospace Alliance; writing of the US Space Station legislation, promotion to the "Who's Who", invitation to join the original National Space Institute, become the National Space Society.

Lunar Far Side Moonbase, established 1963
and my tenure as editor of Space Daily...
director of marketing for Pacific American Launch Systems ...
CFO for the startup Orbital Transport Services, Inc ...
founder of Space Business Consultants, where I wrote the business plans and market assessments for the latent space energy, space transportation and space industrialization marketplaces ...

and began the fifty year forward, and forty year backward, mass, cost, and population assessment for the Earth-Moon-Mars-plus space industrial infrastructure - initiated in the 1950s about the time of my birth.
The space infrastructural history and forecast for the aerospace industry -- of space stations, optical ('remote' sensing) observatories, electromagnetic monitoring networks, solid state and chemical and biological research laboratories, electromagnetic radiation 'transceivers' [HARP but ten (a hundred?) times vaster], space weapons bases, proton beam accelerators, superluminal proton communicator rings, space-based power plants, space industrial parks, orbital residential colonies, Lunar farside and Mars bases, etc. etc. --
Lunar Far Side
(First USAF pilot to reach the Moon, 1959)
Not all the details fleshed out in those days, the eighties and nineties, but all compiled in a database of years, dollars invested, kilograms delivered, population increases.
 Thus, for 1960, the database would have reported:
 Total Dollars, Billions, Invested, $25 Billion
Orbital Personnel, 10 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 2 Million Kg
Shocking? curious? (trivial, obvious?)

Robert Heinlein (with Ginny)
So now is the time to take a step back, and talk about how we come up with the numbers, how we estimate the extent of the black/intelligence aerospace program matrix WITHOUT actually having classified security state credentials, WITHOUT actually being a (paid) member of the 'Company' of global spooks.
 How does one know, understand, perceive, make scientific discoveries, solve technological puzzles, see the inner workings of astrophysical processes, and aerospace propulsion systems, and perceive the cerebral workings of the scientists, engineers and managers who steer its 'celestial courses'?
Superluminal Proton Ring Communicator
Is 'remote viewing' different from any other type of viewing, seeing, which is done with the eyes and ears and mind?
 When I look into the center of our Milky Way galaxy, at the superluminally-spinning toroidal (donut) superstar known as Sagittarius A*, when I 'look' through the eyes of the VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometry) arrays, when I look through the computer-syncopated infra-red, ultraviolet, and X-ray spectral images -- using the software (conceptual) models of galaxies, stars, and plasma physics -- is there a more 'remote', or more accurate, 'viewing' than that?
Richard Feynman
When lifelong career NASA manager and friend Edward Gomersall confides to me, on his deathbed, the total hoax of NASA and the Space Shuttle, and his own Single-Stage-To-Orbit propaganda responsibilities -- and shows me the photographs of the Saenger-Bredt spaceplane designs from the 1940s, from deep in the recesses of his wall safe --
 when the infinitely well-regarded Gerry (Gerard K.) O'Neill admits to me and my business partners that indeed the whole of the civilian space industry, and our much-touted Space Transportation innovations (Heavy Launchers, SSTO again, etc.) are again just a aerospace-military front to block the knowledge of ultra low cost space transportation systems --

Stealth B2 Spaceplane, 1988
when our colleague Gordon Woodcock, of Boeing, publishes (within the aerospace unions) the actual numbers of the actual costs of Space Transportation to orbit (20 cents per pound) compared to the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per pound that the fake industry and NASA charge --
 when our friend Carl Sagan points proudly to his well-financed, public disinfo campaigns regarding astronomy and astrophysics…
when Richard Feynman elegantly stages his cover-up of the fraud of NASA and the Space Shuttle, and lauds his career of cover-up of the electromagnetic lightwave topology of the proton, and thus the structure of the atomic nucleus...
when every day you are surrounded by the need to maintain friendships, or kiss the bums of, your colleagues and mentors viz. Newt Gingrich, Hans Mark, Ben Bova, Buzz Aldrin, etc. etc.
 when your 'Billionaire' publisher chokes on his, and your, shallow materialism...
 and John Denver simply glares at you, in the Mojave desert, as if to say 'this isn't me' you see...
when Robert Heinlein waves his hand towards space 'lawyer-buddy' Art Dula, as if to say "let the theatre begin" ...
 and guiding lights, like Arthur Clarke, look away from you, look the other way...

When do you learn?
And see the truth?
 Of that knowing that is within you?
 Which is you, me?
 The karma WE are carrying...
Earth-Mars Orbital City, 2004
Of the alleged deaths of Gerry O'Neil (in a hurry to his Lagrange Base), Carl Sagan (for the 'Billions'), John Denver ("sing it one more time"), Robert Heinlein (buried beneath the 'Monuments of Mars'?)
 You can't really blame them for leaving us, for going on to realize their much-avowed life's purposes, their stellar destinies. [I will blame them and all my globe-spanning colleagues if they don't 'come clean' ~now~ and honour themselves, their families, and World-Humanity for the life and the sacred of which they are the beneficiaries].
Sculpting a 'Wheel of Life' ...
And so saying I again ask, "When do we learn to see?"
 Recognize the seeing of the way-things-really-are, which can only be experienced and known in 4D, in integrating over time, viewing the whole film-real, video, rolling-river-of-life, our physical world, the divine REALITY of nature, of what is?
 And when, as today, the Intelligence-State looses its New Age dogs of disinfo, viz:  http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/NuclearStructure/message/958
Carl Sagan
And claim that they teleported (drunk?) to Mars - well I can only say I am VERY glad that the Solar Aerospace Interplanetary Regime has got its act together, has completed it's initial CityState development, and is ready to welcome LARGE volumes of pliant/obedi-ant professional-class worker-drones to orbit, to Luna, to Mars – and scientist/engineer/programmers to Venus -- and that the whole truth of the (multi?) hundred Trillion dollar investment by ALL humanity can now be revealed, along with the necessity of ending the pyramid of *disinformation*, orchestrated cultural and gender warfare, and unbelievable planetary eco-rape.
First USAF Pilot to Reach Mars, 1972 ...
That all women, children, indigenous, workers may thrive in body and mind, and our MOST VALUABLE resource, life, Mother Earth, all our relations may be reforested -- the PachaMama, biodiversity, biodivinity re-established -- and the WEALTH of all peoples, all cultures, all 'classes', all 'castes', of our World (Interplanetary) Hive be increased...
 Beyond simply 'knowing',
 Beyond 'seeing', ('feeling')
Carl and 'Babe'?
But then it's not as if it takes more than a few seconds of 'viewing' to identify the New Age Cointel scamsters -- they always rest their tall tales on 'teleportation', 'time travel', or 'ufo sightings' and 'reptilian abductions' -- never actually relating the Space Transportation system involved, the SpacePlane observed, the Plasma-Fusion energy device used, etc.
Again, remote viewing, mindfulness, sight, problem-solving, scientific investigation presents no difficulties for those who are conscious -- have memories -- and thus see, perceive, every day and tally up the results of inquiry and testing over months, years, decades.
One Gee Mars 'Ferry' Wheel, 2008 ...
When no inconsistencies remain, all criticisms and observations are included, the omni-spectral and omni-temporal 'VLBI', inclusive of the 'eyes' of all cultures planetwide, always presents the truth - a deep whole rainbow truth, transcending the shallow propaganda of the provincial soldiery...
 Our global community of awakened, immortal, true gentility.
Gerry O'Neill ...
Like the 'Interplanetary Architecture', this songline of global divinity will become a gift for the WHOLE world, our human ancestry of some one million years, Gaian family of some billions (as Carl would say)
 from bicycles for 'we' enlightened peasants,
automotives for our workers and middle classes,
aircraft for our legal medical corporate industrial rich,
spaceplanes for our aristocracy.
 To a Planet-and-Solar-wide 4D Lagrangian (Lissajous) Web of being, all beings, (necessarily) included.
Permanent Mars Base established, 1990 ...
Total Dollars, Billions, Invested, $125 Billion
Orbital/Lunar Personnel, 50 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 15 Million Kg
Total Dollars, Billions, Invested, $325 Billion
Orbital/Planetary Personnel, 100 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 40 Million Kg
Total Dollars, Billions, Invested, $625 Billion
Orbital/Planetary Personnel, 200 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 100 Million Kg
Total Dollars, Trillions, Invested, $1 Trillion
Orbital/Planetary Personnel, 1000 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 1 Billion Kg
Total Dollars, Trillions, Invested, $1.5 Trillion
Orbital/Planetary Personnel, 2000 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 2 Billion Kg
(This linear analysis does not take into account the logarithmic growth that has occurred since the establishment of the baseline spaceplane and space transport infrastructures, nor does it include the ten times greater Earth-based industrial and airstrip/spaceport infrastructures which link it with the Space economy.)
John Denver, air force 'brat' ...
Total Dollars, Billions, Invested, $125 Billion
Orbital/Lunar Personnel, 50 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 15 Million Kg
Size of Spaceplane fleet, 10 Vehicles
Total Dollars, Billions, Invested, $500 Billion
Orbital/Planetary Personnel, 200 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 100 Million Kg
Size of Spaceplane fleet, 20 Vehicles
Total Dollars, Trillions, Invested, $2 Trillion
Orbital/Planetary Personnel, 1000 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 500 Million Kg
Size of Spaceplane fleet, 40 Vehicles
Total Dollars, Trillions, Invested, $10 Trillion
Orbital/Planetary Personnel, 5,000 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 10 Billion Kg
Size of Spaceplane fleet, 100 Vehicles
Earth Sun LaGrange Regions
Total Dollars, Trillions, Invested, $100 Trillion
Orbital/Planetary Personnel, 50,000 persons
Infrastructural Mass on Orbit, 200 Billion Kg
Size of Spaceplane fleet, 200 Vehicles
(This logarithmic analysis takes into account the bringing online of fully developed spaceplane fleets circa 1990, and the fully developed Interplanetary Spaceship systems circa 2000 (and in situ manufacturing of fuel and materials), and Year 2010 operation of Interplanetary Transport hubs and large scale in-situ manufacturing, and similar advances in the Terrestrial Transport and Support infrastructure.)
This investigation is a 4D, real, story in creation, which means that it will evolve and expand and be refined every day, by the author:

and by all those critiquing, supplementing, and otherwise deepening and broadening the analysis. at this point I would call it 'order of magnitude' correct, like 50/50, and I expect that by the end of the Year 2010 it will be 80 or 90 percent correct, and by the end of 2011 basically 95 percent 'right on', as such is the nature of sight, insight, human consciousness,
wisdom gift of all our relations ...
Weaving the Web...

For further enlightenment see –
The Her(m)etic Hermit - http://hermetic.blog.com

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