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Sunday, 17 January 2010

What is ZDAY? Zeitgeist & Project Venus

What is ZDAY?

Zeitgeist & Project Venus

“Zeitgeist Day”, or ZDAY for short, is an annual, global event day which occurs in the middle of March, each year. The goal is to increase public awareness of The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project.  If you are not familiar with the tenets and goals of The Zeitgeist Movement and its relationship to The Venus Project, please see the following information:

In 2008, we had over 700 events in 200 countries. These events were well documented by news agencies across the world, including the New York Times in America. An archive list of these events can be found HERE.

A Zeitgeist Day Event can take many forms, ranging from a simple showing of DVD media like Zeitgeist: Addendum to prerecorded lectures by Meadows, Joseph or Fresco;  to interactive question-and-answer events with Chapter Organizers in various regions, giving their own unique presentations.

While it is not required to be in a regional Zeitgeist Movement Chapter to have an event, it is recommend. To find a Chapter in your area, please check HERE. Generally speaking, we encourage each Chapter to help organize events in their region. This is not a requirement, however.


This website (http://zday2010.org) allows for the submission of events and user access to change event properties. Once you submit an event, your event is posted in our Event List and Map View. A password will be sent to your email to allow for editing your submission/data access. Each event must be approved by our Admins. Incomplete event posts will remain unapproved and all events will be checked for integrity through contacting the venues denoted. Once approved, your event will be denoted as such and others can then see your event information and submit their emails to you, denoting attendance.


To assist in the development of your event, we have materials for you to download, for free. Please go to our Toolkit Page to download these materials. Also, on our Global Site, we have a special ZDAY 2010 Forum category for this topic, if you care to exchange ideas with others.


Any emails submitted to this website by both Event Hosts and Attendees will be held private and will never be released to any outside parties. If you choose to attend an event and submit your email, that email will be accessible by the Host of the respective event and you will likely be contacted by that Host. It is suggested that Event Hosts create custom emails for their events. The possibility of spam occurring due to web posted emails is always there, so it is suggested that Hosts be prepared for this by using designated emails, which are separate from their private accounts.


We have tried to make this website as self-contained as possible and hopefully most questions are answered. If you do have a question, or have a press inquiry, please email HERE


Images - ZDAY and http://americanbuilt.us/images/documentaries/zeitgeist/zday.jpg

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