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Monday 18 January 2010

The Reality and Suppression of Freely Available Energy

The Reality and Suppression of Freely Available Energy

Thomas Bearden’s Views on Zero-Point Energy and the Bedini Motor

Energy from the Vacuum jacket


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The Bedini Motor

Free Energy On Tap -
High Voltage Without a Power Supply


Test Bedini/Cole Motor: No Battery.

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window111.jpg (28417 bytes)

Window Motor - Bedini/Cole
This motor has been on the same batteries for over 15 years.

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Bedini green flash 1.jpg (56555 bytes)

 John Bedini discharging the radiant energy from the storage capacitors.

 Bedini green flash 2.jpg (54076 bytes)
 The current appears after the radiant discharge.
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Tom Bearden 1984 Simple Free Energy Motor

simplemotor11.jpg (19297 bytes)

On this slide, we show a theoretical scheme which several researchers have discovered and used to build simple free energy motors.

In this scheme, we drive an ordinary d.c. series motor by a two wire system from an ordinary battery.  The motor produces shaft horsepower, at -- say -- some 30 or 40 percent efficiency, compared to the power drained from the battery.  This much of the circuit is perfectly ordinary.

The trick here is to get the battery to recharge itself, without furnishing normal power to it, or expending work from the external circuit in the process.

To do this, recall that a charged particle in a "hooking" del-phi river moves itself.  This is true for an ion, as well as for an electron.  We need only make the del-phi in correct fashion and synchronize it; specifically, we must not release the hose nozzles we utilize to produce our del-phi river or waves.

The inventors who have discovered this have used various variations, but here we show a common one.
First, we add an "energizer" (often referred to by various other names) to the circuit. This device makes the del-phi waves we will utilize, but does NOT make currents of electron masses.  In other words, it makes pure Ø-dot.  It takes a little work to do this, for the energizer circuit must pump a few charges now and then.  So the energizer draws a little bit of power from the motor, but not very much.

Now we add a switching device, called a controller, which breaks up power to the motor in pulses.  During one pulse, the battery is connected and furnishes power to the motor; during the succeeding pulse, the battery is disconnected completely from the motor and the output from the energizer is applied across the terminals of the battery.

If frequency content, spin-hole content, etc. are properly constructed by the energizer, then the ion movements in the battery reverse themselves, recharging the battery.   Again, remember that these ions MOVE THEMSELVES during this recharge phase.  Specifically, we are NOT furnishing ordinary current to the battery, and we are not doing work on it from the energizer.
If things are built properly, the battery can be made to more than recover its charge during this pulse cycle.

To prevent excess charge of the battery and overheating and destroying it, a sensor is added which senses the state of charge of the battery, and furnishes a feedback signal to the controller to regulate the length of recharge time per "power off" pulse.  In other words, the system is now self-regulating.

The relation between power pulses and recharge pulses is shown on the graphs at the bottom.  Note that regulation may decrease the time of recharge application of the del-phi river.
This system, if properly built and tuned, will furnish "free shaft energy" continually, without violating conservation of energy
Remember that the del-phi condition across the battery terminals means that spacetime is suddenly curved there, and conservation of energy need no longer apply.

Again, this system is consistent with general relativity and with the fact that Ø-field alone can drive a situation relativistic.  We have deliberately used these facts to do direct engineering.  Our "extra energy" comes from shifting phi-flux -- the energy of the universal vacuum spacetime -- directly into ordinary energy for our use.  Thus we draw on an inexhaustible source
, and our device is no more esoteric than a paddlewheel in a river.  The only difference is that, in this case, we have to be clever enough to make and divert the river in the right timing sequence.

This is a free energy device which an ordinary person, who knows a little electronics, can experiment with in the basement.  To develop it, one is talking several thousands of dollars and a lot of persistence and tinkering; one is not talking millions.

Energy from the Vacuum
A Documentary Series

bigguy1.jpg (17343 bytes)

Batteries111.jpg (28328 bytes)

The biggest monopole motor charging 1800 amp hour batteries over 300 pounds each cell.

Load bank22.jpg (70150 bytes)

Running load bank 2000 watts for 10 hours continuous

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