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Friday 22 January 2010

Infiltrated Intelligence: Roots and Routes of Global Corruption

Infiltrated Intelligence

Roots and Routes of Global Corruption



How can these rivalrous tribes of humankind survive on a finite globe while peace and so-called ‘security’ remain elusive goals? We remain a divided and self-conquered people only as long as nations and nationalities continue to hunker behind illusory borders. Meanwhile, citizens cling to stultifying illusions of independence, separation and control behind divisively protective urban walls and children aren’t allowed to play in streets and parks without constant ‘supervision’.

There is no political solution to this sundered and split bicameral paradigm. A choice of skulduggery-riddled cowboy Bonesmen or industrious Trilateralites represents the predecided tweedle-choice facing poor purblind Amerika. How can either of these enclaves of one-eyed kings and control freak potentates represent the people when they all inhabit seclusive and rarefied realms of the rich? 

How can either party of partying moguls, front men and flunkies even be regarded as the lesser of two evils? Can such a notion exist in reality, when left and right hands both serve the same hidden puppet masters who secretly steer the ships of state toward preordained fates? Today’s ‘representative’ democracy is nothing more than a sham; business as usual.

The structures of governments, intelligence agencies, corporations, terrorists and military complexes all share a fatal flaw that leaves them ripe for exploitation and infiltration by hidden individuals and groups. In bygone times an identical vulnerability within monarchic courts, secret societies and lodges and all other secretive groups rendered them just as helplessly prone to exploitation by outside forces as today’s important potentates. 

The rigid hierarchical structure of all these power- and control-oriented organisations has created an inherent ongoing dilemma since the time of the pyramid builders. As the visionary duo Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary pointed out last century, the top-down orientation of pyramidally ordered societies and groups creates logjams in the supply of information – blind spots and choke points that ultimately make the intricate systems that sustain them unworkable. 

Paranoia and insecurity prevail whenever rulers conspire to prevent ‘their’ people from knowing what they’re plotting, and corruption-prone governments thrive on secrecy and obscurement at all levels. In any class-ridden society those on the bottom of the heap will always have good reasons for hiding unpalatable facts and truths from hopelessly beurocratic or simply ruthless masters. Everyone lies to everyone else all the time in order to keep their place in the pecking order, or to climb the ladder of aspiration.

Expansionary societies and militant empires tend to develop long chains of command and inordinately long supply lines to feed their bloating carcasses and are soon left vulnerable to internal disruption and unmanageable chaos. Universal surveillance and secret police are common reflexive responses to apparent disorder by those who fear their own people (and the long-suppressed urgings of their own freely willed inner selves). But the more fearful control-oriented rulers become and the more surveillance they put in place, the swifter the loss of communication, command and control. No matter the level of technology, the human element cannot be eliminated from the equation; not without eliminating all of humankind.


Real peace and security can only arrive through openness. You can only tell if someone’s cheating when all the cards are on the table. An Orwellian society would be almost acceptable if everyone could watch the watcher. No citizen (or netizen) should be expected to accept the draconian surveillance of their phone calls, emails, medical or other private details, or financial records - or accept constant surveillance by cameras, microphones and deadly aerial drones – unless their governments become totally open and their dealings are seen to be above board. From the place where we currently stand, total freedom of information is the only easy route to a just and free world.

A fair and honest surveillance society can only exist when governments and other groups are required to give up their right to hold secrets from those they supposedly serve. Corruption, nepotism, cronyism and conspiracy are rife in today’s secretive world of successfully bribed politicians and their fat controllers (often the front-man potentate’s spouse or close relative). 

These hardboiled time servers are no different from most other harried and time-destitute wage serfs - who all servilely serve the ruthless militant industrious complex that sucks the planet dry, in exchange for a bankroll of worthless and transient potage. All wages in a hive-minded society of wage serfs are payments for prostitution of the soul. The desire for money (and similar illusory security blankets) is the route to all evil.

Humankind is struggling upward from its knees, blinded and confused by ancient wounds and forgotten amnesias. We still live in dark ages, but are hovering on the brink of unprecedented transformation. Whether we arise into transfiguring awareness and illumination or sink into even deeper darknesses of abyssal ignorance is an essential and ongoing choice for each and every one of us.

Paranoia is the Price of Eternal Vigilance

All rigidly hierarchical systems inevitably bog down, unable to cope with the loss of accurately transmitted information and knowledge and concomitant ills; in their usual irreverent style, Wilson and Leary dubbed this situation ‘The Fuckup Principle’. 

The secrecy required to maintain the illusion of control rapidly becomes self defeating. The true security of an individual requires eternal inner vigilance - an awareness of one’s thoughts, ideas, ideals, dreams and true motives and motivations. The same is true for tribes and nations. Security has nothing to do with weapons or martial arts, which are actually expressions of direst insecurity. Peace and security are identical; they’re found in a conscious state of open awareness and compassionate mindfulness, available to all free of charge at every moment.

Secrecy poisons everything. It creates an entirely different and opposite form of preternaturally eternal vigilance to the open-minded awareness which occasionally gives rise to enlightenment. The oxymoronic military intelligence version of eternal vigilance is a rapid route to madness, as paranoia is the price of eternal vigilance and eternal unnecessary conflict its only result and reward. This may suit warriors, warlords, bankers, weapon makers and industrialists, but it’s very bad news for everyone else.

The true global currency of the planet today – like the substrate of timespace itself – is organised information. But information is not knowledge; nor is it wisdom. The misplaced priorities of war-minded cultures and the ongoing secrecy of their command structures have created overspecialisation and compartmentalisation of knowledge at all levels of modern society. The common flaw of corporations, governments, military groups, intelligence establishments and secret societies is the cellular structure of their hierarchies, in which all useful knowledge is shared only on the shaky basis of a direct ‘need to know’ decided by remote powers on high. 

All these groups (including so-called terrorist, mafia and guerrilla organisations) create cellular clusters of agents, each remaining mutually ignorant and essentially expendable. Orders filter down to individual cells from unseen masters who exist above or beyond their purview. Very little information or power is held in the hands of any one cell, so if one group or cluster is removed the loss to the whole organisation is usually negligible. This creates a situation where the predatory topmost and underprivileged bottom-feeding levels of human social strata are mutually blinded, while the left hand (or wing) can’t ever know what the right is doing, and vice versa; humankind is thus easily transformed into a graceless punch-drunk clown stumbling through an eternal night of lies and mistrust. 

The real problem is far more insidious than the persistence of these simple top-down primate pack structures, which are all predicated on habits born of long psychobiological precedent. Their self-blinding cellular structure means all these power-oriented groups can easily be taken over by any individuals or conclaves who successfully pose as the inherently unknowable ‘powers above’. Like viruses invading a living cell, hidden agendas can easily circumvent the command structures of groups that operate in a secretive fashion. The age-old imperial urge to ‘divide and conquer’ is crazily simple when the cells of an organism are already so divided they can’t communicate with each other or call for help from a higher authority or central command.

The secret lodges of the last Enlightenment – who created prototypes for today’s intelligence agencies, replete with hierarchical grades, code words and symbols, binding oaths and lifetime fealty to the current cause – used secretive hierarchical structures to subvert and replace the monarchies of yesteryear, which transformed into the corporatised robber baronies of today. This was hardly their intention, but the cellular structures of lodges, unions and guilds were often infiltrated and their agendas overridden by outsiders posing as the hidden ‘secret masters’ of these necessarily secretive groups.

Today we have an identical situation with many terrorist and freedom-fighting organisations. It’s common knowledge that peacenik antiwar groups, schismatic cults, labour organisations and most ‘alternative; enclaves were routinely infiltrated by police and intelligence agents in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Their members were often turned toward self-defeating policies or stupidly self destructive acts by these infiltrators, in order to break up the groups and have their troublesome (but usually mostly harmless) members locked away or killed. The same occurs today all the time within many or most terrorist and espionage cells - who do much of the dirty work of intelligence agencies, usually without being aware of the fact.


 When it comes to government funding of intelligence groups and other insecurity forces, failure is more lucrative than success. Thus the Waco and WTC bombings, the London ‘7/7’ train ‘bombing exercises’, the now ancient Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing and the Indonesian nightlife and hotel bombings all provided excellent excuses to massively increase funding of the intelligence groups who were really responsible for creating these state-sponsored terror attacks. The draconian laws that followed in the wakes of these man-made disasters gave these groups – and their hidden masters – unprecedented powers of surveillance and control.

Today’s intelligence agencies, military organisations, corporations, governments and other secretive groups have all been infiltrated and taken over by outside elements, including, of course, each other. Yet the hidden hands of unseen fat controllers overrule and override all their processes and agendas. Some of these groups have an inkling of what’s really going on but are so constrained by their structures they have no way of dealing with their worst nightmare; not just an enemy within, but one who’s so far on top of things they’re completely invisible.

Higher consciousness is just that – higher; interpret this statement however you will as you read this 1973 formulation distilled by Timothy Leary while he quietly rotted in Folsom Prison:

‘Secrecy is the enemy of sanity and loving trust. If you keep secrets, you are an insane paranoiac. Concealment is the seed source of every human conflict. Secrecy is always caused by guilt or fear…

Let’s break out of the huddle. Before J. Edgar Hoover there were no secret police in [the USA]. Before World War II there was no C.I.A. and America was amazingly unconcerned with secrecy. The hidden sickness has become lethally endemic…
Now comes the electronic revolution. Reveal-ation. Bugging equipment effective at long distances is inexpensive and easily available. Good. Liberals want stiff laws against bugging. It’s the wrong move. Legalise everything. Legalise bugging. Let’s forget artificial secrets and concentrate on the mysteries.

I can tell you bugging is nothing to worry about. I’ve been tapped, surveilled, tailed for ten years. In Algeria [where Leary was illegally kidnapped by the CIA and returned to the Amerikan penal system] everyone knew of at least three taps on international calls – Algerian, French and C.I.A. The Algerians knew every move we made. That’s why they liked us. I was called in once by the Swiss Secret Service about some threats on my life. They offered me body guards. I looked at the chief agent and laughed. “Moi! Merci, non.” The agent laughed with me. “Professor, the Swiss police never sleep. We watch over you twenty-four hours a day.” Any true intimate secrets are preserved in the tender codes of love. Privacy is woven with electronic threads of contact that cannot be INTERCEPTED. Love has nothing to hide.

Secrecy is the original sin. Fig leaf in the Garden of Eden. The basic crimes against love. The issue is fundamental… The purpose of life is to receive, synthesise, and transmit energy. 

Communication fusion is the goal of life. Any star can tell you that. Communication is love. Secrecy, withholding the signal, hoarding, hiding, covering up the light is motivated by shame and fear, symptoms of the inability to love. Secrecy means that you think love is shameful and bad. Or that your nakedness is ugly. Or that you hide unloving, hostile feelings. Seeds of paranoia and distrust.

Those who love have no need to hide their actions. As so often happens, the extreme wing is half right for the wrong reasons. They say primly; if you have done nothing wrong, you have no fear of being bugged. Exactly. But the logic goes both ways. Then F.B.I. files, and C.I.A. dossiers, and White House conversations should be open to all. Let every thing hang open. Let government be totally visible. The last, the very last people to hide their actions should be the police and government.

We operate on the assumption that everyone knows everything anyway. There is nothing and no way to hide. This is the acid message. We’re all on cosmic T.V. every moment. We all play starring roles in the galactic broadcast: This Is Your Life. I remember the early days of neurological uncovering, desperately wondering where I could go to escape. Run home, hide under the bed, in the closet, in the bathroom? No way. The relentless camera “I” follows me everywhere. We can only keep secrets from ourselves…

I laugh at government bugging. Let the poor, deprived, bored creatures listen to our conversations, tape our laughter, study our transmissions. Maybe it will turn them on. Perhaps they’ll get the message our love-shine transmits: there is nothing to fear.’*


The Route to Freedom

All the various instances of control-freak behaviour and the insidious takeover of the body politic by external forces are refracted reflections of a more primal form of possession – and possessiveness - which afflicts almost all of humankind. As Siddhartha Buddha put it, attachment is the source of all suffering. 

If life and living become boringly repetitive, automatic and routine, then truth and meaning are easily snuffed out and buried by mediocrity and tedium. Self awareness diminishes like a fading light bulb unless it’s constantly recharged by meditative attention.

The divisive concepts of ‘us’ and ‘them’ can only be ruthlessly exploited as long as they remain unexamined and unrecognised false truisms that have somehow lodged (or been lodged) in our receptive and fundamentally innocent minds. Along with feudalistic, racist, faction-riddled twaddle and other all the other fearful baggage of humankind’s woebegotten past, the need for secrecy, hierarchies, belligerent nations and the laughable ‘need to know’ can only persist if we fail to recognise their roots in our secret selves.

Our minds and actions are ridden by forces and presences we’ve been carefully trained to fail to perceive. We are each much greater and more powerful than we know. All knowledge and information is freely available to an open and inquiring mind. We are not simply meat machines in a deadly one-way processing facility, but self-blinded, self-wounded and dumbed-down beings inextricably linked to greater realities; we’re all imbued with vast potentialities and capable of apparent miracles. We perform many every day.

Unexamined questions abound. Where do you go when you sleep? Who are you, really? Why did you decide to be born here and now? Why do you live the way you do, where you do? What drives you?
The universe is holographic in structure and nothing can ever be successfully hidden for long. Everything is accessible to everyone, if they only know it – an excellent excuse for unreasoning rulers to keep everyone as dumbed-down, subservient and insecure as possible. The presence of truth or a lie is easily discerned by an innocent child, and this faculty remains available to all who choose to serve no other master but truth.

Let children play where they will and roam free. That’s what the world’s for.


by R. Ayana
from the Her(m)etic Hermit @ http://hermetic.blog.com
P.S. – From ‘How We Lost the Fear of Terror’ by Daniel Flitton -
‘…people become understandably suspicious of claims about hidden threats used to justify huge government spending and restrictive laws. Since 2001 ASIO has more then trebled in size, alongside enormous growth in counter-terrorism branches of the Australian Federal Police. A parallel growth has taken place in private sector - the proliferation of ''terrorism experts'' to offer advice and public comment. Careers have been built on the back of the effort to confront terrorism, careers that would be themselves under threat if the problem diminishes…
“…[CIA-trained Osama] bin Laden continues to evade capture. The US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, recently admitted no reliable intelligence on bin Laden's location had been gathered in years.
Americans are not generally optimistic the terrorist mastermind will be found, according to polls. Asked earlier to rate how likely it is that US forces will capture or kill bin Laden, a majority said it was ''not too likely'' or ''not at all likely''.
Only 11 per cent of people saw as ''very likely'' the prospect of bin Laden in chains or in a coffin at the hands of the US (3 per cent claim he is already dead).
Does it matter? Would killing bin Laden end the terrorist threat? Analysts doubt it. His mystique is already well entrenched and his influence on day-to-day planning minimal. Bin Laden's role is as a strategic guide to his followers.
This year he [purportedly] released a ''statement to the American people'' to coincide with the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
''If you stop the war, then so be it. But otherwise, it is inevitable that we will continue our war of extermination against you on all possible fronts,'' he said.
''So, go ahead and prolong this war as long as you want, but you are engaged in a miserable losing war for the interests of others that seems to have no end in sight.'' ’

- quote from The Sydney Morning Herald, Jan 2-3 2010 –
* From Secrecy, Chapter 9 of Neuropolitics by Tomothy Leary, Copyright Timothy Leary 1977. First published in ‘The Curse of the Oval Room’ by High Times Press
[Brackets – N.I. editor]

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