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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Magic Net: How to Make Matter

Magic Net
How to Make Matter

 3shape by you. 

'Soft electrons' - virtual spinning particles which follow vortexial pressure flows - appear and disappear in and out of timespace continually (vacuum fluctuation). Vortexes (‘vorticles’) attempt to approach the 'shot pattern' of ideal spherical stacking in space, whereby 12 vortexial ‘particles’ at the vertices of a truncated cube octahedron (t.c.o.) – ‘Kepler's Solid’ - touch each other and a central 13th vorticle. Lack of parity (internal symmetry) causes these spinning fields to jostle their formation around this unsustainable ideal (see Constructing Reality).

The 13 vorticles are polarised to the centre of the t.c.o. and are adjacent to surrounding similar sets of vorticles. As they rotate 72 degrees through hyperspace the 12 outer vorticles shift to form a dodecahedron (whose facet centres are the rotated t.c.o. vertices), orbiting and spinning within its facets around a central 13th. 

Orbited by a 14th vorticle, this is a proton (or hydrogen ion without the orbiting 14th).

As vorticles on opposing facets rotate in the same direction around the core the proton is 'charged' - not symmetrical in four dimensions. It rotates as a cluster, its components' axes aligned to the centre. Material grows more dense in heavily interlaced (in-phase) hyperspatial fields. Extra vorticles appear and disappear around and within the structure and are polarised by its existence to the centre of its field. A 14th vorticle held within the field (or spin event horizon) of the dodecahedron spins in the reverse direction while orbiting it; this 'electron' spins reciprocally around the structure, due to the flow and eddy pressures produced by rotational effects (like spins repel while opposing whirlpools attract in a polarised field) - see illustrations at Constructing Reality and the work of T.B. Pawlicki.

Rotating 72 degrees through hyperspace, the fields interlace at the next harmonic to flip the 14 spinning vorticles into a stable structure which preserves symmetry - a stable structure of 14 vorticles meshed at the faces of a cube-octahedron (resonating around the 4th harmonic) - a stable neutron. 

Where hyperspatial fields (producing and produced radiantly by all centres of matter in this universe - and the multiverse) interlace in tetrahedral matrices which are in phase and at the correct angles they produce these two structures - proton and neutron - in a dancing series of transformations of arrangements of their component vorticles, attempting to reach the ideal shot-pattern (t.c.o.).

These structures themselves radiate overlaying tetrahedral lattice fields that affect each other and the surrounding timespace; material 'substance' causes polarisations which affect the momenta of surrounding vorticles. This information (the imparted momentum) is transferred as a 'wave' spreading out through the universe at the speed of one rotation per vorticle - local lightspeed (see Time Shift).

At lower energy potentials ('free space') the vorticles flash through tetrahedral, octahedral and cubic vector transformations (120 and 90 degree rotations).  Aggregates of material substance - sets of dodecahedra/cube octahedra 'flashing' in phase with surrounding sets - produce 'lines of force' spreading outward in tetrahedral tessellations arising from their centres. 

The harmonic resonances of the sets allow them to space and pack themselves in further, larger-scale attempts at achieving stable shot-pattern structures and parity, which are impossible to achieve simultaneously. Their overlaid field extensions create vector grids for surrounding (free, hyperspatial) vorticles to approach and interface with the harmonically integrated structures.

This overlaid vectoring produces the effect of 'gravity' - an apparent force or pressure on vorticles which attracts matter (or energy) to matter (or energy). Its apparent curvature is caused by the presence of overlain virtual lattice-lines of force vibrating in timespace; the overlaid vectors lead a vorticle to the point of maximum possible interlacing at the centre of the field. Internally polarised aggregates of vorticles cause other vorticles to 'fall' toward the structure's centre/s as they rotate.

None of these interactions occurs in a vacuum - space is packed solid with 'virtual' vorticles (energy produced by the vibrations that fill the 'void'). Matter(energy) is precipitating into timespace continually; the converse of its 'disappearance' into singularities (like the putative black holes).

Half the vorticle's rotation occurs in 'hyperspace' - the vorticle carries its momentum (inertia) for part of its spin before the surrounding in-phase fields impart changes to it, shifting it to a new alignment. The mutual alteration of momentum causes the whole structure to collapse into an alternate arrangement or state, as a single unit attempting to achieve parity (symmetry). 

The 14 vorticles orbiting the facets of a cube- octahedron shift through internal polarisation to centre on a dodecahedron, capturing one  vorticle within the bubble thus formed and attracting one to orbit, spinning outside it at a harmonic spacing (resonant standing wave node). The structure rotates to the opposite node (72 degrees through hyperspace) to form another cube-octahedral structure. The vorticles transit via the vectors of a t.c.o.  - superimposed through an opposing 72 degree rotation.

Matter of a density beyond hydrogen is the in-phase interlacing of these two nodal fields around the t.c.o. shot pattern - which would by the ideal stacking if the vorticles were stationary. But they rotate, and the universe is an incompressible fluid crystal hologram of varying density as a result. 

The information creating and maintaining the universe passes through the entire structure, from each vorticle through the entire universe and beyond.

When struck by a wavefront the vorticles receive more energy; the vorticle orbital radius around a nucleus increases with extra energy. This creates a standing wave which is the propagation of light.

By altering the rotational fields one can alter the properties of matter, energy and gravity.

thanks to Pawlicki

- by R. Ayana
3shape2 by you.
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