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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Absurdity of Knowledge: Underpinnings and Consequences of Free Energy

The Absurdity of Knowledge
Underpinnings and Consequences of Free Energy

Notes from a collection of papers by Bruce DePalma, inventor of the Homopolar Generator (n-machine)


I have always been interested in physics. When I went to school in the ’60's I was fed the "standard interpretation" of physical phenomena. I came to believe or accept the ideas presented in the University and the interpretations thereof. My mind was blown out after my initial student induced 'pot' experience. I discovered as a direct perception that the flow of time was not Universal.
From this it was but a short time before I began to doubt the axioms and truisms of science. I sensed that if the Universality of time was an incorrect doctrine, all other scientific reasonings dependent on it were also flawed.
Of course one always searches for a "critical experiment" to prove or disprove a scientific thought. For those of us who interest ourselves in altering reality there has to be a critical experiment which changes everything. Does the photon divide itself before the double slit experiment -- so that one half goes through one slit and the remainder through the other? If in the performance of an experiment we create a contradiction, does reality come crashing down? Maybe only in our heads since the map is not the territory and we can dream-up anything we want.
For those of us interested in The Pure System, this is a waste of time since it does not address the problem of survival. If we are trapped within a system of logic there is no way out unless we recognize certain things cannot be done, i.e. Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Space Travel, etc., are implicitly excluded. How do you break the spell, the fixation of humanity on conservation, the dividing up of the limited into the more limited? This book is not for everybody since nobody knows what is true. We must break the cycle of kindness and face reality.
Loosely returning to the plot: Does [the myth of] the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge represent true experience?
It may not be true but it does represent something, a wild idea about the nature of Reality, anything you want to think up and thump. In searching for a new experiment we wonder as we wander out under the stars. I think there are certain simple statements which can be made, i.e. we have discovered 92 natural elements whose ores precipitate in certain naturally occurring crystallographic groups.
We can say we have discovered three naturally occurring forms of motion, linear motion, rotation, and streptation. And that all presently existing physics books attempting to explain all motion simply as a combination of translation and rotation are wrong. And that might lead us into the insight that the newly recognized form of streptoid motion might have an experimental description altogether different from earlier mechanical descriptions of translation and rotation. Fundamental Laws: mass, inertia, action/reaction, and conservation would alter viz the earlier descriptions of motion generated out of the motion of non-streptating objects.
Any alteration in the conception of conservation will result either in a situation where all machines will become less efficient (theoretically) or will exceed the 100% efficiency level and become self-sustaining.
Once we have examined the theories of reality we find they are all based on an assumption. The assumption is we can talk about something if we can convert it into something which we can understand. This is the Principle of Equivalence which says you can talk about what you don't know just as long as it is 'equivalent' to what you do know. Equivalence means there is no discernable test to distinguish between. The results of Newton's tests on linear motion do not apply to streptoid motion. There are certain machines where there are no internal changes to indicate the flow of power through or from the machine.
The Absurdity of Knowledge relates to the fact that Knowledge is an interpretation of reality. What was known to be true at a certain time can be replaced with "new" knowledge resulting in a different interpretation. Peace can become war, and love can become knowledge. The truth is that we do not understand the nature of the world we live in. We can become what we want to become through the nature of our thought. Of course, that could return us to the Garden of Eden, but if we again become fascinated by the allure of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge we expel ourselves from the peace of God's garden into the excitement of the growth and build-up of various civilisations. 

Each society is based on an interpretation. And when the limitations of that interpretation express themselves in an eventual devitalisation of the society so generated, the civilisation fails, and after an interregnum is replaced by another.
The point is that civilisations in themselves are based on certain interpretations of ideas. Eventual burn-out is because the map is not the territory. Perhaps this is an argument for a tribal extended family to replace 'organised civilisation'. The basic question is: Do we want to return to the Garden of Eden? The basic injunction of Star Trek, "May you enjoy your Reality more than our illusions," still applies.
- July 17th 1996

The Experiment of Existence

…By approaching that which we seek we lose the sense of reason and bewitch our minds. The circle is closing and we are no further ahead. God is power and with power you have no choice. The endless bargain of infinity turns us round again.
For the sake of argument we must assume that consciousness in Nature is the essence of the mind of God. The why of the why, the sine qua non. This reminds me of the Platonic dialogue, where Socrates demonstrates the existence of geometric forms, a priori, i.e. square, circle, triangle in the mind of the student - without the necessity for the existence of written diagrams. Socrates shows certain geometric forms are innate in the mind, preordaining the written diagrams.
So we must accept the natural elements which are given to us as the building blocks of our world. I would rather serve in Heaven than rule in Hell. I accept the concepts given to me as the elementary constructions of the mind…

Something from nothing is only a creative concept, it tells us nothing about the existence of reality. The best the creative thinkers of this world have been able to come up with, and I include myself in that category, is that the cosmic primordial field cannot be deduced since the logical elements of deduction, i.e. words, are in themselves inferred natural elementary symbolisms. Since the basis of which we are arguing is in itself a logical interpretation we are on shifting sands and our thoughts become indeterminate, undefined.
Logic is a self-justifying system, circularities and tautologies are its only result. Consequently nothing can be proved by logic alone. The Universe we exist in exists because it exists.
The same can be said for the cosmic primordial field. The question is not whether we have to posit or deduce because it is not in the province of logic to be able to arrive at the truth.
Truth can only be determined by experiment. The experiment of existence is something even God cannot try. Because God is the subject of his own experiment…

6th August 1996


The Political, Social, and Economic Implications of The N Machine / Space Power Generator
It is said: "The whole Universe and created world is a thought in the mind of God."
- The Gospel of Sri Ramakrisha

If that be the case, wouldn't He want it to be the finest show in town?

As a long time worker in the field of Free Energy physics, and the inventor of the N machine which extracts energy from the Free Energy field of space, sooner or later I would have to face the political nature of progress. It is not simply enough to violate the established laws of physics with a new experiment. (1) 

We are facing… a situation unique in the history of the world. In the past the inventor had to serve the requirements of a vital and expanding society. The telegraph, the telephone, long distance communication, the railroad and automobile covered the globe, and finally satellite communications, making a truly global and planetary society. With the coming of the global society the planetary Earth became a floating island in space with only resource wars on the horizon as a foreshadowing of things to come. 

Limitation of resources as opposed to development of uncharted territory poses a new challenge to the inventor. In the case of Free Energy, it is not a case of being able to accomplish something which had not been done before but being able to accomplish the same things which had been done before without consumption of gas, coal or oil or the pollution of natural resources by exhaust fumes or combustion by-products. 

Take the case of the electric car. An automobile which could exceed the presently accepted performance while not consuming or burning oil or gas - which could be switched on before a journey and off after reaching your destination. The power unit for such a machine would extract its energy directly from space without noise or pollution. 

With the growth of society limited by the finite planetary surface area the Space Power Generator offers the only hope for avoidance of resource wars. In fact, planetary renewal can be affected with the availability of unlimited non-consumptive and non-polluting Space Power. 

It must be recognized that advancement in society always means less manual labor and that finally we must accept the condition of un-employment as the fulfillment of the nature of progress itself. A new source of energy in our society, a new prime mover, can make possible a new kind of independence. A kind of independence for the common man where he can take pride that he has fulfilled his role in free society and now he can make his own life in the certainty of a new source of prime energy which can make him independent of the feeling that he must take orders from someone else in order to feel he has a job. 

That total un-employment is the ultimate goal of capitalistic society. When all the natural forces of Nature have been harnessed man is released from the state of slavery. At this point politics becomes a form of state or option from which he can launch his platform to the stars. 

If energy and transportation costs were zero, society would center around quality of life, small communities would form in which all basic life support requirements would be met locally. Money would still be required to purchase manufactured high-tech items and money could be earned through sale of community grown or manufactured goods. 

A political administration would be elected to provide global planetary coordination for projects outside the scale of simple community organization. This does not imply the necessity of a global one world government; a loose federation of autonomous states and countries would be sufficient. 

In our present society Mammon has been elevated to the position of a god, i.e. nothing can be accomplished without money. The challenge is to replace promises on paper with real quality of life. 

When Isaac Newton formulated his "Principia Mathematica" in the late 1600s he violated his own admonition "Hypotheses non Fingo", "I make no hypotheses" in his third law of motion: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." This statement implies there is an "equal" and "opposite" reaction to every action. The statements "equal" and "opposite" are in themselves an hypothesis, since every experiment in physics would have to be tested, including experiments not yet to be done, in the future, to substantiate the truth of such a statement. 

Newton's first two laws, the law of inertia and the law of mass, are laws of experimental observation which define inertia and mass and do not in themselves include a foreshadowing of the results of those experiments, to wit equal and opposite. Einstein, whose theories are based on the definitions of Newton's 1st and 2nd laws and the conservation laws which grow out of the hypothesis of the third law, are in themselves a conjecture resting on the hypothesis of equality of action and reaction. 

Free Energy transduced through the reactionless self-running electric engine will replace all other forms of internal combustion machines. Society will reformulate itself around the new reactionless prime mover. Man and his activities will hitch themselves to the very wheelwork of the Universe, the forces which cause the planets to rotate and move in circular orbits around the Sun.


(1) Magnetism as a Distortion of a Pre-Existent Primordial Energy Field and the Possibility of Extraction of Electrical Energy Directly from Space, Bruce de Palma; the proceedings of the 26th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC), August 4-9, 1992, Boston, Massachusetts; sponsored by The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
- 1993

Bruce DePalma graduated from M.I.T. in 1958. He attended graduate school in Electrical Engineering and Physics at M.I.T. and Harvard University. At M.I.T. he was a lecturer in Photographic Science in the Laboratory of Dr. Harold Edgerton and directed 3-D colour photographic research for Dr. Edwin Land of Polaroid Corporation. He commenced his work in Free Energy through his studies on the gyroscope and the nature of motion. He invented the N-machine, a free energy electrical generator in 1977-78. He is widely published. His recent scientific papers are available on the internet. A volume of his current work will appear as: The Absurdity of Knowledge. He resides near Auckland, New Zealand.

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  1. You wrote-- " Money would still be required to purchase manufactured high-tech items and money could be earned through sale of community grown or manufactured goods.

    A political administration would be elected to provide global planetary coordination for projects outside the scale of simple community organization. This does not imply the necessity of a global one world government; a loose federation of autonomous states and countries would be sufficient. " My reply-- No, No, No, No..... Money will not be needed and your technology will not be needed if we have to pay for it. There are others who would simply give away this FREE energy Technology free of charge, if it would benefit all the world. What better incentive is there? The incentive is to make the world a better place and not to keep people enslaved with the abstract concept of money and or politics. An abundance of energy, energy which is the only common denominator of all goods and services consumed, cancels out any notion of VALUE. Hence no money is needed unless you want to keep the current power structure in line while the price system controllers charge a fee for us to use it. This is what it's all about here, charge a fee to create free energy? Well then what will change? NOTHING... we have to move beyond the myth of all value systems in order for us to distribute the abundances of free energy technologies. Remember, natural abundance cancels out any opinion of value.


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