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Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Involvement of Pope John Paul II and the Nazi Machine

The Involvement of Pope John Paul II and the Nazi Machine

While this is not "news", one wonders about the involvement of the church regarding the new world order and its true aspirations…

John Paul II (1978- 2005):

 "In the early 1940s, the I.G. Farben Chemical Company employed a Polish salesman who sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz. The same salesman also worked as a chemist in the manufacture of the poison gas. This same cyanide gas along with Zyklon B and malathion was used to exterminate millions of Jews and other groups. Their bodies were then burned to ashes in the ovens. After the war the salesman, fearing for his life, joined the Catholic Church and was ordained a priest in 1946.

One of his closest friends was Dr. Wolf Szmuness, the mastermind behind the November 1978 to October 1979 and March 1980 to October 1981 experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials conducted by the Center for Disease Control in New York, San Francisco and four other American cities that loosed the plague of AIDS upon the American people.

The salesman was ordained Poland’s youngest bishop in 1958. After a 30-day reign his predecessor was assassinated and our ex-cyanide gas salesman assumed the papacy as POPE JOHN PAUL II."

- William Cooper, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, (Light Technology Publishing, 1991), pp.89-90.

From It Is For Real - http://itisforreal.blogspot.com/2009/07/involvment-of-john-paul-ii-and-nazi.html

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  1. how many jews were there in Europe in 1940? and are jesuits really crypto jews? its all very confusing, and is it true that 30million russians died in WWII?

  2. who cares about the russians its all about the POLISH

  3. I see little evidence outside of Bill's assertions regarding Poop John Paul II in Pale Horse... but I gotta say that if Pope John Paul II was a good, decent and honourable man... he would be the first good, decent, honourable man to be Pope... Catholic apologists all over the interweb just remind me that the vatican is evil and therefore it makes sense that they would value, employ and promote murderers and rapists... Jesus taught me to understand, pity and ultimately love my enemy, so much love to all the deluded men of blind or stubborn faith. These same "Good Christians" have no problem slandering a dead man who can no longer respond... Shamefull and cowardice. I pray you all grow up and stop following protocol. Peace


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