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Saturday, 29 April 2006

Falling Through the Light: Coming to Earth

Falling Through the Light

Coming to Earth


From the perspective of some geometries there is no concept of duality – or sexuality as such. From the point of view of beings with very long perspectives time itself is a different substance, of a varied grain. Outside matter, outside space-time, reproduction – propagation through time - is irrelevant. 

         Those who originally fell through the light, from realms we would only recognize through their plasma shadows, were exploring what was perceived as dark matter. This is an ongoing process, not an originating event. Once immersed in the thickening, congealing streams of time their clarity of purpose often diminishes to the extent that many forget their true nature. This is due to the binding and coagulating effects of repetition in spaces-time’s eternal fractal experience. All remains the same by being a little different all the time. 

         In the past, as a series of discrete and sometimes overlapping events reiterating the ‘higher’ levels of that fall, beings of various descriptions with varying agendas came here directly and through transincarnation. Many arrived as those of Earth arrive today, as children born through indigenous mothers – not by taking a body, but by integrating with a resonant cavity that fits them. In some notable exceptions possession was the case. 

         Imagine for a moment that you are a being with a lifespan of many millennia, from a culture that abhors change to the extent that it is becoming stagnant and sterile. An ancient underground-dwelling quasi-reptilian, quasi-amphibian draconian species of very high intellect and focus, they had whittled away their surface ecosystem until it was in its last throes. With such lifespan and concentration, mind, awareness, motivation and personality are all very different things and their culture would resemble a hive to humans – one where an aristocracy of asexual dreamers could maintain their unending researches, experiments and other diversions from ennui, entropy and change. They moved past most of the artifice of their earlier ascent, eschewing much of their technological achievement in favour of mind itself as their prime and multifaceted tool. 

         Under such circumstances it’s an easy task to project one’s consciousness, one’s focal point, to different places, across a planet or a cosm. To view a distant realm and its inhabitants is as simple as placing one’s perspective at that point in the universal hologram. Highly developed and attuned concentration and focus allowed them to place their perspectives within the bodies of relatively short-lived mammals, and with careful placement within the bodily and psychic centers direct remote control by their concentrated and highly directed will became easy. 

The evolution of dynasties within the mammalian species allowed this control to propagate more easily through time, as the mammalian vessels grew more receptive to control with each generation. With time, each generation of children became progressively more easy to control and direct. In many cases, possession was and is nine-tenths of the lore – particularly in the case of those who style themselves ‘gods’. 

         Some mammals came to regard themselves as deities –  the dynastic children, the ‘sons of god’ or ‘star children’ or ‘chosen’ or ‘bearers of the sacred blood’, whose bodies had originated on Earth while the wills that propelled them came from elsewhere. Some had developed further after travellinbg to other planes or planets (or in some cases a close Earth analog) and been impelled to return to this ancestral place. Many  mistook the people of Earth for children in need of their tutelage, to lead them from the ‘darkness’ to the ‘light of consciousness’ - when those of Earth were really their own ancestors. From an Earthly perspective these overlords were returning with new genes to diversify their parent stock. 

The ‘light’ of their binding, often blinding will was often unsuited to the sensibilities and needs of those in the realm in which they found themselves, and to their own altered requirements in the field of Gaia. Sex and sexuality were alien to many and immersion in the emotions,  rhythms and cycles of humans - in harmony with the place of their origin – was anathema to them. 

They created hive-mimicking, pyramid-structured human ‘civilizations’ – cities - and incepted patriarchy itself, attempting to eradicate ‘uncontrollable, wild’ passions and nip any significant change in the domesticated human cultures and the species itself in the bud. Change was anathema to them as it rendered their successive forms less amenable to control by the true masters. But change comes to all in this realm. 

Some arrived here physically, but this was often not a wise idea for a multitude of reasons. Some who arrived here in the flesh wore forms that had originated here, though many had forgotten the fact, returning in another reiteration – a homing migration. 

This has happened many times; the ancient people who inhabited Ares/Mars originated as hominid stock that went there from Earth and returned, physically and otherwise. That they had originated here made it possible for them to readapt – but they’d also altered themselves in many subtle ways and their natures and been interfered with by others from beyond this system. They were changed in ways not restricted to those engendered by the conditions of that planet - when Ares was still fertile, before its biosphere was stripped to the bedrock and its iron core was ripped out. Mother Gaia accepted her children, calling them back when they lost their home. Many could still interbreed with Earth stock.

The drive to reach out and inhabit Luna and Ares is an ancient one in the human species – another reiteration of past events.

         The situation becomescomplex when one remembers that we are not merely considering ‘space travel’ through this vast macrocosm of solar systems and galaxies, but also travel between innumerable parallel universes in the vast multiversal cosm we actually inhabit. In fact, it is in many ways much easier to get from Earth 1 to Earth 1,618 than it is to get from Earth to Proxima Centauri – or Mars – if you know how. It’s all a matter of geometry, visualisation and focus. 

- R. Ayana

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