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Friday, 4 July 2014

Global Warming for Dummies

Global Warming for Dummies


You remember them, I'm sure you do.  How could we ever forget such people?  It seems they were just always there.  No matter where on this planet you went to school there were always a handful of those smarmy, conceited, opinionated, cowardly little quislings who thru the magic of ego always claimed to be right.  It never mattered what evidence there may be to the contrary, not even eye witnesses could prove them wrong. 

Even worse than being insufferable, these dilatants of the schoolyard somehow always managed to get protected species status whenever the principal became involved.  they were always the ones to start things off, then when it got out of hand, they were somehow just never held accountable, for anything; and never had to show their work.  They were a large part of why most of us hated going to school.  I took comfort in knowing that the real world beyond the schoolyard would eat those spoiled brats alive.  I never dreamed they would be running (and ruining) the planet fifty years later.

Back when I went to school being smart was what it was all about, becoming an educated, intelligent person.  I'm not sure about everyone else, but it just seemed to me that the smarter one became; the more advantage they had over the ignorant by choice types.  It was why moms wanted their daughters to marry doctors or lawyers: big brain - big bucks!  As I entered the workforce it certainly seemed like the smartest and most highly educated were the ones who worked at the management level, while the rest of us punched time cards.  Accordingly  it just went without saying that that to rise to the highest office in American politics, one must be smarter & more intelligent than the great unwashed masses; it was kind of a prerequisite for the job. 

Then about twenty years ago it all began to change, almost overnight it seems.  "They" began the great dumbing down of America in subtle little ways at first; the way all good social engineering begins.  Moving ever closer to their endgame objectives, the last thing  "they" wanted was an educated, intelligent population capable of critical thought. 

The groundwork of course was laid with the younger generation.  In oh-so-subtle ways the powers that be torpedoed the upcoming generation by hi-jacking their culture and replacing it with the cult of the BCFMO's (Brightly Colored Fast Moving Objects).  Before long the ME generation became self absorbed, marginalized and polarized, wanting nothing to do with Washington politics.  Exactly as planned.

Leaving nothing whatsoever to chance, the powers that be covered all the bases with dozens of projects & programs which kicked the dumbing down of America into high gear.  Things like Chemtrails, GWEN towers, GMO food-like-products, and aspartame to go along with all the fluoridated water.  Weather modification became a huge thing, because what good is being able to do a thing, if you don't actually do it.  Never mind the consequences to the environment, or children.

Soon, all the legislation to protect the environment from industrial pollution began to disappear; replaced by legislation favoring the polluters, and privatizing water.  To top it all off and seal our fates they then installed our first ever truly moronic president, the bemused chimp, "W".  Our new role model in chief appeared as a savior to the ignorant and uneducated.  He instilled a new found pride in all who cannot speak without embarrassing themselves, or who just make up words when they don't know the correct one.  This of course quickly mutated into just making up new facts when the real ones are too inconvenient ~ and if the president can get away with it, then it must be okay. 

Somewhere in those eight years of "W" everything got turned on its head and suddenly everyone wanted to be Larry the cable guy so the Tea Party was created so the truly ignorant could be represented in Washington DC. 
To me the most frightening aspect of all this was the way those in power suddenly stopped going to extremes to conceal their crime & treason.  Where always before dirty deeds were done in dark smoky rooms under a thick cloak of plausible deniability; now they were doing them in broad daylight, for everyone to see...as if they no longer cared!  With Dick Cheney & Karl Rove at the helm; a war on perception itself was waged whenever questions were raised. 

By simply exchanging the words being used with their own, they sought to bring obfuscation to an actual art form for the ant farm.  It worked beautifully.  The legislation to protect polluters became the clean air & water act; the government controlled propaganda mill became clear channel and of course, global warming turned into climate change.  Change the words, spin the truth, crush the opposition! 


It never seems to matter nowadays what the facts are; not with the spin doctors & their manicured one-size-fits-all talking points parroted by every talking head on every one of those clear channels.  

Yup, these are the very same talking heads who last week acted like Eric Cantor losing an election was a national tragedy, while dismissing the most recent school shooting as one would a rainy day...except we don't seem to be getting many of those anymore!  What really gets me is how they even attempt to deny the obvious reality of global warming with their antics of obfuscation & Newspeak.  You see "climate change" is a very natural and normal part of life on earth; there have been many instances of climate change throughout history, always preceded by some global event, such as the end of the ice age.  Global warming isn't so natural in our case, as it is the direct result of burning fossil fuels; and is tied directly to our conduct upon the planet.

It takes a full year for Earth to take a single breath.  We have a record of this breathing going back some eight hundred thousand years.  Every ice core sample we take from the arctic regions holds an unbroken record of earth's atmosphere.  In all that time, the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels never exceeded three one hundredths of one percent...until the turn of the 20th century.  By burning fossil fuels we have turned earth's atmosphere into a dumping ground, with 40% higher CO2  levels than before the industrial revolution.  All this additional carbon dioxide has the direct result of trapping heat inside the atmosphere that should be escaping back to space.  With our arrogant mindless burning of fossil fuels, humans are dumping far more CO2 into the atmosphere than earth can absorb.  As a result, CO2 is building up in the atmosphere, which traps heat in, which is why we humans are responsible for global warming.

Yes, I know there are those who will say it isn't us, but rather the volcanoes on the planet.  Well, we can tell the two apart on the microscopic level; and the numbers say that all the planet's volcanoes add 500 million tons of volcanic CO2 to the atmosphere annually.  That is less than 2% of the 30 Billion tons of industrial CO2 we dump into the atmosphere every year.  The measured annual increase in atmospheric CO2 matches this known amount we create, almost perfectly!   If only carbon dioxide wasn't invisible; maybe if we could see it we could abandon our denial.  The arctic region is warming faster than anywhere on earth, and the arctic is primarily composed of permafrost which is permanently frozen organic material.  With the arctic warming, the permafrost is thawing, melting, and rotting; adding massive doses of CO2 and methane (another dangerous greenhouse gas) to the already polluted atmosphere. 

Scientists are concerned about this because the entire arctic region can double the current atmospheric CO2 levels; which in turn could conceivably crank the positive feedback loop into territory the earth  might not recover from, ever!  If the Earth quits breathing & dies from CO2 poisoning...well, you can extrapolate what that would mean for us.  So, why exactly are we still burning fossil fuels?  Then there is that whole Fukushima factor, and people dying in the gulf of Mexico from corexit poisoning...Who benefits from turning Earth into Venus' twin? 

Then there are those who claim that global warming is a result of the Sun.  Well, let's have a look at the facts!  First of all, solar output levels have remained stable over a remarkable length of time, no increase that would account for all the warming we're currently seeing.  Then, there is the fact that earth is warming more at night than during the day; and warming more in winter than in summer.  Exactly what one would expect from industrial greenhouse warming. 

 It isn't the Sun - but the sun can save us from ourselves, there is still time if we just choose to act instead of deny.  In one hour more solar energy falls to earth than all the energy our civilization consumes in a year.  Suppose we could harness just a small fraction of available solar & wind power; we could supply ALL our energy needs forever without adding carbon dioxide to the air we breathe.  Simple really!  So, why do we ignore these facts, and continue to pollute & toxify the only planet we have to live on?? 

It is perfectly fine to not know all the answers all the time, it's what fuels the thirst for knowledge in the first place.  In every case, it is always better to admit one's own ignorance than to believe in something wrong, or not to believe at all.  Pretending to have all the answers closes & locks the door to discovering the truth; and it dishonors your soul.  The abandonment of reason & logic can only lead us into a second helping of the dark ages, and doesn't that sound perfectly dreamy?  

Is it logical or reasonable to continually elect, then ignore politicians who when pressed for accountability always use the same words; "I have no recollection of that at this time."?  Does it strike you as odd that following the eight years of "W" we immediately got eight years zero progress on anything?  "They" would have us all believe that congress & Washington are in gridlock because of the skin color of the resident president; when the truth is they are using that as a ruse, a ploy to provide the country with street theater while they continue to rob everyone blind and push their endgame agenda.  What does it say about us as a species that we give more credibility to the lies about global warming than to what we can observe around us with our own senses?  Nothing terribly good, I'm afraid.

So, this is the whirlwind we reap for ignoring those prissy cowards on the schoolyard fifty years ago; when we should have kicked their collective asses.  If no behavior modification is applied to spoiled brat children during the formative years, what you invariably end up with is spoiled brat adults who think the rules don't apply to them, because they never have.  Sums up our current dilemma rather nicely but unfortunately doesn't offer much in the way of solace at this point.  The way out of this quagmire nightmare isn't going to be easy, but it is possible.  It comes down, as always to a simple choice.  You can choose to know, or to deny You can choose to act, or be the deer in the headlights.  The choice is yours!

Knowledge is power ~ Ignorance is bliss.  Pick one!

May the Source be with You

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  1. I love the photo of planet earth 1978 vs 2012. Green house gasses are supposed to cause a green house effect, right? Well why does the 2012 photo look as though America is turning into a desert? We've recently had one of the coldest years on record. If you ask me, I'd say that we're now in a global cooling trend. I'm not justifying the use of oil or coal on our planet, simply because I know there are better alternatives out there. Lots of brainwashing propaganda out there, and it's seems to be for some kind of political gain. Until you read a serious article about FREE ENERGY technologies and resources and how we can fully utilize them for the great benefit
    to ALL, we'll literally be barking up the wrong TREE

    1. Deserts can be hot or cold. The US froze last year because of the displacement of the polar vortex and jetstream caused by an injection of energy into the biosphere - by human pollution and the natural greenhouse gases this has already released. The world IS getting hotter. And hotter. Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT of this toxic civilisation and at least you won't be contributing to the destruction while you LIVE an alternative lifestyle NOW - not when you're old and moribund.


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