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Monday, 7 July 2014

Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons - Oblivion: America at the Brink

Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons
Oblivion: America at the Brink



Oblivion: America at the Brink is Tom Bearden's most comprehensive exposition of the uses and abuses of scalar electromagnetics. The product of both deep military experience and penetrating insight into advanced physics, this book presents its frightening conclusions in a hard-hitting style.

A disturbing new area of psychoenergetics—mind wars—that completely overturns the strategic landscape came to Tom Bearden's attention a few years ago. Realizing the dreadful implications, he immediately prepared a secret briefing for the leader of the only nation capable of possibly countering this new menace to humanity's survival. 

A must-read for everyone interested in humanity's future and the United States' survival—equally essential for military, scientific, strategic planners and politicians. Weather engineering, freezing time, precursor robot wars, the nature of mind, artificial life, mind conversion, EM disease propagation—all are explained in this tour-de-force. It's not sci-fi, but what is really happening today—vital information you won't find anywhere else!

Statement of the situation

  • Since the late 1970s, Israel has repeatedly saved the United States from pending destruction.

  • 1970s, saved us from already-inserted Spetznaz teams with nuclear weapons, who would have blown up our cities.

  • 1986, saved us from pending Soviet attack with energetics weapons, particularly scalar interferometers.

  • 1997, saved us from Soviet attack twice, which would have been attacks by the full energetics weapons arsenal.

  • 1999-2000, destroyed millions of nonmaterial robots in subspace inside EM signals, fields, and potentials throughout the U.S.

  • Presently, attack is again scheduled, with addition of the eerie new mind conversion techniques of mind war. .

  • Israel may be able to save us once again, in which case we shall survive. Otherwise, we will be destroyed, beginning about two years from now.



Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use:

Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U.S.


© T. E. Bearden

1. Cold War Development of Scalar Interferometry

Prior to 1990, our weather over North America was being steadily engineered by the KGB particularly beginning on July 4, 1976 using giant strategic scalar interferometers on site in Russia {1,2,3,4}. From the beginning of the development program started shortly after WW II, the KGB personally controlled the development of startling new Russian weapons under the Soviet energetics program {5,6,7}. That program was for research and eventual development of highly advanced new superweapons more powerful than the atomic bomb.

The new superweapons were developed, produced, manned, and operated by the KGB itself, and were never placed in the hands of the regular Russian armed forces. Speaking to the Presidium in 1960, Khrushchev referred to the forthcoming scalar interferometer weapons with the following statement:

"We have a new weapon just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth."

The large Soviet strategic scalar interferometers were deployed and became operational in April 1963 a bit too late for Khrushchev to use and counter the U.S. confrontation in the Cuban Missile Crisis of latter 1962. However, the first operational weapon was used to destroy the U.S.S. Thresher nuclear submarine underwater and on maneuvers off the East Coast of the United States, in April 1963. Thereby Khrushchev demonstrated the power of his new weapons over one of the major three elements of the strategic military nuclear firepower of the United States. Extension to the other two elements ICBMs and strategic bombers was obvious.


2. Incidents Where Outside Intervention Saved the United States

Many dramatic but largely unheralded incidents occurred during the so-called “Cold War”. For example, in the 1970s a small nation saved us from being totally destroyed by Soviet nuclear weapons which had been inserted in our cities. That nation did it very simply: They also inserted an appreciable number of nuclear weapons of their own inside Russia itself, in its population centers and its primary target zones. Some of them were thermonuclear.

All these inserted nuclear weapons both in the United States and in Russia are still there with their activation teams, waiting. In such manner was the “balance of terror” the Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD doctrine really implemented and enforced vis a vis the Soviet Union.

In April 1986 a secretive little U. S. group intervened in a forthcoming giant earthquake being built up by the KGB scalar interferometers for the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Via a special electronic device, the group suddenly destroyed one of the distant Soviet scalar interferometer transmitters thereby initiating the nearby Chernobyl nuclear incident but preventing the loss of perhaps 200,000 U.S. lives in Los Angeles and San Francisco, together with terrible destruction and economic damage.

Also in 1986, the same friendly little nation again prevented our strategic destruction by even more powerful energetics weapons developed by the Soviet Union. The friendly nation simply began exploding very large Russian missile ammunition storage sites, as a direct warning of what was in store for the Soviet Union if the Soviets attacked.

In 1997, again the U.S. would have been utterly destroyed on two occasions had it not been for the same little nation. Several professional colleagues and I played a desperate role in both those incidents; they were frighteningly real but also totally unreported in the news media. Indeed, our own intelligence agencies had no inkling that a full strategic Soviet superweapon attack to destroy the United States was imminent on each of the occasions (the second of which would have occurred on May 1, 1997) {8}. The May Day for 1997 would have been the “big one”, had the FSB/KGB not been checkmated by “an offer it could not refuse” delivered once again by the friendly nation. During those critical periods when every hour on the clock seemed a week in length, the hostile armada that would have struck us included the Japanese Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo teams on site in Russia, operating leased KGB/FSB strategic scalar interferometers against the U.S.


3. Yakuza Acquisition of Soviet Superweapons

With the collapse of the old Soviet Union’s economy, by the end of 1989 the Russian financial situation was grim. By courtesy of the Russian Mafia {9} which works directly for the FSB/KGB, a rogue Japanese group consisting of the Yakuza {10} and Aum Shinrikyo {11} was conducted to Russia in latter 1989, met with the KGB, and leased some of those large KGB strategic scalar interferometers on site in Russia {12}. The down payment was $900 million U.S. in gold bullion, and the lease is rumored to be some $1 billion per year.

The Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo then assigned teams to man those superweapon sites and begin weather engineering operations against the United States and other targets. The Aum Shinrikyo even set up a small university in Russia where the energetics theory and technology could be taught to the rogue Japanese teams by the KGB scientists.

The rogue Japanese teams underwent extensive training and in 1990 they began operating these large strategic interferometers {13} worldwide, including performing extensive weather engineering operations, directly under the supervision of the FSB/KGB. The use of the Yakuza and its vast resources worldwide was thus incorporated into the FSB/KGB planning and coordination for the coming destruction of the United States and the Western world.

Much later, Western investigations into the Aum Shinrikyo did clearly establish the sect’s links in Russia, but missed the major involvement of the Yakuza. The Soviets easily made it appear that contact of the Aum Shinrikyo with Russia had been harmless. Quoting Turbiville {14}:

“Russian, Japanese, and other investigators quickly identified a substantial number of sect [Aum Shinrikyo] members in Russia, including members in the government and other walks of life. Media commentators took note of a 'gas analyzer' of Russian origin seized at a sect facility; reports of Aum Shinrikyo sect members among Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Defense’s Troops; alleged sect ties to the Russian Academy of Sciences; the large volume of commercial Russian ship and aircraft traffic between Russia and Japan; and other issues that suggested questionable Russo-Japanese linkages to sarin production or transport... Official Russian military and security service spokesmen, while acknowledging Aum Shinrikyo's presence in Russia, reiterated the absolute security of military chemical depots and munitions..."

So in early 1990, the weather engineering operations over North America were assumed from the FSB/KGB by the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams, and operations continued with the Yakuza’s leased giant scalar interferometers. The weather engineering against the United States continues today under the rogue Japanese teams on site in Russia, with direct FSB/KGB supervision..

IThese operations have been intensified and will continue to be intense, wreaking great economic damage. Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, etc. have been no exception to the Yakuza weather engineering, which included directly influencing and controlling each hurricane’s power and behavior, as well as directing its course and speed so as to choose its targeting path. Indeed, Ivan did a 180 degree turn, and Jeanne did a 360 degree loop before reaching Florida, demonstrating the degree of control available.

Meteorologists do recognize periods of increased or decreased hurricane activity for various reasons{15} , but they do not consider deliberate human induction of hurricanes or human control over their direction, power, and progress.

Indeed, in latter March of 2004, Hurricane Catarina the first-ever recorded hurricane in the South Atlantic formed and came ashore in Brazil on March 28 with 90 mph winds, doing substantial damage. So while the conventional wisdom is that hurricanes cannot form (naturally) in the South Atlantic; this one did and “broke all the records”. It appears to have been a “deliberate probe”by the Yakuza: Produce and drive ashore a hurricane where the textbooks state one is impossible, to test whether Western governments and scientists recognize the artificial weather engineering. The answer, of course, is that as expected the West did not recognize its importance, or that it was a deliberate “stimulus.”Western meteorologists and governments simply shrugged off Hurricane Catarina as an interesting little phenomenon but of no great concern.

After leasing the KGB/FSB scalar interferometers on site in Russia at the end of 1989, the Yakuza later carried the scalar electromagnetics (energetics) technology and science for such interferometry back to Japan. There they set up their own clandestine facilities to manufacture such weapons, including small portable scalar interferometers, EMP weapons, and possibly even negative energy EMP weapons.

Selected portable weapons of such types are to be inserted probably some have already been inserted into the U.S. and used internally by the Yakuza in its coming destruction of our centralized electrical power system. With the final coup de grace to be delivered about two years from now, the loss of our national electrical power system is intended to evoke the catastrophic collapse of the entire U.S. economy, followed by the fall of other Western nations’economies like toppling dominoes.

The problem is this: The U.S. Government, scientific community, intelligence community, and electrical power industry seem totally incapable of confronting the desperate requirement to replace our entire centralized electrical power system with fuel-free self-powering “energy from the vacuum”(EFTV) systems, as rapidly as is humanly possible. Mere mention of such a requirement engenders psychological displacement activity and denial. Hence the U.S. continues its “energy business as usual”, while the clock ticks away to our destruction.


4. Our Desperate Need to Correct the Seriously Flawed Classical Electromagnetics (CEM) and Electrical Engineering (EE) Models

In the past we have used the phrase “scalar electromagnetics”and “scalar interferometry” to describe the longitudinal EM wave transmitters used in these interferometer weapons. Tesla did not originate the term, nor did he originate scalar interferometry, although he had indeed stumbled onto longitudinal EM waves and what can only be called force-free precursor engineering {16}. Quoting Tesla {17}:

"...I showed that the universal medium is a gaseous body in which only longitudinal pulses can be propagated, involving alternating compressions and expansions similar to those produced by sound waves in the air. Thus, a wireless transmitter does not emit Hertz waves which are a myth, but sound waves in the ether, behaving in every respect like those in the air, except that, owing to the great elastic force and extremely small density of the medium, their speed is that of light.”

If one replaces the words “gaseous body” with the modern term “virtual particle flux (active virtual state gas) of the vacuum”, one sees Tesla’s words in agreement with the basic view of the modern active vacuum. Discovery of EM longitudinal waves which actually comprise all normal EM waves, fields, and potentials {18,19} leads to a much more fundamental electrodynamics, including sophisticated altering of ordinary EM waves, potentials, and fields to contain hidden internal Whittaker field vectors and their dynamics.

The energy density of the vacuum energy comprises an enormously powerful “scalar potential of the vacuum/spacetime”. As such, this potential (i.e., the vacuum energy flux and Einstein’s 4-space itself) decomposes into Whittaker harmonic sets of bidirectional EM longitudinal phase conjugate wavepairs {18}.The Western classical force-field electrodynamics is a lower group symmetry electrodynamics i.e., U(1) symmetry EM which in turn is totally “engineerable from its very beginning” and from its inside out, by an EM of sufficiently higher group symmetry.

Our scientists, engineers, and thermodynamicists have largely failed to grasp the implications of the gauge freedom axiom once asymmetrical regauging is used rather than symmetrical regauging. The first requirement for EFTV systems producing more energy output than the operator alone inputs, is to violate the invariance of the theoretical equations and thus break Lorentz symmetry as well1. Further, when one deals with the force-free EM field, potential, and wave as it exists in mass-free space, one does not have to “pay” to furnish the energy necessary to develop powerful working forces a priori. Instead, one only has to deliberately direct nature’s own energy flows, exhibited by the internal Whittaker composition of any EM “static” potential, field, or wave in space.

Force is an ongoing effect of a more primary ongoing interaction, not a fundamental cause. By asymmetrically directing the free Whittaker EM energy flows from almost freely established “static”fields and potentials, forces in charged matter can in theory be generated to almost any strength and in any pattern set, including with a chosen internal dynamics.

This is the ultimate “far from equilibrium”thermodynamics approach. In such manner, one uses negative entropy engineering, in total violation of the present flawed Second Law of thermodynamics {20}.

There are no “integrated (observable) forces” in space, since force and force fields exist only in matter. Our fundamental mechanics greatly errs in assuming a separate force in mass-free space, acting upon a separate mass. No such “separate force in mass-free space” exists, or can exist, since mass is a component of force by F d/dt(mv). No mass, no force. As Nobelist Feynman stated:

"Everything we know is only some kind of approximation, therefore, things must be learned only to be unlearned again or, more likely, corrected."

Speaking about force, Feynman stated {21}:

"…in dealing with force the tacit assumption is always made that the force is equal to zero unless some physical body is present… One of the most important characteristics of force is that it has a material origin…" “If you insist on a precise definition of force, you will never get it!”

So then what kind of electromagnetics exists in force-free space, prior to the presence of mass and thus prior to the formation of forces and force fields assumed by the present CEM/EE? Speaking of the electric field in space from a source positive charge, and the responses of charged masses placed in that field and interacting with it, Feynman stated {22}:

"…the existence of the positive charge, in some sense, distorts, or creates a "condition" in space, so that when we put the negative charge in, it feels a force. This potentiality for producing a force is called an electric field."

What basically exists in mass-free (nonintegrated) spacetime is the disintegrated and disordered virtual particle flux (VPF) of the vacuum. All the energy is virtual state energy and we may state that the basic “enormous”vacuum energy if it were coherently integrated is disintegrated into very tiny virtual bits of energy. An EM field, or potential, or wave in vacuum (in empty space) is actually an organization (ordering) and dynamics imposed upon and in the basic disordered VPF and virtual energy. The fundamental field or potential is thus an “organizing pattern” and must already include negative entropy (to reorder the disordered virtual energy of the vacuum) a priori {23}.
1 See Maxim Pospelov and Michael Romalis, “Lorentz Invariance on Trial,”Physics Today, 57(7), July 2004, p. 40-46 for a very good discussion of present efforts to violate invariance and Lorentz symmetry.

Any persisting (pattern) EM change (organization) in a region of the VPF once it interacts with observable charged matter can be and is integrated to observable (quantum) level, producing force and force fields in the interacting charged matter.

There is no observable force a priori until a pattern of virtual change in a region of the vacuum is reacting with observable matter and being integrated to observable quantum level in that interaction. We have explained that integration process elsewhere {23,24}, as demonstrated by every charge in the universe.

5. How the Notion of Transverse EM Waves in Space Originated

To explain longitudinal EM waves in the vacuum, and also to explain their detection as transverse waves in a receiving conductor {25}, one merely points out the known severe longitudinal flow restraint on the Drude electrons in a conductor. While the electrons in the Drude gas may individually move at greater velocity, their net flow longitudinally down the conductor is the drift velocity {26} and it is usually on the order of a few centimeters per second in a typical bench circuit with small voltages and currents {27}.

The electron longitudinal velocity down the conductor is very much less than the speed of the field or potential down the wire. Hence there exists a very effective gyroscopic restraint of the electron’s spinning gyro axes in the longitudinal or “current flow”direction.

The Drude electrons due to their continuous spin act as gyros with longitudinally restrained axes, when the longitudinal EM force kindles (integrates) upon them from the vacuum precursor (force free) field interaction. The longitudinally restrained Drude electron occasionally slips a bitlongitudinally, but it is immensely freer to move transversely. So it easily precesses laterally, and the lateral motions can be very large and/or very fast indeed. The intense lateral precession of the “Drude electron as a gyro”quite well demonstrates the longitudinal nature of the causative disturbing precursor agent, with the longitudinal impulse force strongly resisted by the longitudinal restraint force, and with most of the electron’s effect force being the resulting gyro-electron precession force at right angles.

Even for electrons in empty space, their inertia together with their spin results in a similar much larger precession at right angles to the disturbing force created upon them by the precursor force-free fields and waves.

The observation of the “lateral electron precession waves”of these precessing Drude electrons in our instruments is the accepted “measurement”of the so-called “transverse EM waves in vacuum”. The measurement does not measure the oscillation direction of the causative precursor EM wave in vacuum at all, but only its oscillation effect created in the Drude electron charged matter. There are really no transverse EM waves in mass-free space, albeit we seem to be stuck with such a model since the founders of classical electrodynamics assumed the material ether filling all space, and thus used matter waves (force field waves) in space in their modeling. If there were such a material ether, then there would be matter at every point in space, and there would indeed be transverse charge precession EM waves in this “ethereal but real matter”filling all space. The continued implicit assumption of a material ether, and the continuing erroneous misinterpretation of what our measurement instruments are measuring, has been erroneously propagated to the present day in electrodynamics since at least 1865. Yet the material ether has been falsified for more than a century, since 1887. The false assumption of the material ether and the resulting false assumption of the transverse EM force field wave in space continues even after Drude’s fundamental work.

To my knowledge, no other Western analyst has pointed out the connection between longitudinal restraint of the Drude electrons to a slow drift velocity, with the restrained electron’s lateral precession in such a case. So we argue that the Drude electron precession proves that the EM waves in matter-free space are longitudinal rather than transverse, precisely as Tesla stated. We pointed out this anomaly in the erroneous “force in empty space”theory for years, to little avail. The Soviets weaponized it.

6. CEM and EE Still Erroneously Assume the Old Material Ether

The misinterpretation of the detected transverse EM force field waves as actual force-field waves in a material space has been perpetuated erroneously in classical electrodynamics since its inception, and it continues today. The entire U.S. scientific apparatus including the National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, national laboratories, and universities continues to bury its head firmly in the sand, covering itself with the old luminiferous material ether.

Those measured waves in our measuring instruments really are transverse EM force field effect waves in and of the interacting Drude electron material medium in the conductors of the intercepting instrument. But the causative interacting EM field entities in the vacuum are themselves force-free longitudinal EM wave disturbances of the curvature of spacetime (general relativity view) and of the local VPF of the vacuum (particle physics view). Else the theory of gyro precession is voided by every Drude electron and by every transverse EM force field wave detection in Drude electron gases.

The EM force fields so blithely assumed by our present electrodynamics absolutely do not and cannot exist in mass-free space, since force only exists in a mass system in and during its ongoing interaction with the force-free precursor fields. The elemental responses of the charged mass system are at right angles to the disturbing force-free fields. Neither do transverse EM “effect”waves exist in mass-free space, but only in charged mass systems (such as the Drude electron gas) engaged in an ongoing interaction with the longitudinal precursor waves. Here also, the element response of the mass system is at right angles to the force-free fields of the disturbing precursor wave.

The primary, longitudinal force-free fields in massless space are the more fundamental EM fields, as Tesla had realized. Tesla actually began the process later partially captured by Whittaker {18,19}, which was taken to fruition after WW II by Soviet weapon scientists as the new weapons science of energetics. It is what the present author is calling precursor waves, precursor fields, and precursor engineering.

7. Our Archaic and Flawed Situation in CEM/EE Today

Sadly, electrical engineering departments still erroneously teach EM force fields and EM transverse EM force field waves in space, which still assumes the old luminiferous material ether {28}, even though it was falsified in 1887 by the Michelson-Morley experiments {29}.

Jackson, one of the superb classical electrodynamicists of our day, at least admits the problem and also admits that electrodynamicists continue to ignore it. He states {30}:

"Most classical electrodynamicists continue to adhere to the notion that the EM force field exists as such in the vacuum, but do admit that physically measurable quantities such as force somehow involve the product of charge and field."

In summary, one does not have electromagnetic force until the “force-free precursor field in space”is interacting with charged mass. It can easily be seen by examining the simple standard EM equation F = Eq, and writing it as F Eq so that it becomes a true definition. Now let q = 0, as it would be in space. In that case, F = 0, even though E ≠ 0. In that identity, force is the ongoing interaction of the force-free E-field in space with charged mass q. Given q and its interaction with force-free E, that ongoing interaction is the rigorous definition of and generatrix for force itself. What is missing from the identity and therefore the definition is that F and E are at right angles to each other because of the spin of the charged particles comprising q.

Again, let q = 0, while E remains nonzero. In that case, there is no ongoing interaction of E with charged matter, since there is no charged matter. Therefore the effect of such a reaction force F goes to zero because there is no interaction and therefore there is no effect of an interaction. So the equation should really be written as an identity, to show clearly that force is produced by, and exists as, an ongoing interaction of the force-free E-field in space with charged matter q.

The sharp-eyed reader will note that we may have (hopefully successfully!) solved Feynman’s force definition problem, at least electromagnetically: An electromagnetic force in static charged matter is identically the ongoing effect (in the static charged matter) of an ongoing interaction of the force-free EM field in space with that static charged matter. Further, the direction of the force field effect is at right angles to the direction of the primary force-free EM field in space.

Eminent scientists such as Feynman, Wheeler, Lindsay, Margenau, Bunge, and many others have pointed out that there are no force fields in space. But our electrical engineering departments and classical Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamicists refuse to change and correct the horribly flawed CEM/EE model.

Repeating for emphasis, Feynman {22} stated it this way:

"…the existence of the positive charge, in some sense, distorts, or creates a "condition" in space, so that when we put the negative charge in, it feels a force. This potentiality for producing a force is called an electric field."

In other words, a “force-free condition in pure mass-free space” which only has the capability to interact with a charged mass and thus create force in that ongoing interaction is what a true E-field is. Feynman understood that true fields were naught but conditions in space itself, and change in space itself. He clearly understood that only the interaction of the field with charged mass, should some be introduced, produces EM force fields in that mass.

So our present EEs have absolutely no notion at all of what a force-free EM field in mass-free space really is. They have never even calculated a real E-field in space, and they do not do so today nor do their professors and their textbooks.

8. Other Severe Foundations Errors in Our CEM/EE

Indeed, the inane CEM/EE model still erroneously assumes a flat spacetime (falsified since at least 1916), an inert vacuum (falsified since at least 1930), and a material ether (falsified more than a century ago). It also assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created out of nothing at all, by the associated source charge, which is assumed to continuously emit real observable EM energy without any energy input at all. In so doing, the CEM/EE model implicitly assumes the universal violation of the conservation of energy law.

Every EE department, professor, and textbook in the United States unwittingly advocates the total violation of energy conservation, without even recognizing it. So do our National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, great national laboratories, our intelligence analysts and the entire Taliban-like professional Skeptic community by not pointing out the known terrible errors in classical electrodynamics and electrical engineering, and by not correcting the flawed model!


9. The Development of Scalar Interferometry

There are two papers by E. T. Whittaker, one in 1903 {18} and the other in1904 {19}, that detail the beginning of scalar interferometry. Shortly after WW II, these two papers are what the Soviet Union scientists used as one of the starting points to develop a secret weapons science called energetics. From their new science of energetics, they first developed very powerful scalar interferometers (now possessed secretly by at least 10 nations worldwide, and even by the Japanese Yakuza). For a deeper understanding of scalar interferometry, a higher group symmetry electrodynamics must be used {13}, instead of the Standard Model’s limited U(1) electrodynamics.

From Russia, the Yakuza also took back the actual scalar interferometry technology to Japan with them, and set up production facilities of their own. It is not the Japanese government that is doing this, but it is the Japanese Mafia and a remnant of the Aum Shinrikyo (which changed its name to Aleph). The Yakuza is very powerful, and it penetrates the Japanese government and also every large Japanese company. If one is dealing with a large Japanese company, one is dealing with the Yakuza, whether one knows it or not.

In 1997, then Secretary of Defense William Cohen at a conference on Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), held in Georgia under the auspices of Senator Sam Nunn publicly confirmed this kind of electromagnetic weaponry without the technical details. He also confirmed the weather engineering, climate control, induction of earthquakes, and stimulation of volcanoes into eruption. SecDef Cohen stated {31}:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic wave. ...

“So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important."

This was the first time (and to my knowledge, the only time) a high U.S. government official has openly confirmed the superweapons. So obviously certain parts of our government do know about such weapons, but there has been little or no communication of that to the public, save by SecDef Cohen’s illuminating statement.

The news media at the time panting heavily after the juicy Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal totally ignored Cohen’s epochal strategic statement. So much for the perspicacity of our news media!

10. The Yakuza Strategic Role in Our Present Terrorism Threat

Today the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo is one of our deadly foes, and it will be involved in the planned, scheduled destruction of the United States within about three years from now. One major part of the plan seems to be to start destroying the U.S. central power grid and system beginning about two years from now, very gradually at first2, and then escalating fairly rapidly until the system is essentially destroyed and in ruins.

There are already sufficient terrorist assets inserted into the U.S. being held ready and waiting to destroy the nation, particularly when the use of Yakuza strategic and tactical scalar interferometers are factored in. One keeps hoping that the Administration will brief that fact to the U.S. public, but it appears it will not be done, regardless of whether we have a Republican or Democratic administration in power. Too many high level government people take the attitude that the American public just could not withstand such information. Further, within the government the entourage seems to have again suppressed the information that Defense Secretary Cohen confirmed.

The Yakuza strategic threat to the U.S. is one of the most potent we face today, and it increases year by year. That threat as is much of the organized international terrorist threat is being generally coordinated from the old die-hard Communist faction of the FSB/KGB, the dominant faction.


11. Suppression of “Energy-from-the-Vacuum”Electrical Systems

Electrical power systems freely taking their energy from the vacuum (EFTV) rather than from fuel, are suppressed worldwide by several large and powerful cartels and for some time the Yakuza has suppressed such Japanese EFTV systems in Japan.

As part of their schedule and plan to destroy our electrical power supply as a means of generating the catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy, the Yakuza have suppressed several legitimate Japanese overunity electrical power systems such as the Takahashi magnetic Wankel engine {32} and the Kawai motor {33} to prevent them from being marketed.

Were these already-developed Japanese systems allowed on the market, they would quickly resolve the world energy crisis for once and for all, and they would also enable dismantling and rapid replacement of the horridly vulnerable, centralized U.S. electrical power system. Needless to say, the availability of such systems would enormously clean up the biospheric contamination from energy-related operations and development, alleviate global warming, etc.
2 The recent hurricane passing through the Gulf of Mexico did substantial damage to the oil and gas pipelines and some of the oil rigs. That has already decreased our daily supply of oil and gas, and has been partly responsible for oil prices going above $50 per barrel, and continuing to slowly rise.

It is asinine that, in every EM circuit and system, all the field energy and potential energy already comes directly from the vacuum, being extracted by the source charges and dipolarities, and yet our own scientific community perpetuates a model assuming the energy is freely created out of nothing at all.

We do not have to discover how to extract usable EM energy from the seething vacuum; every charge in the universe already continuously does that, and it continuously gushes forth real EM energy extracted from its vacuum interaction. All we have to do is uncover and eliminate the continuing limitations our scientists have unwittingly incorporated into the CEM/EE model itself such as in the ubiquitous closed current loop circuit containing the source dipolarity (the source of flowing potential energy) wired into the external circuit as a load to be continually destroyed and such as insisting on invariance and Lorentz symmetry of the model because of the “mathematical beauty”in symmetrized equations and an invariant system. By “invariance”one means that no new net observable is allowed to occur when the equations are regauged. To do that requires symmetrical regauging.

On the other hand, by deliberately breaking up the invariance and violating Lorentz symmetry, the resulting modified circuits and systems can indeed rather freely collect excess energy (i.e., asymmetrically regauge themselves) from the active vacuum’s interaction with all the circuit’s charges and the continuous, free flow of real EM energy from every charge. By asymmetrical regauging, a net nonzero, free force field is also produced, and it can then be used to freely dissipate the previously-collected “free potential energy”in external loads to power them almost “for free”, as far as any cost to the operator for the energy dissipated. No law of physics is violated, and no valid law of thermodynamics is violated once the erroneous Second Law is corrected and is no longer the oxymoron and “half law”it presently is.

Sometimes simple equations contain profound truths. From any fixed source of potential V, any amount of energy W can be freely collected on intercepting charges q, given sufficient q. The simple equation is W = Vq. Further, by only increasing V, while pinning a fixed amount of charges q so that i = dq/dt = 0, any amount of potential energy density V can be freely produced in the system by work-free voltage amplification. From such simple equations, one can see that a circuit can self-regauge and take on extra potential energy freely, from any external source of potential energy (providing the necessary potential energy flow), without having to do work. With dq/dt = 0, the free potentialization of as many charges q as one desires does not drain the external source of potential at all. If that source of potential is then disconnected, and the circuit is closed and the charges q are unpinned, the freely potentialized circuit can then freely dissipate that excess energy to power loads “for free”. Further, the original source of potential can then be reconnected, to again freely potentialize as many charges q as desired, so long as one forces dq/dt = 0. In short, the external source of potential will last indefinitely. Via a flashlight battery or electret as the “external potential source,”under proper circumstances sufficient energy can be extracted from the vacuum to power New York City.

Again, we do not have to learn how to extract energy from the vacuum. We only have to learn how to more properly use the energy flowing from charges already doing so.

Our classical electrodynamicists and electrical engineers have missed the fact that, since every EM field and potential is a pattern in the continuous flow of EM energy from the associated source charges, then the field or potential is itself a set of continuous energy flows. To see it and prove it, simply decompose the field or potential by Whittaker’s methods {18,19}.

As an example of Yakuza suppression of Japanese EFTV electrical systems, the Kawai motor was suppressed by the Yakuza right here in Huntsville, Alabama in 1996, directly involving the CTEC Board of Directors. Else my colleagues and I in CTEC would already have placed self-powering Kawai motors on the world market in mid-1997.

Such self-powering electrical systems are no more mysterious than a windmill-powered generator or a solar cell array power system. The active vacuum environment furnishes all the energy required. Even though any system has losses and its overall thermodynamic efficiency is always less than 100%, the coefficient of performance (COP) can permissibly be COP = ∞ when all the energy is received from the external active environment and the operator himself does not furnish any energy at all.

We (CTEC) reached agreement with Kawai late one Thursday afternoon. The Yakuza arrived by private jet from Los Angeles that night. The next morning a stunned and totally demolished Kawai no longer controlled his invention, his company, his life, or further developments.

The “energy from the vacuum”replacement systems for our present centralized electrical power system would freely or nearly freely take their energy directly from the local vacuum. They would need no external fuel, no pipelines, no large fleets of tankers and railroad coal cars, no hydrocarbon refineries, etc. So most of the massive and expensive support structure for our bloated centralized electrical power system would also be dismantled. Our present dependence on foreign oil and gas would simply vanish forever. A very dramatic reduction in present pollution of the environment would result.

The dramatic reduction in the present absolute vulnerability of the U.S. electrical power system would be remarkable. Replacement of most of the centralized power system would be of enormous economic benefit and of enormous strategic importance. Presently, we have some two years to get a substantial percentage of that task done, in precisely that manner. Otherwise, we will see the centralized electrical power system destroyed, followed shortly thereafter by the catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy. And then will immediately follow the methodical destruction of the United States every last man, woman, and child.

The resulting benefits of such a centralized, fuel-free system to the taxpayer and to the long suffering destitute peoples of the world would be incalculable but the incredible loss of revenue to the large energy cartels now in power worldwide would be directly calculable! Such powerful organizations do not surrender their vast empires and dominant positions without a major struggle.

So certain elements of those cartels already suppress “free energy” developments worldwide, and they have been doing so since Stubblefield {34} (even before Tesla). In this “energy from the vacuum” research, if successful one can easily “meet with a sudden suicide” on one’s way to the supermarket, unless one is exceedingly careful. Or one can be hit in the midst of a crowd by an ice dart dipped in curare, so that one convulses and dies right there with a “seizure” and heart and brain damage.

Or heroin can be planted on the premises secretly by an intruder. Then the regular “narcs” are “tipped off”. They raid the place, the dogs sniff out the large cache of heroin, and one has “been caught red-handed” as a dirty old dope dealer. One winds up behind bars for 20 years or so, wondering how it all happened.

Or one meets with a “throw-away” assassin, who has been brutally conditioned. After he successfully fixates on his target, then later he will march right up to the targeted individual in a public restaurant, pull out a pistol and empty it at point blank range into the target, killing him. He will remain right there until the police come and haul him away. And even electric shocks on his testicles will not elicit any useful information from him.

Or, more simply, one just meets with a fatal auto accident.

Or one gets hit with a little microwave “shooter”, whose wavefront has been carefully modified by the Venus ECM technique. That beam will then dramatically disrupt the receiving heart, throwing it into violent and uncontrolled fibrillation. The target falls, goes into convulsions, thrashes a bit, and expires with a legitimate massive stroke, heart attack, or both. The smaller short range shooter is about the size of a small paperback textbook, and fits inside the assassin’s coat pocket. A larger longer range shooter is about the size of a bazooka. It will shoot right through walls and windows, killing a person inside (the target is usually located with an infrared device which allows the assassin to focus on the target’s body heat, even through the wall or window.

Or a professional hit man kills the person, making it appear as some hoodlum committing a robbery or some such. Recently Dr. Gene Mallove, an excellent researcher and a highly dedicated scientist, probably was murdered in this latter type of professional hit manner.

Those are just a few of the current methods used of professional clandestine assassination or jailing, used against some EFTV researchers. There are many others.

But to seek out what our own science is doing in EFTV research, simply go to the websites of the NAS, NSF, DoE, national labs, and universities and search for any real program or solution that would enable our survival in this three year period we have entered. Cut through the rhetoric and hype and examine for real content that would solve the problem. There is none, and there is not going to be any. Instead, the reader will find that “business as usual”and the interests of the powerful scientific cartels hot fusion, nuclear power plants, fuel cells, etc. are being pursued, with a little sop to the environmentalists in such things as solar cell array power systems, windmill-powered generating systems, etc.

Not only is our scientific community fiddling while Rome prepares to burn, but it is also helping to ensure that Rome burns completely.

12. Yakuza Production of Portable Scalar Interferometers

The Yakuza now produce their own scalar interferometer weapons in their own facilities in Japan, including small, portable versions, and this has nothing to do with the Japanese government. The Yakuza have small versions of these weapons which can fit into a small sport utility vehicle (SUV), and undoubtedly some are also already inserted in the U.S., to be used a few times during the next two years against our refineries, nuclear power plants and hydrocarbon-fueled power plants, oil fields and Gulf oil rigs, control systems and substations for the centralized power grid, pipe line hubs, long high voltage distribution lines, etc. In short, the Yakuza can already lay down the U.S. electrical power system, for months at a time or permanently and it can do it easily, quickly, and at will.

Even normal cyberwar techniques will do it for extended periods, as is well known by cyberwar specialists. For example, quoting from a PBS interview with Joe Weiss {35}:

Question: “So just put it all in perspective. What's the worst-case power scenario, power we're talking here power lines, power grid?”

Answer: “Absolute worst? I won't even say absolute, but a very worst case could be loss of power for six months or more.”

Question: “Over how big an area?”

Answer: “Big as you want.”

Question: “Is that a possibility?”

Answer: “Yes.”

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