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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Beyond Good and Evil: Illumination - The Secret Religion

Beyond Good and Evil

Illumination - The Secret Religion
religion is a region with a li(e) in it     

An extraordinary dichotomy exists between Western and Eastern religious thinking. No one in the mainstream media ever draws any attention to it. It is never discussed. Its ramifications are never considered. Why not? Why is this particular debate never allowed to happen? Who is it that benefits from ensuring that ordinary people are never confronted with the astounding differences between Western and Eastern religions? One thing is certain: either everyone in the East is going to hell, or the Western "believers" are the most deluded people in history, utterly and spectacularly wrong to a degree that can only be labelled insane.

A critical question arises - was Western religious thinking ever compatible with Eastern religion and, if it was, what caused the astonishing divergence of later history, and what became of those Western religions that were once in harmony with the East?

By "Western" religion we mean Abrahamism - Judaism, Christianity and Islam (there are many Muslims in the East, of course, but Islam defines itself with regard to Judaism and Christianity). "Eastern" refers to Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. All other religions are just variations on these themes.

So, what is the critical difference between West and East in terms of religion?


West (Faith) Versus East (Self-Knowledge)

The Western religions assert that there is an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful being - God - that exists outside space, time and the cosmos. This being has always existed and will always exist. He is infinitely perfect. He is incapable of error. He can commit no evil. He is the maximum expression of any conceivable possibility of excellence. He is entirely self-sufficient and flawless. He needs nothing. He is not dependent on anything. He stands outside the universe. The universe is his creation, but he is not part of it. It is not of the same substance as God. He could end the universe at any time of his choosing, but he himself would not thereby come to an end.

God and the universe are, in this view, distinct and separate. God, not the universe, is the supreme mystery. The universe is completely explicable in terms of God, but completely inexplicable if we understand nothing of the thinking, modus operandi and plan of God. He is beyond any scientific or philosophical analysis as to his substance, origins and evolution. He just IS. He is the ultimate "brute fact" of existence. We just have to accept that existence at its most fundamental level is eternal perfection in the shape of a flawless being of infinite knowledge, power and capacity called God.

There's no point, say the Abrahamists, in asking WHY? The starting point of existence is PERFECTION, hence cannot improve, cannot get any better - yet the obvious fact of our lives on earth is that imperfection is everywhere. How can this discrepancy be accounted for? Why is the starting point of existence not IMPERFECTION that then evolves towards perfection? Then we would have no difficulty in explaining the imperfections of this world. But such questions are neither answered nor permitted by Abrahamists.

Now, if the universe consisted of the sun, the earth, the sky, the moon and nothing else then it would indeed seem as if the universe were created. But the universe is large beyond imagining, so large that there is no way experimentally for us to know whether or not it is infinite. What, exactly, is the function served by a universe so vast that almost all of it will never be seen or known by us? Why would God create anything so spectacularly unnecessary? If it's not unnecessary then what purpose is it serving? Plainly, it cannot be a purpose that has any connection with humanity since it is far beyond any possibility of human contact or direct knowledge. Indeed, the humans of two thousand years ago had no knowledge whatever of galaxies beyond ours. So humanity is therefore not "special". No Abrahamist has ever attempted to answer these basic questions. They are simply ignored along with all the other "inconvenient" questions.

There was a time when the Catholic Church actually killed people who dared to deny that the earth was the centre of the universe or who claimed that the universe was infinite. The Church rightly saw how deadly these ideas were to the "truth" of the Bible. Rather than debate the evidence and the logic, the Church preferred to eliminate the opposition, like some sort of ancient Mafia.

What the Church refused to confront was that if the earth is the centre of the cosmos, why is anything else needed? Indeed why is a moon needed, or a sun? Why not just the earth, and nothing else? Why darkness and light? Why not permanent light? If God, the Creator, can do anything he likes, why did he create something that doesn't look anything like a designed Creation? That, instead, looks like the outcome of natural processes involving an infinite profusion of energy and matter?

A universe that consisted of nothing but a flat earth inhabited by a few thousand people would qualify as an unambiguous creation. An infinitely large universe full of countless stars and planets, almost all of them hidden forever from humanity, might be considered proof that there is no Abrahamic God because the human race has no conceivable importance in such a universe: it is but an infinitely small speck of dust. There would be no conceivable reason for the "Son of God" or any Messiah, prophet or angel to visit the earth, since earth would simply be one of an infinite number of worlds.

Infinity kills the Abrahamic God stone dead because it reduces the apparent significance of the human race and the planet Earth to zero. There is no possible reason why a Creator God would create an infinite number of something when he could create just one of that thing. Why have infinite stars rather than one? Why have infinite planets rather than one?

If YOU were the Creator, would you create one thing on which you lavished all of your attention, and which would be infinitely special to you, or would you create an infinite number of things, thereby making each of them devoid of any special significance?

Abrahamists act as if earth were the only planet in the universe, and the sun the only star. In fact, modern astronomy has taken pictures of stars almost incomprehensibly far away from us, and there is no reason to consider that there aren't an infinite number beyond those. Only the insane would conclude that earth was the focus of the universe and the Creator. There isn't any evidence to support such a conclusion. It all points the other way.

Galileo was put on trial by the Roman Catholic Inquisition because the Church understood all too well that to prove that the earth wasn't the centre of the universe was to prove that the Creator God didn't exist. A Creator God puts his creation in the centre, as his jewel. He does not make it a hurtling rock in an inconsequential solar system in a nondescript quadrant of an unexceptional galaxy in an infinitely large cosmos. He does not populate the universe with black holes and supermassive black holes, with dark matter and dark energy, with quantum vacuum fluctuations. What possible function do these serve in respect of the Created Earth, God's infinitely special treasure on which his attention is always focused? NONE AT ALL.

The Abrahamists say that God is watching all of us - that he has a special relationship with each and every one of us, that he is a personal God of salvation. The Jews say that they are God's specially chosen people and that he has promised them a Messiah. The Christians say that God sent his own Son to atone for our sins. The Muslims say that God wrote the Koran for us and delivered it via the Angel Gabriel to an illiterate desert tribesman called Mohammed. None of this would make one particle of sense if the cosmos were infinitely large.    

If you are an Abrahamist, you are logically obliged to reject science in every regard. You believe in a God who stands outside the universe, who has a personal relationship with you (you can pray to him and he may directly intervene in your life), who sends bearded prophets and holy books, angels and saints. He performs miracles, loves martyrs, sacrifices his Son for us (from the Christian perspective). Sadly, he doesn't stop evil, and doesn't seem to be able to communicate his message very well.

Which is his true Holy Book - the Torah, the Bible or the Koran? Who is his prophet? Moses, Jesus or Mohammed? If Jesus is his Son, why do the Jews and Muslims reject Jesus? Who are the Chosen People - the Jews, the Christians or the Muslims? Why do the Muslim Abrahamists think that the other Abrahamists are going to hell? Why do the Christian Abrahamists think that the other Abrahamists are going to hell? Why do the Jews still think that only they will be saved? Why do Catholic Christians think that Protestant Christians are going to hell? Why do Protestant Christians call the Catholic Pope the Antichrist?

And why does no Eastern religion buy into any of this?

Does Abrahamism make any sense at all? Is the human race, or a huge part of it, actually mad? Is the planet Earth a cosmic lunatic asylum? Is it hell? Are human beings crazy fantasists who are prepared to believe anything? It seems that for something to be impossibly far-fetched is no disqualification: it is mandatory. Are human beings so badly brainwashed and mind controlled that they will subscribe to any irrational, laughable garbage formulated by any charismatic psychopath or nutter? Can people convince themselves of anything at all, without limit, even to the extent of thinking that GOD, the infinitely perfect and powerful Creator, was born of a human virgin in a stable in a dusty, insignificant part of an ancient Empire and crucified to death 2,000 years ago?

GOD DIED FOR YOU AND ME (supposedly). Who asked him to? No one did. Why did he do it? Because someone ate an apple despite being told not to!!!!!!! And apparently that means that the whole human race is permanently and ineradicably stained with evil and deserves to be punished FOREVER by this GOD, who apparently loves us and bends over backwards to be merciful and forgiving. (So why didn't he just go right ahead and forgive us for "applegate"??!!!)


That's the world we live in. A MADHOUSE.

That's Abrahamism for you.

The Protestant Irrationalists

department of truthProtestant Christians like to smugly imagine they are smarter than Catholic Christians, whom they regard as infected by childish superstition and in thrall to a corrupt hierarchy led by the Pope. In fact, in intellectual terms Catholicism is infinitely smarter than Protestantism. Catholicism is underpinned by Platonism, Aristotelianism, Mithraism, and Neoplatonism - some of the most elegant and challenging philosophies ever devised. Protestantism rejected all of that and said that only Holy Scripture mattered.

All of the clever content of Catholicism was junked in favour of Scriptural fanaticism and the ludicrously simplistic assertion of "justification by faith". Luther's statement that reason is the Devil's whore represented the triumph of the forces of total, unapologetic irrationality. Protestantism is an insane religion, utterly contemptuous of any intellectual agenda. Believe in Jesus Christ and you'll be "saved" is the sum and substance of this laughable religion. Leave your brain outside - not needed. Ever.

With Luther, Christianity gave up any attempt to reconcile itself with philosophy, and also infected the Protestant mind with a great hatred of "fancy ideas", and has had a catastrophic effect on respect for intellectuals. Instead, Protestants have infinitely more respect for material wealth. For Protestants, money always trumps ideas and culture. Just look at America - a nation led by White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs). No one looks to America for high culture. The opposite is true. America is a junk machine, churning out enormous amounts of Protestant mind pollution.

Only in America could someone like Sarah Palin be spoken of as a potential President. She crystallizes Protestant anti-intellectualism and Protestant low culture. (Palin was apparently baptised as a Catholic but then raised as a Protestant.) She's an image-obsessed, money-grabbing dumb capitalist espousing all of the usual Protestant obsessions of small government, tax cuts, family values, patriotism, "God". Never once would you hear any mathematical, scientific or philosophical content passing her lips. That's WASP land for you - a confederacy of dunces. The Tea Party are a complete embarrassment to America. The rest of the world looks on in astonishment at the rise of this cretinous fundamentalist Protestant movement.

But Protestantism historically did have one profoundly important and valuable side effect. By undermining the power and authority of the Catholic Church, it allowed Renaissance thinking to gather steam and eventually evolve into the great period known as the Enlightenment when science and philosophy at last broke free from the shackles of Christianity and ushered in the modern world.

Protestants like to take credit for that. In fact, the Enlightenment owed nothing to people who like nothing more than to proclaim their contempt for reason. Protestants are the opposite of the agents of Enlightenment. Most Creationists are Protestant. The Tea Party are Protestant. The Confederates were Protestant. Most slave owners were Protestants. Capitalism is a Protestant ideology. Protestantism is actually a much greater evil than Catholicism.    

As for Islam, why is it so backward? The reason is simple. It had neither a Renaissance nor a Reformation, nothing to rein back the orthodox position. Rather than look to the future and new ideas, contemporary Muslims always look to the past. Any group of people that worships the past will stay stuck in the past. Islam is an enormous problem for the world, and the problem will only get greater. While the rest of the world goes forward, Muslims go backwards. They will become increasingly angry and hateful towards modern society. That will turn into increasing violence against non-Muslims. It's vital that the rest of the world encourages an Islamic Enlightenment before it's too late.  

The Suspension of Disbelief

There is an absolute disconnection between faith and reason. When you are watching a great movie or reading a great book you are able to "suspend your disbelief". Even though you "know" the events of the film or book are not actually happening, you can genuinely believe that they are. You enter fully into the fabricated world and live and breathe it. It may even have the most profound effect on you. It might influence the course of the rest of your life. Yet it's all made up. So, why is it taken so seriously? Because it is treated as a sacred vehicle that takes us to a central truth of the human condition; the fictional element is regarded as a means of dramatising, of making more vivid and clear, a deep and abiding truth.

Many human minds make sense of the world through emotionally satisfying stories, not through abstract reason. Why are science and mathematics regarded as "boring" by so many people, especially women? It's because they don't tell a nice little story involving a hero or heroine. There's no emotional engagement, no one with whom to identify. There are just strange symbols and difficult ideas.

There are two types of human reason: abstract and narrative, and they have almost nothing in common. We might even call them masculine and feminine reason. Abstract reason is based on hard logic and analysis, usually converted into some form of cold, clinical, precise mathematics expressed in complex equations. This type of reason can be immensely emotionally satisfying for those who are masters of it, but it does not intrinsically contain emotion. Abstract reason is about cause and effect supported by evidence. The overwhelming majority of those skilled in abstract thinking have been men. Whether anyone likes it or not, that's just a plain fact. Autism, a condition of extremely low empathy, predominantly affects males and has been described in terms of an "extreme male brain".

Narrative reason, on the other hand, is all about emotion, a quality to which women are said to be enormously more attuned than men. Empathy and sympathy are essential to a good story. Narrative reason is about cause and effect centred on emotion, not on any evidence. A "hero" must behave heroically. Narrative cause and effect demands it. The good must be good and the bad bad. A good character might do something bad, but the narrative cause and effect demands that he pay a price and then become good again.

There is no "hero" in history who has started off as absolutely good and ended as absolutely bad, or vice versa. These scenarios would breach narrative cause and effect. The rules of narrative cause and effect are rigorous and scrupulous, but they are all based on producing emotionally satisfying results, based on conventionally accepted ideas of good and evil.

Abrahamism is about story telling. It is a religion of narrative cause and effect. It contains no abstract reason because that would destroy the story by exposing all of its flaws and inconsistencies. That's why the Torah, Bible and Koran contain no science, philosophy and mathematics. That's why these religions are so hostile to science, philosophy and mathematics. They are based on dramatised "history", on parables, on the supernatural (including the regular appearance of angels). You would never find a mathematical equation escaping from the lips of Moses, Mohammed or the Son of God. They are weavers of stories, not of facts.

Abrahamism is so successful because the vast majority of human beings, men and women, rely on narrative rather than abstract cause and effect. Abrahamism is perfectly suited to this type of thinking. Emotionally, it is extremely satisfying. And as long as you don't apply any abstract reasoning to it, it seems to make perfect sense.

Abrahamism, as an emotional set of beliefs, never makes the mistake of invoking science. Its only weak point is that it is manifestly barking mad if you apply any rigorous logic to it. But its followers never do (and indeed are incapable of doing so since they have no aptitude for thinking based on abstract cause and effect), hence it has proved almost indestructible.

Why? Because it's a perfect story. It has all the right ingredients, tried and tested over many centuries. Mystery, magic, the supernatural, miracles, the divine, revenge, hatred, sex, violence, lust, love, mercy, greed, envy, betrayal, sacrifice, struggle, glory, heroism, beating all the odds, coming back from the dead…it's all in there. What's not in there is mathematics, science and philosophy, but who cares about those? Most people on earth have ZERO understanding of mathematics, science and philosophy, so how could they possibly base their value systems on things they know nothing about? So, instead, they base them on myth and legend, fairytales and folktales, fables and parables...all the things that make sense to them.   

Humanity doesn't "suspend its disbelief." It never disbelieved in the first place. A good movie doesn't make you suspend your disbelief. Why not? For the simple reason that you were only too happy to believe. A bad movie makes you disbelieve because it executed its narrative poorly and thus made you realise you were watching a fiction. Any yarn can be spun as long as it's told well enough.

Adolf Hitler said, "What luck for the rulers that men do not think." Demagogues like Hitler have a genius for knowing how to deceive and manipulate the masses. Even people who despised Hitler and everything he stood for admitted that they found him a strangely compelling figure. Only a tiny number saw right through him.

Another remarkable observation by Hitler was: "The greater the lie, the greater the chance that it will be believed. The great mass of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." That, in a nutshell, sums up the Abrahamic religions. Their lies are on such a spectacular scale that ordinary people are left in complete awe. A lie THAT BIG must be TRUE!  

Hitler was just as astute when it came to money: "The most sensitive part of a man is not his skin but his wallet." And he understood that the ends always justify the means: "I shall give a propagandist reason for starting the war, no matter whether it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked afterwards whether he told the truth or not.  When starting and waging a war it is not right that matters, but victory."  

The Nazi regime used all the same ingredients as the Abrahamic religions. Hitler was both prophet and God. His book "Mein Kampf" was the Bible. The "Master Race" was the new version of the Chosen People (and accounts for the absolute hatred of Nazis for Jews - the planet was only big enough for one set of superior beings!) The Promised Land for the Nazis was the East (the Soviet Union). The kingdom of God was the 1,000-year Reich. The Nazis made heavy use of ancient Germanic myths and legends; tales of heroes and gods, of evil and greedy dwarves (the Jews), tales of rats and vermin (the Jews again) threatening to engulf the civilised world of "pure" blood. The Jews were portrayed as a plague, or a deadly cancer. The same fear, revulsion and hatred was directed towards them as Abrahamists direct towards "infidels".

The parallels between Nazism and Abrahamism are endless. Both are based on narrative. They appeal to deep-seated emotions. They understand fear and loathing, hate and hope, and they promise a glorious kingdom for the Elect. Hitler, along with Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, despised intellectuals. Hitler loathed reason as much as Luther did. He cared only about "will". The most famous piece of film depicting Nazi Germany is the Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl (a beautiful and talented woman); a superlative work of emotional propaganda.

As Nazi Germany faced defeat in the Second World War, Hitler concluded that the German People had lacked the necessary will to win. They were weak, feeble, cowardly. They deserved to lose. And thus, at the end, Hitler invoked the great myth of Götterdämmerung - the twilight of the gods when everything perishes in a great fire of total destruction. And, as Sigmund Freud identified, the drive for death and destruction which he labelled Thanatos, after the Greek god of death, was a most potent one. Thousands of Germans committed suicide in the last days of the war, just as Hitler himself did. He did so after marrying his girlfriend, Eva Braun, who killed herself at her Fuhrer's side. And then Hitler's most loyal lieutenant Josef Goebbels and his beautiful wife followed suit, after poisoning their six children (five girls and one boy) - all perfect little blonde, blue-eyed Master Racelings.  And thus the story ended with the perfect ending required of a perfect tragedy. The Master Race, driven by the most extreme hubris, and after celebrating the most breathtaking victories, were, in the end, totally humbled by those they had called "subhuman", but who proved to have much stronger will. And thus the gods perished.

Unfortunately, Abrahamism has not yet encountered the end of its particular story. But it's surely coming. All stories, unlike reason and logic, meet their appointed end. That is the inescapable logic of story. Abrahamism will not survive this century. Already the narrative levers have been pulled that will bring the last curtain down on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

eyes wide shut

Who Controls the Narrative?

Western science, mathematics and philosophy are based on the highest levels of abstract reason. Abrahamism, the religion of the West, is based on narrative, emotional reason.

And never the twain shall meet.

They reflect different types of mind, different psychological types, different ways of making sense of the world: stories versus mathematics. No gap could be wider. Mathematics makes no appearance in story, and story makes no appearance in mathematics. There are no films or novels about mathematics (unless a story can be built around a mathematician as an eccentric character). Can you even name a pure mathematician of the last thousand years? Billions would be unable to do so. Blue moons are more frequent than TV programmes about mathematics. The entire entertainment industry is devoted to narrative, emotional thinking. Politics is too. The human mind, above all else, employs narrative, emotional reason. The way that humans are able to reconcile their emotional needs with their rational needs is through narrative.

Human beings are fundamentally story people. They feed on narrative. They understand reality via narrative. If they can't comprehend something, they invent a spirit, a ghost, an angel, a demon, or a God to account for it. So, rather than an abstract, scientific and philosophical account of how we came to exist, most of us prefer something that says: Who made us? God made us. He created the world in six days, and on the seventh he rested. So we too should rest on the seventh day. And thus you have a nice little narrative. Nothing complex. Nothing that stretches the brain cells. Nothing that baffles us or makes us fearful. Everything is OK. God is on top of it all. God is looking after us.    

All systems of mind control are based on the control of the narrative. The Old World Order have hitherto controlled schools, religions, governments, corporations and the media to ensure absolute control of what "story" is given to the public. Every day you are fed the controlling narrative of the Elite. You accept it totally, even when you think you aren't. The moment you realise you have escaped is one of the most disturbing of your life. Why? Because you no longer believe a single thing that anyone in authority says to you. NOTHING AT ALL. You see right through all the stories they spin. You understand the "code" of their narrative. You see how everything is designed to forward their agenda and promote their wealth and power. What is "good"? Answer - everything associated with the Elite. What is "bad"? - everything else. You too can be good if you do everything the Elite tell you to do. If you oppose them then you are bad, a criminal, an enemy of the state.

All other narratives are marginalized, attacked, discredited. The full weight of the propaganda machine is brought against them. These counter narratives are never given a chance to flourish. So they go underground. Or they suffer a worse fate - they are sanitised and commercialised and they become part of the narrative of the Elite. Che Guevara was a Communist radical revolutionary, yet his image was turned into a poster that took pride of place on the walls of young capitalists all over the world, going through their "rebellious" phase. Thus a sworn enemy of capitalism literally became the poster boy for the capitalist moneymaking machine. Revolution and rebellion were turned into a commercial "package". And when you got bored with your Che Guevara poster, you could take it off the wall and put up a new one, perhaps of Megan Fox. And thus revolution is turned into a "phase" that teenagers go through. And when they grow up they become good capitalist worker droids, dutifully going along with the narrative of the masters - the richest people on earth.

To free the world of the OWO means to seize control of the narrative from them and start telling a completely new tale - the truth, for a change. But if they control all the means of getting the narrative out there: TV, Film, Radio, Novels, Magazines, Art, Advertising, Music, Newspapers, the Education system, the Political system, the Legal system etc, how can their narrative ever be defeated?  

Narrative is all about identifying heroes and villains, about taking sides. Narrative is concerned with empathy and sympathy. We understand the world by creating a story about it, and we simply reject anything that doesn't fit the storyline. We hate those who tell a different story that threatens the "truth" of our story. Throughout history people have killed others on behalf of a particular story. Story defines humanity. The problem is that story has no necessary connection with truth. In fact there is usually no relationship whatsoever between emotional "story" truth and the "actual" truth (which we may consider scientific/mathematical). Story truth is, on the whole, 100% false because it is not there to serve truth at all but the story alone. Yet because it is so emotionally satisfying it is taken as 100% true. In other words, our relationship with the "truth" is founded on emotion instead of facts. And that is no basis for truth.

Psychologically, human beings go out of their way to protect the "truths" of comforting stories. They devise stratagems such as repression, denial, cognitive dissonance and projection to avoid gazing into the abyss of analytical, abstract truth that strips away their precious story truths. What is more emotionally satisfying: that the earth is the centre of God's plan (as Abrahamism teaches) or that the earth is an insignificant speck, one planet amongst, perhaps, an infinite number (as science teaches). There's no contest at all in terms of which view panders to our hopes and dreams, our vanity, our sense of our cosmic significance. And yet the scientific evidence is simply overwhelming and unanswerable that we are deluded in believing that there is anything significant about our world. So, what do the Abrahamists do? - they just deny that science is true. They proclaim that Scripture is the truth, and that's the end of the matter. Never have so many human ostriches buried their heads in the sand. If you don't like something just pretend it's not there. That, sadly, is how most people conduct their lives.

Holy Scripture is supposed to be 100% true because it's the actual Word of God, hence infallible, yet all of its claims have been shown to be 100% false by science. The world wasn't made in six days four or five thousand years ago; the earth isn't the centre of the universe; there was no global Flood; all the animals didn't get into Noah's Ark; a virgin didn't have a baby God; God didn't create all the animals - evolution did. And evolution created "Adam and Eve" too.

Is it not astonishing that things that have been disproved in every conceivable way are still deemed by billions to be absolutely true? That shows you the power of emotional truth. And that is why it is so difficult to defeat Abrahamism. People's entire identity is invested in it. Their sense of self, their relationship with their local community, their place in society, their hopes and dreams, their moral values, their beliefs about the afterlife, the narrative they use to make sense of the world, are all based on the tall tales of Abrahamism.

To remove the comforting emotional story truth from them would be to destroy them. Nietzsche actually had that in mind with his concept of "eternal recurrence". He wanted to devise a "breeding" idea that would reduce the weak to suicidal despair and cause them to refrain from ever having families. The only people who would be able to affirm harsh truths would be the supermen that Nietzsche envisaged as the future of higher humanity.

No one on earth invests their identity in mathematical equations, no matter how true those equations are. Everyone creates an emotional narrative of some description or other.

The optimal position is to be able to combine both abstract and emotional truth; not to exclude the abstract entirely (in the case of Abrahamism) or the emotional entirely (in the case of atheistic science). As usual, a synthesis, the Middle Way, is required between the thesis and antithesis.

It IS possible to have an emotional narrative that is also compatible with science. The East has accomplished it to a limited degree because it didn't fall for the Western stories of bearded prophets clutching holy books dictated by God.

The Western story can be boiled down to this: we are all weak, depraved, worthless sinners and our only hope is to ally ourselves with the source of infinite power and goodness - God. Martin Luther said, "[We] are clean overwhelmed and drowned in sins. Whatsoever is in our will is evil; whatsoever is in our understanding is error. Wherefore in matters pertaining to God man hath nothing but darkness, errors, malice and perverseness both of will and understanding." An utterly grim and horrifying worldview, but there's a way out. We simply have to "believe" and all of our problems are solved at a stroke. There's no need to struggle with difficult equations. We are "justified" by faith. Faith delivers us from hell. We beg God for mercy and place our total trust in him.

But the Eastern story is very different. We find deliverance from our woes not by worshipping God but by becoming God. How do we accomplish this astounding feat? By overcoming the ignorance, delusions and desires that lock us in a false reality.

The concept of "God" is radically different in Eastern thinking. God at the most profound level is formless, abstract, eternal being, lacking anything that might be described as personal attributes. God is both immanent and transcendent, both manifest and unmanifest, the truth and the whole. These are all just different perspectives of the One. Everything that exists, everything that is real, is just a different aspect of the underlying unity, the eternal essence. God is beyond the senses, without limit, inexhaustible, without beginning, without end, outside space and time, beyond causality, eternal, unchanging, indefinable.

"God" does not create the universe. Rather, God is the universe. God and the universe are the same substance. Everything is an aspect of God, but everything doesn't understand that. The many aspects of God are alienated from their true essence. The phenomena of God do not comprehend the noumenon that is God, and must undergo a long, arduous process to perceive the truth.

There is no Creator and no Creation. The cosmos comes from God, exists in God and will return to God. God is the ocean and the waves are the cosmos. The waves rise up from the ocean then fall back again. Time is cyclical, like the tides. God can unmanifest himself - quieting the ocean until it is completely flat and tranquil.

Whereas in Abrahamism each of us is created by God, and we are of a different substance from God, in Eastern thought we are eternal, uncreated, unborn, timeless, deathless, the same substance as God. In fact, we are God, but we just don't "see" that yet. We are the divine ones who don't understand our divinity. We have been drawn into an illusion that blinds us to the truth. We become preoccupied with time and space, with causality, with the affairs of material existence, with desire for various things. We emphasize self, separation, disunity when we should be doing the opposite. We are ignorant of true reality and our ignorance leads to desires and errors that lock us into the illusion ever more tightly. And the more we subscribe to the illusion the more power it has over us and the more we dance to its tune rather than that of the Truth. The illusion makes us behave stupidly. We acquire bad karma through our misdeeds, but the resultant pain shocks us back to reality and slowly we undo the bad karma and become increasingly enlightened over many incarnations.

The goal of life is to realize that we are God. That we are ALL God. We will then be completely liberated from illusion and ignorance. In Abrahamism, on the other hand, our task is to obey God in every regard so that he rewards us with heaven where we can be in his presence forever. If we fail, we will be given the most extreme punishment conceivable - eternal hell.

In Eastern thinking, every "soul" achieves liberation in the end. Some achieve it sooner and some later, but there is a 100% success rate. In Abrahamism, the vast majority of souls go to hell (perhaps as many as 99%) and suffer eternal torment. There are temporary hellish states in Eastern thinking, but there is no eternal hell.

In Eastern thinking, a "soul" gets as many chances as it needs to achieve God-Realization; in Abrahamism, your eternal fate is decided in a single lifetime. One mistake could result in an eternity of perdition.

Abrahamism is about our sinfulness and unworthiness in relation to God. Psychologically, it is an ideology of self-hate, which we all too frequently project onto others. It cannot be emphasised enough that Abrahamism is characterised by HATE. The Crusades, the Inquisition, witch burnings, jihad, suicide bombings, book burnings, high "security" walls dividing one community from another - these are the essence of Abrahamism.

In Eastern thinking, the central idea is not that we are wicked and unworthy but that we are deluded and ignorant of the truth, and the victims of powerful desires and illusions. We must overcome our lower selves and become our higher selves, at which point we will enter into union with God. Psychologically, Eastern religion is an ideology of self-improvement. Eastern thinking is characterised by SELF OVERCOMING. The image of the Buddha sitting under a tree and meditating is the essence of the Eastern approach. The aim is to attain higher and higher states of consciousness until we have ascended to the same level of awareness as God himself, at which point we will realise that he was us and we were him all along.

In Abrahamism, people require the "grace of God" in order to acquire the faith that will lead to salvation (i.e. God's direct intervention in their fate is required). In Eastern thinking, it is all about self-effort. There is no external agency that will intervene on our behalf. Also, it is possible to achieve enlightenment in this life (although rarely accomplished), which means that such an enlightened person would be Godlike in the here and now (which was said of Buddha).

While Abrahamism is about salvation, Eastern thinking is concerned with moksha ("release"). Easterners are not saved from sin but from the illusory nature of their own, individual existence. Humans live in the phenomenal world of suffering, and must strive to reach the noumenal reality beyond suffering and separation where a blissful state of union with God is achieved.

In Abrahamic thinking, sin and evil are real. In Eastern thinking, they are illusions. In Abrahamism God personally judges us for what we have done. In Eastern thinking we judge ourselves via our personal karma. (Since we are all really God then in that sense God is judging us.)

In Eastern thinking, there is no intrinsic evil. All is good and all is God. There is no Satan opposing God. There is just the veil of illusion concealing our noumenal self from our phenomenal self. Once we are enlightened enough to see through the veil, everything falls into place.

So, those are the two central narratives of religion. The West separates us utterly from God (infinite gap between God and ourselves) while the East says that we are God but we just don't know it yet (gap between God and ourselves will be reduced to zero sooner or later). You cannot get two more different narratives. They are the absolute opposite.

The Eastern narrative is unquestionably vastly superior to the Western, but, for various reasons, it certainly hasn't provided any kind of terrestrial nirvana any more than the Western has.

It's impossible to create any kind of logical religion that doesn't conform to the Abrahamic or Enlightenment pattern. Go on, give it a try. You won't succeed. It's a reassuring thought, is it not, that religion is actually so simple.

As for the narrative of Western atheistic scientific materialism, this claims that the cosmos sprang from nothing and that dead, mindless matter somehow gave rise to life and conscious minds through some unknown process. Existence in this view has no fundamental point or goal. Virtually no one finds this an inspirational worldview. It is emotionally cold, sterile and disturbing. It seems to set a value of zero on life.

Is there the possibility of a narrative that can actually deliver paradise on earth, and a vastly superior and more enlightened human race? The answer is yes. And it lies in the Western religions that were consigned to oblivion by Abrahamism. These were the mystery religions of ancient Greece, the mystery schools, esotericism, Dionysianism, Orphism, Mithraism, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Catharism, Templarism, and all initiatory religions and secret societies.

A new global religious narrative should be constructed centred on the principle that every human has the potential to become God, not in the far distant future but within just one or two lifetimes. The idea of humanity as inherently sinful should be replaced with the psychologically much healthier concept of humanity as inherently divine (hence not sinful). There should be no more humans on their knees and bowing to a God who threatens everyone with eternal punishment. Instead the whole of humanity should be engaged in Global Alchemy - transforming the raw material of themselves into the most shining and precious gold of divinity.


3 in thy name

The Two Types of Religion

You will understand religion if you comprehend that despite all of the apparent complexities, there are actually only TWO shows in town:

1)    God creates us and we are always infinitely far below him.
2)    We and God are the same, and if we raise our consciousness to the level of enlightenment (gnosis), we will perceive that to be the case.

The first option is the Abrahamic one and the second the Enlightenment one. The first one says that our soul was created by God at a specific time (the moment of our conception) and did not exist before that. The second says that our soul has always existed - it is as old as existence itself, as old as God (of whom it is part).

The first option is non-evolutionary: we are created beings, we get one mortal lifetime and then, depending on our devotion to God or otherwise, an immortal reward in heaven, or immortal punishment in hell.

The second is evolutionary. We are God but we don't know it. We have to evolve this realization over many lifetimes (via reincarnation), overcoming all of the forces that prevent us from seeing the true nature of things. At the point of enlightenment, we will finally perceive that we, beings that have always existed just as God has, are identical with God. In Hindu terms, this is expressed by the formula:

Atman (the individual self) = Brahman (the Cosmic Self)

The yoga seers of the Upanishads declared: "I am Brahman! I am the essence of the entire universe!"

An Abrahamic created soul is not part of evolution. An Enlightenment non-created soul is, on the contrary, highly evolutionary. As soon as you see the word "reincarnation", you should understand that you are dealing with an enlightenment religious idea based on evolutionary progress towards the highest possible goal.

It's no accident that so many Abrahamists despise the concept of Evolution, and they are right to do so within the (stupid) parameters of their religion. In their system, the most complex entity conceivable (God) precedes all other things. Since God is not subject to evolution then neither is his Creation. It cannot be emphasized sufficiently that Abrahamism and Darwinian evolution are 100% incompatible and any Abrahamist who says he agrees with Darwin merely demonstrates that he doesn't understand his own religion. Evolution plays no part whatever in a system in which complexity precedes simplicity, in which actualization precedes potential. All Abrahamists who try to have their cake and eat it by buying into both Abrahamism and Darwinism are living in bad faith.

Enlightenment religions and the concept of reincarnation are, however, entirely compatible with Darwinian evolution. In the Enlightenment system, potential precedes actualisation, the simple precedes the complex, exactly as Darwin would agree with. The universe evolves and that means that God evolves. We, as part of God, evolve too, of course. We start off with completely wrong ideas about our true nature because it would be absurd to contend that the evolution of consciousness would commence with our knowing everything (an Abrahamist idea). No, like everything else, our knowledge evolves from simple to complex, and it is only when it is sufficiently complex that we can finally understand reality. In Abrahamism, knowledge has no part to play at all (hence no need for evolution). All that matters in Abrahamism is faith, which has no link with evolution. You either have faith or you don't. It's a switch that's off or on: there's no evolutionary process.    

So, you have two options: evolutionary religion (Enlightenment) or non-evolutionary religion (Abrahamism). It is because Enlightenment is evolutionary that it in no way contradicts science and is fully consistent with Darwinian evolution. Abrahamism absolutely contradicts science and evolution. Any scientist who advocates Abrahamism thereby reveals that he is a profoundly sad and troubled individual, unable to overcome the brainwashing to which he was subjected as a child. Such people must be pitied.

Enlightenment religions can easily accommodate agnosticism and even atheism (many Western atheists are attracted to Buddhism) because there is no contradiction between reason and enlightenment, between science and this type of religion. On the other hand, Abrahamism's attitude to reason is best summarised by Luther: "Reason is the Devil's whore!"  There is a complete disconnect between science and reason on the one hand and Abrahamism and faith on the other.

Fritjof Capra's famous book The Tao of Physics is all about drawing parallels between Eastern enlightenment religions and quantum physics and relativity theory. He could never have carried out the same exercise with Abrahamism.

We cannot stress enough that Enlightenment religions and science are a happy marriage while Abrahamism utterly opposes science. Abrahamism is religion for dummies. It's for poorly educated people, the scientifically illiterate, the intellectually challenged. It's a stupid, unbelievable religion for stupid people. It's an insult to the human race. It's a religion whose main purpose is to control people, to brainwash and mind control them, to turn them away from the truth. Cui bono? Who is the true author of Abrahamism?

Humanity can never achieve its divine goal until it has rid itself of this abomination of Abrahamism that has wilfully lied about the true nature of things in order to manipulate us. Abrahamism is the religion of False Prophets and idolaters. It's the religion of Satan.

To those people who deny the existence of Satan, consider this. If the universe is evolving, if it is infinite and eternal and anything that can happen will happen, if anything not forbidden is compulsory, if the cosmos evolves dialectically by way of thesis, antithesis and synthesis, if "evil" is an apparent fact of the existence of higher consciousnesses, then there is nothing at all to prevent the "evil" aspect of existence reaching a dialectical culmination in a single consciousness - Satan. He is the final dialectical antithesis that must be overcome. If he is not forbidden, he is compulsory, just as compulsory as God himself. And you can be sure he is not forbidden any more than God is. (Ironically, he is forbidden - logically - in Abrahamism because God is perfect and infallible and created all things, hence could never have created Satan, the essence of evil. Strange, then, that all Abrahamists believe in this impossible, forbidden being.)

Any argument that can be advanced regarding God can equally well be advanced regarding Satan. If you don't accept the existence of Satan then, logically, you cannot accept the existence of God either. You must instead commit yourself to atheism or nature worship. What mechanism makes the existence of God certain but that of Satan impossible? So, to the many people who write to us to say that they love what we say about God but cannot accept anything we say about Satan, go back to the drawing board because you haven't understood a single thing. Go through all of the logic and identify the point at which the existence of Satan becomes "forbidden" while that of God doesn't. You won't find it. "Evil" is dialectically certain to exist as the antithesis of "good". If there is no evil then there is no good. One cannot exist without the other. No Satan, no God. It's as simple as that.

The reason many people don't accept the existence of Satan is that they imagine him as a comic-book personification of evil with all of that absurd baggage that comes with millennia of absurd Abrahamist fantasies. He is nothing like that. He is Godlike, with similar knowledge and power. He is a master psychologist.

In fact, Gnosticism always taught that Satan believed himself to be the True God, the Creator of all things. We, humanity, are deluded about the true nature of things until we finally achieve enlightenment. Satan is the most deluded creature of all and will be the last to attain enlightenment. Being so deluded, he is the primary source of cosmic delusion. It is the delusion he spins, like the narrative webs of the Old World Order, that we must overcome if we are to achieve our destiny.

Enlightenment religions are the religions of the True God. Abrahamism is the religion of Satan. He calls himself the Creator of everything. He is cruel, vindictive, perverse, warlike, partisan, bullying, threatening, jealous, demanding worship and glorification. He is an egomaniac and tyrant. If that isn't Satanic then what is? Yet billions worship him as the True God. Why? Because he is a psychological genius who knows exactly what buttons to press, what story to sell. He sends his archons as prophets and "holy" men to give us sacred texts full of seductive lies and nonsense. He sets up cut-throat, greedy selfish systems such as capitalism that breed hatred and envy, and are truly soul-destroying.      

Enlightenment = True God. Abrahamism = Satan. What could be more obvious? That is the crux of the dialectical struggle for the soul of humanity. We cannot advance to the next evolutionary stage until we finally overcome Abrahamism; until we have defeated Satan.


The word Pagan comes from the Latin paganus, meaning "country dweller". Pagans are those who dwell in the natural world, the rational world, the evolving world. Abrahamists are anti-nature, anti-evolution, anti-science, irrational Creationists. (Note that "heathen" is the same as pagan except it derives from an Old Norse word rather than Latin.)


Enlightenment Versus Abrahamism

Enlightenment religions are based on the principle of "As above, so below". Our world is a microcosm and the universe is the macrocosm. We are like God, just at a more primitive stage of evolution. All processes visible in and around us are the same as the ones that apply throughout the cosmos as a whole.

Nature evolves, the cosmos evolves, we evolve and God evolves. Evolution applies to everything. But in Abrahamism, God and his Creation are entirely outside evolution.

If life has evolved on earth then it has evolved throughout the cosmos. There are places where it will be less highly evolved and other places where it will be more highly evolved and there will be a place where it has evolved to the maximum degree the cosmos is capable of - God.

The dialectic applies everywhere. Mind is everywhere. Consciousness, the highest expression of mind, is present in humanity hence is present in other species in the cosmos, and most especially in God.

God is humanity writ large. He is Cosmic Man to our terrestrial man, or he is Cosmic God to our terrestrial god. In the end, there will be no distinction. Atman = Brahman.

Abrahamism denies any similarity between God and us. It says we are created in God's imagine, but then sets out to demolish that idea by reducing us to less than ants in comparison with God. In fact only Enlightenment religions genuinely hold the position that we are made in God's image. The claim is actually much stronger - we are God, and it is his reflection we see in the mirror.

Enlightenment advocates science, knowledge, logic, reason, philosophy, mathematics, culture, literature and art. Abrahamism rejects science, knowledge, logic, reason, philosophy, mathematics and any culture, literature or art that in any way offends their beliefs (Muslims do not depict Mohammed or Allah at all; Jews can't even write G_d with all of its letters; in the past, Protestant Christians were in the habit of smashing to pieces every instance of Catholic art they could lay their hands on and are notorious for their plain, ugly, boring taste). For Abrahamism, Faith and Scripture is all that counts. Most Abrahamists are spectacularly stupid. Go figure! If you call reason the Devil's whore and refuse to read anything other than "holy" books, there's no chance that you will be anything other than a moron. Abrahamism is Religion for Cretins.


Why should the universe be defined as intrinsically morally good? Why not intrinsically evil? In fact the German philosopher Schopenhauer argued that existence was indeed inherently evil, and he provided a persuasive case, so any simplistic and naïve optimism that claims that there is something fundamentally "good" about the evolving cosmos must be rejected. If the cosmos ends up on the side of good it is purely for rational NOT MORAL reasons.

The focus of Abrahamism is faith, sin and morality. The focus of Enlightenment is knowledge, truth and embracing the essence of reality. Morality is a secondary consideration, and is actually subsumed under reason. It has no independent status.

People should be good not for moral but for rational reasons. An entirely different mindset is required.

Evil is a greatly misunderstood concept. A dictionary will give a definition of something like: "morally bad or wrong; wicked; malevolent; that which is destructive, corruptive or injurious".

According to Abrahamism, evil and sin go together and the greatest sinner is Satan. For most Abrahamic theologians, evil is "caused" by free will - by our ability to freely choose to reject the infinite goodness of God. The questions Abrahamists refuse to answer or cannot answer in respect of evil are several. Why should "free will" lead to evil choices in a world created by a perfect being who knows no evil i.e. what is the source of evil in such a world in which every conceivable thing was created by the precise opposite of evil? Free will is about choice; it does not inherently imply evil. One could freely choose between two "good" possibilities. There is no necessity for "evil" choices. A world of complete free will could be envisaged where no evil acts ever take place, so free will cannot be the source of evil. Moreover, Abrahamism teaches the idea of predestination - that a few human beings are the Elect (the Saved) and the rest are the damned. Free will is of course completely incompatible with predestination. Or, to state it more grimly, if God has decided that we are damned then there is no act, no choice, we can freely perform that will make the slightest difference to our fate.

An alternative approach of Abrahamist theologians is to describe evil as the absence of good. But why should the absence of good result in evil rather than morally neutral acts? "Good" is absent from the animal world, but no one would ever describe sharks and lions as evil. Sharks and lions kill many other creatures; however they don't do so gratuitously, but simply to survive using the only means available to them. And did not God create them thus? So who is responsible for all the killing?  Abrahamism, quite simply, cannot explain what evil is and where it comes from.

According to Eastern religions, "evil" does not exist per se. Rather it is the label we attach to various unwise actions that result from our desires, ignorance and delusions. But why should desire, ignorance or delusion automatically result in evil? One could be full of desire, and yet never commit a sin. One could be completely ignorant and yet do no evil. One could be subjected to the most tremendous delusions and do no harm. So the Eastern explanation simply doesn't make any sense. Nor does a figure such as Satan exist in Eastern religion in order to provide a cosmic "Will to Evil". So, evil is as baffling in Eastern religion as it is in Abrahamism.

Ancient Gnosticism described the material world as evil and as the domain and creation of the wicked Demiurge. So, if we are in the material world, we are sure to encounter evil. If we are in the spiritual world, the realm of light, we won't. The human soul has become imprisoned in evil matter and needs to find the means of escape to the Light.

Evil in ancient Gnosticism thus belongs to a specific location - the material world - and ultimately derives from the creator of the evil material world: the Demiurge. Thus Gnosticism, unlike Abrahamism or Eastern religion, is dualistic. It denies that God created everything, hence avoids the problem of accounting for evil in a cosmos created exclusively by a perfect being. God is responsible for the realm of light, and the Demiurge for the material world. God is the source of good, the Demiurge the source of evil. Good and evil are thus two rival principles, each as real as the other. One is yin to the other's yang. Souls - inherently part of the Light - are lured, or "fall", into the material world where they suffer the evils of that domain. They yearn to return to the Light, but they do not know what the mechanism is and have to discover this infinitely precious knowledge over many lifetimes of suffering. 

But why is the Demiurge evil and doesn't he too come from the divine source of all things? In fact, isn't he part of God too?

There is actually a much more profound level of Gnostic thinking, for which the "evils" of the material world are just an easy way of describing something enormously more sophisticated.

The real source of evil according to Philosophical Gnosticism is something called "individuation", which we might define as the process of making the One into the Many, of turning a single Unity into many individual things. If we follow the Eastern religions and say that the ultimate reality is a transcendent Oneness, how did it come about that we do not experience this Oneness in our everyday lives? How did the veil of Maya - of illusion - get thrown over us and turn us into many separate creatures?

As always, the cosmic equation r >= 0 provides the explanation. The domain of r = 0 is the transcendent unity where all things are linked. This is NON-DIMENSIONAL reality, outside space and time. The r > 0 domain is the DIMENSIONAL reality, inside space and time. It is space and time, dimensionality itself, that breaks the One into the Many, that creates individual things and locates them in precise places in space and time. Individuation is the consequence of dimensionality, and dimensionality is what takes place when the Oneness (God) alienates itself in Nature. It does so, as Hegel showed so brilliantly in his philosophy of dialectical evolution, in order to attain Absolute Knowledge and to return to Itself on a much higher dialectical level, indeed at the ultimate level - the Omega Point. It alienates itself in order to undergo the process of completing itself.

Oneness - pure, eternal Oneness - is a sterile environment. In order for evolution to reach a summit, in order for teleology to be fully satisfied, alienation is a necessity. Dimensionality - "Maya" - must be imposed on the dimensionless. The One must experience the Many. But the Many must ultimately return to the One and the One will then be vastly superior to what it was before because of all that it has learned through being many, through having experienced reality through the dimensional prism. That is the true tale of the cosmos, encapsulated by r >= 0. R = 0 "expands" into r > 0 and, finally, r > 0 returns to r = 0 to complete the cosmic cycle. Using scientific jargon, we might say that the hypothetical "Big Crunch" reverses the "Big Bang". The Big Bang came from "nothing" (r = 0), and creates the universe (r > 0). The Big Crunch is the opposite process, returning r > 0 to "nothing" (r = 0). And thus brings to an end one Age of the universe. But, of course, a new one always begins. The universe does not end in stasis. It never stops. There are infinite Ages because existence can never come to an end. The central, defining property of existence is, of course, that it exists and cannot not exist. It is best described by the First Law of thermodynamics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

But energy is the arche, the fundamental substance of existence, hence existence itself cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Existence (energy) cannot ever cease to be. New existence (energy) cannot ever be created (thus disproving the existence of a Creator God who contradicts the First Law by making things out of nothing). Existence cannot choose to not exist. Existence is forever. We exist and so we are forever. We die, but do not thereby cease to exist. Death is just a dimensional means of transforming energy into new expressions of energy. Nothing is destroyed by death other than a particular energy configuration, which is immediately and seamlessly replaced by a new configuration.

And if we take the step that materialistic scientists reject of defining the arche as not just energy but minded-energy (psycho-energy) then we can recast the First Law in a breathtaking way: Mind can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed. In other words, this is the quasi-scientific equation for reincarnation. Our mind is eternal. It can never die. When a physical body fails us, we simply find a new one, and we keep transforming our minds according to a progressive dialectic until we have ascended to the level of consciousness of God himself. The First law of Mind, combined with the Dialectic, makes that the inevitable outcome of our existence as mental beings. We are all destined to become God.

Goddess Nebula

The Dialectic of the One and the Many

Thesis = One
Antithesis = Many
Synthesis = One-Many i.e. individuals (the many) operating in complete harmony and balance within the community of individuals (the One); the individual will operating harmoniously with the General Will of the One.

The One-Many synthesis is precisely the objective of the Meritocratic Republic. The State should, first and foremost, as an embodiment of the General Will, serve the best interests of ALL of its citizens and it does so by seeking to maximise individual satisfaction, self-fulfillment and self-actualisation. The optimal society, the Smart Society, is the one in which ALL of its citizens are self-actualised. Any society in which that is not true is sub-optimal, hence inadequate.

If God is defined as the personalisation of the r = 0 domain, as the personalisation of the transcendent Oneness, then we can say that the Demiurge is the personalisation of r > 0, of the principle of absolute Individuation - everything separate from everything else. This is the ancient Gnostic wisdom converted into scientific language. God is the essence of the dimensionless and the Demiurge of the dimensional. God is the One. The Demiurge is the ruler of the Many.

The Hindu concept of Maya is very close to that of the Demiurge. Maya creates the illusion of many souls - atmans- while God is the true single cosmic soul, Brahman. The task of atman is to realise the truth and become one with Brahman. All atmans have exactly the same task.

In Gnosticism, the Demiurge (the ALIENATED aspect of the One) creates the physical, material, alienated reality of separate souls and then rules over them as a tyrant, demanding that they worship him as the True God. In other words, this is the familiar tale of the Abrahamic God who calls himself the only God and the Creator.
But there is another subtlety involved in this cosmic scheme. The True God, Abraxas, does not abandon us to our fate. He ensures the presence of the One within the Many to counteract Satanic individuation. The personalisation of the True God's intervention in our world is none other than the Angel of Light - Lucifer, the divine Morning Star, the light bearer.

There is one aspect of Lucifer that is rarely discussed. Lucifer, not Abraxas, is in fact the principle of absolute moral goodness that stands in opposition to the moral evil of Satan. Lucifer is the true personalisation of the realm of light.

Here is the highest wisdom:

Thesis: Lucifer - GOOD.
Antithesis: Satan - EVIL.
Synthesis: Abraxas - BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL!

Abraxas, unlike Lucifer, completely understands evil and individuation, but he also understands the Oneness. Lucifer is limited because he is obsessed with Oneness and understands only that aspect of existence. Satan is the opposite and understands only individuation and separation. Abraxas is the True God who understands EVERYTHING, who is not limited by any partisan, restricted view.

Evil is dialectically compulsory. Lucifer thinks it should be abolished entirely, hence fails to understand its dialectical necessity. Likewise, Satan wants to abolish the One (the union of all beings as equals), so that he can stand as the eternal ruler of the Many. Inequality is what he seeks, with himself as the First amongst the Unequals. Only Abraxas truly comprehends the dialectic.

So, the final dialectic progression is this:

Thesis: The One = the Good = Light = Lucifer.
Antithesis: The Many = Evil = Darkness = Satan.
Synthesis: The One-Many = Beyond Good and Evil = Light and Darkness = the dialectical Omega Point = Abraxas, the completion of cosmic evolution, the apex of existence, the maximum actualisation of the original cosmic potential, the attainment of Absolute Freedom and Knowledge.

THE TRUE GOD IS NOT DEFINED AS MORALLY PERFECT. PERFECT GOODNESS IS NOT A PROPERTY OF THE TRUE GOD. That would be to limit him and reveal that he was ignorant of evil, hence incomplete and lacking full knowledge of existence.

Evil defines good. Evil gives good meaning. Evil, in a sense, perfects good. The two must dialectically co-exist until they are finally transcended by the ultimate synthesis in Abraxas.

Abraxas does no evil, though that's not because he is incapable of it but because it serves no rational purpose when you are the True God. To whom, and why, would he do evil? He is the One-Many. He understands the needs of the One and the Many. To harm one of the many would be to harm the One itself, hence to harm that aspect of himself. Hence he would never do such a thing. He refrains from evil through knowledge and reason, not through any inherent absence of evil in his character.

And that is exactly what the Meritocratic Republic seeks to achieve. It is a State that does no harm to any of its citizens, and cherishes them all, because it is in its absolute rational interest to do so. The One does no harm to the Many, and, equally, the Many do no harm to the One because to do so would be, likewise, to damage their own rational interests.

Meritocracy and the True God have, in truth, nothing at all to do with morality, although they may indeed appear highly moral. They are concerned with identifying the maximum rational good for the One and the Many. The political dialectic of freedom is all about creating the optimal conditions for the interaction of the One and the Many. The State is the One; the citizens are the Many. What is the best way of defining the relationship of the citizen to the State? That is the question that all the political systems of history have addressed in one way or another, and inadequately thus far. The Meritocratic Republic is the end of the line. In such a republic, the One and the Many are finally harmonised as the One-Many where no citizen would ever think the State was acting against his interests, and the State would know that every citizen was contributing in the optimal way to the never-ending improvement of the State, until the Society of the Divine, the Community of Gods is achieved…and humanity can unite en masse with Abraxas, the True God.

This is the Gospel of the Illuminati. This is the Good News. All other systems are false, deluded and wrong. The Illuminati are vehicles of the dialectic. The dialectic is the Truth. Good and evil are subordinate to the dialectic. Rationality, not morality, is what the dialectic is all about. Without the proper balance of yin and yang there is disharmony. The objective is not to destroy yin or yang, good or evil, but to balance them in the manner that makes them work together in the optimal way.

Abrahamists with their obsession with sin and their fanatical desire to eradicate it have made themselves psychological nutcases capable of acts such as the Crusades, the Inquisition and 9/11. In the name of cleansing the world of sin, they have committed every sin imaginable. That is what inevitably happens when you try to destroy yin or yang. The whole point of the Gnostic idea of Sin for Salvation is to restore balance in a sensible, controlled way, to make people psychologically healthy.

Eastern religions are concerned with destroying the Many in favour of the One. The arena of the Many is described as an "illusion". This approach is as dialectically unsustainable as Abrahamism. The arena of the Many is real and dialectically necessary. It is where we learn about our true selves, through many trials and tribulations and encounters with otherness. It is where our alienation from our true selves is finally overcome through the acquisition of the highest knowledge.

The Many is the yin to the One's yang. They are dialectical partners. You cannot destroy one or the other. The task is to achieve the balance of the two, not the total negation of one of them.

When viewed rationally and dialectically, the "problems" of good and evil, the One and the Many dissolve. Illumination provides a complete and comprehensive answer to why evil exists. Evil is indissolubly linked to the concept of individuation and the Many. Good on the other hand is bound forever to the concept of the One. The One would never do evil to itself. Evil is something that is done to OTHERS, hence evil is a consequence of the existence of others i.e. it is a function of the Many. And it is a dialectical necessity. We only come to understand the One via Otherness. We only come to understand Good through the evil we do to others, and that we see others perpetrating against others. But we do evil above all because we tune into that cosmic source of evil - Satan - and his message of selfishness, vanity, self-love, fuck others, look after No. 1, make others worship you, power, money, greed, hate, violence, deceit. These are all the ways by which one of the many can place himself above the many, and emulate Satan. To think you deserve more than others is, ultimately, to think you are a god over them (and is to misunderstand and abuse the drive everyone feels to "become God"). The Old World Order believe themselves the gods of this world, and that we should all worship them, and indeed many of us do. But our dialectical task is to overthrow them, create a Meritocratic Republic and finally be free of evil.


Consider the logic of God being infinitely good and infinitely knowing. Well, if he does not KNOW evil then he is not all knowing. God can be EITHER all knowing or all good: he can't be both.

Illumination focuses on knowledge, not morality. Abraxas is all knowing, hence he fully understands evil. We must all be able to look at ourselves and confront our shadow. To deny that we have a shadow is self-delusion.

In Gnosticism, Lucifer actually has an ambivalent role. He is revered for being the Light Bearer, yet he, like Satan, must be overcome. He is the hero who opposes Satan, yet in him is the seed of religious fanaticism, the desire for purity that can give rise to Master Races and Chosen People and "pure blood" and all the rest of it. Lucifer's shadow is Satan, so to speak, and Lucifer rejects it rather than dealing with it.

Abraxas, like us, has a shadow (as above, so below), but he, and only he, is the complete master of the shadow contents of his psyche because he understands his shadow perfectly and has integrated it. Abraxas is Whole.

"The True is the Whole", said Hegel. Abraxas is Truth. And that means that Abraxas is not alienated from anything, not even from evil.

Only when people understand evil in a sophisticated way can humanity move beyond the ludicrous idea of a guy with horns, a tail, cloven hooves and a pitchfork. We have to abolish infantile concepts of evil. Lucifer and Satan are both deficient, locked into positions that prevent them from entering into union with Abraxas. They are dialectically essential stages, but they themselves must be dialectically overcome.

Everyone needs to emulate Abraxas. The Whole. The Truth.

The Illuminati desire to implement the principles of Abraxas on this earth. The City of Man should reflect the City of God. They should be designed along the same principles. As above, so below. We can create heaven here and now by transcending both Satan and Lucifer and placing our trust in Abraxas.

It is traditional to refer to the "kingdom of God" but in fact there is no such kingdom. There is the Republic of Heaven, based not on a Power Hierarchy but on a Round Table. Abraxas is the First Amongst Equals. Abraxas is not worshipped by the Illuminati for the simple reason that no one would ever worship an equal. And why would you want to worship anyone anyway? Abraxas is our Guide, our Light, our Exemplar, our Mentor, our Guardian. We esteem him, we do not worship him.

We oppose any religion that asserts the need for worship. There is no such need. Ever. Anyone who worships any kind of god has instantly revealed that they understand nothing of the truth and of religion. The focus should always be on BECOMING GOD not on WORSHIPPING GOD. The latter approach immediately shows that you have rejected your inner divinity, your Higher Self.

Summary of "Evil"

Abrahamism claims that the absence of good is automatically evil rather than neutral. Or the existence of free will automatically results in many evil choices. Evil is regarded as intrinsically inferior and subordinate to good.

Eastern Religion:

A)    Taoism - evil is the consequence of imbalances between yin and yang. (Taoism places good and evil on a par: balance produces good; imbalance produces evil.)
B)    Buddhism - evil is caused by ignorance (Avidya) and desire. Good is intrinsically superior to evil.
C)    Hinduism - evil is caused by being trapped in an illusion (the web of Maya; note that Hindu illusion and Buddhist ignorance are essentially the same concept, both meaning that they prevent the truth of things from being discerned). Good is intrinsically superior to evil.

Gnosticism asserts that the material world is evil, reflecting its evil Creator, the Demiurge. Evil is as real and significant as good, and in no way subordinate. In fact, in the material world, evil is much more powerful, but in the world of light, it wields no power. The source of evil is the Demiurge (Satan). In Gnostic terms, the Eastern terms of Maya/Avidya would be equated to the Demiurge.

Illuminism - agrees with Gnosticism, but on a philosophical level. The material world is the product of the alienation of the One (a process that is inexorably brought about by the unfolding of the dialectic). The One thus fragments into the Many. The existence of the Many leads inevitably to a master-slave dialectic whereby individuals ruthlessly compete for power. The Many do not see that they derive from One, that their origins are all identical. They do not treat others as they would themselves. In fact, they do the opposite. They treat those around them as "Other", as strange, foreign, alien, a threat, an enemy. They are terrified of what the Other might do, so they have to fight it. If they win, they become the Master of the Other and they then enjoy the removal of their previous fear and, even more, they now enjoy the power of life or death over the Other. They relish making the Other do their bidding. The more the Other complies, the more they have contempt for the Other, and the less sympathy and empathy they have for the Other. Eventually, the Other is regarded as just some "thing", barely more than an object. The alienation between the master and slave becomes absolute. The master then regards himself as God in relation to these contemptible objects, and demands their worship. The personalisation of the master-slave dialectic and the associated dialectic of the Other is the Demiurge/Satan.

Pick up the "holy" books of Abrahamism and you will read of an egotistical maniac who demands absolute submission from every human being and absolute power over all human beings. He demands absolute worship and glorification. He will punish you to an infinite degree forever if you fail to do his bidding. He is the Ultimate Master and human beings are the ultimate slaves. In the Eastern religions, and the Enlightenment religions of the West, the master-slave dialectic is resolved by way of the union of the Many with the One: no more masters and no more slaves. In Abrahamism, the dialectic is NEVER resolved. Abrahamists are ALWAYS the abject slaves of their God. It is extraordinary that so many humans choose to be slaves and to worship Satan as the supreme power of the cosmos and the Eternal Master. These people have totally failed in terms of the dialectic. 

So, Illuminism provides a precise account of the dialectical inevitability of evil. Evil is what emerges as soon as you define those around you as Other that must be fought to prevent them from being a threat to you. Look at the history of the world and you will see that it is nothing but the tale of the Other. What do the Jews call themselves? - the Chosen People - meaning that everyone else is Other. The Nazi master race regarded all non-Aryans as Other. Muslims regard all infidels as Other. Christians think they are the Elect and non-Christians are damned - the Other. All conflicts are about the phenomenon of the Other, about an existential inability to see that we are all the same and ought to all be helping each other.

The two linked dialectics of the master-slave and the Other are the cause of all evil, and they are the province of the Master of the fragmented, alienated world - the Demiurge/Satan. Satan is the personalisation of these two fateful dialectics. They give him his power and identity. He controls them utterly. He seeks to make all beings subscribe to these two dialectics and, while he succeeds, he can call himself God, as indeed he does in the Torah, Bible and Koran. That is why we say that all Abrahamists are Devil-worshippers. They follow the master-slave dialectic and the dialectic of the Other TO THE LETTER. Hence they are evil.

We have laid out the crucial dialectics for all to see. Where do you stand? Do you want to be a master and make others your slaves? Do you treat those around you as "other" whom you have no compunction about screwing over in order to gain an advantage for yourself? If you do then you are evil.

All dialectics result in their personalisation i.e. the dialectic of the "Good" must conclude with a single consciousness that expresses the culmination of that dialectic. The Master-Slave dialectic inevitably reaches a stage of the Absolute Master and Absolute Slave. The former finds its personalised expression in Satan, the latter in all those who worship him without question (the Abrahamists). But the Master-Slave dialectic as related by Hegel reaches its true culmination in the removal of all distinctions between masters and slave, in the state where there are no more slaves and no more masters.

Abraxas stands at the Omega Point of all the different dialectics that are in play. Lucifer stands at the end of the dialectic of good, Satan at the end of the dialectic of evil, and Abraxas at the end of the dialectic of the struggle between good and evil.

In this world, the Old World Order - the masters - are the personalisations of the Satanic aspect of the master-slave dialectic. The Old World Order are not abstractions or metaphors or allegories or philosophical or psychological principles. They are real people walking around our world right now. By exactly the same token, Satan is no fantasy figure. He is a real person existing in the cosmos just as the OWO exist on our earth. Evil is a real thing, a real presence, a real consciousness, an active force in our world. It is not imaginary or illusory or the product of ignorance. It is the product of dialectical will, and we are all expressions of that will and we all have to decide where we stand with regard to evil. Will we trample other families into the ground to derive an advantage for ours? Will we cheat and lie to gain a promotion over our more talented colleagues? Will we always look out for No. 1 and ignore the plight of all the unfortunates around us? Will we eagerly refer to various groups different from the ones we belong to as Other and try to do them harm? Will we kill them, punish them, threaten them with hell?

So, decision time - what side of the dialectic are you on? Good or evil? There are no excuses if you are on the wrong side. All "slaves" must be raised up and all "masters" cast down. There should be no "Other". There should only be "We"…

Excerpted from Armageddon Conspiracy @ http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/Beyond-Good-and-Evil%282196317%29.htm

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  1. Dear Sir, does the universe created by evolution too? thanks.

  2. Great writing and thinking! I am a follower of the Christ, but am disillusioned with Christians and the Christian Churches. "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light, no one comes before the Father except through me." if examined can be interpreted as the TRUTH is the way toward Ultimate Reality. If one LIVES the TRUTH, one becomes more like the TRUTH. One seeks the TRUTH. The TRUTH gradually sets one free. Free of what? Deception. "The Light came into the World, and the Darkness hated it. The Darkness hated the Light because the Light exposed the Darkness for what it was." The words of Christ are seldom known by "Christians," and certainly not at all understood by "Christians." "Christians" memorize Old Testament passages and passages from the New Testament that are not the quotes of Christ. This is because understanding Christ's teachings is very difficult. When I understood this, I ONLY read, memorized, and sought for understanding IT'S words. Then, because the TRUTH came to be so important, I added mathematics, physics, logic, and other sciences to my daily mental / emotional exercises. Again, I completely enjoy your discussions. Like in church, synagogue, mosque, etc. ... I don't agree with all your ideas, but they are great at lubricating the consciousness for independent and expansive thought. THANK YOU!

  3. In Hoc Signo Vinces !
    Aditum archvio quaeso.


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