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Monday, 28 July 2014

Celestial Influence: The Theory

Celestial Influence: The Theory

Reviewed by E.C. Moran

The Theory of Celestial Influence was an attempt by Rodney Collin to assemble of the knowledge and experience of his time to create a unified whole to explain Man’s relationship to the Universe and possibilities this offers.

Modern conceptions of Cosmology, the study of the Universe, leave humanity out altogether. Or if included we are added in as a footnote. Modern science declares Mankind (Man and Woman alike) as the insignificant product of not only mechanical but random forces of evolution.

Rodney Collin takes a completely different tack placing Mankind as an integral part of the Universal order. As such Mankind has specific limitations of perception within that order. However, he also shows that Mankind also has latent faculties that lie dormant, undeveloped and unused that can allow him to surpass these limitations. Today, these only exist as potentialities within humankind.

Man as Microcosm. The Scheme of the Universe, Theory of Celestial Influenceeme

Humankind is an integral part of the Universal Order. Source: The Theory of Celestial Influence.

Cosmos, Law of Three and the Law of Octaves (or Seven)

“Yet cell, human body, world of Nature, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way are at the same time complete in themselves, each containing a pattern and possibility of the whole. Such entities, connected by the sliding triad of dimensions with similar entities on larger and smaller scales, are rightly called cosmoses.

“The word kosmos in Greek means ‘order’, ‘harmony’, ‘right behavior’, ‘honour’, ‘a whole’, ‘outward fashion of a whole’, and finally ‘the harmonious order of the whole’, ‘the universe in its perfection’. As used by the Pythagoreans it also meant ‘a self-evolving or self-transcending whole’. “

“The token of a true cosmos is in fact a particular kind of design, referred to in the book of Genesis in the phrase ‘God created Man in his own image’. This ‘divine image’, the characteristics of which we must study in detail, can be found on all levels, and is the hallmark of a cosmos.”

-         Rodney Collin, Theory of Celestial Influence

In the case of Man (male and female) we know that this pattern or divine image is accompanied by the possibility of intelligence and consciousness. It can be inferred that intelligence and consciousness permeates the cosmoses that are larger and smaller than Man’s. Indeed experimental physics (double slit experiments and others) has proven that consciousness is a fundamental feature of the Universe even at the most quantum level. Consciousness is required for universal phenomena to even exist.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a unified symbol for a cosmos, and the Law of Three and the Law of Octaves.

The enneagram is a symbolic form for the unity of the concept of a cosmos, the Law of Seven (Octaves) and the Law of Three. The Law of Three can be seen in the triangle and three points of 3, 6, and 9. The Law of Seven or Octave can be seen in the seven points of the music scale at positions 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 and the letters Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La and Si (or Ti). A cosmos is represented in the wholeness or completeness of the figure. The Law of Octaves and Law of Three are universal laws that illustrate how a cosmos is ordered and evolves and transforms through time. Although not covered explicitly by Collin the Law of Octaves unites the concept of a cosmos to the modern conception of waves or cycles.

Man as Microcosm

The Human body’s form, growth, physiology and movement are in many ways regulated by the endocrine glands. These are a set of mostly small glands that by tiny variations in output control virtually all important states of the body; growth, activity, reproduction, metabolism, sleep and more. Very small variations in basic endocrine function between different people lead to the large variety of the physiologically different body types. The endocrine glands act as a mediator between the nervous and other organ and cellular systems of the body.

Endocrine gland spiral
The endocrine glands occupy positions along a spiral centered at the heart and central axis of the body. The spiral intersects seven points in the body along this central axis.

Planetary Influences and the Endocrine System

The Relationship between higher cosmos and lower is always a matter of scale and the proper scale for Man is the influence of a planetary scale. One of the ideas of Collin is that the endocrine glands also act as a mediating influence from higher cosmos to Man. The natural spiral pattern of the arrangement of the endocrine glands lends itself to a comparison with the corresponding spiral pattern of the planets of the solar system.

Although the endocrine glands may have been unknown to the ancients Collin shows that older alchemical and medieval systems of human type classifications and their planetary designations correspond to the function of the endocrine glands at their corresponding bodily and analogous planetary positions.

Enneagram Planetary Types
Planetary types and the Enneagram. Human Psychology, Theory of Celestial Influence.

Objective vs. Subjective Knowledge

One of the points Collin illustrates in the theory of Celestial Influence is the difference between subjective and objective knowledge. Some words, definitions and ideas although identical in form have completely different meanings between two people. Objective knowledge is always and everywhere the same between two people who can understand it. This is the case even if the form of the knowledge is entirely different.

 “For instance while the words ‘honour’, ‘love’, ‘democracy’, are universally used, it is almost impossible to find two people who attach the same meaning to them. That is different uses of the same word may be quite incomparable. On the other hand – strange though it may seem – the Cathedral of Chartres, a pack of Tarot cards, and many-armed and many-headed bronzes of Tibetan deities, are in fact formulations of the exact same ideas. They may be directly comparable.”

I will give my own example to illustrate this. The spiral of the endocrine glands, the Seven chakras of Indian Vendanta philosophy and the Enneagram are also all objectively comparable to one another.

Seven Chakras Spiral
The seven chakras overlaid with a spiral form.

As a cosmos the pattern of men and woman show that there are many capabilities available that only exist in a latent and inactivated form. They only exist as a potentiality. The endocrine gland that Rodney Collin speculates is associated with higher function is the pineal gland. This gland has a number of functions that are associated with regeneration and renewal. It is responsible for the sleep/wake cycle in the production and regulation of melatonin. The melatonin molecule is very small and can penetrate all parts of the body easily crossing the blood/brain barrier. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and acts to restore balance to many bodily processes.

But there are also other functions and states of higher consciousness that are also associated with the Pineal gland. However, man is not just a physical being but also a spiritual one. As such there are less tangible, energetic and spiritual forms also inherent to the human organism. These have been expounded upon in a similar objective form in many Eastern and Western traditions.

The Law of Seven and Law of Three govern the form and evolution of a cosmos both in time and through time. Collin demonstrates that this pattern exists in all cosmos at all scales of the universe.

The Octaves of Civilization

Not only is Man a cosmos but so is Mankind at a higher scale in the form of civilization and culture.

Rodney Collin - Theory of Celestial Influence - Sequence of Civilization in Europe
Civilization and the Law of octaves. Mankind as a whole is undergoing a physical, mental and spiritual evolution. Data from the Sequence of Civilization in Europe, Theory of Celestial Influence, Rodney Collin, 1954

There are many chapters in this book that can be the basis of new original research and study. I myself used the chapters on Civilization as a cosmos as a point of departure for advanced study not only of civilization but also for other subjects like the nature of consciousness and its expression in the spiritual and material realms.

The Theory of Celestial Influence contains powerful and practical objective knowledge that can be harnessed for your own physical, mental and spiritual development. The Theory of Celestial Influence was far ahead of its time. For instance Rodney Collin put forward the pineal gland and its potential in the expression of higher functions in people as early as 1954, which is 60 years ago. It is only now that more people are beginning to consider that it may have a role in higher functions. He called for the beginning of a new civilization long before anyone else. There are many parts of this book that are still far ahead of current times. I highly recommend it.

The octave, Notes and Semitones of Western Civilization

Fifth Sun Rising continues the study of Civilization where Rodney Collin left off. It explores civilization and culture from a scientific, esoteric and practical point of view.

Octave and cycles of Western Civilization
The Octave of Western Civilization. The Notes and semitones are precisely laid out. Each semitone (number) is a cycle of culture. Source: Fifth Sun Rising, E.C. Moran.

What Rodney Collin called the Synthetic Civilization I have renamed Technocratic. It will be centered in Eurasia. Although, I follow Rodney Collins naming convention, my timing of the wave forms is much more precise. The cycles of civilization clearly indicate that we have just witnessed the Birth of a Eurasian World. Although this civilization is currently centered in China it is full of potential for all of Eurasia.

A New Cultural and Civilization Cycle. Birth of a Eurasian World.

Approximately 250 and 500 year cycles came to an end towards the end of 2012. This marked the beginning of a new Cultural and Civilization cycle – The birth of a Eurasian World.

Through the subject of civilization I apply the ideas covered in The Theory of Celestial Influence in a practical, precise and exact way. I bridge the gap that has existed between these new esoteric concepts and the practical everyday physical world we must all contend with.

Rodney Collin also talked about an entirely new Civilization full of new possibilities for the development of Mankind. Leading into 2012 there was lots of hype about the Mayan Prophecy. Some people thought it was the ‘End of the World’ while others believed we would have an instant ascension into spiritual enlightenment and bliss. They believed that this world would be magically transformed into a golden age.

But this is not how things work. When you reach the end of a cycle you also are at the beginning of a new one. The cycles clearly show that the world does not end but goes on. On the other hand from the perspective of a cosmos one world does end and another begins.

The Earth is a school and we are here to learn or suffer thereby from lack of doing so. Mental and spiritual development is hard work and requires constant effort. It is sometimes akin to paddling upstream. Sometimes we catch an eddy in the current and we get a respite but we must eventually return to the labor to make any progress. Hence progress for people, societies and civilizations is gradual. Everything starts small and builds from there. This is reflected in the parable of the Mustard Seed.

 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field, 32 which indeed is the least of all the seeds; but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.”

-         New Testament Mathew 13:31-32

The Cycles of Civilization bear out the truth of this. The more energy we put into the work the faster our progress. This is true of individuals, societies and nations alike. If we become apathetic, or worse and run after the wrong things, then we have been warned where that will lead. With apathy the current will eventually take us there but active paddling will accelerate that immensely.

When you are at the end of a cycle you at the beginning of a new one, however, there is always a little overlap where the final note Si of one wave plays out while the very beginning note Do begins the birthing process of the next wave. This is called the Si-Do interval and in the cosmos of civilization this is a time of some upheaval as the old wave begins to die. At the end of note Si the old wave does in fact die while the new wave is born. From the chart above it can be seen that the almost 500 year old note of the Renaissance and Atlantic centered world died in 2012 while the Technocratic Eurasian centered world was born. The transition for this change came over the period of late 2012 to early 2014. I originally released some of this work in 2007 and 2008 and everything has fallen into place, and continues to do so, consistent with the cycles.

It can also be seen that we have now entered the Si-Do interval of Western Civilization. The birthing process of a new wave as large as all of Western Civilization has now begun while at the same time Western Civilization has begun to die. Consequently, a shock enters in a cosmos at the beginning of the Si-Do interval. Everything in the world is also consistent with that occurring as well. Although the new note Do for this civilization began in 2012, strictly speaking the birth of the new higher civilization will not technically occur until the year 2259.

The cycles can also be likened to a larger season of the world of humanity with their divisions of winter, spring, summer and fall. These cycles scale in a fractal manner into larger and smaller ‘seasons’. The cycles are not a matter of opinion. Whether you want to subjectively believe they exist or not they are quite objective and like a glacier slow but relentless.

Consistent with the cycles we are now in a period of divided change. To quote Dickens it is going to be the best of times and the worst of times. Still there is much to be hopeful for as new cycles and a whole new worldwide civilization contain an abundance of potential. Although I cover all sides of this change I do lean to the positive as the name of the book ‘Fifth Sun Rising’ implies. Although we are all going to go through a rough patch, from a cyclical point of view the future has not looked this good in a long time. One of the reasons I have called this new civilization the Solar civilization is because within it are the potentialities for Mankind to spread out into the larger Solar System. We are also ascending from a larger dark age into a lighter one.

The idea of a sun with it generative power, light and warmth seems appropriate. It is an age where the possibilities for the mental and spiritual development of humanity will grow. The really great opportunities never come without commensurate difficulties. This is why we see both heaven and hell before us. This explains why there is the divided change. Nevertheless, many people will rise to the challenges. Still, progress will be gradual (with periodic accelerations and retrogressions).

In the Theory of Celestial Influence Rodney Collin covered, not directly, but in an offhand way the degenerate state of Western Civilization and how it works against the mental and spiritual development of humanity. Rodney Collin also alluded to this new higher civilization in many of his writings. The changes heralding the beginnings of a new higher civilization has not gone unnoticed by all. This new worldwide civilization that is forming is also behind many of the world’s upheavals as people everywhere are rejecting the Ancient Regime and its dead and decrepit institutions. The regions where the now dead Atlantic World held sway are the first to bear the brunt of this change. The effects will be worldwide.

-         E.C. Moran

Note: The theory of Celestial Influence covers a very wide number of of topics from totally different perspectives. The chapter on the Sequence of Civilization is only 24 pages in an almost 400 page 6×9 inch book. Modern Science is very powerful but it has also been going over the same ground and new perspectives can be found in many areas of study in this book.

The Theory of Celestial Influence: Man, the Universe, and Cosmic Mystery. London: Vincent Stuart, 1954, 392p., index; New York: Weiser, 1971, 393p.; Boston: Shambhala, 1984, 392p.; London & New York: Arkana, 1993, 392p. Av

Disclaimer and disclosure: The book Fifth Sun Rising (I and II) is a synthesis and draws upon objective knowledge from many places including fourth way material, eastern cosmology, Christianity, modern science and many other western and eastern esoteric sources. The Author has never been a member of any fourth way or any other related group. Nor does he make claims to represent any other group or organizations that may have material related to the subjects discussed in Fifth Sun Rising Volumes I or II. The views and opinions expressed therein are solely those of the Author.

From Fifth Sun Publishing @ http://www.fifthsun.org/theory-celestial-influence-rodney-collin/

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