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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Let's Build a Planetary Energy Transmitter: Instantly. Wirelessly. Worldwide.

Let's Build a Planetary Energy Transmitter
Instantly. Wirelessly. Worldwide.
They need your help to make it happen!

What is the Planetary Energy Transmitter? It means a whole wealth of opportunities!

It is a great opportunity to become independent of the transmission lines. 

It is a chance for agility. Planetary Energy Transmitter will ensure energy provision anywhere in the world.

Its use allows drastic improvement of environmental health as well as employing the desert's energy. 

Tesla was right and we are ready to prove it!

Nikola Tesla had left us a very detailed description of the design of his Magnifying Transmitter system and the physical principles of its operation. We are a group of modern-day physicists, trained in many areas related to the operation of his Worldwide Energy System. We’ve conducted a thorough scientific expertise of  his works and came to the conclusion that Tesla was on the right track. Moreover, the experimental data accumulated by modern physics after the departure of the inventor by means of satellites and ground observations proves that the system may be a key to the next big step in building energy systems for the humankind – harnessing the energy of solar emission reaching our planet as he had envisioned it more than a century ago.  

Modern materials and equipment provide us with an incredible opportunity to re-implement the invention of Tesla and build a solution of the  energy transmission problem Today! We’ve re-designed a version of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower based on his principles but using the modern materials and advanced electronic components and are ready to build it. We have a detailed plan of physical experiments with this first tower of the Worldwide Energy System that will sure be built in the future and are asking for your support and contributions to start this research program.

We have great news for you – this time has come! Our research team is already building the ‘new Wardenclyffe’ tower right now. We’ve conducted the fundamental research studies, implemented the computational models and designed all the parts of the experiment. We will be able to perform energy transmission and measure the results. Will it be ‘global’ as Tesla suggested? Based on the research that we've already done – we believe it will be, and we going to prove it experimentally.

We are planning to erect the tower in August-September of 2014. It will happen right in front of your eyes!

We will be able to get the first results in a few months after the completion of the tower and we are really in need for substantial financial support due to the large scale of this research program which will result in reviving the heritage of The Inventor - Nikola Tesla that had devoted all his life for the sake of the whole humankind. We urge you to become a part of this exciting research program or sponsor it. Help us to inherit the helm of the great scientist, let the new solutions in a field of energy development to become reality. Support our project!

Did you know that...


The weight of the original Tesla Tower's prototype was more than 60 tons. It was heavy... With the modern materials and design we were able to implement a light-weight tower's design with the weight of only 2 tons; all the important parameters of this prototype strictly adhere to those that were described in the Tesla's patents! The project information is available here

  • Our research team elaborated and described the physical concept of the Tower's working principle and it strictly complies with the modern principles of physics. This concept is very well described in plain language in our article «Examining Working Principle of Tesla Tower»

  • The direct computation by means of the software package Ansoft HFSS demonstrate the concept of the resonance of standing waves produced by a system like ours. The model demonstrates that it is possible to transmit energy globally by means of using the Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter.  

  • Ten kilometers of the aluminum strip with the width of 16 mm will be used for the resonator's winding in the erected tower. Thus, the coil about 20 m high will be built. 

  • Our research team is involved into elaboration of the power source for the Tower. Hence, we implemented the power unit, which has unique specifications. 

  • For safety reasons, the Tower's power unit will be controlled remotely by means of the RC unit via fiber-optic cable.

  • This is the second round of funding. In the end of 2013, we ran the crowdfunding campaign to obtain the kick-off funding in the Russian platform. We managed to collect around $40K. Now, as the first round of our research work is approaching its final stage, we are finally ready to disseminate the research results that were achieved so far. Thus, we would like to announce full-scale research program. Our main goal is to collect the funds which are necessary for conducting the further investigation on this matter. We would be able to do it if you would help us to move forward! 

How it works


In short, Tesla's system on energy transmission uses the ground surface as well as the Earth-Ionosphere waveguide like a sort of analogue of simple wire, which can be used for transmission of electrical energy over large distances. At that, transmission of considerable amount of an energy via such "wire" (upper layers of the ground plus waveguide The Earth-Ionosphere) is possible due to existing coupling between resonance circuits (Tesla Towers) and with high efficiency factor value, yet with causing no harm to environment.

Simplified explanation of the working principle of the system can be found at the link.

We suggest that those with knowledge in the subject area would take a look at the article where the working principle of Transmitter is described in details.

What is the Planetary Energy Transmitter? It means a whole wealth of opportunities!

– It is a great opportunity to become independent of the transmission lines!

– It is a chance for agility. Planetary Energy Transmitter will ensure energy provision anywhere in the world!!

– its use allows drastic improvement of environmental health as well as employing the desert's energy!!!

In the Press:



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What we are going to do next


And how you can become a part of this research program named as "Tesla's Planetary Research Program"

If it happens so that we will collect a sum above the expected we will be able to translate and study the materials which are carefully preserved in the Tesla's museum located in Serbia. In this case, we will surely provide open access for all related materials regarding the matter. Believe it or not, but the greatest part of the oldest materials being preserved in the Tesla's archives has never been studied by the scientists. It is hard to imagine what kind of amazing things can be discovered during a thorough examination of his works!

We might be able to learn something new and exciting from the unknown works of the great scientist as well as make these works available for the vast numbers of enthusiasts that are interested in these kinds of things. This is really big, complicated and very important work that can be done with your help! And with our great passion towards Tesla's works, as well! 

You are free to believe or be skeptical about global energy transmission via the entire Planet. Our goal is a bit different – we think that it is very important to recreate these Tesla's works, conduct their examination on a large scale and, maybe not only prove that he was right, but also to unleash new pages in the history of mankind. As a matter of fact, Tesla devoted all his life to this work...

In turn, we can guarantee that every donated dollar will be used for conduction of the research works, acquisition of the required equipment, collaboration with the best professionals, design and implementation of the prototypes as well as conduction of the building and construction works in order to expand the boundaries of the known matters and continue further investigations, thus, treasuring the Tesla's heritage.

All the works as well as obtained results will be disseminated in Internet, at the project homepage, and in mass media. The time has come to help people to regain something that was sometimes invented by Tesla for them!  

You know...We are building museums and memorials in honor of the Greatest Serbian of All and this is great! However, Tesla would be more than pleased if people would be able to realize the great promise of his works and move forward in this direction. Today we've got such a chance. That is why we are  asking You ALL – help to our research team to make the next step despite all the skepticism and because of all the rational thinkers willing to contribute into this matter. Maybe then our children will be able to live in a better place. 

Get involved! Support our research!

The team


Leonid Plekhanov – Founder & Project Leader

About myself: I was born in Siberia (Russia) in the Krasnoyarsk region. In 1999, I started studying at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and graduated from the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics in 2005. I graduated with a M. Sc. degree in Applied physics and mathematics. I’ve been dealing with innovative and project management in different fields since 2007. I am married with one daughter. I am really passionate about everything  in the projects that further the development of innovative technologies as well as humankind.  

Sergey Plekhanov – Scientific Project Leader

I was born in Siberia (Russia) in the Krasnoyarsk region. Since the childhood I was interested in physics. In 1997-2003, I attended the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT the Faculty of Physical and Quantum Electronics), then graduated with M. Sc. degree in applied physics and mathematics. I am married. I am always looking for new, unusual, and unknown things, that is, for something that can change me, or something that I can change myself. 

The advisers


Alex Fedotov – Adviser

I’ve been working in Plasma Physics (Physics Institute, then General Physics institute of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow) since 1978 and finished my Ph.D. in 1989. At that time I was building high-power relativistic electron beam accelerators and using them in my research of beam-plasma and high-power microwave interactions with atmosphere, rarified gases and the ionosphere.

I’m really fascinated by Sergey’s and Leonid’s effort to re-start the research of Nikola Tesla suspended after his death and am advising them on the practical issues of building high-power systems and the plasma physics of electromagnetic interactions in the Magnifying Transmitter system devised by Tesla. The vast array of experimental data accumulated in the past couple of decades by means of satellites and ground-based systems shows that nonlinear transformations of the energy of waves and oscillations in the Solar Wind into waves in the ionosphere are possible and can probably be triggered (or ‘Magnified’) artificially with the help of a worldwide system like the Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter. This would give the humankind access to a totally different source of energy and fulfill his original idea of a worldwide energy system.

In a shorter run this experimental research program can help us understand the effects of space weather on the ground based systems and detect the new mechanisms of interaction between the plasma of the solar wind and the plasma surrounding our planet (plasmasphere, magnetosphere and ionosphere).

The Participants and Contributors


The Design Bureau “Radar” is serving as a contractor and the main supplier of the Power Unit.

We are getting a lot of support from other enthusiasts and organizations that really care about this project, and can contribute to its’ success.



This is a large-scale and long-term project; we would like to express our gratitude to you at least somehow. That is why we prepared interesting and fun perks for all of you, we hope that you’ll enjoy them and would like to express our outmost gratitude to all our donors!

Why GET?


aka Global Energy Transmission

The Coal

As of today, at least 40% of the world's electric power still comes from coal despite of scientific and technical achievements that have been made so far. So, the coal yet plays very important role in modern life.

Many countries all over the world realize that they are not able to give up on the use of coal. This concerns European countries as well despite of their recent achievements concerning eco-friendly energy and environment. Taking up leading position in production of wind and solar energy, Germany is getting half (!) of its energy from the coal. In 2013, Germany did also build more coal-steam plants than at any other moment over two decades. Neighboring Poland gets around 86% of electricity from the coal. So does China do to get more than 75% of electricity. This energy is also used to keep the huge plants going so that iPhones could get collected and would keep on selling. The situation is only slightly better in USA. In 2013, only 39% of coal was used for electricity generation out there. The current plan is to build around 1200 coal-steam plants in 59 countries worldwide. Climate scientists are warning of dramatic irreversible changes that will follow after the fast growth in the use of coal. 

This one really sounds crazy. Our space ships are conquering cosmic space and the project on Mars colonization is going on at full steam, yet humankind is using coal furnaces to generate the main volume of energy.

Such mainstream use of coal leads to huge emission amount of СО2 worldwide. Moreover, this situation worsens each year.

The Renewable Energy Problem

The simplest and easiest solution would be to set a veto on operation of all 7000 coal-steam plants, which are currently functioning worldwide. Of them, almost 600 are located in USA. The next step would be to start using renewable energy sources such as solar panels, turbine towers etc. However, this is impossible. And this matter is not about high cost of energy. The biggest problem is how to transmit energy via power lines. Germany can perfectly illustrate the root of this problem as it was actively aiming at increase of the percentage of green energy over past decades:

The problem is that energy generation strongly depends on the time of day and, therefore, is very unsteady (PV means Photovoltaic):


Such tendency in energy generation results in the following: transmitting mains experiences huge peak loads for which it is principally not intended. This results in drastic growth of the breakdowns. For instance, German mains experienced 39 breakdowns during winters of 2010/2011 and this amount has grown up to 197 during winters of 2011/2012. Five of those breakdowns resulted in shutdown of power of more than 1GW. Two breakdowns were classified as the most dangerous ones. This is because around 4GW of power was falling out of mains during such breakdowns.

On 4 November 2006 a German 380 kV line had to be temporarily disconnected. Due to insufficient coordination of protection systems a circuit tripped and started cascading outages. The result was that the continental grid in Europe was divided into three islands and about 17 GW load was shed. The case demonstrates how a local event in Germany can turn into a widespread European disturbance.

In April of 2012, ENTSO released report which clearly indicates that recently main parameters of safe energy transmission are not adhered in German mains. Not only can it result in shutdowns in Germany itself, but also can cause some issues in neighboring countries.

Images and content of this section were prepared on the basis of http://www.theoildrum.com/

GET – the Solution


All of the aforesaid does not only represent problems of some particular country. The whole issue is about so-called "green energy” and it doesn't matter which country would use that. The thing is that the areas of efficient generation of green energy are located far away from the consumption centers. Energy transmission is a very complex issue that still remains unsolved for the time being. That is, there is no any problem as long as the percent of such energy is small. However, existing energy transmission methods just won't do in case of increase in this percent.

Thus, only limited use of green energy is possible despite of its seeming "easy of use". Construction of energy transmission lines, which would be able to cope with such peak loads (in case of large-scale switching to the use of green energy), is extremely costly and would need hundreds of billions $ to be spent worldwide. This actually means that mass use of green energy would be impossible in the nearest decades (until the solutions for global energy transmission will be found).

Our project represents the chance to realization of technology which will radically change perspectives of future power economy. Once the problem related to safe and controlled energy transmission is solved, renewable energy sources will get the green light as well. And these are not just the words!  

It is known that in just six hours, the world's deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes in a year. 

The red squares represent the area that would be enough for solar power plants to produce a quantity of electricity consumed by the world today, in Europe (EU-25) and Germany (De). (Data provided by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), 2005) source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desertec

Project DESERTEC is a global renewable energy solution based on harnessing sustainable power from the sites where renewable sources of energy are at their most abundant. At the moment these sites can be used thanks to low-loss High-Voltage Direct Current transmission (HVDC) via conventional wires - which is technically possible but extremely expensive and may cause environmental harm. 

Our approach allows us to transmit energy between continents much more efficiently and safely.

Let's make the desert's energy available for mankind!



Please visit our FAQ page on Global Energy Transmission website



Contribute with BTC/LTC

You can contribute using digital currencies - Bitcoin and Litecoin. 

Bitcoin address: 17PWLz9rhCoDZ5NqpR6hrgD9tKFxPA6f2S

Litecoin address: LbGjmqjYT3LePDtkoHhMyBAPkfYuhkvoMC

Please note that contribution in digital currency won't appear on the campaign page. If you made contribution in BTC/LTC, drop us a line at public@globalenergytransmission.com in order to let us know your name/address (if you choose a perk which require delivery address). Thank you!


We are open to cooperation with…



If you are passionate about the research in this field and would like to contribute your knowledge and experience, have time to spend on the systematic research that we will be conducting with the help of our experimental set-up, we would be more than glad to cooperate with you. Especially if your field of interests spans: high-power VLF waves in medium, ionosphere and ‘solar wind’, geo-physics and geo-electrodynamics or similar aspects of the Worldwide Energy System.

Contact us directly at: science@globalenergytransmission.com


We would be more than glad if more engineers, who know how to design and build high-power high-voltage systems would join us. If you are passionate about the systems that we are building have suggestions after looking at our blueprints or would like to contribute into the design and building of our experimental set-up, contact us directly at: engineering@globalenergytransmission.com

Enthusiasts passionate about Tesla’s legacy

We keep researching the Tesla’s legacy to get more clues about his way of thinking about the systems similar to the one we are building. We’ve studied every letter of the ‘Colorado notes’ and related patents, but maybe you can give us additional clues. Contact us directly at: legacy@globalenergytransmission.com


Nikola Tesla war The Inventor of the 20-th century, his ideas will be sure be continued. Drop us a line that you are inventing the ‘next step’ of his Magnifying Transmitter or have a similar idea that may work better. Contact us directly at: inventions@globalenergytransmission.com


We are open to criticism. This is the invaluable part of making this project open for everybody from the start. Tell us why ‘it will not work’; drop us a line at: criticism@globalenergytransmission.com

Companies that would like to use these inventions

We are absolutely sure that these inventions can only be implemented with the help and contributions of energy producing and energy transmitting companies. We will be more than glad to discuss this experiment and other possible implementations. Contact us at: corp@globalenergytransmission.com

General public

We will be posting the updates about our project on our website and on our pages in social networks. Still, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about this initiative and we will be glad to answer your inquiry. Drop us a line at: public@globalenergytransmission.com

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