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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Community Contract: Social Contract for a True World Civilisation

Community Contract by Deed and Affidavit of Lawful Society 
A Social Contract for a True World Civilisation


by Abdun Nur

Freedom is not well understood in a prison planet, it is a confused notion few have the ability to grasp. Freedom cannot be given, it cannot be earned, it cannot be enacted; freedom is the result of the environment you exist within, and freedom means responsibility, it demands accountability in full, it is a duty of care for your neighbour and equitable conduct in all walks of life.

Humankind pledged into registered slavery

A ‘Pledge’ is a bailment of goods to a creditor
as security for some debt or engagement. There are two varieties of pledge; chattel and land. When you pledge allegiance in contract you bail yourself as chattel to the creditor as security, becoming subject to their control - this means anyone who is pledged to a corporation is not a free soul, but a slave and agent of that corporate body.

The American people pledge themselves to the corporate state and are then chattel, so slaves; they hold a charter, being a superior granting an inferior man a right or privilege, as a constitution, so being subservient to the impositions and encroachments forced upon by them their corporate lords. A constitution is the establishing of the conception of government, binding those who pledge to it, to the same contracting obligations as its signatories. As you are only bound by a contract if you are a party to it, so a signatory, any constitution therefore must be pledged to personally to be binding upon you, but all contracts can be undone in the same way as they were established, so you are free to declare yourself a freeman bound only by the natural law of the land, and revoke your pledge as in law you cannot contract yourself into slavery.

The slavery we suffer today, both economic and psychological, is founded upon the idea of ownership; an unlawful concept as ownership denotes control, and control means a duplicate account; ownership is based upon sharing the gains of the generator of wealth, through the dominating control upon a common man or woman's lawful right of use of their property.

In law we can only own what we ourselves create, so the land and resources of the Earth are owned by the Creator. This is based upon the concept that we came into the world with nothing and we leave with nothing tangible. Similarly our soul is owned by the Creator and we are granted a duplicate account to act upon our soul freely, so just as we cannot buy and sell a soul, we cannot buy and sell the Earth or its resources - we only have a right of use.

Religion was invented to enslave mankind to dogma. We can trace the story of Christ back at least 5000 years to ancient Egypt and the worship of Ra the Sun God; they invented Ra a ‘Son’, Horus, a man God on Earth. Making the creator of the Earth a man allowed the church to claim ownership of the Earth, its resources and the souls of man. This fraud has been exposed repeatedly throughout the ensuing millennia, and so the religious parasites have reintroduced the same story between 16 to 25 times until its present version with Jesus Christ as the lead character.

In the present version the representatives of the church claim the Pope is the substitute of Christ on Earth, and the Vicar to God, so their God's religious adviser, and so they claim ownership of all that is their God’s creation.

The Roman Catholic Church created the first express trust, called unum sanctum which was written on a papal bull, now held in their vaults. On the papal bull, it states all of the souls in the world belong to the Roman Catholic Church in an un-rebutted claim. Originally the Church held books of registration in every church; this has evolved to a registered birth certificate which is the title of the soul. Registration transfers ownership, sanctioned through the signature and consent of the biological family, who grant ownership of the new soul to the Church through the register.

"You don't have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body." 
- C.S. Lewis

Upon the usury fraud of ownership the Church imposed the ‘legal’ system upon the world through military conquest, with the function of removing the natural law ‘duty of care’ that each man has for their neighbour, by placing all the souls upon the Holy See of Rome. This virtual ‘See’ covers the natural law of the land, holding men in ships (citizenship) bound by admiralty. Through the force of arms, fear was imposed, allowing un-rebutted legislation to impose the policy of the corporations, all chartered from the corporate church, who acts as the corps of the incorporeal entity of Christ through the doctrine of Saint Peter.

Legislation means to make what is unlawful lawful, and with this the church could then introduce economic usury, being the theft of the fruits of the labours of another. With the engineering of the English civil war the Church imposed a new English monarch from Amsterdam to sanction the charter for the Bank of England, and establish the base for the corporate banking system.

The church needed a way to give the perception of moral justification to all legislation being imposed upon the people, and so the Pope introduced the fraud of democracy through Napoleon, where the majority vote for representatives who are selected by the church or the banks and dictate as directed, being a puppet show of authority.

The fraudsters claim we have waived our inalienable rights to the natural law of the land because we have never declared them, written them down or demanded them, so we are denied the immutable law and suffer the unlawful legislation (policy) of corporation, imposed through the initiation and continuous support of the Roman Catholic Church.

“I assert most unhesitatingly, that the religion of the South is a mere covering for the most horrid crimes-- a justifier of the most appalling barbarity, a sanctifier of the most hateful frauds, and a dark shelter under which the darkest, foulest, grossest, and most infernal deeds of slaveholders find the strongest protection. Where I to be again reduced to the chains of slavery, next to that enslavement, I should regard being the slave of a religious master the greatest calamity that could befall me. . . I. . . hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land.” - Frederick Douglass (After the Escape)

On October 24th 2011 the Vatican declared its plans for a one world government and banking authority, established to dominate the peoples of the Earth, their evil continues unabated, only truth and fearlessness will turn the tide, only each man and woman taking responsibility for themselves will prevent these parasitic lice upon mankind from continuing to inflict death, poverty and ignorance upon us.

In all courts of law the document with the greatest authority is an un-rebutted affidavit. The following contract declares the natural law of the land, it explains the frauds and presents the alternative systems of society based upon the constraints of the true laws of nature, and is a clear affidavit of oath, to remove all presumptions of law and fact, and establish the truth.


Social Contract for a True World Civilisation

How people conform without question explained within an allegory:

You start with a cage containing five monkeys.

Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string and place a set of ladders under it. Before long, a monkey will go to the ladders and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he is halfway up the ladders, spray all of the other monkeys with freezing cold water.

After a while, another monkey makes an attempt with the same result - all the other monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon, when another monkey tries to climb the ladders, the other monkeys will try to prevent it.

Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and wants to climb the ladders. To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him.

After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the ladders, he will be assaulted.

Next, remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the ladders and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm! Likewise, replace a third original monkey with a new one, then a fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the ladders, he is attacked.

Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the ladders or why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.

After replacing all the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, no monkey ever again approaches the ladders to try for the banana. Why not? Because as far as they know that's the way it's always been done round here.

And that is how religious, sovereign, corporate, legal policies are made against reason, truth and freedom.
  (initial and surname)__________,
Affidavit number 1#
Working as a tangible man/woman
to exist under the natural law of the land,
of (contactable address),
in the City of __________,
British Isles

An affidavit can be read in court without the witness attending as the witness has already testified to its truthfulness. That is subject to the witness not being required for cross-examination (UCPR r35.2).


Community Contract by Deed and Constat Affidavit of Lawful Society

1.             I the deponent (initial and surname) state clearly I am never performing the function or service of corporate government, if this truth is in doubt, clear and evident proofs must be provided before acting upon that presumption, if any representative or agent of any incorporeal entity of State or corporation would provide proof of claim for something I do not have a right to do without them, before they make any claim of any right to grant anything I can do as a tangible living man/woman.
2.             This affidavit declares I am a living tangible man/woman, with full liability, I am executor and beneficiary, I am responsible for my actions in full; and fully accountable only to the facts, I have full and complete rights, as detailed within this contract to remove all presumptions of law and of facts.

3.                 I here give notice, any intrusion upon my rights comes with a price, if any representative or agent of an intangible entity of State, or corporate government wishes to take away, or encroach upon one of my inalienable rights, through physical actions or in an attempt to contract with me to achieve that outcome, the fee schedule, not being open to negotiation:
4.                 If an agent of the government acts against me and infringes my inalienable rights causing me undue and unlawful inconvenience the fee for each infringement is 100kg of pure Gold to be delivered in safety to me, or any beneficiary I nominate.
5.             If through acting against me there is a severe relegation of an inalienable right, the fee is 10 metric tonnes of pure Gold, to be delivered in safety to me, or any beneficiary I nominate.
6.             If through the actions of any agent of the government, or State, I am killed, the none negotiable fee is 1000 metric tonnes of pure Gold to be delivered in safety to the living members of my family, as the beneficiaries I nominate.(specified here)
7.             This makes the obligation clear, declared in advance of any action or contract of false presumption, with full notice to act without presumption but in light of fact, so making all contract of imposition and encroachment liable to incur remedy with anyone or entity clear, a copy of this affidavit will be sent to the agents who control the incorporeal entity of corporate government or State who claim as public servants local trusteeship, they are then liable to inform all agents, and subordinates of other incorporeal trust entities in association with them of these facts, to make certain they do not incur the contracting fee by acting in ignorance, as all public servants (trustees) are underwritten by the corporate government and it is that bond that is at risk.
8.             In Britain I will send a copy of this contract notarised, sealed, by recorded delivery with confirmation of receipt, witnessed and recorded content by the post office and notarised by them, giving a very generous full 40 days notice for a clear and full rebuttal of any facts they wish to contest:

9.             Public Trustee Keir Starmer
Director of Public Prosecutions
The Crown Prosecution Service
Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge,
London, SE1 9HS

10.        Public Trustee Dominic Grieve
Attorney General's Office
20 Victoria Street

11.        Public Trustee Christopher Geidt
Queens Private Secretary
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

12.        ‘Remembrancer’ Public Trustee  Steven Dixon Whitaker
The Queen's Remembrancers' Office
Room E113
Royal Courts of Justice

13.                  Laws are silent amid arms. We are surrounded by a society of deceptions enforced through the force of arms; we are denied the true inalienable law because we are ignorant of the facts and follow presumptions, so suffer positive law (authoritatively imposed law “All crimes pertain to slaves.” As all crimes involve those who have a commercial obligation to another and the body of a debtor is security for his debt, which is why prisons are overflowing); this clear declaration of natural law of the land removes the deceptions of positive law and makes the true prescriptive law apparent (remedy and recourse). I am bound to the law of the Creator of all reality, based upon reason, with the clear intention of rebutting all presumption of fact and of law imposed by the many deceptions of the legal system placed upon the law, by definitively presenting the truth of the law, and the truth of the facts; if disputing any truth here expressed, those representing any legal fiction, or refuting in any other capacity, are free to present their clear evidence in rebuttal of the facts here stated.

14.        The only sovereign is the Creator of all existence; no other sovereign can claim any subjugation upon me, in every court structured and organised as a trust, being all courts under the uniform commercial code, I the contractee of this contract will ALWAYS BE in and for the record ADDRESSED AS THE BENEFICIARY or EXECUTOR, and I will only address any court administrator as the PUBLIC TRUSTEE, the Sherriff is the highest authority within in that court structure as their purpose is to make certain the ‘Trustee’ follows the directions of the executor; I will identify and address the Sheriffs as Public Servants (trustees), I will inform them they do not have my consent to touch me, they do not have my consent to intimidate me, they are bound under the natural law of the land to a duty of care as a tangible man/woman, and remedy will be sort of ‘them’ if they violate that duty, and their bond is at risk.

15.             In the trust structure of the police officers (policy enforcer), I will address them as Public servants (trustees), I will inform them they do not have my consent to touch me, they do not have my consent to intimidate me, they are bound under the natural law of the land to a duty of care as a tangible man/woman, and remedy will be sort of ‘them’ if they violate that duty, and I have no interest in contracting with them. I will make the public servant aware that I am not a public servant and am a living man/woman and will be creating a truthful affidavit of everything that transpires if my lawful rights are encroached, and I will be filing a claim against them the tangible living flesh and blood man at the Queen’s bench, you now have given notice, if they wish to proceed they are now fully liable themselves for their actions and accountable to both the law and legal system (legal system as they, not you, are acting in function of corporate government), as no man/woman in law can escape the liability of their actions, if lawful claim is filed. If you have a copy of this contract and affidavit available present them with a certified copy to consider the fee schedule.

16.        I have no lawful requirement to identify myself if I am acting within the natural law of the land, if I do provide a drivers license, or any government ID (used to attempt to deceptively identify you as something they have presumed jurisdiction over), as this creates the presumption that you are acting in function of government, I make it clear I never act in function of corporate government.

17.                    I am here, with this contract, making a valid Reservation of Rights, so preventing the loss through presumptions of such rights by application of concepts of waiver or estoppels. (For reference only UCC 1-207.7)

18.             The Sufficiency of the Reservation of inalienable rights here declared can be applied as a representation of this contract, through an expression indicating an intention to reserve rights, this being sufficient, such as “without prejudice”. (For reference only UCC 1-207.4)

19.        Whatever is inserted within this contract for the purpose of removing doubt does not hurt the law, so throughout this contract information is included to make everything clear and remove any doubt, as full disclosure by both parties is integral to a lawful contract. Neither party can later claim 'you should have known' if it was not specifically declared at the time of making the contract.

20.        A consideration offered by both parties; the signed contractee, and all those bound by community contract by the deed and affidavit of lawful society, the contractee is contracting with twenty three peer signatories (all themselves bound by a similar contract, or if initiating a new community would be contracted within the same day); to enter into this contract. (Twelve is taken from the Egyptian/Hebrew tradition not law)

21.        The purpose and benefit of this exchange; to exist within the law of the land, being the natural law detailed herein(not to be confused with common law which is the legal tradition whereby certain rights or values are legally cognizable by virtue of judicial recognition or articulation, but these traditions are based upon legislative commercial courts not lawful courts), and from the establishing of this contract, to asseverate through that protection surety bonds, verified between men/women who bind themselves to contracts of surety, a bond subordinate and prerequisite to this contract; in exchange, I, the signed contractee, promise to remain within all bounds of this contract, which gives protection to society from wrongful acts such as deception, and all forms of usury.


‘Man’s’ Nature

22.        As the good is that at which all things aim, the good of a ship builder is to build ships, the good of a squirrel is to be an effective, successful and functioning squirrel, the ultimate good for man/woman is happiness. It is also our nature to think, the good for man/woman must then consist in their functioning in a way consistent with and guided by their rational element, their reason and wisdom. Therefore whatever helps the pursuit of truth is good, whatever hinders it is bad.

23.        It is in our nature to be social creatures, as all life is connected and interdependent, which means the altruism of one has selfish benefit; the inherent ends of mans nature must not do what frustrates true fulfilment from indulging vices of perception encroaching externally, but through establishing true society and therefore social harmony allowing personal growth, spiritual evolution and a fertile and fruitful environment for all life.

24.        Both the contractee and the contracting verifying signatories agree that their consideration is worth the other party's consideration. Bound with Arrhabo – (meaning) earnest; money given to bind this contract, established through the contractee paying for the small costs of administration to establish this commitment.

25.        LAWFUL TERMS & CONDITIONS as detailed within the contract, to which both parties agree through wet signatures and seals, executed as a Deed, being a physical reality, hereby removing all fictions from the law and granting the contractee full protection of the true natural law of the land, the protection of the community, and the protection of the surety, as acceded by a full community, making a community seal, verified by notary and recorder, all signed and sealed through wet thumb print.

26.        This contract is an indisputable overbearing inalienable pronouncement of right (‘Right’ defined throughout this contract as: something to which one has a just claim)  under the arbitration of a court of Record in Equity (Equity meaning-  to live honestly, to harm nobody, to render every man his due – equal and impartial justice as between two individuals whose rights or claims are in conflict; justice, that is, as ascertained by natural reason or ethical insight), being an entrusted, committed burden, duty and obligation of twenty three peer committee of plea, in seated Array (the whole body of the jurors summoned to attend court, as they are arrayed (arranged) on the panel) Court of Record in Equity, assembly and deliberation in the constitution of fairness through tort remedy and lawful recourse. Remedy is both for the victim or complainer and a way for the accused to get out from under the law. The Recourse provides that if you have been damaged under the law, you can recover your loss, this being the true method of operation of law (the term ‘law’ defined throughout this contract from ‘Jus’: a right that is a power, faculty or demand inherent in one man/woman and incident upon another), of the right and only natural law, previously law not written, but now written here, constituted through law arising from fact and reason.

27.        All inalienable rights incumbent upon each man/woman in their proper tangible form, are held within natural laws, structured as detailed within this contract, as the laws of nature are immutable. To demand the law of the land, defined through natural law, applicable as a ubiquitous and unremitting apodictic certainty of all the lands of the Earth, requires responsibility, therefore to remain within the bounds of the law, no tangible man/woman can contravene or contradict their own deeds, this would impose the principle of estoppels by deed (‘estoppels’ defined as - what you claim is inconsistent to how you act, so diminishing your claim); to be bound to the natural law demands constraints and responsibilities as laid plain within this contract.

28.        In the Nuremberg trials, a series of military tribunals held by the main victorious Allied forces of World War II, saw those guilty of atrocities known as war crimes claim in defence, to be following the law (legislation), or their superior’s orders. In reply the prosecutors appealed to a higher law, the Natural Law, which is immutable and inalienable.

29.        The defendants had not transgressed the legislation of Germany so claimed ‘nulla poena sine lege’ (no penalty without a law) this is not violated if the punished act is against natural law.
30.        Everyone is equal under natural law, as natural rights are that which have the same force among all mankind, and to defend this in the simplest way would be wise to join within, or establish, protection in surety bond, in the right of only natural Law and in establishment of what is proper. And in Full Exercise of a Court of Record in Equity protection, of a twenty three peer committee of plea system, with all actions of Lawful contract recorded and documented under natural Law notary public seal (A seal is a piece of wax impressed, because wax without an impression is not a seal.), a sealed copy is held secured, without compulsion or coercion, unfettered of any and all permissions of legislation (Legalize – to make legal so appear lawful; to confirm or validate what was before void or unlawful; to add the sanction and authority of law to that which before was without or against the law), as there is no degradation from inalienable law by private contract (legislation), or any legal fictions (defined as: "something assumed in commercial law to be fact irrespective of the truth or accuracy of that assumption.- The word ‘assumed’ defined as: The pretended acceptance, without proof, that someone has taken responsibility for, has guaranteed, or has received a debt), known as State, Corporation, Church or Monarch, in the establishment of Right and living Society.

31.        I stand steadfastly in opposition to the crime of ‘The law merchant system’ which is a fiction that rules other fictions, so its existence cannot be proved by witnesses, being a body of rules designed for incorporeal bodies only, now used through the fiction of State or Nation, imposing commercial transactions to replace the law of the land of all commercial nations, for the purposes of revenue generation and control (ownership) of the population, creating various degrees of chaos. In the positive law “All crimes pertain to slaves.” As all crimes involve those who have a commercial obligation to another and the body of a debtor is security for his debt, which is why prisons are overflowing.

32.        The Law Merchant is the basis of the modern system of admiralty law and the laws of negotiable paper (instruments), bankruptcy, insurance, and of sales, this is intermixed with Roman Law (the State is God), Maritime Law (international law of war and commerce) known today as the Uniform Commercial Code, all imposed to prevent men/women from gaining the protection of the true inalienable Natural Law and the immutable protection each for the other of a duty of care.

33.        This contract is not a fiction, which is something that is not truth, assuredly the parties acknowledge the truth of this contract through the bonds of surety, the bonds of man to man, the bonds of honour, dignity, justice, equity, and the bonds of natural law, in doing so it becomes truth, removing all fiction, it is not possible to remove the inalienable rights of natural law through covenants of contract, as what is immutable as a foundation of all society cannot be denied.

34.        This contract is entered without any additional pecuniary cost of establishment between any parties entering into this contract, beyond the basic cost of administration, paid by the contractee.

35.        I, distinguished as (full name written in clear text, not in full capital)
( Note: CAPITUS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA: 19th Century Latin forgery deliberately introduced into early law dictionaries to protect the use of upper case naming and discourage its wider practice. The phrase claims the meaning "The highest, most comprehensive loss of status through capitalization" and attributes this to the alleged ancient pre-Vatican Roman Law of naming slaves in capitals. Contrary to misleading historical accounts, bicameral scripts (UPPER CASE and lower case) known as MAJUSCULE and minuscule did not officially appear in European languages until the arrival of the printing press in the 15th Century, nor did the word capital have its meaning in terms of letters. The modern Corporate State Governments are deliberately using a legal fiction to "address" the lawful, real, flesh-and-blood man or woman through their use of full capitalisation upon appellations, to apply fictions of law upon the living that are unlawful.)

36.        Declaring as an oath of the truth, as All living tangible men and women know that the foundation of law and commerce exists in the telling of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, signed within sight of all signatories on this _________ day of __________ (contactable through this communal community address) without prejudice - meaning - I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement. Further without a preconceived opinion, a leaning towards one side of a cause for some reason, other than a conviction of its justice. Now in the commercial courts we suffer today, dressing themselves up as courts of Law, the public trustee who must always be addressed as such, who gives themselves title of Judge/Magistrate/Justice of the Peace, has sworn an oath to the Crown/State, this means they have sworn to be prejudiced and so they could not be a party to a equitable lawful court, as they are prejudiced by oath, and all oaths are contracts.

37.        I Make Verified affirmation with all my being of this pronouncement of reality, to make clear my purpose boldly, as an unfettered liberated living man/woman in my proper tangible form represented on my own behalf who is manumit of any evil at any time and any place, to establish myself as a member of a contracted community, being a 'structure to live within', establishing mutual bond of an entrusted, committed burden, duty and obligation of unity as a signed contract holder within this now existing principle Contract, beyond the colour of law perceived power of any legislation, being fictions invented and placed upon the law through presumption that are not rebutted; but are now rebutted.
38.        I now contract to lawful society with every signatory, who themselves are contracted to natural law; I being a custodian of the Earth and having friendly familiarity with all the men/women signed within this contract of natural law; a full twenty three signatories of tangible form, now verify this contract as twenty three or more inaugurate a full community, on this recorded date, who vouchsafe that I will honour the bond of community and this contract of society that I now make, through their willingness to be signatories; their recommendation in doing so, always holds a potential risk to the community at large, unless acting deceptively with that intent, this does not create an obligation of remedy upon them.

39.        Established and verified with custodians of formality labouring without any pecuniary fee, but performed as an act of community charity in function of community administration, autonomous of incorporeal entities. Any administrator (public trustee) who impairs, debauches, voids or abridges an obligation of contract without proper cause, his/her bond or property becomes forfeited as a means of remedy. Further, except for a Jury, it is also a serious offense for any man/woman or administrator, even a bonded public trustee using the title of Judge, Magistrate, Justice or Justice of the Peace, to impair or to expunge, without a Counter-Affidavit, any Affidavit. An un-rebutted affidavit, claim, or charge stands as the truth in commerce, but only recognised from a flesh and blood (tangible) man/woman in natural law, which binds all commerce.

40.        I will retain a copy, a copy will be held within the contracted community by the natural law notary Public (notarised)(a notary has renown through agreement in contract to twenty three men/women who are themselves in contract to natural law of the land, being granted community seal through that contract, having gained for themselves knowledge and competency to serve as notary, holding their own wax seal) and two copies, one open and one close sealed, held with the local natural law communities recorder of sealed documents, for unfettered community inspection, and a copy maybe given to all signatories if they desire, so establishing my indenture to this Pure Contract through physical Deed, beyond the power of any legislation or fictions of, or upon the natural law.

41.        No man/woman acting as a signatory to this contract is held in a contract of matrimony to me at this date, or is the fruits of my loins/womb, these conditions preclude lawful verification or to enter into agreements of this contract, as it is with the community beyond kin.

42.        I am now in contract de jure solum et naturale : Natural Law is defined by Burlamaqui to be: “A rule which so necessarily agrees with the nature and state of man that, without observing its maxims, the peace and happiness of society can never be preserved. These are called natural laws because knowledge of them may be attained merely by the light of reason, from the fact of their essential agreeableness with the constitution of human nature.”

43.        Note: DE JURE SOLUM ET NATURALE: An Ancient law maxim literally meaning "concerning (the) jurisprudence of (the) land and nature".
When no explicit reference is made to natural law, or the law of the land, soil or nature; being natural law, or you have not made written acknowledgement of all your inalienable rights, then the fictions of law adumbrate those rights and state you have waived your inalienable rights, even though it is an impossibility to do so in reality, they apply a fiction, and so you are seen to consent to Roman commercial Law, and therefore the fictions of the Holy See are assumed to apply, in which the land becomes "under the SEE (Sea)" and living men and women may be unnaturally treated as FICTIONS, becoming chattel and slaves both physical and economic, and are subject to inspection and judgement by sworn representatives of the accumulated wealth elite.

44.        The Roman system of Admiralty or Maritime legislation placed upon the law of the land, attempts to assigns all, as make-believe ships at sea (incorporeal bodies) this ship is a citizen‘ship’, in a court they are held in dock which is a space in a commercial court where prisoner’s vessels are harboured in birth (certificate) when brought for trial, used for the reception of vessels in the taking on or discharging of their cargoes. As the vessel is the flesh and bone man/woman and the prisoner is the straw man (birth certificate, a certificate that establishes the government debt owed to you), the prisoner is the incorporeal body of that fiction, the incorporeal fiction is bound by fictions being the creation of fiction; the fiction tricks them into consenting to be responsible for the straw man and act as the trustee in the court, becoming the administrator so an agent of the corporate government and being bound by the rules of that office, so entering the world of the fiction, being the policy of the corporation, known as legislation. The natural law protects and binds the flesh and blood man, and therefore no fiction can attach to them without their consent. However this court (port) is a trust, the public trustee is titled Judge, magistrate or justice of the peace, they are the public administrators of the court who act as servants of the grantor, the grantor is always the tangible men/women who use the services of a court, they attempt to trick you through presumptions to accept them as the grantor of the trust, and so they may act unlawfully on behalf of the Crown or State to confer benefit from you to themselves or the State. In truth the trustee is the Judge, every public servant must by default always be nothing other than the public trustee and must always be addressed as ‘public trustee’.

45.        I Make Comprehensive Pronouncement In Front Of These Signatories, As Follows –

46.        I make clear I am an adult (at least the age of 18) and have legal capacity and am competent in all ways to attest to the facts of any case I have knowledge of, and of composed mind, competent of reason and intellectually sound, I am a unfettered liberated living flesh and bone man/woman in my proper tangible form represented on my own behalf (besides children, any men or women who are represented by another are classified as mentally incompetent, whether in court, community or business), of higher emotion as distinct from a clinical psychopath or socio-path who is fully aware of their absence of empathy, compassion and conscience, which emotional absence prevents and precludes them from contracting in bond to this community of the family of Adam. A madman is punished by his madness alone; exclusion does not imply punishment, only prevention of conflict. (If suspicions exist of these conditions of the mind, if they wish to contract, they would have to consent to tests to establish the reality, if it is not clear err on the side of caution). Within the context of this contract all references to man/woman are defined by the above description of stated parameters of tangible living sentient man/woman of the family of Adam.

47.        I make clear I am not a legal:

48.        ‘Citizen’ – a member of a corporate State possessing all the rights and privileges which can be enjoyed as citizen under its constitution and corporate government, and subject to the corresponding duties (these rights and privileges are granted by a superior to an inferior man and hide lawful inalienable rights).

49.        The words ‘Citizen’ - ‘Inhabitant’ – ‘Resident’ – are employed in different constitutions to define the qualifications of ‘electors’, meaning subsequently the same thing.

50.        ‘Person’ – a man considered according to the rank he holds in hierarchical society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes.

51.        ‘Human being’ – considered as capable of having rights and of being charged with duties; while a ‘thing’ is the object over which rights may be exercised.

52.        ‘Thing’ – the most general domination of the subjects of property as contra-distinguished from persons, anything which riches or fortune may consist, the object of a right treated by the law (legislative) as the object over which one person exercises a right, and with reference to which another person lies under a duty.

53.        Or ‘Monster’ or ‘Incorporeal body’ or ‘legal fiction’, that is recognized by legislation as the subject functioning in service of corporate government, so restricted in rights, and as trustee the beneficiary of privileges which would bind the duties and obligations of the corporate government upon me.

54.        I am in fact, and in law a tangible living man/woman, with full inalienable rights, I can inherit, I can claim exclusive use of property, I can claim common use of property, I can trade openly, without sharing gains of my own labours with any other tangible or intangible body. I have no bond or recognition of State or Nation, even that is perceived as been denominated free, the state has assumed a supercilious pre-eminence above the people who have formed it, based upon the Roman law which establishes the State as God, hence, the haughty notions of state independence, state sovereignty, and state supremacy, all of which impositions stand against the natural law.

55.        I make clear this contract is not an association (an association: the Statutory title of corporations organised for the carrying on of the business of banking), but a lawful Contract, beyond the power of any legislation or any other fictions upon the law, and any maladministration of jurisprudence or contrived procedures interfering in its operation, through the denial or obstruction of the stated contracted Rights here in embodied; or impairing contracted obligation, through the force of arms inflicting impositions, are in violation of the natural Law of the land. All legal fictions of Corporate Government represent an imposition, so a criminal encroachment upon a man/woman, inasmuch as every government is an artificial intangible form, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial forms. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is here foreclosed from creating and attaining parody with the tangible. All corporate governments are based upon Commercial Affidavits, Commercial Contracts, Commercial Liens and Commercial Distresses; hence, governments cannot exercise the power to expunge these extraneous commercial processes, being itself the invention of commerce; commerce is placed upon the law as an imposition constituted upon usury, lawful contract is the true basis of commerce, not imposition. The fictions placed upon the law expropriate there perceived powers from the authority taken by inferred permission, presumed through silent consent from all tangible men/women, as every consent involves a submission; but in law a mere submission does not necessarily include consent.


Law of the Land

56.        Historically in Great Britain (originally indigenously known as Albien (surface of the earth) (Albion is the Latinisation of Albien) and collectively as Britanniae) (historically with similar events in many other locations), the common man/woman has been denied lawful rights since 1066, through the imposition of military conquest, from that point through the force of arms having each man/woman considered by the self declared superiors, and their descendents by virtue of birth, legally a monster, defined as a malformed creature afflicted with a birth defect, although born of a woman in lawful wedlock, having no right to inherit, meaning no right to own. Those who have however the essential parts of the human form and have merely some defect of conformation, but are capable of inheriting an estate in things real, are noble, as only inheritable blood has the purity to be free from attainder and has the legitimacy, legal claim, necessary to give its possessor the character of legal heir. The common man/woman (commoner from – allodial use of common pasture) is tenant, they are the keeper not even the owner of their own labours, their labours are taxed, their property is rented, they are Subject, placed beneath, inferior; open to inspection of all those of inheritable blood. They are slaves and chattel.

57.        However, in the natural law no tangible man/woman can enter lawfully into voluntary slavery (or self-sale) being a condition of slavery freely entered into, such as an employee for an employer, existing as a waged slave; the Protection of the law is such as you cannot contract yourself or any other into slavery.

58.        (Human Slavery- The state of subjugation and control held upon you, of a master owning the fruits of your severe toils, and drudgery in exchange for the ‘benefits’ you receive from your disadvantage.) Slavery is a relation founded in force, not in right, existing, where it does, by force of positive law.

59.        I make clear that I will Not sell or gift into legal fiction any man/woman in their proper tangible form, in so doing preventing or obstructing them from standing under their inalienable Rights, I shall not deny any inalienable Rights, I will not defer my obligation and responsibilities of fairness or the establishment of all true Rights, to any other man/woman in their proper tangible form, I will not be a party to, and further will labour to prevent the clear encroachment upon another of; exile, banishment, dismemberment, putting to torture, or the destruction of any man/woman in their proper tangible form, or any human being held as a slave; if it be within my power to do so.

60.        I make clear I am not property or chattel. Life is Not considered chattel, chattels in law are things considered of least consequence, life in general is of exceeding value, but the life of a man/woman from conception to death is of supreme value, no price can be put upon it. The law of the Creator, which invests every man/woman with an inalienable right to freedom, cannot be repealed by any interior law which asserts that man is property. Freedom cannot be granted by the imposition through force of arms of a superior, freedom is the result of the environment you function within, if you have a society that allows freewill within maxims of natural law, you are free; freewill being, the freedom of actions, which are not predetermined by constraint and constriction of imposition. Every man/woman has a natural right to the possession of their own body; and every man/woman has a natural right freely to determine their own destiny.

61.        I make clear this contract serves as Constructive Notice that there is an intention to prosecute to the fullest extent of the natural Law of the land anyone who encroaches against me, or aid any other tangible living man/woman, in any unlawful manner or from attempting to deny, obstruct or remove the inalienable Rights here declared, made clear, and laid bare. This contract exposes to the light of truth all devices used and contrived as deceptions, but in truth ONLY apply to corporate government, known as; acts, charters (a superior granting an inferior man a right or privilege; Thomas Paine (1731–1809) “It is a perversion of terms to say that a charter gives rights. It operates by a contrary effect — that of taking rights away. Rights are inherently in all the inhabitants; but charters, by annulling those rights, in the majority, leave the right, by exclusion, in the hands of a few. ... They...consequently are instruments of injustice”), legal documents, government licenses, statutes (a declaration of corporate policy), trusts ("businesses organised to reduce competition"- a generic form of a corporation where the settlors (investors) are also the beneficiaries. Based by the Roman Catholic Templars upon the “Father” as the grantor of the trust, so the executor, he invests the substance, the “Son” is the administrator of the trust he is the trustee, who can gain no benefit himself, the “Holy Ghost” is the incorporeal entity that holds the substance in a legal instrument), contracts with legal fictions such as corporations, or corporate policy known as legislation (all legislation is a contract imposed upon a man/woman that they are not a party to, created by perception of authority of an incorporeal body, in unlawful dominance), that attempt to hold tangible living man/woman accountable and responsible to the fiction of a straw man, invented to allow fictions using the colour of law, to act against the living, these clear unlawful deceptions, in part or in full, are not recognised as lawful within natural Law, and they do not bind, or sway me in anyway.

62.        I make clear no man can grant me what I already possess, this being attempted within the deception of the ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, which is a legal instrument (a document not under seal) enshrining one conception of natural rights into international soft law. The term "soft law" refers to quasi-legal instruments which do not have any legally binding force. This legislated fiction has no true ‘Legal’ power, and is applied to hide lawful right, this fiction only being used as cognizable in a court of commercial law for the purposes of propaganda (the spreading of lies).

63.        As distinguished from courts of Record in Equity, what is Legal is in contradiction to the laws of equity, being natural law.

64.        I make clear I will Not recognise as valid or compelling any court that is not bound by the inalienable right of only natural Law which is both immutable and inalienable, or breaks the fundamental principles of law through the imposition of legal fictions, the ‘reason’ of the law is the soul of the law, just as nature does nothing with a leap, so neither does the law, reason is the foundation and the conclusion of all law.

65.        NO Laws can compel; they can only protect. If the law does not protect me, the law does not apply to me.

66.        A true court of natural law of the land, on the authority of any living tangible man/woman, must issue a peremptory writ of mandate upon any court acting unlawfully.

67.        All Legislation is the "colour of law" without being valid laws of true due process, all legislation is the policy of a corporation, that is all, it is not binding upon any flesh and bone tangible man or woman, they are ‘assumed’ "laws" based on fictional beginnings and are the inherently defective basis for additional fictional "laws" and other legal fictions. Every purported "Act" in effect today is "de facto," based on colourable fictitious entities created arbitrarily, out of nothing, without verification, without lawful foundation, or lawful due process. All of such "laws" are not law, but rules of ruler ship by force/conquest, originating from and existing in military, martial law jurisdiction. Might is right, which is the definition of lawlessness.

68.        I make clear every tangible man/woman has the right to defend; even by force; his physical body, his liberty (freedom from captivity, or physical restraint, from arbitrary or despotic government or control), and his property, this right is incumbent on each tangible man/woman, thus the principle of the removal of this right of the individual to allow an invented fiction of a collective right, as its very reason for being imposed is the removal of the law for lawlessness.

69.        There is no collective right or rights at all, only individual rights, supported and defended by the community each individual lives within.

70.        Force is ‘just’ to defend our own individual rights, only the initiation of force is prohibited; defensive, restitutive, or retaliatory force is lawful, it then follows that a group of men/women have the right to organise and support a common force to protect these rights of the individual constantly. The society of law is the organisation of the natural right of lawful defence; this common force has only the same right as the individual to use physical intervention to defend them or any other individual by justifiable force, as all have a natural and lawful right to do... 



Duty of care

71.        In contrast the corporate Police (Police means Policy – a corporate contract of insurance) have NO requirement of the natural law DUTY OF CARE to protect the individual; they function to enforce the policies of the corporation, known as legislation which binds only those performing the functions of corporate government, which is an imposition upon the law, if used in its place. The police have absolutely no jurisdiction over a living tangible man/woman, and are bound by the same constraints as a peacemaker to act and perform lawfully, they can act in defence of the weak and they can upon the granting of a lawful warrant of law hold a man/woman and bring them before a lawful court.

72.        Officialism function in contrast, and opposition to natural duty or affection.

73.        The establishment of peacemakers who champion the causes of the weak, and defend the inalienable rights of the individual, is the true common force of defence, which I will work to support and establish.

74.        The natural law duty of care is incumbent upon every man/woman, as an inalienable obligation, for example if you witness a drowning man and have it within your power to save him, but do not, you have failed in your natural law duty of care, so have committed an injury to the drowning man, and remedy can be sort.

75.        If a danger to others is present in any activity that demands a skill and knowledge base to master, like driving a car on a common right of use road, or flying a plane over a populated area, competence must be gained before that activity can be undertaken without danger to others, based upon your lawful duty of care to protect those around you, however ‘Licensing’ of drivers cannot be required of free people, because taking on the restrictions of a license requires the surrender of an inalienable right, namely who is above me to grant me permission, the license is required by public trustees who are performing a public service and is not applicable to me, the highway traffic act does not apply to me as I am not involved in commerce for the government, I can perform that function if I have a valid driver’s license (as the government is grant the benefit of using the public roads and must apply for permission of each individual of each local community and so they are licensed, the license they grant themselves is not lawful), but unless specifically performing that function I need no license and am not bound by any regulation of traffic acts to drive upon a public road, for my actions in law I hold full liability, and I am bound by that law to establish a duty of care, for which I am responsible.

76.        I make clear I will have no part in the perpetuation of the deception named democratic government, being the illusion of elective representation (which makes, in law, those voting mentally incompetent), while being in truth a representative dictatorship, based on sham elections of a small group of men and women selected by the accumulated wealth elite. Even a pure Democracy itself is unlawful, as it imposes unduly upon the minority it dominates, and is used as a device to justify the removal of inalienable rights of that minority.

77.        The purpose of the deception of democracy is in the removal of a duty of care. The accumulated wealth elite wage war both economically (usury and monopoly) and often physically on their neighbour to steal their resources, to subjugate them to the dictates of imposed representatives through force of arms, breaking the duty of care incumbent on every man/woman, they allow or actively engineer for their neighbours to starve, be at war, die from curable diseases, be exploited economically and enslaved mentally, be held in poverty for the profit of an accumulated wealth elite, all of which breaks the duty of care incumbent upon every man/woman. This is achieved by division, into free range human farms called countries, where the populations must seek permission to leave and are bound by the slavery of debt; the debtor slaves must defend their slavery with patriotic sacrifice, and national pride.

78.        The populations stand silent on the hardships of their neighbours, as the sophistry of representatives and the media whore of the elite, hold them supporters of the many atrocities committed in the name of freedom, economics, policy, pre-emptive defence, etc.; to fund their neighbour to protect them from the crimes of the elite would not be sanctioned by the ‘elected’ representatives (representatives of the elite), but the illusion they create is, paying more taxation in aid to help their neighbour, which is both inadequate and misappropriated, and marketed as prohibitively expensive, while the same accumulated wealth elite steals 90% of the labours of the populations in every human farm, through the many deceptions they have established upon them, all as a direct result of the lawlessness imposed by the force of arms, the removal of community and the isolation and alienation of the populations.

79.        Duty of care: It is a wrongful act to witness a wrongful act being committed and not to prohibit it when it is within your power to do so; and anyone who does not prohibit when they can prohibit is at fault.

80.        No justification can be claimed from the wrong of another; a wrong does not excuse a wrong.

81.        If a wrong is committed while the accused, through his own want, is intoxicated, it has no mitigation upon the consequences of their actions.

Due Process

82.        If a summons is served where the plaintiff (complaining party) is a legal fiction, such as a corporation, I, nor any tangible living man/woman are a party to the action. You cannot be arraigned (Arraigned – to be ordered; to prepare for trial) because no fiction (any legal entity) can bring any claim against a living soul, as a fiction of legislation cannot be injured, nor can it be a party to a contract. The only lawful plaintiff (complainer) is another tangible living soul; they can bring you into any Court of Record in Equity consisting of twenty three random peers of the community, twenty three makes a full lawful community, who are summoned together to try a disputed cause, performing the functions of a jury, giving a verdict from their own investigation and knowledge, based upon reason, aided in this by court administrators. The Trivium, Quadrium techniques of reasoning and conclusion are good tool to establish reasoned truth, structured upon hypothesis, thesis, antithesis through reasoning and constructed rhetoric, to establish the facts and conclude a remedy. This is not difficult as the law is founded on two simple principles, and if these two principles are always maintained it is easy to apply the law, the law of contract is founded on ‘you must do all you have agreed to do’, if it can be proved you have indeed agreed and the contract was lawful; and all criminal torts are based upon, ‘you cannot encroach upon another man/woman or their property’, keeping these two laws as the basis of law makes judging all acts in jus equity attainable through the exercise of reason, applied to all eventualities and disputes.

83.        The ability to apply reasoning techniques is as important as literacy and numeracy, and should be classified with an equal significance, every child has a right to be literate and numerate and should also be ratiocinate; this being a duty of every parent, as every parent has an obligation to bestow a proper education upon his children
I. General Grammar: Answers Who, What, Where and When of the Subject
II. Formal Logic: Answers Why of the Subject
III. Rhetoric: Provides the How of the Subject

84.        All wrongful acts are known as ‘torts’, being an encroachment upon another or their property so having caused injury to another tangible man/woman, or breaking a lawful contract, which would have to be proved is the case, if in dispute, standing before a Court of Record in Equity establishing natural law of the land. Where equities are equal, the law will prevail equally. Equity in dispute will provide no specific remedies where the parties are found equal, or where neither has been wronged.

85.        Most actions in the world are limited within a certain reasonable period for a victim to seek remedy as judged by the jury, except for felonies (any crime punishable by death or mutilation and forfeiture of lands and goods) where for example the victim is murdered and cannot seek remedy themselves, a crime that would have no limit. These crimes, and the establishment of remedy for other encroachments, are taken up by the peace makers (Rex’s- to put right), those who champion the cause of the weak and put right a wrongful act; any men/women of bond can volunteer to perform this service, and the accused, if intentionally evading the consequences of their actions, must stand the costs, or if being unable, their surety must stand the costs of the investigation, through having to be brought before the court. If the convicted felon is outlaw, the community at large would stand surety as an act of charity, from any who wished to contribute, to defray the expenses to the peace maker (Rex).

86.        I make clear my inalienable rights of natural law do not require the consent of any man/woman to be held lawful upon all, as within natural law each of us is obligated to all others, no man/woman is above the natural law; nor is permission asked of any man when they are required to obey it. Natural law is such as existed long antecedent to the organization of the State; all unlawful society outside of this contract is explicitly and implicitly not consented to. By this refusal of the venality manifest by an Absence of Law, replaced with legal fictions created in bad faith now prevalent within the courts; the remedy being in the right of only natural Law through the contracted surety bond created and maintained only between unfettered liberated living man/woman in their proper tangible form.

87.        I make clear my inalienable Rights are such as exist by the Law and fairness of the land, being  the rule of what is right, the reasoned truth, and whatever is contrary to the rule of what is right is an injury, the honest execution of law does no unlawful conduct, what is mine cannot be taken away without my consent, and the law is mine inalienably, as detailed within this contract. I hold my rights of only natural Law long antecedent to the organisation of the State Oligarchy, and therefore cannot be denied by any invested in such a deception. I here clearly express my refusal to be a party to the venality and absence of Law, dominant within the discharging of  the legal fictions created in bad faith, by Maladministration now prevalent within the commercial courts dressing themselves up as Courts of Record in Equity, which function as a third party debt collector for a foreign corporation; the remedy being the establishment and perpetuation of natural law courts of Record in Equity (formally Moots) the highest court of the land, founded on the right of only natural Law, remedied substantively (defined as with substance of your labour or the fruits of your labour) through the protection of contracted surety bond, only between tangible living man/woman, with no recognition of any inferior courts. All men/women shall have a remedy by the due course of natural law, however, No one is bound to make oath to the fact of their own criminality as a man/woman who does wrong hates the light of discovery; no one can be forced to give their own oath in evidence of their guilt. No one is bound to accuse themselves. No one is bound to expose themselves to misfortunes and dangers.  No one is bound to betray themselves. Therefore they have a right to remain silent.

88.        I make clear I shall NOT bear false attestation, I make an oath to speak the reality of all I observe when serving as attestant, even if it does not serve my advantage, or the advantage of my parents, my relatives, or friends whether the accused or accuser is rich or poor.

89.        In a trial by jury, the jury adjudicates both the facts of the case AND the natural law itself, this statement of fact compels all and any lawful court administrator to perform their obligations correctly, as defined by performing his virtuous duties within the confines of natural law, and to organise the discharging of all lawful rights through peer fairness prudence, within the totality of all instants and actions between any and all living flesh and blood man/woman in their proper tangible form, represented on their own behalves, interactions. With the substantive conclusion of any recompense only between a plaintiff (complainer) and accused exclusively, and only accepting fiat money as of value so long as it can be exchanged for true value, until this deception can be removed completely; money (a medium of account for the exchange of labour) should only be valuing against the bench mark of stored labour, if it has not intrinsic store of labour it cannot be money, an example of that stored effort is pure silver, which is recognised commonly as having a stable value, so this could be used for convenience of gauge, otherwise any fiat currency could not be used and recompense would be settled in pure silver, or any other mutually agreed substantive settlement of intrinsically stored labour, from all parties, as a thing adjudged must be. Fiat money is the compelled performance of an unrevealed (deceptive) commercial agreement; compelled as there is no lawful money alternative widely accepted, you are presumed to accept the benefit and so discharge your debts with limited liability, write upon every fiat note before exchange ‘without prejudice UCC 1-207.7’  so discharge any unrevealed obligation of the government or corporation.

90.        Metallic money should always be assessed randomly by Asura – the trial of money by heating it after it is minted. From the loss of weight occasioned by this process, a pound (Silver) was said to burn so many pence as is lost by the fire, as one pound in silver was one pound of exchange divided in to 240 penny coins in the original coinage system from around 758 ad; while the true medium of exchange should always remain human labour, having any intrinsic forms of money only as a means of congruity.

91.        Any who causes injury to an innocent tangible man/woman through exercise of their powers or the use of their property, is subject to the judgment of the natural law Court of Record in Equity, to remedy the injury. It does not matter if the injury results from negligence or not knowing.

92.        If any tort has no precedent so an established remedy does not exist, or if the existing remedy has been subverted, then one may create a remedy for themselves and endow it with credibility by expressing it for consideration of a jury of twenty three peers; if of course you can be relieved by accustomed remedies, new ones should not generally be demanded.

93.        Upon the plaintiff (the complainer) rests the proving – the burden of proof; proofs ought to be evident, (that is) clear and easily understood. When a man/woman believing themselves a victim of an encroachment requiring remedy, through their own authority, they empower the issuing of a writ, having no fiction of a superior granting a writ on their behalf from state or monarch, as a summons is by natural right and requires no third party of authorisation.

94.        If one is proved to have, with intention, falsely, and with malice, accused another of a crime, the remedy due to the crime invented to defame the innocent, should be inflicted upon the perjured informer (complainer).

95.        The writ is administered through the natural law Court of Record in Equity, and enforced through the putting right (to put right (Rex)): peacemaking through the ancient Rex system. A rex being any individual selected by the issuer of the writ, the rex would seek a warrant (the warrant serves to give reliable or formal assurance that the writ is lawful and accurate)on the writ from the court, if when serving the warrant the Rex is prevented from acting, they can call others to champion the cause of the weak, they would force the accused to appear before the Court of Record in Equity, and are ultimately paid by the accused, whether acquitted or guilty, through that refusal to appear, as that refusal has created the requirement to be forcibly brought before the committee of plea through the services of a peacemaker (Rex); with all remedies and costs incurred from a refusal to appear supported by the surety bond of the accused.

96.        Both Parties affected present an affidavit and can speak and act directly, being solely responsible for responding in court. No one else can represent you in a court, as any accused is permitted to face his accuser without fear, and any plaintiff (complainer) should be able to face the accused without fear. If a child or timid woman fears, they can have another stand with them and represent them in a fearless and confident way to establish truth and remedy.

97.        No one can sue in the name of another, and no man is bound in consequence of his honest advice.  The natural law Court shall record a written transcript, with the augmentation of any additional form of recording if desired, held for a perpetual memorial, containing all the oral evidence of witnesses, victims or complainers, accused, and remedy, of such high and super eminent accuracy, that its truth is not called into question, all recorded and documented under natural Law community records.

98.        Law always regards the intention, as the basis of the truth of every action.

99.        Any aggrieved party may fill out a writ of complaint, and record it with the Court of Record in Equity administrator who allocates a time and date for hearings, the victim empowers the writ, demanding that the men/women of the local community convene a Board of Arbitration to resolve the dispute between the aggrieved parties, this being a Court of Record in Equity, in the right of only natural Law, without prejudice, meaning I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement. All facts, oaths, and evidence must be heard or observed by all parties involved.

100.    If the victim does not know who the guilty party is of the wrong, the writ is given to all who can act as peace makers (Rex), who will determine the facts and bring the accused for remedy, however every un-condemned man/woman is held by the law as innocent, until they are proven otherwise.

101.    No free man/woman shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of their rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of their standing in any other way, nor will any party proceed with force against them, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of their equals through the implementation of the natural law of the land.

102.    I make clear my inalienable right to my liberty, if this is denied I can demand a prerogative writ initiated by any man/woman on my behalf if I am restrained, this functions by empowering with the law, the individual in holding, making accountable the exercise of the societies and communities around them, from the unlawful imprisonment, through improper executive, judicial, or private restraints of "civil" confinements within incarceration facilities labelled, prisons, jails, camps, hospitals, re-education facilities, mental institutions, or whatever form it may take, all used to restrain others unlawfully. Protection of liberty demanded through the writ of ‘Habeas Corpus’ (held body) from the court, which is an ancient law of the land prerogative writ - a lawful procedure to which you have an undeniable right. It is an extraordinary remedy at law. Upon proper application, or even on naked knowledge alone, every lawful court is empowered, and is duty bound, to issue the Extraordinary Writ of Habeas Corpus commanding one who is restraining liberty, so holding imprisoned another, to forthwith produce before the court the man/woman who is in custody and to show cause why the liberty of that man/woman is being restrained, and if the court finds no just cause, remedy must be established for the victim of that unlawful restraint. The term imprisonment usually imports a restraint contrary to the wishes of the prisoner; and the writ of habeas corpus is designed as a remedy for them, to be invoked at their insistence, to set them at liberty, not to change their keeper. In the case of an infant or a child of tender years that is detained improperly from the tangible man/woman entitled to their custody and guardianship, that being sufficient ground to invoke and maintain the writ of habeas corpus.

103.    I make clear I will respect and deal in a clear accountable manor with relatives, orphans and the less fortunate than myself, giving them no less than full measure in all things.

104.    I make clear I will NOT cheat or steal from any man/woman, and I will especially not cheat any of their inheritance, being especially conscientious when dealing with orphans or widows, or the destitute.

105.    I make clear any court system in the world can only act upon me lawfully through natural law, and this demands a tangible victim who has been wronged, the court only invoked if remedy between parties cannot be mutually resolved amicably; as such all court systems are obligated to function within the procedures of a Court of Record in Equity of natural law, in carrying out the terms of this equitable contract; beyond the power of any legislation or fictions of law; demonstrating respect to the natural inalienable rights of law, here declared; if a court fails to administer the natural law, they are not a lawful court and no tangible man/woman is bound by their administration. Further all and any courts in existence no matter how Malfeasant their Maladministration, are obliged to function upon the Method of Operation of inalienable natural law through the consideration and conclusions of a committee of plea system of peers, with the legal administrators labelled judge or judges, magistrates or justice of the peace who function as public servants making them the public trustee within any court of law they function in, so preventing the Crown or State from being the beneficiary of any action and making tangible men/women the grantor (executor)or the beneficiary, in the trust system now applied and used within the courts of the Uniform Commercial Code, only a tangible man/woman can be grantor as the Creator of all reality gave dominion of the Earth to all tangible living men/women; Peers must be of equal standing, so ideally would be held within a similar contract of society, unfettered liberated living man/woman in their proper tangible form represented on their own behalf, this being the definition of the term ‘peers’ and any reference to peers within this document is within that definition.


106.    I make clear no one is supposed to intentionally deceive those who know and assent to their acts. Deception consists of some deceitful practice or wilful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of their right, or in some manner to do them an injury. As distinguished from negligence, it is always positive, intentional. Deception is either actual or constructive. Actual deception consists in deceit, artifice, trick, design, some direct and active operation of the mind; it includes cases of the intentional and successful employment of any cunning, deception or artifice, used to circumvent or cheat another.

107.    Constructive deception consists in any act of commission or omission contrary to lawful duty or confidence justly reposed, which is contrary to good conscience and operates to the injury of another. Or any act, or statement, or omission, which operates as a virtual deception on an individual, or which, if permitted, would be prejudicial to the community’s welfare. Or contracts, although not originating in any actual evil design or contrivance to perpetuate positive deception, or injury upon the other party, are yet, by their tendency to deceive or mislead others, a violation of private or community interests, so are deemed equally reprehensible with actual deception. As all men/women have a natural law duty of care, gross negligence is equivalent to deception.

108.    The instigator of a crime is worse than he/she who perpetrates it, and this must be reflected within the remedy. Further within corporate society, deception is pervasive, but within natural law it is a deception to conceal a deception, and every intentional deception is an encroachment in law.



109.    I make clear that I will NOT be in subjugation to any sovereign, Monarch, Pope, Prime Minister, President or any Assembly of Traitors to themselves and those around them, that are now falsely describing themselves as the Representation of the abstract legal fiction of the People within the legal fiction of Corporate Government, or representative of such, so attempting to subvert the authority, the inalienable Rights of the individual defended through the reality of an entrusted, committed burden, duty and obligation of twenty three peer committee of plea system (assembly and deliberation in the constituting of fairness through tort remedy) in the right of only natural Law, and further I will not subjugate anyone in support of any Sovereign, Monarch, Pope, Prime Minister, President, or their Assembly of Traitors to themselves and those around them, this if becoming apparent, would be against both myself and all others who value the inalienable natural law established through the Court of Record in Equity; I will NOT compel any other free Liberated living man/woman in their proper tangible form to be subject to my beliefs against their own, whether my wife, child, relatives or any others, as I equally will NOT be compelled into any subjugation myself by another.

110.    I make clear my inalienable Right as a autonomous individual, as such the subjugation of any and all living sovereigns in existence who impose subjugation upon others within this physical reality will not be supported, accepted or followed, further those who masquerade as sovereigns will be viewed with utter contempt and derision.

111.    I make clear I will NOT recognise any authority or prerogative of any priesthood, clergy, Imam, Mufti, Mullah, Monk, Pope, Vicar, Bishop, Ayatollah, Rabbi, Pastor, Minister, Reverend, Muezzin, Guru, Sheik, Fakir, Sanyasi, Druid, Bonze, Santon, Abdal, Lama, Talapoin, Caloyeror, Judge, Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, Prime Minister, President, Politician, Senator, Congressmen, Mayor, Police Officer, Police Commissioner, Member of Parliament,  or any other Religious Cleric of any denomination or Religion.

112.    I make clear this Pure Contract Beyond the power of any legislation or fictions of law, now declared irrevocable, so will only be terminated upon my death, however nothing is so consonant with natural equity as that each thing should be dissolved by the same means as it was bound, and any wishing to dissolve this contract themselves are always free to do so through a lawful method. If I am accused of breaking the bond of this contract by encroaching upon any unfettered liberated living man/woman in their proper tangible form, the aggrieved party must seek reparation based upon Torts of remedy decided through peers (Peers as defined within this document, free of summary judgement, sovereign judgements, administrative judgements); if without dispute, as the thing speaks for itself, being an event that has occurred which, if the subject of litigation, would not require an onus of proof by the plaintiff (the complaining party) because of the obvious negligence of the accused, then remedy must be established equitably between the parties. If disputed, settlement established through a Court of Record in Equity in natural Law, without prejudice. Once a case has been finally decided upon by a natural law Court of Record in Equity the same parties cannot attempt to raise the issue by or during further proceedings, unless clear proof of conflicting evidence arises against the previously established facts. Peer verdicts can be based upon outlawry including forfeit of life in the event of murder at the discretion of the family wronged, (the murder has stolen the life of the victim, under the law the thief must return what was stolen in kind, as the law is substantive, so the life of the murderer, is in the hands of the friends and relatives of the victim, they can extinguish the life, they can maintain the life in captivity at their own exclusive cost, but they cannot release the life, as if another is murdered that victims kith and kin would have a lawful claim against the family who released the murderer; as any man/woman who spares the guilty punishes the innocent. Additionally the murderer’s holdings in full would be forfeit to the family of the victim/s in substantive settlement; if the resources required and demanded in remedy were beyond the resources of the convicted, then they would be secured through the contracted surety bonds, if a bond was held by the murderer. Holding captive a man/woman who represents a physical danger to another or the community within lawful confinement, this established not for the sake of punishment, but for their detention under guard, until remedy is established.

113.    In the more atrocious crimes, the intent (or attempt) must be remedied even if the effect does not follow.


114.    I make clear I will NOT kill another living man/woman in their proper tangible form or a ‘human being’, being the legal definition of a slave, or any creature in being that can reason, unless in self defence or in the establishment of remedy in the execution of a natural law committee plea jury convicted murderer.

115.    Under natural law the wearing of a uniform, and acting under orders from another, does not remove culpability of the actions committed, murder is murder for both the issuers murderous commands and the performer of their execution, even if a man/woman kills one when they meant to kill another, they are held guilty of felony (any crime punishable by death or mutilation and forfeiture of lands and goods). Murder is the wilful killing of any creature in being that can reason, Murdrum is the killing in a secret manner, for the heinous act of Murder the law demands full reparation in remedy 'to put Right' in defence of the weak and in the immutable, inalienable right of natural Law. For every tangible man/woman it is lawful to repel force by force; but let it always be done with blameless defence, not to take revenge, but to repel injury.

116.    If a tangible man or woman is placed outside of the law and the community, this is known as Outlawry. An outlaw is, as it were, put out of the protection of the law, for a felony amounting to conviction and attainder; meaning the consequence of judged remedy of the community is death or in the event of the physical absence of the guilty, outlawry for that felony, involving the loss of all civilised rights, and so the protection of the law.


117.    I make clear I will NOT abandon or kill my children out of fear of poverty, or from the shame of their actions, I will not hold them as chattel nor treat them with contempt.

118.    I make clear I shall honour my parents for as long as they live, one of them or both of them, I shall not speak harshly to them nor mistreat them. If this is made impossible I will tolerate them at a distance in peace, remaining cordial.

119.    It is the role of parents to support their children even when illegitimate until adulthood; a child who is born outside of lawful matrimony follows the condition of the mother. To fail in this duty would be an encroachment upon the child and so the peace maker (Rex) would stand champion for the child, and would demand remedy.

120.    The union of man and woman derives from the law of nature. Consent in contract, and not coition (or sharing a bed), constitutes nuptials or marriage, and no one can consent before marriageable age. To have sexual relations with a child is an encroachment upon them, and would be remedied by the Court of Record in Equity in natural law, fulfilled through the peace makers championing the cause of the weak, and demanding remedy.

121.    The father has the guardianship of his son/daughter in natural law, and this is inseparable and cannot be waived, a father's right to the custody of his own children being founded on his right of guardianship, meaning the care, protection and defence of that child, this honour being taken away if the opposite deed is demonstrated, when they may be severed from him, and put, by the authority of a lawful court in full community, in the custody of another, who could under the protection of the law provide true guardianship for them. If a child is wrongfully taken from a fit parent and given to some other adult, it is a form of human trafficking, and an abomination in the eyes of the law, only a natural law court, consisting of a full community of peers, being twenty three tangible men/women in jury, can determine the guardianship of a child, based upon clear torts and violations of the terms of guardianship, but without imposing undue restriction upon parental liberty and family autonomy.

122.    It is not lawful to have two or more wives/husbands at one time, you break the contract of marriage established with the original wife/husbands, and the injured party/s can seek remedy from the Court of Record in Equity. Unless the ability to marry more spouses is explicitly asserted within the original contract of marriage, with any parameters included, if the agreement is in place it must apply to both parties, as all are equal, and all rights of contract must apply equally to all parties, so both the husband and the wife would have equal right to take a second spouse, with full disclosure to all concerned, meaning that any further spouse/s were fully aware of the original contract.

123.    A child in the womb is considered born, whenever there is a question of a benefit to the child, so the law protects the child from formed fetus, and treats the life as full and mature, to terminate a life within the womb encroaches upon the child, additionally to intentionally poison, or damage the environment of the fetus encroaches on the child.

124.    It is not just and proper that one who speaks ill, but truthfully of the torts (wrongful acts) of a man/woman should be condemned on that account; for it is fitting and expedient that the wrongdoings of bad men/women be known, however, any baseless claims against another are an encroachment upon them and remedy could be sort, as back biting and gossip based on fantasy is a serious encroachment upon the victim.


125.    Theft is the handling of another’s property, with an intention of stealing, against the will of the proprietor, whose property it had been. The remedy is firstly, the item must be returned without damage, if damaged must be recompensed, if lost must be paid as a minimum of its value, and further to compensate the victim in time and trouble suffered from their actions, if they have no resource to do so they must labour until the debt is paid, secondly they can hold no position of authority or guardianship within the community, and cannot stand attestant, nor verify any contract for another, as they have proved themselves dishonest, this prohibition would remain until the consensus of the local community granted forgiveness through a prolonged change in conduct. Finally the friends and family of the thief must systematically confront the thief throughout a day, with every good thing they have ever done, relating how proud they have been of them in their good conduct within the community, however small that maybe, and demonstrate to the thief how valued and essentially good they truly are, so shaming them through the positive not the negative, showing them how they have let themselves down, this final method of reform can be applied to any wrong that would have reasonable benefits.

126.    Surety of the peace, as remedy, preserves justice and consists in obligating those men/women whom there is probable ground to suspect of future misbehaviour, to stipulate with, and to give full assurance to, the community that such an offence as is apprehended shall not take place, by finding pledges or securities for keeping the peace, or for their good lawful behaviour.

127.    Justice that truly prevents a crime is better than any which severely punishes it, in natural law, punishment is not recognised in and of itself, only remedy for the victim and protection for the community.

128.    Whatever a man/woman will do under the fear of losing their life or limb will not be held binding upon them in law.

129.    I make clear that I DO NOT recognise any Right in law, created through the legal fictions of national borders, State regional jurisdiction, Sovereign ownership of land, corporate ownership of land or restrictions of movement through passport, visa or immigration placed upon any man/woman in their proper tangible form represented on their own behalf, or any human being held as a slave through the fictitious systems and confidence tricks placed upon them, as without doubt the entire Earth and all that's upon and within it, are Allodial by their very nature.

Allodial right of use

130.    I make clear without reservation that all property without exception is utterly and completely owned by the Creator alone, no claim of ownership (control) through being a representative of a God, or being a God on earth is valid or recognised, absolutely; No fiction of legislation or any living man/woman in their proper tangible form has any Right to establish, or inherit any:

131.    Trust - All Trusts are an unlawful contract, based upon a trinity of parties, from the original holder of estate or property, the title is conveyed to the legal instrument (the incorporeal entity or holy ghost), this is serviced by the administrator known as the trustee (Son) who cannot be the beneficiary of the trust, who is controlled by the grantor (Executor or Father) of the trust, those to benefit from the trust can be the grantor or a beneficiary, as any party acting as grantor (executor) can confer to a beneficiary. This is a way to allow a third party, the trustee, to act as administrator on behalf of the grantor, with the trustee having full powers to administrate the directions of the grantor (executor) but having no power to receive benefits themselves, in effect a trust is a contract based upon no trust between the parties contracting,  so the estate or property is held within a legal fiction to prevent the trustee claiming it themselves.

132.    Estate - is all interests in land held by a deceased person at death, or a body of men/women united or combined into one incorporeal body, to make a legal corps (dead body), known as corporation whose holdings are known as mortmain, 'the dead man’s hand'. All estate is ownership (control) of property by a corps (dead body). Under the natural law a dead man/woman cannot possess immovable property, in truth they can possess nothing, their dead, it immediately falls to their tangible living inheritor/s.

133.    Property Title – the outward evidence of a right in the colour of law of tenancy.

134.    Property Deed - a Deed in legislative policy is nothing more than the vestment (or clothing) of a gift, the bestower of a gift has the legal (not lawful) right to regulate its disposal) as tenant.

135.    All in representation of tenancy, all created by legal deception, none of the representations of claim are of any value or worth, holding only the colour of law.

136.    Ownership is an encroachment and a deception, and a right of action cannot arise out of deception, the buying and selling of land or the extant natural resources of the earth are never sanctioned, further selling the Right of use (i.e. renting) is against the right of only natural Law, you can only own what you, yourself create, so you can not own the land, or the resources of the land, you can only hold a right of use, and a right of use cannot demand the fruits of the labour of another for using what you did, or for what you are not using yourself.

137.    No unfettered liberated tangible living man/woman has a right to own property beyond that property they themselves create, but has a inalienable right of use, based upon Stronger Right through use than any other tangible living man/woman, we have a right to custodianship only, as we arrive in this world with nothing, and we depart this world with nothing of material value except ourselves, this natural reality establishes allodial right of use as an immutable constant, we are the custodians of the fruits of the labours of the past and the furnishes of the labours of the present, holding a right to full possession of the fruits of our own labour.

138.    For example: If I plant a field of watermelons, the watermelons are the bounty of the Creator, grown from the earth and out of the seed, and from the design of the Creator, but the physical labour you invested in the planting of the seed, the preparing of the land, the harvesting and marketing of the watermelons, is what you have honestly earned and deserve in reward of your labour, so when you sell the watermelon, the watermelon itself is free, as it is the bounty of the Creator, but the labour it took to reach its end user and consumer must be paid by the end user and consumer.


Animals have right

 139.    The above logic applies to all life. Therefore, animals need only one right: the right not to be property, animals are unable to enter into a social contract or make moral choices, and for that reason cannot be regarded as possessors of rights that can be defended or established by them independently.

140.    Like the watermelon the animal is not owned, only the labour invested in the animal has value the animal is the property of the Creator, the right of the animal not to suffer from the hand of man is inalienable to all life, we have a duty of care.

141.    To fail in that duty of care demands remedy, anyone can claim defence of the weak and hold accountable any who with malicious intention abuse life. This need not be defined as it is claimed by the plaintiff (complainer), and they must convince the Jury of twenty three peers of the truth of their claim against the abuser of life.

142.    Allodial right of use is a situation where real property (land, buildings and fixtures) is held free and clear of any encumbrances, including liens, mortgages and tax obligations. Allodium title is inalienable, in that it cannot be taken by any operation of law for any reason whatsoever, (beyond the single intentional actions of manifesting long term damage to surrounding property.)

143.    All land is Allodial, so the absolute property of their custodian and not subject to any service or acknowledgement to a superior, this concept denies the legal power of municipal (Municipal corporation is a foreign town corporation to which the freedom of the city of Rome was granted, and whose inhabitants had the privilege (right to steal) of enjoying offices and honours there grant by Rome. Municipal law is the law of the City of Rome.) and State governments to tax property, (if they were in existence) on the basis that allodium claim cannot be alienated by failure to pay those taxes, abide by their invented regulations or paying their imposed fees.

144.    Allodium claim cannot be alienated by seizure by a creditor, as the claim of the foreclosure by the mortgagee is unlawful. However, by its nature, allodium claim cannot be mortgaged in the first place, and an attempt to create allodium claim on land that is subject to encumbrance by debt is impossible.

145.    Although allodium claim cannot be lost, that also means that it cannot be transferred or encumbered without losing its allodial status. As such, when a property custodian, the Allodarii ,dies and leaves custodianship to more than one heir, the conceptual allodium claim status of the Allodarii is lost, this situation must be resolved as quickly as possible, so re-establishing the correct Allodium claim status, the property must be either divided, sold or agreement of the parties to settle and establish a single custodian. This process failing to be accomplished the claim reverts back to the community it exists within.

146.    Allodium claim cannot be mortgaged (as is common in a usury system). Moreover, as liens cannot attach to allodium claim, if considered from the perspective of a usury system it is propagated that it would be difficult to finance improvements to any property held in allodium claim as, once linked to the single custodian, the improvements become part of the allodium claim and become exempt from lien or seizure of the property to pay a contractor's bill. The burden of responsibility to honour these debts, if established, is solely upon the custodian personally, the fruits generated from the property, personally by the custodian could be seized, as they represent the wealth, the labour invested within the produced goods from the property. However in the lawful system the surety bond services the confidence in the bond of the debtor.

147.    Allodium claim cannot, in theory, lawfully be taken away against the will of the custodian. However, an allodarii custodian can contractually give up allodial custodianship and that allodial custodianship can be restored or sold (added value only) or passed on to a single heir. Allodium claim cannot be exchanged by deception, only by lawful contract. (For example you could not use your allodial property as a stake for a wager, just as much as the collateral for a loan.)

148.    Allodial property cannot be owned by a corporation, being a group recognised as an individual by legislation, being a group colony of individuals, working in unity against the community for their own benefit. Only tangible men/women can hold allodial rights of use and custodianship under natural law.

149.    All property is Allodial, property without a custodian is held in common use by the local community, and allotted to individuals when the men and women of the local community are asked to consent to new claims around them. Otherwise it remains open to all to enjoy, and for local community projects.

150.    Land alone can have no saleable value, it can be given freely or exchanged for equal land in another location, but not sold, as it is in custody only, however the fixed labour invested in the land, labour integral that forms added worth, such as making the land arable, buildings, crops; seasonal or annual, like trees planted; all have value and can be sold with the transferred obligations of the custodianship of the land which attaches no cost.

151.    If you irreparably damage the land, as its custodian, through contaminating it with poisons, damage its nature with cross species genetically modified crops, making it radioactive, any long term effects that detrimentally effect not just your allodial land, but the surrounding lands through intentional assault, breaks the covenant and so void the custodianship, and holds those responsible accountable for the cost and effort of rectifying the surrounding contamination. If the custodian damages their Allodium claim without affecting any surrounding land it is a crime between the custodian and the Creator, and all are always open to another championing the cause of the weak, if they damage life with malice and intention anyone can complain and seek remedy before the Court of Record in Equity. But any abuses would have a bearing on the local community allocating new allodial custodianship in any future applications, as it is those around a claim that sanction a claim.

152.    Rights of dominion are transferred without title or delivery, registration or tenancy, simply recorded in affidavit contract with all parties holding local claim neighbouring the new area of the adjuration of use, a claim can only be held once claimed by positive prescription to wit, long and quiet possession and use; initially sanctioned by the local consent of men/women physically surrounding the claim, then held through use.

153.    This allodium claim is achieved in the establishing of a lawful affidavit (after locating where you’d wish to exercise a right of use), consisting of the collection of signatures and thumb prints of twenty three independent tangible men and women who physically neighbour the claim, each witnessed, stating that, ‘they have no objection to your claim, and know of no tangible man or woman who holds a stronger prior claim of use’, the affidavit should be notarised by a natural law notary public (notary seal), those 23 then forming the second seal of a full community, and the third seal of signatures and thumb prints, this is then sent to any concerned parties as a affidavit, to the allow rebuttal of that claim. If within the UK to:

154.    Public Trustee Malcolm Dawson,
Chief Land Registrar
Land Registry Croydon Office
Trafalgar House
1 Bedford Park

155.    Public Trustee Kenneth Clarke, MP
Ministry of Justice
102 Petty France

156.    Public Trustee Vince Cable MP
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills  
1 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0ET

157.    In Scotland:
The Keeper of the Registers of Scotland
Public Trustee Sheenagh Adams
Erskine House
68 Queen Street

158.    I make clear all physical land and Right to use property holdings I possess are liberated of the legal fiction of ownership(meaning control – a duplicate account), defined as being title separated and duplicated so held by different parties; which means, when you buy immovable property it is under the concept of 'Sharing gains' that are expected to be generated from that property, further the legal fiction of title of estate, a document that lays claim over the land in colour of title, is proper, only when no real title or claim of a tangible living man/woman to the land exists, therefore no claim of estate by any intangible form will be recognised as lawful.( The colour of law denotes the "mere semblance of legal right", the "pretence or appearance of" right); this removes all controlling claims of landlords, corporations and States to dominate land or resources, fully denying any consent to eminent domain. I hold all land and Right to use property as allodaril holder, as the Allodarii – the possessor of allodial land: allodial, meaning free from the control of any superior, held with no obligation to another, an unconditional right of use. Through Allodium claim, in contract, meaning, land held absolutely in one’s own right, not subject to any duties or burdens.

159.    The Allodium claim establishing lawful custody, unfettered of any fiction of legislation or registration, as I hold land and Right to use property by the use of allodium claim in written contract verified in inauguration with a minimum of 23 neighbours around the local claim, as signed peers within the local community, defined as all who surround and are around the claimed property; as these men/women are the only lawful parties concerned, as No one should intermeddle with a thing that in no respect concerns them. So claims are granted by local consensus or under the right of which occupancy is done, or abandoned, claimed if there is no stronger claim. Likewise any alteration, improvements, or structures upon the land that encroach upon those around the claimed right of use, such as structures that dominate the views of neighbours, or activities that cause strong foul odours, like pig farming, or excessive noises, beyond what is reasonable, would require the consent of those around them (without prior consent would represent an encroachment upon another). Further to damage surrounding claims with complaint of environmental poisoning of groundwater or air, or any other form of encroachment from claimed use that are not speedily rectified, could forfeit all rights of claim to the land, established through arbitration of an entrusted, committed burden, duty and obligation of twenty three peer committee of plea system (assembly and deliberation in the constituting of fairness through tort remedy) in the right of only natural Law without prejudice. As No man/woman ought to lose their property without their own act or default, and no creditor can have any claim at all upon the immovable property of any debtor, and further cannot seize the movable property of a debtor that would in doing so preventing them earning a living, or having full provisions for their home, as only the surplus fruits of the labours of the debtor can be demanded, nothing more, the lawful creditor can claim payment through agreement of the debtors surety bondsmen, and the debtor can work to repay the surety.

160.    In the sky above any claim all would have a right of way as long as they did not encroach upon those claims they passed over, through noise pollution, air pollution, falling objects or chemicals, etc., all these would represent encroachments. Noise for example would be reasonable acceptable levels; otherwise the noise of birds would prevent their free access, which would be unreasonable.

161.    Rivers and ports are public, therefore the right of fishing there is common to all; roads are public, therefore the right to travel upon them is common to all, no tolls, licenses, taxes, or permissions are required; the use of riverbanks is by the law public (allodial right of use), like that of the stream itself. Water as air, are movable things and must of necessity continue common by the law of nature.

162.    To build structures upon claim of land that represents a saleable value of your labour, at the point of sale must comply to the minimum safety standards of the local community, as to build an unsafe structure endangers the lives of others, even family or visitors, and through that logic would be an encroachment upon them (breaking natural law - the law of the land). No man is compelled to sell his own property, even for a just or overly generous price, only the labours invested upon the land have any saleable value, the land and its incumbent resources are always a free transfer of custodianship at the point of sale.

163.    If I claim use of land and leave it deserted for a prolonged period, it may be claimed abandoned, and another makes use of it, if this new claim was later disputed, remedy could be established upon reasoned evidence of just cause to excuse it temporary desertion.

164.    Under natural law each man/woman has a right of way, to pass across or over any allodium claim, both individual and communal, as long as they caused no damage or encroachment upon any other while doing so, a holder of allodium claim can establish set paths forming rights of way around crops or to allow privacy upon their land, which obliges others to remain upon the set rights of way created.

165.    Once bonded, I am a bondsman, and am able to contract using my bond as guarantee, as a surety for any man/woman in their proper tangible form who contracts with me; if I hold twenty three contracts of bond, I would be fully bonded; or for example with a bond of 6, I would hold six contracts. This system demonstrates the confidence others show towards the man/woman they have contracted in bond with, as the bond is in surety, meaning each party in the contract of bond has made themselves responsible for the other, for the fulfilment of an obligation, the payment of a debt, the defence and protection of the other when in need, being a bondsman, one who stands surety by bond for the other in equal right.

166.    I will avoid as far as is possible a private business contract with any tangible man/woman who has no bond of surety to support their ability to contract; as any who contract, must know, or ought to know, the quality of the man/woman with whom they contract, otherwise a plea offered in extenuation of a fault or for release from an obligation, or promise has no substance to enforce, so is not a secure contract. If it is not clear what was done (or agreed on), the consequence will be that we follow what is commonly done in place where the agreement was made.

167.    The principle responsible for the debt should always be exhausted before resorting to the sureties. So if I have not the resources to meet my obligation at any point in time, my surety/s are required to fulfil these substantive demands, I must labour to reimburse all their costs, as resource and time permits, as No man ought to be burdened in consequence of another’s act. When two or more bondsmen are liable on a joint obligation, if one makes default the others must bear the whole.

168.    I make clear that no man/woman in their proper tangible form represented on their own behalf once contracted independently within surety bond will be fore-judged, disinherited, disavowed or disowned from surety bond without due process in the right of only natural Law, other than in the case of signed and verified abjuration of a contract by both parties being the man/woman in their proper tangible form represented on their own behalf, themselves.



169.    I make clear I am unfettered of any promissory, assertory, corporal, supplementary, decisory, extrajudicial, purgatory, solemn or official oaths of loyalty to any Monarch, Corporation or Church authority, or any other oath that would surrenders or compromise my autonomous Rights, so preventing the discharging of this contract. If an oath has been sworn, then before commitment within this contract can be established the recording of an affidavit to any oath given to any beneficiary, would require a sworn pronouncement recanting, revoking, rescinding, and utterly denying the validity of the oath given between the oath giver and oath beneficiary under the basis of 'Not been done before'(a contract signed mistakenly as were the full facts and implications made plain within the contract, no one of sound mind would sign.), giving the beneficiary of the oath 40 days to respond, and a recorded confirmation affidavit then sent if amicable outcome has been established, through silence of reply or confirmation of acceptance.

170.    If the affidavit is disputed, the beneficiary of the oath must present evidence of why, based upon reason and the constraints of natural law, they would hold the oath giver bound.

171.    Every oath or affidavit ought to be founded on certain knowledge, great care must be demonstrated in their administration and execution, as a man’s/woman’s oath is their bond. An infamous (convicted perjurer or one convicted of a tort that betrays the truth/honesty) man/woman is prevented from taking an oath as a result of their actions, until the community consensus is content they have had a profound change in character, sanctioning their truthfulness. A foolish oath, though false, does not make perjury.


172.    I make clear I will NOT work within any activity impacting in a negative way upon the community I exist within, or impacts negatively upon the environment that would break an allodium contract.

173.    I make clear I will not be an employee or waged (Wages being the compensation agreed upon by a master to be paid to a servant) and I will not use employees within the concept of establishing a business, this being an encroachment through the inferior employee and superior employer business structure, as all men/women in sight of the law are created equal in dignity, privilege, benefit, nobility, value; and vary only in knowledge and skills. When the struggle of control between separate individuals is removed, created from the wish to live and prosper at the expense of others, so struggle is replaced by cooperation, and how that substitution results in the development of intellectual and moral faculties which secure to the species the best conditions for equity, prosperity and self development in a truly egalitarian structure.

174.    I state clearly I am never performing the function of government; the rules of commerce within the Unified commercial code apply ONLY to the business of government, all statutes, act, charters and legislation governing commerce apply only to the government, any activity of business I perform has nothing to do with that body of regulation, I will not provide any government issued numbers or licenses, of national insurance or any other form, I will not function as an unpaid revenue collection agent for any corporate body or government agency.

175.    This aspect of natural law prevents the form of trading known as a body of soldiers or as Company, defined as a body of (normally) Jewish servants bonded to a vassal of the Vatican under the rules of servants of the royal chamber and Usury. Also the form of trading known as Incorporated Company (permitting a group of individuals to work against the individual and community at large by using the pre-existing legal fiction of a Charter issued by a superior company to register (grant control) as a subsidiary). Further the form of trading known as a chartered company (the highest officially sanctioned paper granting exclusive rights to a body of men chained to the ring of the Papacy). All these forms of business are the granting from a superior to an inferior man, known as class society, which is by its very nature socially cannibalistic. It is organised so that some people can rob, exploit and "consume" the capacities and lives of others. Corporations, in their myriad forms, are for unlawful purposes, primarily to escape punishment for the crimes of the men/women using them, by placing the blame on a fictional organization, responsible to no one, and morally/ethically accountable to no one. Their sole purpose is to shirk responsibility. One who incorporates or even those who join a corporation are doing it for the purpose of avoiding individual responsibility for their own lives.

176.    The dominant business model of corporations, now controlling the resources and people of the world through the application of the colour of law; practically it subverts the natural development of community, retards technology, and innovation of production, it restricts the sharing and dissemination of information, and stagnates the equitable evolution of the individual. The principles of honesty, fairness and sincerity are sacrificed to further the self-interests of the leadership, leading to actions based on hidden motives and deception.

177.    Within the natural law cooperative business model there is no advantage in monopoly, so new ideas and improvements of existing concepts are openly shared, helping others involved in the same areas of business to improve and develop, which within the usury model would be seen as competitors and enemies, not allies and confederates as in the natural law cooperative business model; which improves the production of goods and services, with higher quality, lower costs, far superior safety for those investing their labours, and the solving of many other problems faced by those working to produce and create. The eight principles of business within the natural law:

178.    1 Shared Equity – 2 Written Contract – 3 Cooperative Assurance – 4 Repository Finance 5 – Surety Bond – 6 Education – 7 Apportioned Input, Apportioned Output 8 – Lawful Meritocracy 9 – Economy of Scale

Principle one.
Shared Equity

179.    A shared equity collective/cooperative holds the value of a man/woman through gauging their skills and knowledge, not in the wealth they have amassed, as capital generates nothing; it is a device of exchange for labour. As long as we think ‘money’ is wealth, we hold wealth as an object of desire; but in reality as all things, pecuniary wealth is the stored energy of labour, we invest our labours to create wealth; ‘money’ is a device to steal that wealth.

180.    In a collective model you invest individually into the collective and become a share holder, which is the group investment of wealth held within the collective; so as an example, on the merchant ships of old, shares were not equal, the captain of a merchant ship could hold 2 shares while an able seaman could hold 1 share, a first mate could hold 1 and three quarter share, this presents the concept. There is no contribution of labour from none shareholders under the concept of employees, or waged labour, as no man/woman can lawfully contract themselves into slavery.

181.    The cooperative shares the wealth collected as a division of labour.

182.    The amount of share given to an individual is not based at all on their ability to buy shares, only skill and knowledge, experience and effort input, have a bearing on share division; share consideration is established by the collective as a whole.

183.    It may be argued that to be equitable all should receive the same share for the same time invested. For example, a 16 year old who has just entered the work force of the collective with no experience or skills should receive the same as a man with advanced technical skills and 20 years experience. They argue the 16 year olds enthusiasm is balanced by the complacency and jaded nature of the man with 20 years experience, a very generalised basis for establishing such inequity. The problem with flat rate payment is the 16 year old has no incentive to increase their technical abilities and responsibilities within the collective. They gain no benefit from working to increase their skills and knowledge, as they have achieved the full benefit of the collective while adding the least practical contribution. Conversely the man with advanced technical skills and knowledge and 20years experience would be justified in feeling resentment for gaining no advantage from the years of effort he has invested in gaining those skills and building his knowledge, he would feel betrayed even subconsciously by the collective for not recognising the benefits he conveys to the collective, and the greater ability to generate wealth he injects through his labours.

184.    In the example below the final division of the month’s payment of the wealth to the collective is reflected by both the number of share held, and the number of hours labour, invested:
If 5 shares held in total represent the total assets of the group.
100 ounces of Silver collected in profit after costs paid for the month
Master Smith has worked 160 hours and holds 2 shares
Master Jones has worked 320 hours and holds 1.5 shares
Master Williams has worked 280 hours and holds 1 share
Apprentice Hill has worked 160 hours and holds 0.5 shares
So the division of the silver would be in hours paid:
Master Smith  160 X 2 (Shares) = 320 hours paid
Master Jones 320 X 1.5 (Shares) = 480 hours paid
Master Williams 280 X 1 (Share) = 280 hours paid
Apprentice Hill 160 X 0.5 (Shares) = 80 hours paid
Total number of parts = 1160 of hours paid
100 ounces of silver divided by 1160 = 0.086
Master Smith 320 X 0.086 = 27.6 ounces of silver
Master Jones 480 X 0.086 = 41.4 ounces of silver
Master Williams 280 X 0.086 = 24.1 ounces of silver
Apprentice Hill 80 X 0.086 = 6.9 ounces of silver

185.    If you need more labour, new members must buy a share within the combined total invested by the group, so if for example 5 shares have been paid in, with a total value of 50,000 ounces of silver then a new member would need to pay 10,000 to buy a share, the collective could of course allow a new member to work off their required investment over time, interest free, taking say 10% off their earnings, until they had paid off their share. The new capital can be paid back to the original investors reducing the value of each share to 8333 ounces of silver, or it can be used to invest further into the business, retaining the original value of 10,000 oz.

186.    If a member wished to leave they could sell their share to a new member, but this money would belong to the investor leaving the cooperative not to any other members, as the member leaving would be recovering their share; therefore if a member died the share would be passed on in their will to whomever they choose. The collective does not need to accept a new member if they feel they are unsuitable, they can find a suitable replacement themselves or pay the share collectively.

187.    The medium of exchange can vary.

Principle two.
Written Contract

188.    A man/woman who forgets the social objectives of their cooperative betrays it, whether consciously or subconsciously. In true cooperative business everyone is fully capable of carrying out their work; they can rely on their colleagues at all times and are always prepared to make efforts for the common good.

189.    The basis of a collective is a written contract between the men/women within that collective, all must be a party to the contract individually, they are not contracting with a fiction of abstract invention, but to each other.

190.    If a member of the collective is proved to intentionally deceive the group or any member of the group, within the spirit of the contract, the collective would have to decide on the course of action they required. If dispute to the collective ‘will’ and the accused arose, the Court of Record in Equity would arbitrate any dispute to remedy within natural law. In the case of theft, the minimum remedy would be to repay twice what was stolen, the maximum remedy to exclude the member of the collective and forfeit his share, if this was still not enough to cause remedy, the member would be required to repay the theft from their personal wealth and if this was not enough from the surety bond they hold to satisfy the remedy. For this reason it would always be better to hold your personal surety bonds with men and women that were not within the collective if possible.

191.    Theft is not the only wrongful act that could cause remedy and all acts that encroach upon another man/woman or their property would be a breach of contract, under that logic; always every member of the cooperative collective would be bound individually to stay within the bounds of natural law.

192.    Another way to support the expansion of a small collective is through the contracting out of component parts or services through Piece work, done without support of the contracting party to provide materials, equipment or premises, supplied by the piece and paid for at a set rate per unit, equitably agreed with full value given in exchange, through lawful contract.

Principle three.
Cooperative Assurance

193.    Based upon contract, the Assurer gives insurance to the Assured, against loss or perils. This principle can be applied for the benefit of any individual or business in some form, and is based upon collective risk for an individual’s protection.

Example one.   Car Insurance

194.    Men/women wishing to insure the car choose to join a collective of assurance; let us say a 1000 local people join, each of them paying 20 ounces of silver, you could alter the amounts based on the value of the car or the track record of the driver, but for simplicity we'll say they pay the same, that's a total of 20,000 ounces.

195.    On average there are 72 claims per 1000 per year, let say for simplicity that’s 100 claims.

196.    If each claim cost on average 40 ounces of silver, in a year 4000 ounces of silver would be used on claims, leaving 16000 ounces of silver.

197.    Each member would after a year retain 16 ounces of silver if administration cost 1 ounce of silver that leaves 15 ounces so the second years assurance cost for the collective would be 5 ounces of silver. If the individual terminates their contract at any point they would be repaid the unused portion of their original bond of assurance, so at the end of the contracted year they would recover 15 ounces of silver.
Example two – Medical Care:
198.    This principle of assurance can be used in many applications, even to establish medical assurance.

199.    Men/women wishing to assure medical care, join a collective, each pays a bond, let say 50 ounces of silver, say 1000 people are within the collective, that’s 50,000 ounces of silver.

200.    The cost of constructing a building and fitting it out with equipment as a hospital may cost 100,000 ounces of silver, the excess is taken from the repository principle, as explained below.

201.    The cost of running the hospital in payment for the doctor, other staff, and consumables would vary, but let’s say 12,000 ounces of silver, and the cost of infrastructure 3,000 ounces of silver, this leaves 35 ounces of silver to be carried over for each assured individual, so the second years cost would be 15 ounces of silver to remain assured.

202.    The 3000 ounces of silver allocated for infrastructure and new equipment, would initially repay the principle borrowed from the repository, so in less than 17 years the loan would be repaid, if no requirements arose to divert those resources, which would slow the repayments.

203.    The more men/women within the collective the greater the resources available for their medical care, and if any man/woman wished to leave the collective they would be given back their bond, in this example 35 ounces of silver, which they could use in a new location for medical care, or for the services of a competing collective of medical care, or have no assurance.

Principle four.
Repository finance

204.    A repository is a place where things are deposited, you cannot gain interest in increased accumulation within this structure, only a store of safety, if you wish to escape the inflation of fiat money, the interest of the usury banking system, and the fees and charges invented to cheat you of your resources, the repository model is the answer.

205.    Let us say for example 1000 people place their savings in the repository, on average they save £2000 each, so a total of £2,000,000.

206.    The repository buys pure silver for example with the funds from any silver mine, which at the moment is around £25 per ounce, so a total of 80,000 ounces, or 2272kg of pure silver.

207.    The depositor has the option of having their silver minted into coins, a service which would fund the repository workers, say the cost of minting a coin is a 10th of an ounce of silver for quarter ounce coins for example, each investor has 80 oz of silver so it would cost around 8 oz of silver to have that minted, leaving each investor with 288 quarter ounce coins, leaving the repository workers with 8 oz of silver. If you choose a bigger denomination of coin the cost of minting would be reduced, for one ounce coins the minting cost maybe only a 20th of an ounce of silver.

208.    The cost of setting up the repository and equipment to mint coins would be taken from the investors savings, say it cost 1,000 ounces of silver, the administrator running the repository would repay the loan through earnings giving a percentage of their labour back to the investors until the loan is repaid. Of course any individual can mint coins, under the prerequisites, of a community agreed, set thickness, shape and purity, this makes it simple to establish a pure coin from a impure coin, as if a coin is placed in a holder of a universal size it should weigh an exact amount in a pure metal, as contamination would change the weight.

209.    Any commodity could be used of a store of labour intrinsically, copper, zinc, tin,  whatever you wished to use as a store of physical labour, the coins of silver are more a method of account and external exchange than a requirement within a lawful community, as the true exchange is the only generator of wealth, being physical tangible human labour. The money has to be intrinsic; in an advance of labour the labour is still intrinsic, because the surety guarantee the store, as they will if demanded, provide the labour themselves.

210.    This method establishes equity, as the repository takes in any fiat money in exchange for pure silver (or another store of labour), they would be exchanging something with perceived value for something with intrinsic value, so ridding all involved of the worthless fiat paper money deception.

211.    If a fiat currency is made representative, known as gold backed, then it should be exchanged upon receipt for the metal it represents in tangible form, this prevents the perpetuation of further deceptions.

212.    The repository functions as a human labour exchange, based upon surety bond, in an accounting system:

213.    Every advancement of physical labour loaned is for an individual, it must be the tangible man/woman who takes responsibility for the loan directly, not an invented entity to escape liability, so the cooperative can borrow nothing, only the members of the cooperative.

214.    The sanctioning of any loan must be established, not with the administrator of the repository directly, but with the (bondsmen) surety bond of the individual who requires the loan, as it is the surety bond that guarantees the payment of the advancement of labour, if for whatever reason the loan is defaulted or dishonoured. So the contract is with the surety bondsmen not a risk for the repository directly in the sanctioning of the loan. The contract of ‘an advancement of labour’ is between the community, surety bondsmen and the individual receiving the loan.

215.    When the repository credits the advancement of labour, which is represented in this example by silver coins, as a credit into the account of the one seeking the loan contract, the repository needs no silver to honour the loan, as it is guaranteed in surety.

216.    A minimum of twenty three men/women must be custodians of the repository to maintain oversight and establish open and balanced accounts for public scrutiny, these men/women acting in community spirit, without fee or payment.

217.    Within this system the account need not have full representation of physical silver, as in general only 5% of silver coins are required of stored silver for use, 95% remains in constant storage, to run a human labour repository exchange, the silver is used only as a method of account, the labour is the true exchange, so the stored 95% of silver is used to allow the circulation of exchange, without a need for interest and only the initial cost of contract administration.

Principle five.
Surety Bond

218.    A surety bond is a contract between a flesh and bone man/woman and another flesh and bone man/woman, for each to stand surety for the other, so for example if a committee plea of peers determines you encroached upon another and the remedy is to pay the man/woman more than you have, the short fall must be paid by your surety bond members.

219.    Likewise within the confines of the collective business contract, each contracted member must stand surety for every other party of the contract, and collectively all parties contracted in surety to a man/woman making, substantive claim for the surety to stand the cost in remedy of any act that encroaches upon another man/woman, through any action of a business interaction or breach of their cooperative business contracts. This is a separate surety to the personal contracts of surety each bondsman holds, and differs in that the claiming bondsman need only repay the surety if the claim is a result of that man/woman’s direct negligence, deception or incompetence, otherwise the cost is a shared one by the members of the collective cooperative.

220.    A plaintiff (complainer) can demand remedy from the cooperative business as a collective naming the cooperative in so doing naming all members directly, this would bring in the personal surety of each member if they failed to have sufficient means to settle any lawful claim through the resources of the collective group within the cooperative.

Principle six.

221.    Accurate and practical education, of applied knowledge and skills is the corner stone of any business, the monopoly and control of the free dissemination of education is its stagnation. All cooperatives should actively engage in the sharing of new ideas, technologies, and skills with others held within a contract of natural law.

222.    The experts in any field of study are always those who apply knowledge practically, this is why the best method has always been the apprenticeship as a means of educating someone in all aspects of their chosen trade. If you have a short term selfish view simply to create a business vehicle for speculation which will provide a tidy sum after a few years of work, as is the perception of the usury business, then investing in education would seem a selfless act of unnecessary expenditure, but if your objective is to establish a stable business of justice for both those involved and those patronising it, and well being as a principle of conduct for all connected, which will be enhanced and strengthened as it passes to future generations, then education and the advancement of knowledge is a founding concern.

Principle seven.
Apportioned input, apportioned output

223.    The collective does not need to work together directly, for example one group may cast components, another may assemble all parts, another may install finished products, and another may provide transportation, all dependent upon the business practiced. The share must always be the value invested not a fantasy of value invented to make another rich without effort.

224.    So for example if you had a cooperative supermarket:

225.    A supermarket as a combined undertaking; the local suppliers of the goods, supply the goods; those who provide the transportation of goods, transport the goods; and supermarket workers sell the goods.

226.    Each man or woman involved supplies their labour as part of a collective effort, and this is reflected within the price of the goods.

227.    So if a food producer supplies 200 watermelons, and the customer pays a 10th of an ounce of silver for one watermelon, when all the watermelons have been sold they would have collected 20 ounces of silver.

228.    The food producer has provided the largest contribution, and may have invested 3 ounces of silver in materials and equipment, and 9 ounces of silver in labour, so would receive 12 ounces of silver as their share.

229.    The transporter of the produce may have spent 2 ounce of silver in fuel and equipment costs, and 1 ounce in labour, so would receive 3 ounces of silver as their share.

230.    The supermarket workers may have spent 2 ounces of silver in material and equipment costs, and 2 ounces in labour, so would receive 4 ounces of silver.

231.    The cost of the supermarket construction and maintenance would be a shared investment; all parties would have joined together at the outset and funded the cost through a shared investment and the repository loan principle. The remaining silver in this example of 1 ounce of silver would be paid to the repository in settlement of the loan, without any interest or fees.

232.    Once the loan was repaid the cost of goods could either be reduced or the community could agree to contribute that surplus above the cost of goods to the services of the community at the checkout, or gain their discount.

233.    The Supermarket would be owned by both the people of the community under allodial right of use, with no right of control beyond the cooperative workers having the right only to transfer custodianship of the allodial community portion and not to sell that portion of the supermarket, because the patrons have paid over time the original loan from the slight increase in cost of goods.

234.    The cost of maintenance and all over heads accounted for within the cost of goods.

235.    Alternatively the cooperative could invest the remaining part of the 1 ounce of profit in new infrastructure or research and development of new products or services. Or those holding shares in the cooperative wishing to increase the value of their shares, by investing their earnings themselves, if all were in agreement to do so, would be another option, the danger of holding too greater value in shares makes it harder for new members to join the cooperative, and this should be balanced and considered, another option is altruistic donation from the members working in the cooperative.

Principle eight.
Lawful Meritocracy

236.    Within a cooperative the mandate established by the Rochdale pioneers of 1844 of democracy, is misrepresented, and not lawful, what is labelled democracy is in general representative elective control, this is not democracy, and most certainly not democratic. You cannot force the minority to suffer the will of the majority, further you cannot allow the majority to impose a dictator upon the decisions of the cooperative through representation.

237.    In a system of democratic voting of a representative hierarchical structure the people most affected by any decision are predominantly excluded from voting, and the disconnection this establishes prevents voting even for those acting as representatives from having any truly informed outcome, as in general the voters are locked out of the appraisal of the full facts, making them unqualified, ignorant or ill-informed to be able to vote effectively, even in the limited capacity representative elections afford.

238.    Democracy as defined in the concept of majority rule, imposing their will upon the minority, could never be achieved from election of representatives acting dictatorially, the imposition of democracy is in addition not lawful, as no other can impose their will even if a majority, that encroaches upon the rights of another individual.

239.    "Reason obeys itself; Ignorance submits to what is dictated to it." - Thomas Paine

240.    In a lawful system the same principle as is held in a lawful court must be applied, the members of the cooperative must form a jury and all the facts must be presented and considered, at the conclusion of the articulation of reasoning and conclusion each member must vote; it must always remain one man/woman one vote, without reference to shares held or time served. The consensus of every member of the collective must be gained, if there is dispute upon the best course the cooperative should establish, then the parties in dispute must present their evidence, and reasoned conclusions to the group for deliberation, and the group form a unanimous  consensus as to which has the best reasoned argument and conclusion, to act in unity. To act in majority rule can make some resentful, and can make them work against the purpose and objectives the majority have imposed, so proving the minority view correct at the expense of the cooperative, as a self fulfilling prophecy .

241.    This method of careful deliberation is time consuming and exhaustive and is only required for major decisions, while the experience and knowledge of those within their own specialty act through merit. All cooperative decisions must always remain within the confines of natural law, and up hold the duty of care incumbent upon every individual.

242.    Within decision making of a cooperative business the establishment of any major determination must be established in a lawful manner, just as within a court the members of the cooperative sitting as if a jury must establish agreement, in a modern court 10 to 2 must agree for a verdict to stand, in a lawful court 22 to 1, any more dissent and it is a hung jury. The rationale for majority verdicts, as opposed to unanimous verdicts involves so-called 'rogue jurors' who unreasonably impede the unanimous agreement.

243.    A hung jury or deadlocked jury is a jury that cannot, by the required voting threshold, agree upon a verdict after an extended period of deliberation and is unable to change its votes due to severe differences of opinion.

244.    The jury must try to reach a unanimous verdict, the review of the information available, the evidence in support or denigration, the consideration of all members views wishing to be heard, are placed before all and using the trivium, a reasoned conclusion is established, and confirmed through the members voting until unanimous.

245.    The dominant aspect is always skill and knowledge guiding the collective decisions, for example if a man has spent twenty years in logistics for transportation, he should knows all there is to know on every attribute of that job, if the collective need to decide on the best course of action within that aspect of the business, that wealth of experience would be utilised and the collective decision would reflect the guidance of that experience.

Economy of Scale

246.    The common advantage seen from economy of scale is in bulk buying of materials, goods or services, so gaining a better purchase price per item and reduction in delivery costs per item or kilogram.

247.    The advantage of economy of scale can be seen also in mass production, as a machine set to manufacture a single component can often supply the needs for that single component of an entire region. The disadvantage of that is in monopoly, which means if production is stopped for whatever reason the product cannot be supplied, and can also mean consumers are open to the exploitation of unduly high prices within the monopoly of a single supplier.

248.    The cooperative should source its materials, goods and services from other cooperative groups, based within natural law, free of taxation, corporate policy and regulation, as much as possible, through this mutual cooperation they can easily match the economy of scale the corporation have established through their method of establishing money, resource and labour monopolies, so allowing them to dominate markets free of competition. In contrast the cooperative expands by creating competition, as in new participants in the same field of endeavour, as a nature consequence of their own success.

249.    When a cooperative grows, it is always in danger from becoming too large to function efficiently, when the number of members within a cooperative reach 12 it has a natural proclivity to divide, harmony is not maintained efficiently beyond that economy of scale, this demands, just as it does in nature when a cell grows beyond its limits, that it divide into two cells, when a pack of animals grows too large to function effectively, it divides, when community of men and women grows too large it divides into two communities, this division generates diversity, innovation and allows the cooperative to remain a true community. Cooperatives begin to manifest internal stress between members as it grows over 7 members, this means a cooperative should begin to reorganise when the membership grows to between 7 and 12 members, and divide into two groups of 6 when they reach the threshold. The new groups should have self autonomy and be fully independent of the original cell, in this way the group can either expand into a new location or divide the task into specialisations.


250.    I make clear I will make no account of my private or business financial transaction available for the scrutiny of any other outside of a covenant of lawful contract within the confines of a cooperative between tangible men/women, whether demanded by an individual or a group of individuals dressing themselves up in the colour of law, as I am not accountable to them, being a autonomous unfettered liberated living man/woman in my proper tangible form represented on my own behalf, only constrained through the right and obligation of natural Law.

251.    I make clear I will not recognise the validity of contracts, invoices, or licenses issued by any association of individuals known as Mortmain or the dead man's hand, functioning under the legal fiction known as corporation, including state corporation, but only recognise unfettered liberated living man/woman in their proper tangible form represented on their own behalf, within valid contracts and valid invoices. All legislated fictional rights of the legal fiction of corporation (Incorporated Company - Chartered Company) are a criminal encroachment upon every tangible man/woman, as such directly against Natural law and courts of Equity, which only recognises living man/woman in their proper tangible form as a party to lawful contract, and never recognising any abstract fictions of legislation as having any lawful claim, rights or contract.

252.    I have an inalienable right to carry on any private business without permissions, licenses, registration, taxations of any contrivance, royalties or copyright payments, all of which are an encroachment upon me, as under the law all men/women are created equal, so no intangible superior can grant me anything as a privilege, that I do not already have a full right to.

253.    I make clear I will NOT practice Usury (Riba), meaning the theft of the fruits of the labour of another; or intentionally trade with any free liberated living man/woman in their proper tangible form who is sustained through its practice, this activity being against the inalienable natural law. If services and goods are not available, yet required, then I would be forced, to grudgingly use the services of legal fictions to obtain goods, with no alternative being available in the short term, making efforts in community to remedy that situation through the establishment of cooperative alternatives, as communities develop.

254.    Usury further (defined throughout the contract as: the theft of the fruits of the labour of another) holds men/women as economic slaves through the fictions of legislation, however they have within natural Law a right, not to be defrauded, exploited, deceived, or enslaved through debt; through the deception of creating fiat money from nothing, within corporate monopoly and imposing interest upon every fiat certificate of debt printed, the demand of interest creates inflation, as to service the interest on the debt certificates twice the amount of debt certificates has to borrowed into circulation every ten years, which steals the value of saved fiat money, conspire to hide the true facts, so misinformed in order to exchanged fiat paper for physical labours;  so draining the resources and labour from the population for criminal advantage, and would upon a thing adjudged by peer committee plea, result as a matter of fact arise the right to compensate all, so would require the extraction of full substantive reparation from the resources of each individual employed within all criminal acts that defraud through legislation, fiat money and usury, that encroach upon others.

255.    No man/woman ought to enrich themselves at the expense of (meaning to the detriment of) others.


256.    I make clear I will NOT be compelled to pay ANY form of Taxation, any payment of duty, or imposed obligation, any accountability to any legal fiction of Corporate Government, Government, Monarch, State or abstract legal fiction of nation, people or country, as all these stand against the natural Law being an encroachment upon any tangible man/woman. All governments are private for profit companies, for example: The house of Lords Company No. 05973794; The House of Commons is a commercial for-profit company (number UC2279443); The Labour Party is a commercial company which trades under the name of “Allister Darling MP” Labour Party Nominees Limited Company No. 00966540 - Labour Party Properties Limited Company No. 00964628; The House of Lords which is the highest court in the land is a private company; the United Kingdom Corporation Ltd. formerly known as the “United Kingdom plc” and which never file its financial records; the Ministry of Justice D-U-N-S Number 22-549-8526; The Bank of England Company (Royal Charter) RC000042; etc.


257.    I will not recognise the legal fiction of Copyright, being the control and monopoly of intellectual ‘property’, used to extort revenue (taxation) upon the application of the idea or design of the copyright holder, further imposing regulations upon another who uses the copyrighted goods, services or ideas, so dictating what someone can or cannot do with their own real ‘property’. These two types of "properties", tangible property and intangible property are mutually inconsistent, if you trade property in natural law you give full and complete possession over to the buyer, but in the fictional world of copyright, you sell your goods and services and wish to be paid by everyone who uses the same idea, by holding a state granted criminal monopoly privilege (privilege means- a right to steal). In reality intellectual property is something you can trade, but not something you can rent out, in the case of copyright they demand rent on something they have sold, but we can only own what we ourselves create, and therefore all forms of rental are definitely usurious, since it is equivalent to selling your property but still demanding you own it, selling anything is transferring a right of use, in doing so you concede all rights upon it.


258.    I make clear all my physical assets now in existence, and all new assets that may exist physically in the future are unfettered liberated of probate, upon my death all my physical assets remain within the constraints of this Pure Contract, Beyond the power of any legislation or fictions of law. Within the constraints of allodial rights of use all assets are to be distributed as stipulated through my documented living proclamation (wishes of inheritance of my right of use) unfettered and liberated of legislation.

259.    I make clear every ‘will’ is consummated by death, that every living will of the man/woman written in covenant becomes testament upon death, if lawfully verified and recorded, must be honoured upon death, all lawful claims from tangible men/women upon them satisfied what remains must be free of taxation, duties or commissions, and distributed as willed by the benefactor to all beneficiaries.


260.    I make clear I will NOT interfere with the beliefs of another, religious, scientific, political or philosophical that do not prevent or create problems to hinder the execution of this contract, do not create an encroachment upon me, or impose unlawful constraints, demands or control against me.

261.    I make clear I will stand united with all living man/woman in their proper tangible form represented on my own behalf, to establish this community contract; an unprovoked attack on one living man/woman in their proper tangible form, is an attack on every bonded committed tangible living man/woman, and a call to stand united in defence, support and protection.


262.    I make clear I will help to establish and maintain a 'mutually recognised space' for the local community, and support the building of an allodial polycentric society locally, free from the deception of representation, sovereignty, or monarchy, where each free Liberated living man/woman in their proper tangible form represented on their own behalf may live within a fertile environment, freely holding allodium claim as the holding of the Earth is only through right of use, 'by mutually recognised space' within a Verified contract locally, by community consent. (A community cannot be strangers to each other; therefore as a community grows it would be beneficial to divide naturally, ideally keeping its size below 3000 members, this of course is only advice.)

263.    I make clear I will actively take part in the polycentric community, making my views and opinion heard and considered if relevant or helpful within local community debate and decisions.


264.    The law assists those that are vigilant with their rights, and not those that sleep thereupon.
( Vigilantibus Et Non Dormientibus Jura Subveniunt)

265.    May the One Creator of all realities, who neither is, nor (ever) shall be a deity or a God for worship and adoration, with Mercy, Defend the Rectus & May those who now or in the future hold any living tangible flesh and blood man or woman in an Unlawful Capacity be brought to swift and compelling account.

266.    May the One Creator of all realities, who neither is, nor (ever) shall be a deity or a God for worship and adoration, with Mercy, Defend the Right & May those who now or in the future hold any man/woman in their proper tangible form represented on one's own behalf in an Unlawful Capacity be brought to swift and compelling account.

267.    Your signature is the last you thing you put on a contract, when you pick up your pen from the signed contract it is consummated, you have given up your
right to change the contract.

268.    I, distinguished as (No fiction of title before the wet signature in red ink, NOT in full capitals.) make this contract currency through my signature.
269.    Proof of the attestation is evidence by the sealing with my thumb print and delivery of the seal of my oath

Thumb Print in red ink.

270.    All honourable Signatories, signing on this date, both as a representative number of the community to vouchsafe the contractee, and as verification of truth of this contract by Deed, to the Declaration of this Principle Pure Contract, Beyond the power of any legislation or fictions of law:

First Signatory
I, distinguished as (Printed Name followed by Signature - No title/fiction before the wet signature in red ink, NOT in full capitalisation) make this contract currency through my signature.
Proof of the verification and bond of this contract is evidence by the sealing with my thumb print, which is delivery of the seal of my oath
 Thumb print here

Second Signatory
I, distinguished as (Printed Name followed by Signature - No title/fiction before the wet signature in red ink, NOT in full capitalisation) make this contract currency through my signature.
Proof of the verification and bond of this contract is evidence by the sealing with my thumb print, which is delivery of the seal of my oath
 Thumb print here

Third Signatory
I, distinguished as (Printed Name followed by Signature - No title/fiction before the wet signature in red ink, NOT in full capitalisation) make this contract currency through my signature.
Proof of the verification and bond of this contract is evidence by the sealing with my thumb print, which is delivery of the seal of my oath
 Thumb print here
Continued to twenty three….

The whole community now in seal is greater than the sum of those seals, what are here twenty three seals combined in one voice, invokes the great seal of the community.
If anyone wishes to challenge any statement within this affidavit of contract, it is given to all parties who presume authority for their consent or rebuttal, Silence is agreement, by not replying to this notice you agree to my terms and statements of fact.

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  1. Great expectations

    Life is full of surprises, particularly if you are a newly - wed . Expressjodi you a glimpse into the future and tells how to be prepared to face married life

    Love is all about romance whereas marriage is a lot about responsibility. When two different individuals from different backgrounds live together, differences of opinion on things like spending habits, career, having and raising a baby, sharing household responsibilities etc, are bound to crop up, the key is to broaden your outlook and accept all the changes that marriage brings, and to remember that marriage is a momentous change for you and your spouse. And, fear not, over a period of time, you will find a way to make it work.


    With marriage comes a whole lot of responsibility. "From the time you ger married, the decisions you make will not be yours alone, but your partner's as well. This is because your choices will impact both of you. But this doesn't mean that you're tied to a ball and chain. "It only means you have a companion with you for life. In fact, in your capacity as a spouse, you become your partner's caretaker, friend, confidante and even punching bag etc.


    Arguments over money are bound to happen, so be prepared for it. And unless you establish some ground rules for dealing with financial issues, you will continue to have these arguments. Bear in mind that you are now a part of a unit, and no longer flying solo.

    In - laws or outlaws?

    if you thought that marriage is all about sharing your life with your significant other, think again, and this time, factor in your in - laws into the equation. When you're used to a particular lifestyle, moving in with your in - laws can be a rude shock. You will be required to make changes in your daily routine. Like waking up a little earlier to help around the house or rescheduling your plans on weekends or even modifying some of your eating habits. these might seem like an additional burden, particularly if you are a working woman. Remember to keep an open mind when it comes to handling your in - laws. They may be rigid in their ways, but there is always a way to work out a compromise.

    Sharing space

    Marriage involves sharing everything - whether it is sadness or glad tidings, chores or finance, which can be a difficult task. This is why marriage necessitates an equal contribution from both side. " Sharing is absolutely essential for a happy marriage,. Besides making it easier to run the show, it also brings you closer to your partner, and cement a bond in a way that only experience can.
    Differnces of opinion

    Shaadi brings two different individuals together, as well as two sets of arguments for everything. Remember that your husband is as new to the marriage and the relationship as you, and he is facing the same issue for the first time as well.Irrespective of the nature of the relationship, any two people are bound to have differences of opinion at some point of time, It is how you handle these differences that mtters. The best antidote for deviant interest lies in adapting to the situation. "Be carteful not to retaliate for the sake of it,"

    Planning for the future

    As a single independent working woman, you may be used to your lifestyle, going on holidays or splurging on the latest pair of Jimmy Choos. But married life is a journey and you need to plan carefully to get to your destination. "Planning is the key. Make sure you and your husband are on the same page as far as long - term goal are concerned," "Whether or not you plan to have a baby or deciding on investments for the future and are thing that you should discuss in advbance, if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises in you married life,"

  2. Brahmin Shaadi
    Historically, the Brahmins in india were divided into two major groups based on geographical origin of the people. The Brahmin groups that lived to the north of the vindhyas were referred to as Dravida Brahmins. Each group was further divided into five sections according to the regions of their settlement.

    The Sagaai or the engagement ceremony symbolises commitment However, the South Indian Brahmin do not lay stress on the presence of bride and the groom in their Sagaai, rather it focuses on commitment between the parents of the groom and the bride. 'Latto' i.e., 'engagement plate' Which consist of coconut, flowers, turmeric, betel leaves and betel nuts hold more importance, in their engagement ceremony. The Maithil Brahmin bride of bihar makes her wedding affair stand apart by receiving the blessing from the Dhobi's (washerman's) wife - a compulsory tradition in the Bihari Brahmin wedding.

    In Haldi ceremony turmeric powder is mixed with milk, almond oil and sandalwood and applied to the bride and the groom. In Kashmiri Pandit this ceremony has a twist becuase cold, white yoghurt is poured on the bride as an alternative to haldi. ritual is followed by a special custom called Shankha (shell) Paula (coral) in bengali Brahmins, where seven married women embellish the bride's hand with red and white bangles, the shell is supposed to calm the bride and the coral is believed to
    be beneficial for health. Mehndi is also applied on every bride's hands during the Mehndi ceremony. However, a Bengali Brahmin bride applies alta (red dye).

    After the ceremonious arrival of the groom, the garlands are exchanged between the groom and the bride, while the priests chant mantras. Jaimala is the symbol of unifying two souls into one. But in tamil nadu, "Oonjal", a unique jaimala ceremony is performed and could be best decribed as a tug of war. In this ceremony, the women sing songs to encourage the bride and groom to exchange the garlands while the uncles persuade the soon to be couple not to Exchange the garlands.Before the ceremony of jaimala, the bride makes a majestic entry in Bengali weddings.

    Mangal Phere
    Fire is considered the most pious element in the Brahmin weddings and seven circles around that fire holds the seven promises that the nuptial couple make to each other amidst the Vedic mantras. The Brahmin wedding is deemed incomplete without the seven rounds around the sacred fire. Unlike other Brahmin weddings, in Gujarati weddings only four pheras are taken which are called the mangalpheras where the pheras represent four basic human goals of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Miksha (religious, moral, prosperity and salvation). Likewise in Malayalee Brahmin weddings, pheras are taken only thrice.

    Post wedding ceremony vidaai
    After pheras, the bride's family and friend bid her teary vidaai (farewell). The Kashmiri pundits make their vidaai even more special. their charming ritual, "roth khabar" is performed on a saturday or tuesday after the wedding. In Roth
    khabar, the bride's parents send a roth (bread decorated with nuts) to their son - in - law's family. But the bride accompanies She stay with her parents and returns only when someone from in laws comes to fetch her back.

    Griha pravesh
    The new bride is greeted by her mother - in - law with Arti and tilak. The bride, who is regarded as the Goddess laxmi, enters the groom's house after the groom's house after kicking rice - filled pot. In Kannada Brahmin marriages, the groom changes the name of his wife in the name change ceremony where he decides a name for his wife and inscribes it on a plate containing rice with a ring. In Bihar, a very strange ritual is performs at the groom's place.


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