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Friday 23 December 2011

Remote Viewing & Perception

Remote Viewing & Perception

For a complete activation of the ability of remote viewing you will need a concrete understanding of individual perception and the process and influences that mold this product of thought interaction.

For example when an individual hears words, externally or internally; the individual forms a concept in relation to these words. This reaction involves the information previously gathered from outer influences and notably the beliefs and ideas held within the individual’s subconscious mind. This area is important as it is the middle ground between the lower self and the higher self. This area of the mind will dominate as the source of manifestation projected into the individual’s outer reality.

All of the above is ultimately governed by the level of awareness the individual is operating within and the capability of the processing mechanism of the human brain...

The level of vibration involves the thought patterns held deeply within the subconscious mind; negative beliefs attached to a recurring associative emotion will effectively cause an individual to operate at a lower level of vibration.

The opposite effect occurs as positive evolutionary beliefs attached to high vibratory emotion not only allow the individual to manifest with low outside influence, but can activate dormant potentials within the design of the human being.  The processing abilities that are innate and their further development are of the upmost importance…

Remote viewing and perception rely on the processing abilities of the brain. They are needed to interpret data and to form an opinion or categorization of external and internal stimuli. In order for the human brain to execute these actions it will need to operate within a normal, healthy range of function. Any alteration can cause a distortion in the product of processing thought as it will allow for the enhancement of mental noise in reflection to the degree of alteration.

The human brain has within its design three divisions, or what is called the triune system.

Two of these divisions, the r-system and the limbic system are within the human program, from the relative ancient past. The neo-cortex is the third system - a relative “newcomer in evolutionary terms. These three divisions work within their own sense of awareness and relay information between the subparts to form an opinion…

Each subpart within the triune brain system forms its own sense of imagery from thought interaction and its own bilateral movement. This movement is vital for processing information needed for the perceived appropriate movement within the individual’s reality.

The three divisions of the human brain relay information to the other respective divisions with the limbic system appearing as the mediator. The need for dominance of one system over any other within a certain circumstance will alter the perception of the individual.

The further development of the bi-lateral movement of the triune brain system will further enhance the clarity of the data received by the remote viewer.

The development of this bilateral processing ability is also a highly effective method for interpreting multiple meanings from data, and its related imagery or from any of the other senses that receive the information. Effectively processing data bilaterally can activate dormant potentials within the human brain for intuition and similar abilities. Effective processing will further develop the efficiency of the three divisions in the interpretation of data amongst the three divisions…

The problem of inaccurate remote viewing through limited perception can be solved through mental exercises that strengthen the movement of bilateral thinking and processing. This will allow for more accurate information collection and efficient problem solving.

If a remote viewer receives packets of information in relation to their request and lacks the ability to interpret the data, multiple conflicting signals can occur.

Mass consciousness can lead to alterations in perception through deeply implanted distortions from a low level of collective awareness within the global conscious. These misconceptions are readily invited into the subconscious of an individual, through the reinforcing belief of many focusing on a point of thought at some level of agreement with the ideas expressed.

Any thought or idea held within the subconscious of an individual will eventually manifest, usually as a metaphor in aspect to the reality of the individual. Remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that teach an individual to effectively cleanse this area of the mind will be needed for any correction at this level.

The most valuable direction of thought in respect to evolutionary ascension for the remote viewer is in the connection to higher intelligence. This level of intelligence will be void of mental noise and depending on the processing abilities of the individual, will remain clear through the reconstruction of the data into a linear mode of operation.

This action can only be achieved through the entering of the subconscious realm with full awareness. The positioning of an individual’s brain wave vibratory cycle at the theta region will allow the remote viewer access to the collective unconscious.

Different levels within the collective unconscious will pertain to an individual’s personal reality, or to more varied forms of groupings of consensual reality.

A remote viewer who has a strong connection to their higher self, and has the ability to operate consistently at a high level of vibratory energy, will have readily available tools for data collection from the higher intelligence.

Attempting to view information with an undesirable intent will cause the individual to vibrate at a lower rate of frequency, disabling the connection to their higher self.

This is a safety mechanism of the universal mind that all of creation operates within as subsets of awareness, or what is referred to as a sub mind.

The universal mind may take many different actions in relation to this request, such as sending inaccurate information or allowing the motion temporarily for learning purposes.

Through the creational laws of cause and effect, a recoil action usually occurs with negative effects that are manifested within the individual’s reality.

As with most ideas of personal power within our restricted collective awareness, the choice of nefarious intent for individuals or groupings of focused thought is commonly pursued.

The true purpose for remote viewing from an evolutionary standpoint is as an invaluable tool for ascension.

Through pure intuition from the higher self, the activation of dormant potentials within the human design such as the activation of the heart intelligence and other mental attributes, can perception be developed as nature intended for the potential of proper learning and evolution of mankind.

Remote Influencing & Sympathetic Resonance


For effective results from remote influencing an understanding between vibratory bodies and the action of sympathetic resonance will have to be achieved. The observer and the observed are affected by the awareness of the other through a greater or by a more diminished degree depending on the intensity of focus. It is advisable to be aware of the relationship of an individual’s vibratory energy and how it interacts with another individual’s, a grouping or a collective consciousness. Depending on the rate of vibration the other entity is operating at an individual’s rate can be raised or lowered throughout the exchange of thought and can affect the individual for a duration of time thereafter.

For an individual to knowingly impose an attempt at lowering another’s vibratory rate or to resource their energy without consent would fall into the category of a psychic attack.

If an individual’s beliefs have been altered by interaction with another separation in consciousness through an implantation into their subconscious mind, a cleansing of this area will have to be accomplished.

The effect of lowering or raising the vibratory rate of an individual will be a reflection of the cause. Deeply held beliefs within an individual’s subconscious will govern this.

Increasing an individual's vibratory rate of energy and to operate at this increased level or higher is the start of the ascension process.

A strengthening of the connection to higher levels will be made as the rate of vibrations increase and start to resonate with the individual’s higher self. This is a vital step for manifesting an individual’s desires through their bubble of reality.

To successfully remote influence another entity you will need to become them through sympathetic resonance. The lower self is operating at this level of creation through the vehicle of the human being…

The remote influencing techniques that teach an individual to de-energize negative thought patterns and beliefs within their deep subconscious mind will allow movement towards the higher levels. As the lower and higher vibratory levels of an entity become synchronized the action of sympathetic resonance occurs.

The same can be noted for an encounter between two individuals who seem to click, so to speak.

Through the reunion of this separation the lower self can become its higher self and operate within this creation with a higher level of conscience and intuition as it has accepted the attributes of its higher part.

An opposite reaction occurs for an individual as it receives a weakened connection from its higher self through a decrease in its rate of vibratory energy.

This causes the individual to operate within a lower level of conscience and intuition through a restricted level of awareness.

If an entity resonates at a level similar to the low level the earth matrix of our creation functions, it will have a weakened defense against the influence of mass consciousness and undesirable energies. Since the entity is operating without the guidance and conscience the higher levels would bestow, it becomes easily manipulated by the creative intelligence of the earth matrix.

Without a higher internal guidance the individual must look to outside sources for navigation. This usually leads the individual down a disconnected path through misconceptions as most of the lower selves have not yet awakened due to a weakened connection to the higher levels. These individuals are literally starved of their vibratory energy and must seek it from outside sources that most often remain in separation.

If an individual focusses on non-sentient or non-awakened beings they are for the majority unknowingly donating a portion of their vibratory energy to that point of focus, this will cause a further decline in their vibratory rate.

For the individuals that hold the ability to operate at a high rate of vibrations, the attraction of other sentient and awakened beings will start to manifest within their bubble of reality. This is created through the action of sympathetic resonance.

The combined focus of energies will allow a grouping of individuals to remotely influence more effectively against the resistance of consensual reality.

For an individual to manifest their desires within their own sphere of awareness that does not entirely affect consensual reality, the individual does not require the added focused energy of the grouping.

An effective method to observe the thoughts and beliefs held deeply within the subconscious of an individual is to monitor how other entities that the individual connects to within their waking reality react to the connection of thought. An individual who has cleansed and de-energized negative belief patterns from the area that is the subject of projection and has reprogrammed this area effectively will begin to observe their external reality reflect these corrections.

It is important to note that in the event of an encounter with an undesirable energy to not attach emotionally and synchronize to their level. It is advised to not create sympathetic resonance with a lower vibrational entity as this would cause an energy drain as the lower energy through synchronization would feed from the abundant energy of the higher vibrational being.

This action would in turn weaken the higher vibrational being and disable its ability to remote influence its reality for a period of time. This would create a chance to become imposed with the lower vibrational being’s thoughts and beliefs through the vibratory interplay of sympathetic resonance.

When a lower vibrational being is ready to climb in vibration and ascend towards higher levels it will attract beings operating at higher frequencies without the hidden dangers of imposition and energy loss to the higher levels.

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