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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Global Heating=Tectonic Catastrophe

Global Heating = Tectonic Catastrophe
 By Rhydemz


The real danger for our entire civilization comes not from slow climate changes, but from overheating of the planetary interior.

Galileo discovered that Earth moves. Copernicus discovered that Earth moves around the Sun. In 2000 Tom Chalko, inspired by Desmarquet’s report, discovered that the solid nucleus of our planet is in principle a nuclear reactor, and it is eccentric...

Polar ice caps melt not because the air there is warmer than 0 deg Celsius, but because they are overheated from underneath. Volcanoes become active and erupt violently not because the Earth’s interior “crystallizes”, but because the planetary nucleus is a nuclear fission reactor...

It seems that the currently adopted doctrine of a “crystalline inner core of Earth” is more dangerous for humanity than all weapons of mass destruction taken together, because it prevents us from imagining truly global disasters… In a systematically under-cooled spherical core reactor the cumulative cause-effect relationship is hyperbolic… 

[Electromagnetic changes in the Sun’s heliosphere can also heat the Earth’s predominantly iron core with induction currents, producing identical effects to those described herein – Ed].

The last few years were the WARMEST ever recorded on Earth. The trend continues.

Huge parts of Antarctic and Arctic ice have already melted. Key Antarctic glaciers (Hektoria, Green and Evans for example) increased their melting rate 8 times in 3 years (between 2000 and 2003, Geophys. Res. Lett., 31, L18401). When glaciers begin to slide to the ocean, the sea level rise will cause not only tsunamis but a global planetary flood.


Volcanoes become active under Arctic Ocean and in Antarctica

In the past, volcanic activity was followed by decades of dormancy. Today, when volcanoes erupt they remain active and the neighbouring volcanoes erupt…

The largest volcanoes on Earth have lost their snow-caps
Oceans are warmer than ever. Their increased evaporation produces large amount of clouds, rain and widespread flooding.
Oceans around Antarctica at depths of 5 km are less salty and less dense, confirming that Antarctica is melting from underneath. The fresh water is lighter than salt water, so it should be on top…
In heated oceans all currents are severely disrupted.

Mountain glaciers melt around the globe. The weather around the globe becomes more violent every month.

Trees have begun to BLOOM in winter. Photos show Australian blackwood trees blooming in August (Mt Best, Victoria). This is equivalent to European and USA trees blooming in February. Many plants detect “season” by monitoring the soil temperature.

Energy of earthquakes systematically increases. The graph above depicts the annual quake energy since record begun in 1973, computed on the basis of USGS scientific data from all quakes above 4.0 magnitude since 1973. The data is compared (scaled) to 1973 quake energy. The energy of earthquakes 7.0 and above increased 6 times in the same period…

According to the current “scientific” dogmas, the planetary interior “crystallizes” and becomes less liquid as the time goes on. So, tectonic plate motion should become slower in time and quakes should become less frequent and less energetic. The evidence presented in the graph demonstrates exactly the opposite.

In the period of time when the planetary climate changed by a small fraction of one degree, earthquakes have become 5 times more energetic. I wonder why no one on Earth makes any notice of this?

NASA measurements confirm (Science 308, 1431-1435) that Earth absorbs more energy from the Sun that it is able to reflect to space – about 0.85 megawatts per square kilometer more. Pollution increases daily and solar activity is on the increase until 2012. Global increase in tectonic, volcanic and seismic activity seems certain. Have we reached the point of no return?

Some people claim that the observable earthquake energy rise is due to “improved equipment” and/or “increasing the number of seismic stations”. This claim cannot be true. Waves from large quakes travel around the globe and are detectable ANYWHERE. Since time of Cold War there have been enough seismic stations on Earth to pin-point location of a nuclear explosion (a quake 4.0) within a few km. [We’ve actually been able to triangulate the position and strength of any earthquake greater than magnitude 6 since 1896, and earthquake intensity since that time has risen exponentially to the point where it is almost off the scale – Ed].

Increasing number of seismic stations and better equipment can only be responsible for the increase in the number of “small” quakes being detected. The global energy of “small” earthquakes (below 7.0) increased only by 40% since 1973. In contrast, the global energy of quakes 7.0 and above increased 6 times in the same period. This is not any theory. It is an observable fact.

What causes an 8-fold increase in Antarctic glacier melting in just 3 years? Sun does not deliver 8 times the energy under the Antarctic ice, does it? Some scientists predict that effects of “global warming” will take many decades. Can they explain the increase of the melting rate of Antarctic glaciers 8 times in 3 years? Heating of the planetary interior can.

“Climate change” cannot explain why the deep Antarctic Ocean gets less salty and less dense. Overheating of the… heated planetary interior can… 

The matter seems URGENT. Please forward this page (or the link to it) to any scientist or person of integrity whom you know... Avoid the mass media – it seems that they are controlled by those who run the economy and are interested in keeping humanity misinformed to the greatest extent possible.

To withhold, distort or otherwise interfere with the truth about the planetary core is a crime against humanity... Money cannot save the Planet. Only Understanding can. Focus on Understanding. It cannot be undone.


Sightly Edited From Mtaram’s Daze

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