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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Human I.D. Implants: Verichip is now called PositiveID

Verichip is now called PositiveID!

Roll up your sleeve for the implantable human microchip, it's now Positive?

 An ELECTRONIC IDENTIFICATION CHIP made to be surgically implantated into human beings... this technology approaches the level of real-time satellite tracking of EVERYONE...    

By Greg Nikolettos (about the author)

No Verichip Campaign

As sure as the sun rises, so Verichip keeps spawning and shape shifting to gain market acceptance as people from across the globe unite and reject the IBM seed-funded, Raytheon-manufactured Human Implantable microchip company. 

To "mark' a new year, Verichip is now called PositiveID!. If you have followed this company's progress as we have and cited the damning evidence showcasing a casual link between microchipping and cancer, Verichip is certainly not positive. But in this world of semantics and double speak, no doubt a CEO meeting along with other top execs decided that throwing the word "Positive" in the title would make Alzheimer patients who get microchipped without their consent less hesitant as their sleeve was rolled up in the name of "wander protection'. "Was that a needle?" asks the patient? "No! it was a mosquito bite, you have Alzheimer's, remember?"
What has changed in 2010?
Well, Verichip/PositiveID has a new marketing and media relations company! Just as all actors in Hollywood require an agent to handle their image as they enter the market, so Verichip/PositiveID has decided to do the same.
The company taking over Verichips/PositiveID media relations and corporate communications is Gibraltar. A company who has close ties with the Clinton administration, expertise in biotech, energy and of course as a company who has excellent inroads into government, Gibraltar even has the mandatory Washington office!
Why this recent appointment?
Verichip/PositiveID has been pummeled on the NASDAQ , having been delisted in March 2009, but staging a comeback to have their stock regain NASDAQ Compliance in October 2009. Verichip/PositiveID stock has been crushed from a high of just over $10 down to a humiliating low of $0.24 cents.9
Why this backlash? It's a human implantable microchip and that does not sit well with the Ma and Pa investor. Who in their right mind invests in a company whose product causes tumors? Who in their right mind invests in a company that microchips Alzheimer patients without their consent? As Verichip/PositiveID's stock price today indicates, not many individuals and certainly not investment companies who are minimizing risk in the current economy.
Regardless of what happens on the stock market, the fact is Verichip is not going away. Why? Because their seed funding originates from the information giant IBM who has over 407,000 employees worldwide. Nothing like having a Big Blue Sugar Daddy watching over you in this financial climate, especially one that writes off a $60 million dollar loan to ensure the human microchipping agenda is in place for "future' generations. $60 million is chickenfeed to a company who turns over 100 billion US dollars a year. Yes sir, the IBM Hollerith Machine Punch Card system was very profitable in WWII, cleverly "leased" to the Nazi regime to create enabling technologies to identify and catalog non-compliant peoples.
IBM custom-designed and constantly updated the Hollerith Machine using the punch-card system and thus Hitler was able to automate his persecution of the undesirables. But let's remember Hitler’s Mantra "Jews are evil, Negroes are despicable, Gypsies simply could not stay put, wandering all over the place and homosexuals, well we all know what filthy acts they get up to!! Hitler’s remedy? Zyklon B, the brand name of the cyanide-based pesticide used in the Holocaust gas chambers !
The Zyklon B patents were owned by a little company called IG Farben who was also in bed with John D. Rockefeller's United States based Standard Oil Co. during the reign of the Third Reich, but that's another story altogether.
Agfa, BASF, and Bayer continue today after the buyout of IG Faben Western Assets, showing that you can't keep a good criminal company down. But let's remember, we all need to be more forgiving as BASF manufactured excellent magnetic recording cassette tapes in the 80s-90s as acid house music merged and fused into techno.
A crash course in Verichip/PositiveID! Buckle Up!
Verichip/PositiveID is manufactured by Raytheon Microelectronics España/ECLAN from Tomahawk Missile fame thus creating a synergy between the fifth largest defense government contractor and the human implantable microchip. 16
VeriChip Corporation acquires Steel Vault Corporation to Form PositiveID Corporation thus creating a synergy between identity theft and the human implantable microchip
VeriChip Corporation acquires credit monitoring company, NationalCreditReport.com, thus creating a synergy between credit monitoring and the human implantable microchip
Verichip includes the VeriPay System which is designed to be used as a swipe and go payment method for cash and credit-card transactions as seen at the Baja nightclub, thus creating a synergy between "scan and go" electronic payments and the human implantable microchip.19
Verichip can be linked to Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, thus creating a synergy between the Electronic Health Records Government stampede and the human implantable microchip.
Verichip/PositiveID/RECEPTORS LLC manufactures Virus Triage Detection System for the H1N1 Virus thus creating a synergy between the WHO hyped flu pandemic and the human implantable microchip.
Verichip/PositiveID announced it would expand its HealthID division with a range of products, including an implantable RFID microchip in phase 2 development which can detect glucose levels in the body, thus creating a synergy between HealthCare , Diabetic Patients and the human implantable microchip
Verichip/PositiveID announced it is working closely with HealthScreenDirect, a company that offers screening for diabetes and high cholesterol . We soon predict a cholesterol sensor announcement via the Verichip Receptors alliance thus creating a synergy between the 106 million Americans who suffer from high cholesterol and the human implantable microchip.
Verichip/PositiveID formed VeriGreen Energy Corporation, to invest in the clean and alternative energy sector.Following the recently signed stimulus package, which invested $79 billion in renewable energy. Verichip/PositiveID created a synergy between their new marketing company Gibraltar , the stimulus bill , cap and trade, the global warming agenda and the human implantable microchip.
But relax...after all these acquisitions, name changes and synergies created, Scott Silverman CEO of Verichip/PositiveID states to the market with a straight face:
"Using the chip to relate to the credit-reporting services of NationalCreditReport.com, or even using it for financial transactions" has not been a part of our business model for five years or more, since Sullivan's been gone, and is not part of our business model moving forward."
Scott Silverman continued "I can tell you that" putting [the chips] into children and immigrants for identification purposes, or putting them into people, especially unwillingly, for financial transactions, has [not] been and never will be the intent of this company as long I'm the chairman and CEO,"
Greg Nikolettos, founder of We The People Will Not Be Chipped Movement, responded critically. "Enough of the lies Scott, we have reached breaking point with how your company conducts itself in the market. As people worldwide unite and spend more time researching Verichip and the human microchipping agenda, the more it becomes evident you are a shoe-in for Lying-CEO-of-the-year and for the Verichip to be awarded the Lemon-of-the-Decade product award. Nothing has changed with your market tactics since we released the short film "Operation Lie and Deceive - Verichip Style' 6 exposing the companies unethical practices...although we do concede that something has changed: the length of your nose'
The WorldWide Human Microchipping Agenda
"Conspiracy theory" is a term often thrown at the human microchipping issue when it is discussed in the mainstream news to deflect one of the most invasive and dehumanizing psychopathic agendas. The goal? To strip you of your inalienable human rights and reduce you to a 16 digit number that's scanned like a can of chili beans at a supermarket . Could this Orwellian nightmarish agenda ever come to fruition?
Let's pause and reflect on the words of IBM's CEO Sam Palmisano when he addressed the Council of Foreign Relations with the following statement: "Indeed, almost anything--any PERSON , any object, any process or any service, for any organization, large or small--can become digitally aware and networked"
If you're naïve enough to believe that Verichip and IBM--the world's largest and most profitable information technology company, whose CEO states they want to network humans-- is not hunting you and your family down to microchip them, you must be delusional.
For those that can read the writing on the wall, now is the time to support the preventative microchipping Bodily Integrity Act drafted by RFID expert and privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht and get it signed into law on a Federal Level in every country across the globe.
With the current Socialism trend in supposedly democratic governments, how long will it be before Government mandates that their citizens will be unable to receive healthcare or access government services unless they get micro-chipped?
The time has come to act now and cut off Verichip at the pass.
Please contact Greg Nikolettos through the We The People Will Not Be Chipped website, as he has drafted templates and will advise you on whom to contact in your country and how to get this legislation signed into law.


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