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Monday 8 March 2010

Electrosmog: You’re Bathing In It

Electrosmog – You’re Bathing In It

By Walter

Coined in the 1970’s, esmog is the umbrella term denoting environmental pollution due to electromagnetic fields and radiation...

My wife’s death made me realize one thing in all clarity: when treating a patient, it is of the utmost importance to look beyond the symptoms and search for the root cause of the disease, which must always include a careful examination of the patient’s environment. I was shocked to see – and these were by no means isolated cases – that in my immediate environment there were people suffering from all manner of disease while the medical professionals were at a complete loss in terms of finding a proper explanation for the problem, let alone in assessing which treatments to apply. 

This was the moment when my curiosity was aroused and I decided to do some thorough and systematic research of the subject matter. However, this seemed easier said than done; where and how was I to start? I decided that the only sensible way forward was to tackle the task like a doctoral thesis which required some in-depth research.

 At the time, however, I was not yet in a position to do any medical examinations or tests; consequently, I focused my attention on the physical aspect of my research, i.e. I needed to determine to which extent environmental pollution/environmental stress – esmog in particular – would affect people’s health. One has to bear in mind, however, that back then esmog awareness was still in its infancy and the general public had no clue as to what to make of this new commodity called esmog, or whether or not it posed a health risk at all.

During my research I came across an interesting fact: the majority of the people in my environment who – like my deceased wife, Margret – had been diagnosed of a vegetative or idiopathic condition, were suffering almost the same symptoms as electro-hyper-sensitive people (ES sufferers). I had been researching this particular phenomenon long and hard for many years and was hence qualified to attest to the unswerving accuracy of my observation. 

In the course of time it became increasingly clear to me how these patients could be helped and several years later I was able to put my ideas and theories into practice in my Naturheil- und Allergiezentrum Friedrichshöhe (Naturopathic and Allergy Treatment Center Friedrichshöhe). It was in my clinic in the Black Forrest where, in the course of eight years, my second wife, Waltraud, and I conducted intensive research regarding esmog and other environmental factors, including double blind studies on large groups of patients [2].

The task at hand appeared uncomplicated at first: we were going to procure any and all esmog products so abundantly available on the market, painstakingly scrutinize them in terms of their alleged efficacy and eventually pick out the most efficacious product/s which we would then use to treat our patients. This strategy soon proved to be a fallacy due to the fact that – the huge number of esmog products notwithstanding – the double blind studies failed to produce conclusively positive results. This realization was depressing.

I continued to be determined to find a solution against esmog to help my patients with their complaints and, as a direct consequence, realized that I had to extend the scope of my research. Given the disappointing test results I was more or less forced to develop emsog protection devices of my own, which had to meet my very demanding requirements, to boot:

my esmog products needed to be of a universal nature;
my esmog products needed to be affordable;
my esmog products were not to make necessary any building alterations / refurbishments;
my esmog products needed to stand their ground during severe technical testing;
my esmog products needed to prove their efficacy in double blind studies and other methods of testing.

Following more extensive research in the field of physics, I realized that the solution which would meet my high quality standards could only be found in the realm of scalar waves (also known as “Maxwellian waves” or “Tesla waves”) which Nicola Tesla [3] (1856-1943) had already described and the existence of which Prof. Dr. Dr. Ing. Konstantin Meyl [4], Aharonov and Bohm 1959, Bearden and Sweet 1986, Bearden 2001 et al had experimentally and irrefutably substantiated. 

Deciding to develop a technology based on scalar waves – and subsequently terming it iHIT™, an acronym from inverted harmonized information technology – came naturally; after all, in the course of many years I had seen the phenomenal efficacy of subtle energies, during bioresonance therapy, among others, which I had used to treat our patients (having modified my bioresonance devices and adapted them to my own ideas). 

Sadly this fabulous therapy, which does not produce any side-effects whatsoever, continues to be decried and rejected by science and orthodox medicine despite abundant proof and international studies attesting to its unquestionable effectiveness, thus reducing the claims of its opponents to absurdity who state its effectiveness is merely of a placebo nature.

It is incomprehensible to me that people with little or no training in the field of physics or medicine – let alone with any experience in the field of bioresonance – apparently feel qualified to contribute to the discussion regarding the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy… It is only natural that no measuring results should be obtainable so long as an electrician’s test screwdriver – or measuring devices designed to measure alternating current, for that matter – is used to conduct measurements in the field of subtle energies and on bio-organisms. 

Furthermore, their categorical rejection is never corroborated by any sound scientific proof in which case their stance would be understandable. The standard yet specious explanations these self-appointed guardians of physical possibilities and phenomena are quick to offer sound like this: “Stuff like that doesn’t work!”, “I can’t imagine this to work!”, “This is bordering on charlatanism!”, “There is no scientific evidence!” etc. I wonder what these people would make of a cardiologist or a neurologist who is getting ready to do an EKG or EEG recording using an electrician’s test screwdriver or a volt meter.


When I decided to make use of the principles of scalar wave technology for future implementation into highly effective esmog protection devices, I was fully aware of the fact that it would be difficult to explain their mode of action. However, until I would be able to put my theories into practice and eventually start to manufacture my own esmog protection devices, I had to develop and manufacture new instruments. 

Scalar waves (which are also referred to as longitudinal waves) continue to be rejected by orthodox science. There is a conspicuous parallel to bioresonance therapy I would like to bring to the reader’s attention: the same people who reject the latter are equally opposed to scalar/longitudinal wave technology, reasoning that the alleged existence of either phenomenon is a hoax due to the fact that even the most sophisticated measuring devices to date are unable to record any results pertaining to their effectiveness.

I am struggling to comprehend some scientists’ viewpoint according to which they are only willing to accept any given fact if it can be measured. It is understood that out of necessity science and technology developed their own terminology, language and methods. However, the results produced by those tools are for the most part just as flawed, limited and finite as the methods themselves. From a scientific point of view it is impossible to determine, i.e., measure the value of information (from Latin “in-formare” = to bring into form).

I sincerely wish that those scientists and technicians who prefer to remain devout slaves of the measurement technology/electrical metrology could have seen the look on some of our patients’ faces when they first came to our clinic, having been told by their GP just hours prior that they only had six months left to live. Having made every endeavor, my [second] wife Waltraud and I, along with the naturopaths working in our clinic, were able to reverse most of those fatal diagnoses by giving the patient’s immune system a massive boost so the body would regain its self-regulating and self-healing powers. Oftentimes this regime would lead to the patient’s complete recovery. 

Based on my experience of many years as a naturopath and a physicist, I know today that disease only happens when the body can no longer tolerate, handle and self-regulate an assault. It is difficult to describe the look of gratitude and profound relief in the eyes of those patients of ours who had been previously written off by their GPs only for us to save them and give them back their lives. I venture the guess that, if those scientists, technicians and engineers who live by the maxim that “real is only what can be measured” could have been present in those moments, they probably would have become more open towards phenomena which cannot be measured. After all, a human being is more than the sum of its scientifically measurable parts.

Up to the present day, science has been taking the relentless view that matter is the result of physical and chemical processes, concluding that only what can be determined by way of an analysis, a method of measuring and expressed in a number or digits is actually real. This is a rather rigid, materialistic and mechanical way to view the world, leaving little if any room for any concept involving subtle energies. Numerous research projects in the fields of physics and chemistry were, and continue to be, aborted due to a lack of sufficient proof, i.e., current measuring devices have failed, at least for the time being, to produce results attesting to the effectiveness of whatever was tested. 

At the same time, science is aware of the fact that there are many phenomena outside the measurable realm – consequently said phenomena and processes ought not to be labeled unscientific (curiously enough, in some areas such as particle physics the same rigid yardstick is not applied) even though there are still a lot of open questions, particularly in this field (diffraction).

Biophotons made visible


The existence of biophotons discovered by leading German researcher and scientist Prof. Dr. F. Popp can now be proven by way of a special technological device. Pictured on the left (3) are biophotons in energized water, while on the right (5&6) we see a six-fold magnification of an individual biophoton, showing its underlying hexagonal structure. [5]

Surprisingly, science does not seem to have a problem with certain processes, e.g., those happening inside the bio-organism, the atom or in the galaxy, regardless of the fact that those processes cannot be directly observed; what can be observed, however, are the effects produced by these processes. Effects always happen in accordance with certain principles of law and order, and their thorough and unbiased analysis allows for explanations of certain phenomena in the realm of the non-visible/non-measurable. If the same scientific yardstick would be applied to the realm of subtle energies, careful analysis of their effects, too, would allow for explanations of certain phenomena in the realm of the non-visible/non-measurable.

In this case, however, homeopathy, bioresonance, Prof. Dr. Fritz Popp’s[6]  biophoton research and Nicola Tesla’s findings would equally have to be attributed the importance they deserve….
The inclined reader may pass judgment as he sees fit – and while he does, he may wish to take into consideration the fate of such (rejected and decried) notables as Galileo Galilei[7], Ignaz Semmelweis[8], Samuel Hahnemann[9], Nicola Tesla and Prof Dr. Fritz Popp and his biophoton research, all of whom suffered an ill fate at the hands of the establishment of their day.

The idea of an energy-information web linking man with his environment is far from being a new discovery. In the 1920s and ‘30s, influential Russian natural scientist Wladimir I. Wernadskij (1863-1945) described, among other things, the existence of the biosphere (a term which has since become common knowledge) and warned that man was not to be cut off from the environment. Wernadskij went on to say that everything in nature was intricately linked with one another and that organic life on Earth was integrated into highly delicate regulatory processes and linked with the environment’s electromagnetic fields. 

Furthermore, life was not to be reduced and restricted to the current laws of physics and chemistry. He emphasized that it was totally inadequate to describe life on the basis of material and energetic criteria alone and prophesized that scientists of the future would have to go beyond the current scope of science and aside from matter and energy add new factors, one of which would have to be information. [10]

There is a steadily increasing number of top-class scientists who share Wernadskij’s view. Albert Einstein remarked on the subject of information: “Everything in life is vibration; life is vibration.” Max Planck observed: “In actual fact, there is no such thing as matter. Everything is composed of vibration.” Yakir Aharonov, professor for theoretical physics at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel and at the University of South Carolina, USA, is an authority on quantum physics. Four or five physical phenomena have been named after him, e.g., the Aharonov-Bohm Effect. Asked to comment on the subject of information, he replied: “Biophotons are the body’s information carriers.” Canadian biophysicist Bigu del Blanco succeeded in measuring both electromagnetic radiation and its absorption, thus documenting the exchange of information among cells.

According to Popp, there are some 40 research teams worldwide – predominantly in Japan, China and India – pressing ahead with biophoton research. Supposedly investing up to $100 million annually, Japan is developing a full body photon scanner. Research results, particularly the work of German physicist Popp, have shown that the DNA is kind of an “electromagnetic aerial”, which absorbs information and passes it on to the cells.
Based on the mountain of solid scientific findings it can be unequivocally concluded that the body’s information processes are the key to each and every life process. Moreover, it can be deduced that information is the all-empowering and controlling entity regulating any and all of the body’s functions. Life without information would be impossible.

Information comes in many shapes and sizes. Take language, for instance, or a person‘s handwriting, books, numbers, vinyl discs, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, radio, TV, paintings, magnetic tapes, photographs, music, colors, shapes, temperature, facial expressions, telephone lines, CB radio, genetic makeup, neurons, taste, smell etc. The perception of the five senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting – is processed according to the same laws and in an identical fashion in every human being. How-ever, the interpretation of the information accompanying sensual perception is happening on an individual basis and varies from person to person. While this phenomenon can be explained logically, it is impossible to measure it physically. On the other hand, what definitely can be measured on a physical and chemical level are the body’s reactions TO information.

This brings us to the central point of my esmog research. As stated above, the only effective protection against esmog would, in my view, have to be developed on the basis of scalar wave technology. I was privileged to have had the chance to run innumerable tests and elaborate studies on my patients, all of which would help me develop my theories and before long bring about most tangible results. In the course of the ensuing eight years I was able to continually and consistently optimize these results in my naturopathic and allergy treatment center; in addition, I was able to test all the products I had developed on a great number of the most diverse patients. This is how I was able to help a lot of my patients get back on the road to full recovery, while the multiple test-runs on my patients allowed me to obtain valuable results pertaining to the question whether or not esmog was really a health hazard. 

I examined various diseases, symptoms and “just” mild complaints, wondering if there was a possible connection to esmog as the root cause. The results I came up with were similar to those obtained in biophysics: so long as the information transfer to and inside the body is disturbed, the body’s health will automatically be compromised.

With esmog, the biggest interference factor is not the strength of the current but first and foremost its frequency. It is not the intensity of the electromagnetic stress which is disturbing (analogously: the difference between disturbing noise and pleasant music is not in the volume). Rather, the answer is to be found in the specific frequency and the wavelength thereof. This fact has been corroborated by numerous international scientific studies. Given this backdrop, it becomes evident that all the talk about safety levels is missing the point because regardless of their intensity, electromagnetic fields can become, and are becoming, biologically active on a cellular level. Following extensive testing in my clinic on various disease patterns, I was able to observe and conclusively confirm this statement.

The list of patients who had come to our clinic after having been treated with allopathic and/or homeopathic/alternative protocols, is long (in the majority of cases, these protocols failed altogether while in a handful of cases, only short-term relief was accomplished). Some of these patients also went to get psychiatric help but clearly not because they were actually mentally disturbed. Imagine having a health complaint and nobody to believe you… Even the psychiatrists to whom those (conveniently labeled) “hypochondriacs” turned for help thought that they were hallucinating; after all, no organic failure could be evidenced. Anyone will appreciate the tremendous psychic stress these patients endured.

Given our overwhelming success, it had become standard procedure by then to consider environmental factors during diagnosis and treatment alike. Having recorded our findings over a 12 month period and following subsequent data evaluation, we were looking at some most interesting demographics indeed:

20% of our patients showed a rapid, in several instances spontaneous improvement in their condition... These results were caused merely by applying the esmog protection products I had developed; no medical treatment of any kind was applied.
75% of our patients were resistant to therapy to a more or lesser degree. Once my esmog products were applied, however, their resistance phased out consistently. Thanks to our individually tailored, customized therapies, we were able to completely stabilize those patients.
5% of our patients experienced a temporary improvement of their condition as a result of applying our esmog products while resistance to therapy persisted.

Convinced by these results, I concluded the technical research of my esmog protection products, the effectiveness of which had been amply proven, just like my choice of scalar wave technology (iHIT™).

Next I needed to address the following question: how can the effectiveness of my esmog products be explained from a medical perspective? Pressed for an answer, we set out to evaluate any and all of our therapies and tests we had applied and conducted, respectively, over many years. As a result, we gained more insight into the esmog issue, on the basis of which we were able to break down the workings of esmog into three stages:

Stage 1 – disorder

The body’s homeostasis becomes compromised. At this stage, most patients complained about sleeping disorders, loss of appetite, nervousness, headache and lack of concentration.

Stage 2 – impact 

Any symptoms become more pronounced and tangible. Hyperactivity (in children), rheumatism, migraine, depression, proneness to allergies and consequently a reduced immune response could be observed.

Stage 3 – disease

All manner of irreversible disease may manifest unless esmog is reduced.

Each organism reacts individually to environmental impact, including electromagnetic fields. The determining factors in the development of an illness caused by esmog are

a) the intensity of the stress and
b) the length of time during which stress is applied

A person’s individual stress tolerance, which varies from person to person, is the determining factor here. Simply put, esmog creates an artificial stress situation in the bio-organism, which, in turn, affects the metabolism as well as hormone production (melatonin!), to mention just one example. Maintaining the same daytime stress levels throughout the night will have an affect on the body’s essential regeneration phase, steadily increasing the risk of falling ill due to permanent stress overload. This is why a stress-free sleeping and a stress-free work place are crucial, if not downright vital, in the very meaning of the word.

Following patient data evaluation, we were able to conclude that:
Depending on both their physical size and duration of impact, electromagnetic fields cause additional “technical stress”.

Unless esmog causing factors are brought down to individual tolerance levels in good time, the body may experience health complaints of all types, including serious disorders.

Basically, it can be said that children, adolescents, the elderly and people with a low immune response are particularly more prone to esmog related complaints than people with a reasonable constitution.

Based on these findings, the answer to the active principle in my products, which is also reflected in my iHIT™ technology, had been found: the products reduce esmog induced stress factors, thus relieving the immune system and reactivating the body’s self-regulatory properties.

Stress inducing factors cause either a positive bodily reaction, referred to as eustress (pleasant or curative stress) or a negative reaction, commonly referred to as distress (stress caused by adverse events). These terms were coined by acclaimed Canadian physician and endocrinologist Hans Selye (1907-1982) who did much important theoretical work on the non-specific response of the organism to stress and in 1950 developed his now-famous theory of the influence of stress on the body’s ability to cope with, and adapt to, the pressures of injury and disease. He discovered that patients with a variety of ailments manifested many similar symptoms which he ultimately attributed to their bodies’ efforts to respond to the stresses of being ill. He called this collection of symptoms – the existence of a separate stress disease – stress syndrome, or the general adaptation syndrome (GAS). So impressive have his findings and theories been that he is referred to as the “father of stress research”.

Whether or not a person is “stressed” depends on the information forwarded by the sensory organs. New stimuli are compared to every experience made in the past, following which they are classified and stored. In accordance with the transmitted information, the body responds by activating a chain reaction of measures. These are completely normal processes, happening a million times per second, unnoticed. 

Sensory input, of which we consciously register only a minute percentage, is processed in different centers in the brain. More than 99% of all sensory input is blocked and remains buried in the unconscious mind. This unique mechanism protects the body from over stimulation. It is evident that stimuli selection, i.e., which stimuli a person chooses to consciously perceive, must vary from person to person. 

In a stress situation, the body reacts in its entirety. Hormones released by the amygdale of the limbic system activate the body’s fight or flight response. With the stress situation over, stress hormone levels come down and the body returns to normal mode. However, if the stress situation persists – as is the case with esmog, for instance – the body remains alarmed and in alert mode, thus depleting oxygen levels in the blood, blocking the body’s immune system and self-healing mechanisms and possibly manifesting stress related complaints in their wake. It is a fact that permanent stress exhausts the body’s energy supplies.

Due to the positive results I had gathered in the course of over 20 years, I was finally able to conclude my (solely privately funded) research and development projects, which had seen their share of ups and downs. This is not to suggest, however, that my work is done or that it ever will be. Aristotle once said: “The more I know the more I don’t know”. In more ways than one, this motto applies to my work ethic. As long as people’s health continues to be compromised by (technical or chemical) environmental contamination, I will accept, and rise to, the challenge to make a difference and bring about viable solutions.

[1] Baubiologie, a term coined in Germany, is a word used to describe a movement promoting the use of healthy building principles as a means to improve living and work spaces and the health of people who occupy them. Baubiologie literally means “building biology” (comparable to the Chinese feng-shui). Both terms are now used interchangeably and both have exactly the same definition. This new field of education is characterized by the terms biological, ecological, sensitive to nature, healthy, vital, human, organic, high quality, cultural and holistic. A Baubiologe’s field of work is Baubiologie.
[2] Recent polls in the US showed that domestic/internal air quality reflected consumers’ top priority.
[3] World-renowned inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) was born an ethnic Serb citizen of the Austrian Empire and later became an American citizen. He is best known for his revolutionary work in and numerous contributions to the discipline of electricity and magnetism as well as for his discovery of scalar waves. Tesla’s (more than 700) patents and theoretical work formed the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, including the polyphase power distribution systems and the AC motor which he sold to Westinghouse.
[4] Dr. Konstantin Meyl (born 1952) is a professor for electrical energy technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, Germany and the author of a uniform physical field theory by way of an extension of the Maxwell field theory by potential eddies of the electrical field. Prof. Meyl was able to demonstrate mathematically as well as experimentally the propagation of field eddies as scalar waves, thus proving that the claims made by Nicola Tesla are indeed correct.
[6] Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp (born 1938) is a German researcher in biophysics. After studying experimental physics, Popp earned his PhD in theoretical physics at Mainz University and later became a professor at Marburg University. His research began with the confirmation of the existence of biophotons, which had earlier been studied by Terence Quickenden in Australia. International projects led to cooperation with scientists such as Walter Nagl, Ilya Prigogine and David Bohm. He became an Invited Member of the New York Academy of Sciences and an Invited Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS). For a time, he worked at Princeton University. Popp was the founder of the International Institute of Biophysics at Neuss, Germany. His contributions to science have opened a whole new branch of biophysics. Patents that he holds include the use of biophotonics to examine the quality of food, the environment and medicine, among many others.
[7] Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was an Italian physicist, astronomer, astrologer, and philosopher who is closely associated with the scientific revolution. His achievements include the first systematic studies of uniformly accelerated motion, improvements to the telescope, a variety of astronomical observations, and support for Copernicanism. Galileo’s experiment-based work is a significant break from the abstract approach of Aristotle. Galileo is often referred to as the “father of modern astronomy”, as the “father of modern physics”, and as the “father of science”.
[8] Hungarian-Austrian physician/obstetrician Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, PhD (pronounced “ZAM-mel-veis”) (1818-1865), a pioneer in medical prophylaxis (antiseptic policy) and prevention of nosocomial in-fection, could be considered the father of infection control. He demonstrated that post-operative sepsis infection and puerperal fever (also known as “childbed fever”) could be drastically reduced by enforcing appropriate hand washing behavior by medical care-givers. In 1848, Semmelweis widened the scope of his washing protocol to include all instruments coming in contact with patients in labor and he statistically documented success in virtually eliminating puerperal fever from the hospital ward. He published papers around the world and wrote a book on his work but those that needed it most never read it because it was a new theory and they were in a profession that respected only the old tried methods. His obser-vations went against the current scientific opinion of the time, and ideological issues prevented the medical establishment from recognizing and applying Semmelweis’ findings. One was that his claims were thought to lack scientific basis since no explanation was given to his findings. Such a scientific ex-planation was only made possible some decades later, after Semmelweis’ death, when the germ theory of disease was developed. Voicing his scathing criticism of the medical world, Semmelweis succinctly stated: There will always be doctors like Klein (Semmelweis’ boss who fiercely opposed him). […] But while other doctors are healing people, the Kleins are making a secure position for themselves. They don’t use medicine to do this. They use the protection of medicine and the politics of medicine. And because of the way medical liberals split up among themselves, it’s the Kleins who really run the universities and the hospitals.”
[9] German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, Ph.D. (1755-1843) established the funda-mental principles of the science and art of homoeopathic medicine or homeopathy which is based on the principle of “similia similibus curantor” or “let like be cured by like” (“Law of Similars” meaning that a remedy producing symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms when manifested by a person in a diseased state. Hahnemann used homeopathic treatment with a 96% success rate, compared to the 41% of allopathic medicine during an outbreak of cholera in 1831, for instance.). He is also credited with introducing the practice of quarantine. Although his new methods initially met with ridicule and cri-ticism, by the time of his death they were accepted by millions of practitioners the world over. An impressive monument in Washington D.C. commemorates Hahnemann’s life and work. Remarking on allopathic physicians, Hahnemann offered some abrasive criticism: “For several centuries, a whole range of causes, which I could not begin to enumerate, have led to the downgrading of that divine science, clinical medicine, to the level of a wretched, money-grabbing exercise in the whitewashing of symptoms and a demeaning traffic in prescriptions, in fact, God forgive us, to a more mechanical trade in which Hippocrates is lost to sight amidst a rabble of charlatans.”

- Excerpts from Treatise On Electrosmog - Part I

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  1. Will someone send me a list of (sorry) scientific studies that explore the effects of electrosmog upon us.
    I have the apparatus to measure it and need to know WHAT I need to protect myself from
    Michael Rogers

  2. Will someone send me a list of (sorry) scientific studies that explore the effects of electrosmog upon us.
    I have the apparatus to measure it and need to know WHAT I need to protect myself from
    Michael Rogers




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