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Sunday 21 March 2010


Curing Cancers


The cure for cancer mentioned above [see http://www.cheniere.org/books/excalibur/biophotons.htm is the Prioré device in France, which has been curing cancer and other diseases for decades, much to the frustration of many members of the French Academy of Sciences.

  Antoine Prioré is an Italian-born inventor who escaped from the Germans in World War II and fled to France.  After the war Prioré purchased surplus equipment and eventually developed a strange machine that filled an entire room.  A nozzle above a table in the center of the room emitted a strong ray or field, which Prioré explained consisted of an electromagnetic wave in a magnetic field.  Eventually the French government spent almost three million dollars for construction of a new, improved Prioré machine, because Prioré had shown he could cure cancers in laboratory animals with the device.

   In 1964 Professor Robert Courrier, renowned biologist and secrétaire-perpétuel of the French Academy of Sciences, presented some of Prioré's results to the Academy.  Forty-eight cancerous rats had been divided into two groups of twenty- four each.  One group was set aside without treatment as a control, and the other group was divided into two subgroups of twelve each.  One of these subgroups was treated by the Prioré machine promptly after cancer grafts, and the other was treated after a lapse of several days.  Both subgroups were completely cured - the first quickly and the second after more prolonged treatment.  All the control rats died in twenty-two to thirty days after grafting.

   The results created a furore and a controversy that have continued to the present day.  Since the first presentation by Courrier, the machine has repeatedly cured leukemia and other forms of cancer in laboratory animals.  The controversy seems to have arisen because the French Academicians could not comprehend the working of the machine, and because the inventor would not reveal how it worked but only how it was built.

   The second, more powerful Prioré machine produces a magnetic field of about 1,240 gauss.  According to one scientist, the machine contains a gas-filled vacuum tube, which contains a plasma of mercury and neon gas.  A pulsed 9.4 gigahertz electromagnetic wave is modulated onto a 17 megahertz wave in this plasma.  However, the true nature of the machine is revealed by the fact that the 9.4 gigahertz wave is joined in the "lamp" by seventeen radiations of unspecified frequency and nature. 

Thus we see that Prioré is actually using second-order multiple modulations and is dealing with the direct life-mind-consciousness loop of the mammalian cell.  He is directly stimulating and engineering the hyperspace nested virtual bands with his device.  His twenty-six years of work have mostly been involved with ferreting out the required precise frequencies and mix of second-order modulations, as well as the correct intermodulation carrier necessary to obtain the desired effects.

In Figure 10 we show a simplified diagram of the Prioré device, from which it can immediately be seen that the device uses the same principles shown previously in Figure 9.  Prioré is using nested orders of modulations to affect nested orders of virtual state, thus producing direct channels and effects in neutrinic field and in mindfield.  Radiating a biological target such as a laboratory animal with such a complex field directly engineers its mind-life-consciousness loop.  With the correct nested modulations on the correct carrier (in this case a strong magnetic field, which allows a stronger connection to the neutrinic field aspects), the mind-life- consciousness loops of the individual cells in the body of the irradiated animal are "scrubbed clean " of any deviation from the norm by the virtual patterns delivered to the animal, and hence to its "virtual biophoton stabilization field" reported by Popp.

In other words, the Prioré device produces a reverse sort of effect as compared with the Soviet work reported by Kaznacheyev on anomalous death and disease transmission between cell cultures by near ultraviolet biophotons emitted from the virtual Popp field of the dying cells of the stressed, attacked cultures. 

The same sort of virtual engineering that can transmit death of the organism (by disrupting its mind-life-consciousness loop tuning) can also transmit life into a stressed attacked grouping of cells by a sort of "forced resonance" of their consciousness loops into normal health patterns.  (Virtual state interactions control charges, which control chemistry.  Thus the entire chemistry of the absorbing cells can be controlled and engineered.) 

Also, the Lisitsyn paper refers to the presence of eleven independent channels in the brainwaves (namely, in the mind-life-consciousness connection to the waves of dendrite firings that constitute brainwaves*), and these were specifically referred to clipped signals, not sine waves  (The clipped signals would be those possessing complex nested modulations, and thus representing the tuning effects of the life-consciousness loop).  

The Prioré machine uses seventeen higher-order modulations, which are quite sufficient to cover all eleven life channels required, with an additional six being available for tuning so as to squelch or "jam" the life-consciousness loops of those cells with tuning abnormalities, that is, of diseased or cancerous cells. 

The main component : the plasma tube

As we would expect, the Prioré machine has also shown its ability to cure other infectious diseases and materially benefit victims of cardiovascular diseases.  Infectious diseases cured by Prioré radiation also provide an immunity to the treated host organism that has been shown to be transferable by transfusion of blood samples. 

   Again I strongly emphasize that the individual biological effects of solitary magnetic fields or single frequency waves cannot be extrapolated to the multiple frequency, nested modulation case; and almost all our present knowledge of the effects of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields on biological systems is woefully immature and incomplete.

T.  Henry Moray built a somewhat similar machine - though very much smaller - which provided a direct radiation from extensive "peach blossom violet" colored spark gaps inside a quartz tube, and which greatly stimulated the health of an individual exposed to the radiation.  In fact, the device would promptly cure the radiation burns Moray frequently suffered as a result of his continual experimentation with uranium compounds and other radioactive substances.  He patented the device, and some of his original machines are still in existence and still being used to treat patients with a wide variety of ailments.  

I have personally been exposed to one of Moray's treatment machines and can vouch for the fact that it stimulates every cell in one's body, providing in about two to three minutes a great tonic and health stimulant.

*  It is these dendrite firings which form the collector-detector mechanisms through which the mind- world changes are joined to the human nervous system and brain.  Were they not specifically useful and needed, the dendrite firings would not have been developed, and nerves would simply be long wires. 


From the Tom Bearden’s Excalibur Briefing @ http://www.cheniere.org/books/excalibur/priore_machine.htm

Xtra Images - http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/imagenes_ciencia/priore02.jpg

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