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Thursday 15 April 2010

Strange Truths Behind the JFK Assassination: UFOs and EBE

Strange Truths Behind the JFK Assassination

 Many Motives (including UFO secrecy) and Multiple Gunmen

Ever since November 1963 the motives for the assassination of John F. Kennedy have been the subject of wild speculation. What is clear is that the young President was about to steer his own course strongly opposed to the mighty political and financial interest of the establishment. He was not a good “collaborator”, and one of the reasons for the murder was the sacking of the overly powerful CIA chief Allen Dulles – after the fiasco at the Bay of Pigs in April 1961, shortly after he took on the job. Furthermore, he prepared to call back some U.S. advisors from Vietnam. 
This order was issued in October 1963. Another thorn in the flesh of the Illuminati was the plan to curb CIA military activities in Southeast Asia. On July 18, 1963 he had told Congress that he wanted to implement certain measures to remedy the balance of payments deficit of the U.S. He wanted to support exports of industrial goods and an interest balancing tax on foreign accounts of American citizens. On capital invested abroad up to 15% tax would have to be paid. That the international bankers didn’t want to put up with that is obvious. Kennedy would have been the right man as the people’s representative! But to find an even more important reason we have to leave politics for a moment. It concerns the Roswell Incident.

Conspiracy theorists state that the government had JFK assassinated in an effort to destroy the dream of space travel. Since the Roswell incident they had remained very mysterious about the truth of that day’s events, thereby enjoying a measure of power over an unwittingly ignorant and vulnerable public. It follows, then, that the government would not be keen for society to learn the truth as a result of space travel, as whatever secret they had been harboring could finally be exposed.

On July 22, 1947 a “non-terrestrial” flying machine had crashed at Roswell, New Mexico. There were ninety-two witnesses, thirty-five of which were Air Force personnel, and four humanoid beings were found. The next space vehicle was found on February 13, 1948 near Aztec, New Mexico, followed on March 25 by a further crash in the same area, at Heart Canyon. This disk had a diameter of thirty-three meters, was made from an unknown metal and was occupied by sixteen beings, about 120 cm high and all dead. Another crash happened near Roswell in 1949, and here one being survived.

An Air Force officer was ordered to bring him to Los Alamos, at that time the best-guarded institution of the U.S. Armed Forces. The being was described as a reptiloid humanoid with certain insectoid characteristics. He was simple called EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). He came from a double-star system, that their planet was now a desert planet, that their sun was dying and that they had underground facilities in several countries of the world. EBE taught the young colonel who looked after him about reincarnation, that the soul lives on and that this was the law of the Universe. All this was recorded and stored under the code-name YELLOW BOOK. Under the project SIGMA (Part of Operation Majestic-12) they tried to contact EBE’s race, but without success.

At the end of 1951 EBE became very ill. Since his biological body functions were chlorophyll-based, the botanist Dr. Guillermo Mendoza was called in to treat EBE. EBE stayed in Los Alamos until June 18, 1952 when he died for “unknown reasons”. It is said that the colonel looking after him cried when he died. He apparently had loved him like a child. Under the project ROBERTSON PANEL this event was later filmed as “ET” to accustom the public slowly to reality. On December 6, 1950 a thirty-meter saucer crashed near Laredo, Texas. In the debris the charred remains of a being of about 130 cm in height with a very large head was found. When the photographs were released, this event caused quite a stir.

On May 20, 1953 a further saucer of only ten meters across was recovered in Kingman, Arizona. Here there were four dead beings who were brought like all the others to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Hangar 18. As the Americans like to say: Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. After the first crash already several secret organizations were founded to deal with the presence of UFOs. The most important one was the Operation Majestic 12 that was founded on September 24, 1947, by President Harry Solomon Truman and under which all the other projects ran (MAJESTY is the code name for the President). Among its twelve members were Dr. Vanevar Bush, the scientific advisor of the President, Defense Secretary Forrestal and later also Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, Head of the CIA, and J. Edgar Hoover, Head of the FBI. The rest were all members of the CFR. All twelve were also members of the Jason Society or Jason Scholars, the elite from the Skull & Bones order. The group’s headquarters in Maryland is only accessible by air and is called the “Country club” by insiders.

Among the Projects under MAJESTIC 12 were the following:

Project MAJI: “Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence”. MAJIC means Magi-controlled. All information and disinformation about UFOs and extraterrestrials are evaluated by Magi in connection with the CIA, the NSA, the DIA and Naval Intelligence.

Project SIGN: Investigation of the UFO phenomenon, the name was later changed to Project GRUDGE (perhaps because of the many human body parts that were found in two of the vehicles).

Project BLUE BOOK: The retrieval of the crashed vehicles and – together with the Robertson Panel – distribution of disinformation among the public.

Project SIGMA: Communication with EBE’s race.

Project SNOWBIRD: Technology of extraterrestrial flying objects and the attempt to fly one of them.

Project AQUARIUS: General project for the co-ordination of the research and contact program with extra-terrestrials.

Project GARNET: Investigation of the influence of the extra-terrestrials upon the evolution of humanity.

Project POUNCE: Responsible for the evaluation of the crashed vehicles and the biological analysis of the passengers.

Project REDLIGHT: Organizes test flights with retrieved vehicles or vehicles made available by the extra-terrestrials. At this time this project is conducted at Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada.

Project LUNA: The code name for the extra-terrestrial bases on the moon which was observed and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. There they have mining operations, and the great cigar-shaped mother ships are stationed there.

DELTA FORCES: units specially trained for these projects.


Why do they not approach the leaders or president of a country? They did! Already George Washington and Abraham Lincoln maintained to have been contacted by extra-terrestrials. President Roosevelt apparently had a meeting with the occupants of a flying saucer arranged by Nikola Tesla during a Pacific cruise on the “Pennsylvania” in 1934. One the fourth of July 1945 President Truman is said to have had a personal encounter. Around the turn of the century some Rothschild children claimed that their parents had met UFOnauts. But this was claimed by a few people only.

Concrete proof exists though of a meeting by President Eisenhower. Michael Hesemann writes (in UFOs-Die Kontakte):
“From the reports by the contactees we learn that since their massed appearance over Washington in the summer of 1952 the extra-terrestrials had made contact with the U.S. Government…Some contactees like George van Tassel were also charged with sending special communiqu├ęs to the president. At that time – after the election in autumn 1952 – this was, from January 1953 onwards, General Dwight D. Eisenhower had already heard of Roswell, Aztec and Laredo UFO crashes during his service. After his election on November 18, 1952 he received a report by the ‘Majestic 12’ committee that had been charged with the investigation of the retrieved UFO wrecks by his predecessor Truman. The committee recommended to the President strict secrecy for reasons of ‘national security’. The place where Eisenhower was to make contact was the Edwards (MUROC) Air Force Base in California.

This had been the area for UFO demonstrations for months and years before:



August 10, 1950: Lt. Robert C. Wykoff, physicist with the Navy, observed with the telescope a large disk-shaped object as it maneuvered near Edwards.

September 30, 1952: Air photographer Dick Beemer and two other witnesses observed two spherical, slightly flattened objects maneuvering over Edwards.”

On February 20,1954 the time had come. This event has been confirmed by films and several witnesses among them Geralt Light of the mighty media group CBS, the Earl of Clancerty, member of the House of Lords, the former secret service man, William Cooper, Paul Solomon of the Air Force and many others who at that time had been stationed at Edwards/MURDOC. Apparently on this day something happened that had all officers including the commander run to the observation tower. From there they saw a disk with a diameter between sixty and one hundred meters that hovered directly above the runway. The object was observed for hours, literally until the last man on the base knew about it. The disk flew patterns that defied all laws of physics, up and down, from one side to the other, right angles, etc. Later there were five objects, three disk-shaped and two cigar-shaped.

Eisenhower who at that time was resting at Palm Springs was fetched. The air base personnel and Eisenhower then watched as a small group of the occupants stepped out and came toward them. They looked like human beings, had about the same height, were blond and spoke English. They offered help in the spiritual development of humanity. Their main condition was the destruction of all nuclear arms. They were not prepared to share their technology with us since spiritually we were not even ready to deal responsibly with the technology we already had. They believed that we would use any new technology only to destroy each other. This race declared that we were on the way to self-destruction and that we had to stop killing each other, polluting the Earth, exploiting the natural resources and that we should live in harmony with Creation. Most importantly we had to understand and to learn to see ourselves as citizens of a planetary family and that we were committed and should start behaving as members of that family. We would have to quickly let go of the idea that we could do as we pleased. Only then could we start to behave like citizens of a planetary system and start relations with them. They are part of the same family and should be treated accordingly, and that is also how we should see the people of our Earth.

As soon as we would have learned to interact peacefully with other nations, we could start interplanetary relations. This was met with skepticism, especially the demand for nuclear disarmament. One didn’t believe that disarmament was in the interest of the U.S. and feared to stand defenceless before the extra-terrestrials.

The offer was refused! The aliens then declared that they would continue to contact individuals until the humans were used to their presence. Then the extra-terrestrials showed to the President , who stood paralyzed, and his entourage their authoritative technical possibilities. They showed the President their craft and proved that they could make themselves invisible. This made Eisenhower fell most uncomfortable, because although they knew that they were still there, they couldn’t be seen. Then the aliens boarded their ships and took off. This landing was also confirmed by the U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper who recalls that during his service a film was shown that showed the landing of a UFO on a California airforce base in the Fifties.

The whole story in detail, with answers to every why and how-come is found in Michael Hesemann’s UFOs Die Beweise (the proofs) and UFOs-Die Kontakete (the contacts). He painstakingly collected the data from more than fifty books, especially from the U.S., and he added many pictures of very good quality. UFOs- Die Beweise contains the secret CIA documents that were released after thirty years due to the “Freedom of Information Act”. There were more contacts with governments, but one should read it all in one go to get an overview of the many facets of the subject of UFOs. There are also videos available that among other things show the landing in 1964 on the Holloman Air Force Base.

Now back to Kennedy. After he became President and was told about the retrieved UFOs and the secret projects that also contained the study of the survivors, he wanted to make this information public. Defense Secretary Forrestal, who was a Majestic 12 member, had tried to do just that, too, and on May 22, 1949 he was thrown out of his hospital room window with a bed sheet tied around his neck. Kennedy fared no better. He was murdered at Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Zapruder Frame Disproves Driver Shoots Kennedy

The first shot actually did come from the roof of the storehouse, but it was not lethal. The killing shot came from the driver of the President’s limousine. A CIA agent who shot Kennedy in the head with a special weapon developed by the CIA. If we look at the original film of the assassination in slow motion and watch the driver, then we can clearly see that he turns around with a gun in his hand, shoots, and the back of Kennedy’s head bursts.

The films shown in most Western countries have the driver cut out. On November 21, 1993, the German TV channel ARD sought in its program Spiegel-TV in a ridiculous way to tell the viewers that there was no CIA involvement in the assassination, at almost the same time RTL showed a program claiming the opposite. Apart from the differing commentaries both programs showed the film only once full-frame, afterwards the driver was again cut out. But in the full-frame version the shooting driver and the gun were clearly visible to those who knew where to look. John Lear, the son of the founder and today owner of Lear Aircraft and once decorated as the best pilot of the U.S. Air Force (seventeen world records), found three original films, e.g. in Japan, that he had computer analyzed and checked for authenticity.
Both he and William Cooper, former member of Naval Intelligence and author of the book Behold a Pale Horse, today give lectures in the U.S., and they supply the original films, too (address in the list of literature). Because of this film William Cooper lost one leg when the CIA tried to assassinate him. Japanese television later showed the original footage several times during the main news.

The computer analysis also allowed to recognize the weapon as a special caliber developed by the CIA. The bullet, too, was a CIA special bullet that only exploded after entering the body and thus annihilated Kennedy’s brain. The assassination was prepared by the CIA members Orlando Bosch, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and Jack Rubinstein (aka Jack Ruby) for whose collaboration the CIA paid his huge gambling debts. Lee Harvey Oswald had also been a CIA member, but at the time of the assassination he had been working for Jack Ruby. His death had been planned. Jack Ruby shot Oswald before he could prove his innocence. Thus they had a culprit who could no longer prove the truth.
Lee Harvey Oswald

The CIA hated Kennedy. In its eyes he was responsible [for the fact that] that the Vietnam War, the Cuban crisis and the UFO projects went the way the CIA wanted. When the news about Kennedy’s death broke, writes a CIA operative who had also been involved in the “Bay of Pigs” operation, all the people in his department rose and applauded. Many of these facts had been uncovered during the special hearings by the committee for assassination, but according to U.S. security law they remain secret until 2029. After the hearings the CIA was prohibited from undertaking any undercover operations within the U.S. It is hard to believe that they ever followed that order. All the witnesses of the conspiracy were either killed or died of fast-growing cancer that they had injected – the deadly marksman in the car three weeks after the deed, for example.

The official story of the Kennedy assassination according to the report by the Warren Commission was that Lee Harvey Oswald had been the only person responsible, and it was printed nine hours later in all newspapers of the U.S. The true story of the CIA Committee of 300 conspiracy was never told. And once again a whole nation is misinformed for decades until a brave researcher takes the trouble to dig deep.

His brother, Robert F. Kennedy who stood also in the way of the Illuminati had to die on June 5, 1968, as he was about to win the presidential elections. In this case the single attacker was Sirhan Sirhan. He was under the influence of a drug that was developed by the CIA especially for cases like this. To be sure that Sirhan Sirhan was not going to miss, one of the bodyguards of Howard Hughes fired an “extra bullet” that later was found in Kennedy’s head. As the examining magistrate found, the ballistic tests showed that the mouth of the weapon had to have been about five to eight centimeters from Kennedy’s head, Sirhan’s weapon though was never nearer than thirty centimeters. This story, too, was kept from the public.

The independent publications with the CFR and the Skull & Bones order contained this information. As section 12 of the Protocols says, persons who oppose the “plan” should be brought nearer to death.

(Source : Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th centuries – “A Guide Through The Entanglements of Lodges with High Finance and Politics, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, CFR, UNO” by Jan van Helsing; Conspiracy Theories by Kate Tuckett)

(Pics sources :

From Unsolved Mysteries in the World - http://unmyst3.blogspot.com/2009/06/jfk-assasination.html

New Illuminati comments: Everything about the JFK assassination is uncertain except for the fact that Oswald wasn’t his killer; voice stress analysers have confirmed his public denials, made before he was killed by Mafioso Jack Ruby while escorted by police. The fact that Jacki Kennedy tried to escape her seat and exit the limousine has always been a telling point – if you’re being shot at from outside a vehicle your first instinct is to hunker down; tabloids suggested she was attempting to retrieve the top of her husband’s head, which was later found on the road by a cop.
Watch this carefully enhanced excerpt from the Zapruder film:


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