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Wednesday 21 April 2010

Mexican Government releases genuine military footage of 11 UFOs

 Mexican Government releases genuine military footage of 11 UFOs

Fox News UFO Report

Governments have been looking to the US to set the agenda for the timing of revelations regarding flying disks and other UFOs - but no longer. "Disclosure is immanent."
Watch this TV interview from FOX about some very remarkable UFO footage. Several governments around the world are pushing the United States administration to come forward with disclosure. They are tired of having to hear nonsense explanations of what they consider to be a real alien presence on this Earth. In this case the Mexican government is making a statement by releasing official airforce footage of UFOs being pursued by fighter jets. These are remarkable, high tech images of 11 UFOs being chased by Mexican fighter pilots. These are not the only existing high tech recordings of unexplained or unidentified flying objects. Experts believe that most first world countries are in possession of such imagery, captured by their pilots or other military staff…

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