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Friday 9 April 2010

Jumping Off the Treadmill

Jumping Off the Treadmill


Living in a distant location provides a certain perspective when it comes to the ‘news of the day’. But wherever we live we are all implicately connected (as Bohm would say) to the wider reality beyond the reach of our mundane senses. Children and fools can easily tell when the emperor wears no clothes, but who amongst the co-opted multitude of money-worshipping wage slaves – all existing inside a blindsiding rat race treadmill - will listen to their own clear inward observations, let alone believe that all they give their blood, sweat, tears and lives to sustain is nothing more than a destructive lie? 

How can anyone who sees clearly efface the truth by continuing living inside a killer ape nightmare - propping up the identities, powers and forces that are destroying the planet and blinding its human population with toxic products, food, water and disinformation? How does a clear sighted child grow up to be a corporate lackey? Often by blinding themselves and growing numb to the world, or becoming so sick they can no longer continue to live a lie.

There are other ways to deal with the situation. You can always approach that deep vital core where a true-sighted being dwells within each of us, instead of retreating toward the distracting interplay of wave patterns on the surface of reality. Developing a good bullshit detector is necessary if one wishes to escape or avoid the jail cell of mental slavery, and as the great prophet sang, ‘none but ourselves can free our minds’. Thought alone cannot liberate us from the bars it has erected; no problem can be solved solely by using the tools that created it.

The truth is most easily heard and seen in the midst of abiding silence. Who can hear silence in a world chock full of noise? Anyone can, if they take time to examine their thoughts. After a little self examination it’s easier to understand the central fact that you are not your thoughts, but an impartial observer dwelling in a core of silence beyond the reach of the world and its effects. You are, in fact, divine.

Corporate reality is an illusion maintained by an ongoing lack of attention to this simple truth. Domesticated primates have long been entrained to ignore their inner tuition and fear anything beyond their immediate circle. Yet when one meditates in silence that circle spreads to encompass the entire globe, and encompasses many realms beyond the familiar domain of terrestrial surface dwellers.

Idle navel gazing won’t achieve much, but focused self-examination is a fulcrum that changes the soul and can ultimately shifts entire worlds. You don’t have to sit with an erect posture, concentrate on your breathing or even close your eyes - although these simple little keys can help unlock long-sealed doors of perception. You don’t have to abandon your home or family. You just have to be here now.
Look at your hand. It’s an ineffable mystery. Is it you? Is it yours? Is it a companion in your adventures in life? What is it, really? Is it so familiar that you never really look at it – like the rest of the world? Or are you one who is still blessed with the foolish sight and insight of an unalloyed infant, who treats each moment as the dawn of a new creation? For most people, achieving such a state requires a deep shock and/or a near death experience – a mortality flash that ignites the spirit and illumines the path before and behind them. 

Living in a heightened state of awareness within the imaginary walls of toxic cities and towns is often uncomfortable. It’s no wonder most people prefer to put themselves to sleep and go about their days with eyes wide shut. It’s little wonder many people choose to dwell in the half light of half truths and stick to habitual routines and regimes. It’s very easy for people to excuse such behaviour by claiming they have no way out from under the intractable burdens they’ve heaped on themselves, or that they’re ‘doing it for the children’. What a terrible joke.

It’s easier for me, I guess. I live in the valley of a real Little Wonder, an extraordinary remnant of the world we once all inhabited, where every day is an invitation to live and learn – just as it is for most young children. I drink pristine water from rainforest rock pools and eat food that drops from trees and shrubs to land at my feet on the cool green earth from plants I planted years ago. But it’s no accident that this is possible; in this day and age, living with nature is a definite choice for most of the world’s population. It doesn’t happen accidentally and requires many adjustments – but the results are worth it.

The first step to making a new life is making a new you – one that’s fit to inhabit paradise without destroying it in the process. One that won’t drag all the difficulties you’re attempting to leave behind long with you. One that doesn’t need constant distraction or acknowledgement, and that can happily dwell in the music of silence. One that can live with themselves.

The first external step is jumping off the treadmill and exploring the real living world, actively seeking alternatives to the hideous rat race most mistake for a life. Don’t put it off with dumb excuses. The younger you start the better. Fossilisation is ongoing and rust never sleeps; but neither does trust, and if your heart and mind are true and honest you can trust your intuition to lead you to a much better place.

Close your eyes, if you like, and imagine the life you’d like to live. No matter how good your life is now, your vision can carry you to a much finer place in yourself and the world. Follow your dream. It can become real, if you let it.

If you’re interested in enlightenment the path lies before you, awaiting your first step. Straighten your posture. Feel your breath. Centre your perspective in the centre of your head, or the centre of your belly. Stop, look and listen. 

It only takes a moment. Do it now, while you’re here.

True adventure awaits. Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT!

- R.Ayana

Peahen by you.

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  1. The truth is most easily heard and seen in the midst of abiding silence. Who can hear silence in a world chock full of noise? Anyone can, if they take time to examine their thoughts.

  2. Aye sports goods - learning to meditate in a noisy space is an allegory for learning to meditate in a noisy mind projected into the material world


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