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Wednesday 23 February 2011

Sightings and Suspicions: The Cosmic Conspiracy

Sightings and Suspicions

Cosmic Conspiracy Chapter 1, Section 1


By Stan Deyo


It is not this author's intention to waste the reader's time in a deluge of reported UFO sightings and contact cases. Although reference will be made to some five such incidents, it is felt that the majority of this discussion would best be spent probing the real evidence... in an analytical manner. This author has been asked many times, "Do you believe in flying saucers or UFOs?" He has always answered, "No... I don't believe in them. I believe they exist - but they aren't my God..."
Yet, some things are certain: Electric 'flying saucers' are a real phenomenon and they are intelligently controlled...; some are man-made...; some are not...; some are modern and some are ancient. Many government agencies have covered-up major findings concerning the UFO situation while many allied agencies have never known anything has actually happened...; some multinational corporations have even participated in various stages of research and development of the advanced, technological, processes which have ultimately produced electrically-propelled, circularwinged aircraft, submarines, and spacecraft. Contacts with extra-terrestrial beings have been reported by some of the most credible sources on the planet... These things are documented in the following pages.



21 October 1978... The incident occurred on a flight between Melbourne, Australia and a small island to the south of Melbourne. An experienced instructor pilot for the Air Training Corps was alone on a routine, night flight to King Island. His aircraft, a Cessna 182, was flying at an altitude of about 4,000 feet. The pilot, Frederick Valentich, was only flying to the island to pick-up a load of lobsters for some of the officers of the A.T.C. His flight plan gave his estimated arrival time at King Island as 7:28 pm. Valentich had planned to make the round trip that same night and be back in Melbourne by 10:00 pm... He never made it to King Island or, much worse, back to Melbourne. 

The official transcript of the last voice contact held between the missing pilot and Melbourne's flight service unit was released twenty-four hours later by the Australian Department of Transport. It is self-explanatory: 7:06 pm. - The pilot asks Melbourne flight control if there was any known traffic in his area below the 5,000 foot altitude... 

Melbourne control responds: "No known traffic." 
Valentich: "Seems to be a large aircraft below 5,000 feet."
Melbourne control: "What type of aircraft?"
Valentich: "I can't confirm. It has four bright lights. Appear to be landing lights. Aircraft has just passed over me about 1,000 feet above."
Melbourne control: "Is large aircraft confirmed?"
Valentich: "Affirmative. At the speed it's travelling, are there any RAAF aircraft in the vicinity?"
Melbourne control: "Negative."
7.08 pm. Valentich: "Melbourne, it's approaching from east towards me. It seems to be playing some kind of game. Flying at speed I cannot estimate."
Melbourne control: "What is your altitude?"
Valentich: "4,500 feet."
Melbourne control: "Can you confirm you can't identify aircraft?"
Valentich: "Affirmative."
7.09 pm. Valentich: "It's not an aircraft. It's..." (apparently, the transmission was broken here... but only long enough to miss the magic words...)
Melbourne control: "Can you describe aircraft?"
Valentich: "It is flying past. It is a long shape. Cannot identify more than that. Coming for me right now. It seems to be stationary. I'm orbiting and the thing is orbiting on top of me also. It has a green light and sort of metallic light on the outside... It just vanished."
Melbourne control: "Confirm it has vanished."
Valentich: "Affirmative. Do you know what sort of aircraft I've got? Is it military?"
Melbourne control: "No. No military traffic in the area."
7.12 pm. Valentich: "Engine is rough-idling and is coughing."
Melbourne control: "What are your intentions?"
Valentich: "Proceeding to King Island. Unknown aircraft now hovering on top of me."
Melbourne control acknowledged Valentich's last message before they heard a long metallic noise on his radio frequency. Then it was silent. Valentich nor his aircraft has as yet been found. Subsequent interviews with the pilot's father, Guido Valentich, have revealed that his son had told him, "...he had seen classified material at the Sale RAAF base which confirmed his beliefs (in the existence of UFOs)". The author's comments on the classified RAAF - UFO files will be made in the following chapter.  


Frederick Valentich


15 April, 1977... A Chilean Army corporal, Armando Valdes, was leading a routine border patrol northeast of Santiago on the Bolivian frontier when he and his men saw an intensely bright light about a quarter of a mile away. It appeared to move too rapidly for any normal source; so Corporal Valdes told his men to wait for him while he went to investigate the flying light. 

A few minutes passed and his men became a bit anxious for his safety; so they searched for him and found he had apparently vanished from the area. Suddenly, the bright light reappeared nearby, and then it, too, vanished. Fifteen minutes passed as the soldiers searched for their missing leader. Then, just as suddenly as the flying light had vanished, Corporal Valdes re-appeared in the midst of his men. His haggard and surprised face had suddenly sprouted several days' growth of beard on the chin.
His watch registered the correct time -which was fifteen minutes after the light had left - but its date was wrong; as it showed five days had passed! He collapsed after recognizing his men with, "Muchachos!" A few minutes later, he remembered nothing of his ordeal. Further comments were not offered by the military authorities at Arica on the Peruvian frontier where the Corporal was later transferred. How can a man live five days in fifteen minutes?...



18 September, 1976..., A UFO was spotted somewhere over Iran. Two interceptor jets armed with missiles were scrambled to bring it down. Both jets found the target and fired. Neither direct hit had any discernable effect upon the UFO. Brief moments later,... an explosion was heard. The details of its cause and its relationship to the deaths of the two pilots and the destruction of their planes are not available to the general public. The official U.S. Air Force policy on the incident was stated by Captain Kenneth A. Minihan of U.S. Air Force Intelligence on 27 May, 1977:  

"A copy of an intelligence report concerning the incident was found within this Headquarters; however, the Air Force does not have disclosure authority for this report." He went on to say that any further dialogue on the incident would have to be held with the Defense Intelligence Agency. The main clue here is that the issue comes under the Defense Department... Defense from what? It is interesting to note that Col. Benedict L. Freund - Commander of the U.S. Army Research and Development Group in Europe - had previously stated on 18 March, 1975, that the U.S. Air Force had been doing an ambitious research effort into "anti-gravity propulsion" under the code name Project Bluebolt. He added that he thought the Air Force was no longer conducting such research and that the Advanced Research Projects Agency might possibly be supporting such research for the U.S. Dept. of Defense. Col. Freund felt it even more probable that such research was the "responsibility of either ERDA, NASA, or NSF."




8 March, 1975..., By this date, following a period of only a few months the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, along with various regions of Canada reported the deaths of over 200 cattle due to some very bizarre causes. 

Some of the cattle had been surgically mutilated with such precision that no blood had spilled in the process; others had been killed by having all their blood drained out of them... without a trace of where it went. 

The areas around these macabre killings were not, however, without some other signs of abnormalities. Tree branches were found sheared-off in some spots while other areas had traces of abnormal radiation. Still other areas sported strange-looking spots that appeared to have been caused by intense heat of some sort. The key clues in these events were the bloodless corpses and the "strange burn marks on the ground". 

In 1905, the famous Dr. Nikola Tesla (whose work will be discussed in Chapter 4) published a paper on the effects of low-frequency, high-voltage, electrical discharges on human beings... The following is an excerpt from his discourse: 

"My arm is now traversed by a powerful electric current, vibrating at about the rate of 1,000,000 times a second... All around me the electrostatic force makes itself felt, and the air molecules and particles of dust flying about are acted upon and are hammering violently against my body. So great is this agitation of the particles, that when the lights are turned out you may see streams of feeble light appear on some parts of my body. When such a streamer breaks out on any part of the body, it produces a sensation like the pricking of a needle. Were the potentials sufficiently high and the frequency of the vibration rather low, the skin would probably be ruptured under the tremendous strain, and the blood would rush out with great force in the form of fine spray or jet so thin as to be invisible..."



February, 1976... Astronauts General James McDivitt and Colonel Gordon Cooper released statements to UFO investigator, Lee Speigel, for his record entitled, UFOs: The Credibility Factor. McDivitt gave a detailed account of how he had photographed a white, cylindrical UFO with a white pole sticking out of it while he was orbiting Earth in his Gemini IV capsule during June of 1965. He maintained that he had taken photographs of the object with two cockpit cameras. When he had landed, they had checked with North American Air Defence Command to see if any "bogies" had been co-tracked with his capsule. None had... McDivitt later reviewed every photograph he had taken during the mission... finding no trace of his UFO. Who doctored the film? 

Col. Cooper's experiences with UFOs occurred some years before he joined NASA. Cooper was stationed with a fighter group in Germany. According to him, they witnessed numerous UFO sightings with incredible performance characteristics over a three-day period. The objects were roundish and very "metallic-looking"... What is it that metal "looks like"? Is it dull? Is it shiny? Does it glimmer in the light? Cooper went on to say that these devices which flew in weird patterns zoomed so high overhead that none of their fighters could get really close to them. They made instant stops and sudden 90-degree turns. 




7 June, 1967... The following is an extract from the late Professor James E. McDonald's statement to the Outer Space Affairs Group of the United Nations concerning the international scientific aspects of the problem of UFOs:
"...I also emphasize that there are innumerable facets of the UFO phenomena which I can only describe as utterly bewildering and inexplicable in terms of present-day scientific and technological knowledge. I would also remark that if these objects are not of extraterrestrial origin, then alternative hypotheses that will demand consideration will be even more bizarre, and perhaps of even greater scientific interest to all mankind."
"...A wide range of electromagnetic disturbances accompanying close passage or hovering of the UFOs is now on record throughout the world - despite this record not yet being admitted into what one would ordinarily call the 'scientific record'. 

Disturbance of internal-combustion engines coincident with close passage of disc-like or cylindrical unconventional objects is on record in at least several hundred instances... Often the disturbances are accompanied by broad-spectrum electromagnetic noise picked-up on radio devices. In many instances compasses, both on ships and in aircraft, have been disturbed. Magnetometers and even watches have been affected. All these reports, far too numerous to cite in detail, point to some kind of electromagnetic noise or electromagnetic side-effects..."
Many close contact reports have also reported lingering headaches. Some of them reported humming or buzzing sounds. A few reported seeing the discs rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere; heat-distortion waves have surrounded other UFOs while still others have left scorch marks behind them. Nearly all have reported extremely bright lights; and some of those appeared as "metallic lights".
For reasons which will become more obvious as this discussion progresses, it is suggested that the evidence given points to a craft with the following characteristics:

It is powered by an electric process

The power generation or energy storage process gives-off scorching heat

The electric process involves resonating magnetic fields

The electric process generates a field that spirals around its vertical axis - giving rotation to the disc as it interacts with the Earth's magnetic fields

The resonating magnetic fields also produce external inductive heating and current flows in nearby objects

The field effect of the electric process does not harm the occupants - who mostly appear humanoid

The electric process is of such high voltages that the air is ionized around the craft giving a bright metallic lustre to it

The electric process can also be used to inject pain, subliminal suggestion, and conscious communication to living creatures

The electric process enables the craft and the crew to execute high-velocity manouvres without the normal structural fatigue

Because of the strength of the recorded magnetic effects, the audibility of the field resonance, and the ionization of the air only one conclusion can be drawn: the electric process is a high-voltage, high-current, resonating field of low frequency

A detailed discussion of a device exhibiting most of the preceding characteristics forms Appendix No.6... which may be considered too technical by some to be incorporated in the main text; however, it and Dr. Nikola Testa's work hold the key to fully understanding the processes which generate the above factors. This may be the reason that Testa's papers were confiscated by the U.S. Government at his death in 1943. The only other detailed public source of his work is located behind the Iron Curtain in Belgrad, Yugoslavia... but that is not as limiting a situation as it may sound;... for other sources have also continued Tesla's work and have actually published their work on his electric-propulsion process in 'free' countries. 

by  Stan Deyo

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