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Sunday 13 February 2011

Fire From Water Part 2: Clean green plentiful free fuel

Fire From Water Part 2

Clean green plentiful free fuel

In a cramped workshop at the back of a suburban house in the Sydney suburb of Auburn, Yull Brown developed the first commercial product based on his application of the main energy resource of the Third Millennium – water. Its constituents have been used as rocket fuel since the dawn of the space age, but Yull’s electrolysis cell doesn’t separate the two gases at their origin, as is done conventionally. Fifteen years and a million dollars ($1980s) went into the development of his system, which culminated in a welding device based on his process. 

         When he released the welder to the world he predicted the dawn of an age where cars and planes run on water supplied from a garden hose and where power lines could be replaced by pipes carrying his gas, which would economically convert to electricity.

         When he arrived in Australia from Bulgaria in 1957, the authorities didn’t accept Mr Brown’s qualifications as an electrical engineer. Over the following decades he became one of Australia’s better-known inventors (though still one of its least recognized scientists). His inventions were dismissed by some as elaborate trickery, yet Yull Brown covered his technology with more than 100 patents in 31 countries. In the 1980s he floated a million dollar company on the second board of the Hobart Stock Exchange.

         The first commercial technology of its kind, the gas in his welding system has extraordinary features and doesn’t produce harmful light or vapours. The gas travels down a single hose, with no mixing – unlike conventional welders - to be ignited simply and safely at a single valve. At one moment the flame can be the temperature of a candle flame and you can wave your finger through it or pass it along your arm (on which it leaves a trail of water vapour) without harm or discomfort.

Then, without adjustment, it will melt and split granite or fuse metal and house bricks together, although industrial gas experts swear this is impossible. The many scientists who have witnessed this are at a loss to explain the principle behind a flame, which automatically alters its temperature, discriminating between different compounds as it strikes and interacts with them. Yull theorised that the temperature of the flame is determined at the surface of the material through an ‘interactive process’ between the hydrogen molecules and atomic bonds in the object.

The Brown’s Gas generator and welder have up to thirty different applications. To operate it, water is pumped into the unit and the hydrogen and oxygen are separated and compressed to form a gas, which can be used, as an energy source; it’s detonated by a spark and forms a vacuum in its wake. Atmospheric pressure then sucks water or any other liquid through the container or hollow area. When set alight it can reach a temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius – as hot as the surface of the Sun.

“The flame created by the generator is the highest temperature on Earth and can turn tungsten to vapour or gas,” Mr Brown said in March 1989. After successfully running car engines on water using the device he researched the possibility of simply installing generators in existing vehicles. Low-voltage electricity and water are all that’s needed to run the unit, which is cheaper to buy (and operate) than conventional generators.


Geoff Moxham & Yull Brown

Professor Brynn Hibbert, then analytical chemistry professor at the University of New South Wales, had arrived from Britain where he had held senior posts researching fuel cell technology. When invited to a scientific demonstration of Yull Brown’s system, he said that he’d usually be “a bit twitchy” about working with hydrogen and oxygen, but took part in a demonstration of Brown’s Gas in October 1989 anyway. He said afterward that on face value Yull Brown seemed to have found a way of efficiently producing a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen that was safe to use.

“What may enrage the scientific community are some of the claims that this gas has very special properties.

“One of the more extravagant of these is that the gas produced in this process will destroy unwanted plutonium and also produces heavy water.

“There is a whole range of criticisms directed at this based on what is the known chemistry of these types of gases, through to our knowledge of thermonuclear reactions.”

Mr Brown’s most contentious suggestion was that additional rare hydrogen and oxygen atoms are generated in his process. Professor Hibbert said that from what was known of these atomic species they’d be too short-lived to travel out of the electrolytic cell and down the gas hose, but he admitted he had no explanation as to how or why the gas performed in all the ways he’d seen demonstrated.

At Yull brown’s invitation, Professor Hibbert left the Auburn workshop carrying one of the electrolytic cells - the secret to Mr Brown’s technology – under his arm.

The use of Brown’s Gas for transportation and energy generation is the best way so far demonstrated to overcome global warming economically, effectively and quickly. The sole exhaust by-product from his system is a tiny amount of water vapour. If put into immediate application, much of the threat to Planet Earth’s biosphere will be immediately removed.

His welder/generator is still available for sale today, years after Yull’s death…    

First published in NEXUS New Times Magazine – See Vol 1Nos 7,8,9, & Sydney Morning Herald 13-9-88, The Australian 30-3-88
 by R. Ayana

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