"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Thursday 17 February 2011

Holographic Multiverse

Holographic Multiverse

The three dimensional world is a hologramic projection created by innumerable overlapping fields producing a virtual image of and by their interactions. These fields are generated in a number of dimensions. If several dimensions coexist then all objects and beings in three-dimensional reality must also exist in several dimensions.

All dimensions familiar to our 3D life experiences are measurable on  a scale beginning at a hypothetical centre, scaling outward from a  central point of perspective - height, depth, length and (as  discussed in Infinity & Beyond)  time and gravity. All these dimensions and others combine at and from any given point of perspective to produce a series of overlapping allusions - the human view of `reality'.
Being n-dimensional fields they intrude virtually and simultaneously at all points in our apparent 3-space.  Each potential location is accessible to and from each and every other location in a hologramic series of infinite regressions - the multiverse.

Each point is accessible to and from literally anywhere and everywhen. Each discrete particle and body is, in turn, part of larger systems and bodies. Each component object and being in the universe has a centre and semi-amorphous periphery; each contains an inner universe corresponding fractally with the entire macrocosm. All the information in all universes is apprehensible as a series of overlaid, interpenetrating holograms. All the information in the macrocosm is actually contained in each hologramic component.

The decrease in signal-to-noise ratio exhibited when holograms are reduced in scale is an artefact of decryption. All the information produced in the original hologram is still there; it is less accessible using the same resolution of light `beam' as that which produced it, when reduced in size. All the data is still there. Increasing resolution is one key to accessing the full range of original information. Heisenberg is not violated as the information incorporated and derived from a hologram is all phase encoded; coded information does not violate the Uncertainty Principle in its precision.


Holograms can be produced by any wavelength and frequency of energy; thus the energy/matter of our material universe is a standing wave produced by the interactions of innumerable fields and wavelengths.  In a hologram each point contains all the information of the whole; various frames of reference can be accessed using different phases and angles of rotation. Each unit or grain of resolution of a hologram contains all the information within the whole image. At every scale, any section of a hologram contains the information that makes up the entire image. According to hologram theory an infinite amount of code can be located in an infinitely small space.

Aspects of the whole are stored and accessed at any point by rotation. Similarly, all particles contain the universe of which they are a subset.
The human being- and brain and mind - are holograms within a myriad of holograms, as the multiverse is actualising potential by its very nature. The human mind is continually accessing multiple views of 'reality' as it dreams Life...   

 -  by R. Ayana. 2003


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