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Saturday 19 February 2011

This Crystal Planet: Worldwide Bronze Age Communications Network

 This Crystal Planet

How to Create a Worldwide Communications Network - Using Bronze Age Technology

One disturbing puzzle of archaeological science is the number of similarities between some aboriginal cultures widely dispersed around the world. Pyramids, for example are found not only in Egypt, but also in Peru, in Mexico, on the South Sea Islands, and in China. Moreover, many of the details of construction are identical. The present-day Indians of Peru build red rafts identical to the ones pictured on the walls of ancient Egypt, and the modern Indian word for this craft is the same word spoken by the Nilots thousands of years ago. 

There are so many similarities between the Aztec tongue and classic Greek that the early European explorers believed they had discovered a lost Greek colony. Aztec-Greek lexicons have been compiled, and modern exploration is finding remains in South America indicating a Phoenician origin. In Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds, Charles Berlitz reproduces an `alphabet' of pictograms found in the ruins of a prehistoric city of western India and compares it with the undeciphered writing of Easter Island; the glyphs are identical.

The evidence indicates a cultural migration from the centers of Mediterranean civilization across the Atlantic and around the world. Thor Heyerdahl proved this theory feasible by mounting a series of daring expeditions to cross the world's oceans on primitive rafts. Anyone who missed the films can read the adventures of this courageous amateur in his books, Kon-Tiki and The Ra Expeditions.

Heyerdahl proved that the Queen of Sheba could have hocked the crown jewels to outfit a task force of three papyrus rafts for crossing the Atlantic and finding a sea route to Cipango, dispersing Nilotic culture and smallpox en route. But no original thinker constructs a perfect and complete theory. Eventually so many loose ends accumulate that a better theory is required. Heyerdahl left an awful lot of loose ends.

Ever since the first sailor lost sight of land, survivors of shipwrecks have been cast up on faraway shores. But none of them transplanted a civilization. Aside from knowing how to build boats and sail them, most sailors were barely civilized enough to keep themselves stoned on grog. Any of them lucky enough to survive a greeting from headhunters went native as soon as they saw wahine.

Drifting sailors did not disperse culture; they dissipated it. It took centuries for Europe's highly organized and heavily supported American colonies to become self-supporting, and most of them could not survive from Thanksgiving to Christmas without help from the native Indians. For Mediterranean culture to have dispersed on papyrus rafts, the sea lanes between Memphis and Mexico must have carried more traffic than the great ocean liners during the heyday of American immigration.

One other problem Heyerdahl neglected to mention: Like wine and oysters, language does not travel well at pedestrian speeds. Within a generation, language changes; within a lifetime, classical Latin became Italian, French, Spanish, Rumanian, and Romansh. If a language is to maintain its identity around the world, rapid communication is required. If Nilotic civilization dispersed to the Americas and the South Pacific, it could not have drifted on rafts. Moreover, when the pyramid builders decided to disperse, they did not roam randomly, but proceeded directly to locations comprising a global network.

Inspection of a global relief map reveals that the eastern contours of the Americas conform closely enough to the western contours of Europe and Africa for the two sides of the Atlantic to have been joined together at one time. You will also notice a string of salt lakes, progressively diminishing in size, stretching from the Straits of Gibraltar through the Black Sea and along the northern base of the Himalayas, suggesting that an ocean passage once connected the Atlantic with the Pacific between Eurasia on the north and the Afro-Indian land masses on the south. People have noticed this structure since the first world maps were drawn and the Theory of the Continental Drift was proposed for serious scientific consideration over a hundred years ago. The original theory was disregarded until the undersea drilling of oceanographers after World War II brought up cores that could be explained in no other way.

As you can see for yourself, all the southern land masses duplicate the same shape and contours. South America is a larger, elongated version of the Indian subcontinent. Africa is Australia in capitals. In addition all these large blocks have a large island off their southeastern coasts: Tierra del Fuego, Madagascar, SriLanka, and Tasmania. Such regularity suggests that the continental slabs did not break off and drift in an entirely haphazard manner. The pattern suggests that the entire southern continent of Gondwanaland must have been formed as a regular crystal during the same heat when the geological crust solidified. The lines of cleavage not only follow regular fracture planes, but are also determined by a regular structure governing the dynamic tectonic forces that cause the Continental Drift. There may be a corresponding regularity in the original contours of the northern continents, but the outlines have been obliterated by the collisions that have occurred since. In artistic analysis a general rule is to begin with the largest forms first, and then follow the natural subdivisions. 

The largest geographical feature on our planet is the Pacific Ocean. Notice that the Pacific Rim forms a rough circle defining about a third of the global surface. With such a large fraction of the geography covered by a circular besin, it follows that the center of the Earth's land masses must be approximately opposite the center of the Pacific. When the globe is turned around you see that antipodal to the center of the world ocean is the region where Europe, Asia and Africa are in continental collision.

The distribution of land and sea has all the appearance of a global flow carrying the continental crusts from a pole at the center of the Pacific to the opposite pole. The Americas and the World Island have been separated by a counterflow that does not extend into the circle of the Pacific Rim defining a third of the Earth's surface.

In order that Gondwanaland be formed around the South Pole, we may infer that another tectonic current existed during a primordial geological era, flowing south from the Equator, if not from the North Pole. This flow was reversed from south to north during an intermediary era before the present flow pattern became established. The fact that the South Polar region is a circular plateau ten thousand feet above the sea, whereas the North Polar region is a circular ocean basin, indicates that the tectonic current arises roughly around the South Polar Circle and stops roughly around the North Polar Circle. This coincidence, in turn, suggests the angle of the Polar Axis relative to the plane of the ecliptic is involved with the direction of the tectonic currents, just as this angle determines the currents of global weather patterns. In this era the tectonic currents appear to be aligned along an east-west axis. This suggests catastropic shifts in the Polar Axis. Now, as it happens, drill cores brought up from the ocean beds do show sudden reversals of the Earth's magnetic field in geological times.

Because almost all the visible features of the planet are in the Eastern Hemisphere, a look at the center of the world may give some clue to account for the peculiar geological distribution. As soon as you perceive that the Pacific Rim draws a rough circle around the Nile Delta, you will notice that many of the lesser geographical structures - including undersea ridges - also form circles around the Delta. If you take a compass and scribe these circles you will eventually have enough data to show that the major land forms follow arcs at intervals of 15 degrees from the Delta, especially the arcs at 90 and 120 degrees. These are the major intervals of spherical surface harmonic overtones.

The pattern is quite obvious; the Earth's surface is defined by vibratory currents. The Moon was found to ring like a hell when struck by the first Lunar lander in a seismic test. If the Moon is a planetary crystal, why not the Earth?
The Great Pyramid at Giza is located at the center of the world's land masses and in the highest concentration of natural voltage combined with a tolerable climate. 

When the British inventor Sir W. Siemens climbed to the summit of the Great Pyramid he found his body discharging sparks as if he were standing on a high-voltage coil. In fact, the atmospheric voltage on the Giza has been measured at 500 per vertical meter, and Siemens should he credited for discovering what Pyramid Power is all about.
The goal of Heyerdahl's first expedition was Easter Island (also known for manifesting very high electromagnetic potentials), the farthest east of a group of South Pacific islands where the pyramids of another prehistoric civilization have been found. And like the Egyptians, the aboriginal people of this region called themselves Children of the Sun. The South Pacific is at the antipodes - 180 degrees from the Nile Delta.

In America, from the Great City of the Sun at prehistoric Cuzco to the Great Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, a third great-pyramid civilization arose. This culture ranged along an arc 120 degrees from Giza.

A quarter of the way around the world, 90 degrees in the other direction from Giza, recent archaeological digs have uncovered the greatest pyramids known - a thousand feet on a side - buried in the jungles of southern China, and thought to be natural mountains until the overgrowth was cut away. These mountains are the ancestral homelands of the Japanese, who still believe they are Children of the Sun.

The meaning of this peculiar dispersion was revealed by accident during the early days of World War II. At that time, radar spotters picked up the echoes of distant aircraft by listening through giant earphones instead of watching blips on flourescent screens, as is done today. The crews frequently reported hearing whistles of no known cause. Eventually, research reported in Scientific American found an ionized layer in the upper atmosphere that filters radio waves selectively in the 7.5-cycle-per-second band, and apparently reflects them back to Earth, bringing them to a focus at the antipodes.

When lightning strikes, a broad band of radio waves is emitted, to be heard as static in unfiltered radio sets. The 7.5-cycle-per-second band is filtered from lightning discharging at the other side of the world and brought by the Schumann Layer to a focus 180 degrees distant, where the radar spotters heard the filtered static as whistles.

To military engineers, the 7.5-cycle-per-second frequency possesse two properties of great value. The Schumann Layer guides this wavelength all around the world without losing signal strength, like light between two mirror. This wavelength also penetrates water. The United States Navy realized that this was the frequency needed to keep in constant communication with its nuclear submarine fleet, constantly ranging beneath the surface of the world's oceans, and so it constructed a worldwide radio network broadcasting on the 7.5 Hz band, called the Sanguine Project - later extended for civilian shipping as the Omega Navigation System.

The striking property of the 7.5-cycle-per-second radio wave is that it is exactly 25,000 miles long. A wave broadcast at this frequency will expand in a growing circle until it is as long around as the equator, and then contract until it cones to a focus at the antipodes. At the other side of the world, it reverses phase and direction, expanding again to girdle the globe before returning to another focus at its exact point of origin. The loop of this wave arrives at its point of origin exactly in time to coincide with its own following wave. This means that only a single wave exists at any time, and that the wave encompasses the whole world. The entire planet beats electromagnetically at this frequency, like a cosmic heart. The 7.5-cycle-per-second frequency is the fundamental period of surface resonance of the global crystal.

Resonance in the Schumann Layer means that overtones will be generated at one half the fundamental frequency, one third the fundamental frequency, and one fourth the fundamental frequency, and so on, in successive fractions. The length of the second harmonic overtone is one half the diameter of the Earth, the third harmonic overtone is one third the diameter of the Earth, and the fourth harmonic is one fourth the diameter of the Earth. The pyramid civilization of the South Pacific is halfway around the world from the Nile Delta, the pyramid civilization of America is a third of the way around the world from the Nile Delta, and the forgotten pyramid civilization of prehistoric China is a quarter of the way around the world from the Nile. The great pyramids of the world are located precisely at the places where the strongest electrical potential is concentrated on the Earth, and at the loops of the harmonic standing waves surrounding the Earth. The Schumann Layer functions as a radio loudspeaker with its diaphragm enclosing the entire planet.

The great pyramids of antiquity are a virtual duplication of the modern military radio-communications network, broadcasting on the 7.5 Hz band from the main transmission tower on the Giza Plateau, with studios and executive offices in beautiful downtown Memphis.

If the laws governing radio engineering are correctly stated, the pyramids of the world must function as a planetary radio communications network. The only question is whether the pyramid architects knew what they were doing when they built the original solid-state electronic modules. Ten thousand years from now, astro-archaeologists finding the Telesat Communications modules in stationary orbit around the Earth will likely ask if these electronic capsules were put into orbit (in locations corresponding to the Great Pyramid Network) entirely by accident. Or were they deliberately intended to function as a global communications system? 

In Mysteries of the Great Pyramid, Peter Tompkins reports that all the great cities of prehistory were built up around a central pyramid, and each was located at an exact degree interval from the Great Pyramid at Giza. Now, when settlers are founding a city, their prime considerations are the availability of food, water, defense and trade. Why would a location at a precise degree interval from the Great Pvramid on the Nile Delta be more important? Well, no civilized city can endure without communications.

The radio diaphragm surrounding the Earth is powerful enough to broadcast radio signals at least as far out into interplanetary space as Jupiter. Is there anyone out there listening? Clear NASA photographs received from the space probes reveal a complex of pyramidal structures on the Moon, called the Blair Pinnacles. Had the same photographs been taken anywhere on Earth the Blair Pinnacles would likely be the ruins at a prehistoric temple complex. Mariner 9 has sent back an ambiguous photograph of a colossal pyramidal structure on Mars. If the site proves artificial (Tom Bearden just reported new data supporting the likelihood of its artificial nature), we may he living through the scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey in which secrecy surrounds the discovery of a polished black monolith in the crater Clavius.

It is technologically feasible for a galactic civilization to implement the principles of pyramidal harmonics to construct a communications network throughout the Solar System, with relays carrying signals to the stars, requiring no power other than the natural resonance of organized space. Such a civilization could very well employ the natives for sweat labor just as the Pentagon hires Eskimos to clear the building sites for the DEW Line. As long as the aborigines can be induced to follow instructions, it isn't necessary that they have the slightest understanding of what they are doing.

Proof that the great pyramids of the world are solid-state electronic modules in a worldwide power-generating and broadcasting network was established over fifty years ago by that superhuman genius, Nikola Tesla. Tesla knew there is a powerful voltage between the Earth and the upper atmosphere; this is what causes lightning to discharge from the Earth to the sky. When an antenna is raised, this voltage climbs it, in a gradient to be concentrated at the tip. Any fluctuation in the natural voltage between Earth and sky generates a flow of electricity in the antenna. This is how a radio receiver works.

In radio's early days, the current generated in the receiving antenna was fed into a resonating circuit that would filter out the wavelength of the broadcasting station to which it was tuned and amplify the signal until it had enough energy to actuate earphones.

Tesla figured that the Earth would filter out its resonant frequency, amplify the current by its resonance, and function as a capacitor in a circuit as big as the entire planet. He pumped an electric current into the Earth, and tuned to a precise harmonic length of the Earth's resonant frequency. As he expected, the electric wave traveled to the antipodes and bounced back in time to coincide with its own following wave, doubling its amplitude. After repeated amplification in this manner, the electric energy burst from the top of Tesla's pyramidal tower to illuminate the entire countryside with the most spectacular artificial lightning storm ever seen. The surge melted the wiring in all the power generators serving the whole county. No one would supply Tesla with electricity after that.

Undaunted by superabundant success, Tesla continued his experiments to prove that when his antenna was pumping electric waves into the Earth, a standing-wave pattern was generated in the planet's geo-electromagmetic structure. At precise degree intervals, or harmonic fractions thereof, all Tesla had to do was drive a metal rod into the ground and plug in the electric frying pan, hair dryer, or washing machine. Tesla was the last of the big-time pyramid architects.

It was Nikola Tesla who electrified the world with alternating current. To the end of his life, Tesla dreamed of recycling all those unsightly high-voltage electric power transmission towers and replacing them with broadcast power generated and received through the Earth. But if power could be tapped from the Earth, how would Consolidated Edison - General Electric - Standard Oil bill you for it?

If we can all communicate on Pyramid Power, where does Ma Bell cut in? When he died in New York City on a winter night in 1943, Tesla was alone in a hotel room, possessing little more than when he had arrived as an immigrant with four cents in his pockets. The Secret Service immediately sealed his room, and whatever papers he had were transferred to government vaults, where they remain to this day.

There is one more discovery to be made by an inspection of a global map. The range of the great-pyramid civilizations is limited to the Tropic Zone, but is not quite parallel to the equator. The Great Pyramid at Giza is just about as far north of the Tropic of Cancer as Easter Island is south of the Tropic of Capricorn. If we tilt the Tropic Zone to pass through those two extreme points, we find that the realigned Tropics contain the Pyramid Zone neatly between them.

If the Tropics are tilted in this way, the new North Pole is located in Greenland - which brings up a curious coincidence. Immanuel Velikovsky states that the North Pole was situated in Greenland during an earlier geophysical period. Look at your globe and draw a circle around the area covered by ice during the last era of planetary glaciation. You will find that its center is in Grcenland. Now, how it is possible for Siberia to foster subtropical flora and fauna while Chicago is buried under miles of ice, unless the North Pole is in Greenland?

This suggests that the Great Pyramid Broadcasting System depends upon receiving solar radiation at 90 degrees for the most efficient operation. The source of energy must have come from cosmic space. The power generated by the pyramids depends upon the passage of the Sun, the positions of the planets and the altitude of the ecliptic. The most important duty of the Priests of the Sun was the forecasting of the ephemerides, and - following the construction of the Great Pyramid - their supreme technological achievement was the perfection of mathematical instruments for celestial observation.

The proclamation that pyramid mathematics was developed to forecast the annual flooding of the Nile could be made only by scholars who never worked on a farm. Farmers don't need such minute precision; for thousands of years crops have been harvested despite religious calendars - the Moslem calendar, for example - running as much as half a year out of sync with the seasons.

The original network was likely constructed before the last geological catastrophe which shifted the Polar Axis. The original pyramid could be counted on to generate vibrations for millennia without maintenance, except for adjustments to the calendar from time to time. The power stations could even be left as unmanned posts checked occasionally by servicemen. Resident technicians needed no more knowledge of how the solid-state modules worked than the billing office of the Tennessee Valley Authority knows about electrical wiring. Over thousands of years of undisturbed operation, the regular duties of the staff would degenerate into superstitious ritual (just as occurs in every public-service bureaucracy). A major disturbance of the Earth's electromagnetic parameters, however, would result in an immediate, complete, worldwide power failure. And no one would know what to do.

Sudden and violent change in the Earth's electromagnetic structure includes a breakdown of the radiation shield in the ionosphere, admitting massive floods of cosmic radiation to the Earth's surface. All vital and radioactive processes would be affected, so that the carbon dating process archaeologists rely on may not he reliable for times prior to such a catastrophe. (Naturally, professional archaeologists resist any evidence that the carbon dating on which all their work is based may not be valid.) The Great Pyramid at Giza may be very much more ancient than archaeologists are wont to believe; all the other lesser pyramids may very well be comparatively recent copies.

In some civilized centers, the civil service was well enough established to construct more pyramids to replace the ones which no longer functioned at design efficiency, and the dispersed tribes built smaller pyramids where they settled. These copies were built on a smaller, human scale, however, instead of the former superhuman proportions; the massive megaliths were reduced to adobe bricks. But since the builders had lost the science of harmonics (if they ever possessed it in the first place), they copied their pyramids precisely in all the wrong places. When these new structures failed to function, the ignorant and terrified people sacrificed everything they had to the Sun, imploring it to restore function and power to the pyramid. The Aztecs commemorated these supplications and sacrifices until the modern era.

As long as the American physicist remains in his lab and the American archaeologist remains in his dig, neither specialist will ever suspect that each sees but a part of the whole truth.

Although the Soviet system is inefficient in delivering consumer goods to its people, Communists are more receptive to revolutionary engineering. So while American authorities deny Tesla's discoveries, Soviet engineers have built a complex of Tesla towers in Karelia. Independent amateurs in America have found that the Soviets are using them to alter the natural pattern of electromagnetic standing waves surrounding the Earth. Because the atmosphere carries electrical charge, air currents tend to follow geo-electromagnetic flow patterns. When the natural standing-wave pattern is changed, the climate changes accordingly. Have you noticed?

Independent researchers, comparing the locations of the exceptional number of severe earthquakes during the past decade with the report of Soviet nuclear tests, conjecture that the Reds are using seismic waves to plot the pattern of standing waves defining the interior of the Earth: They give the planet a concentrated shock at a fault line and wait to see where the impulse emerges on the other side of the world. As long as local authorities deny the existence of this technology, how can the victims prove their earthquake was not a natural event?

One of the most competent authorities on Soviet military technology is Tom Bearden, described by Fate magazine as a one man think-tank who overawes his colleagues by his high-octane genius. After retiring from the United States Army with a rank of lieutenant colonel, Bearden was employed by the military defense establishment to design war games, program computers to play them, and serve as chief planning officer for interpreting the results in deploying America's nuclear missile system.

Bearden has come to the conclusion that the sonic booms and flashes of light over the northeastern American sea-board during 1976-77 were the effects of plasma vortices the Soviets' Karelian Tesla towers have succeeded in transmitting through the Earth.

In theory, Bearden says that these plasma vortices can pack the zap of a hundred-megaton hydrogen bomb. But not to worry; the Soviets are merely target practicing with low-caliber ammunition. Completely retired now, Bearden is organizing amateur scientists throughout the world to establish evidence that the Soviets are really doing these things. (The findings are published in a quarterly bulletin available from P.O. Box 1182, Huntsville, Ala. 35807.) Curiously, his international organization has recently been decimated by a spate of illness, death, violent attacks, destruction of papers and property, and official harassment - everyone who makes noises about Tesla's inventions receives the same treatment. Bearden is playing General Billy Mitchell; if no one listens, it may be Pearl Harbor all over again.

by T.B. Pawlicki 
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