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Friday, 17 April 2009

Special Transmission 2: Parables of Sexual Repression and Liberation (unexpurgated)

Special Transmission 2
Parables of Sexual Repression and Liberation (unexpurgated)


Bhagwan, why are you called ‘the sex guru’ in the West?

It is a long, long stupid Christian tradition in the West – of repression, of deep antagonism against life, life energies. That has provoked the label for me; otherwise I have nothing to do with sex. I am not teaching sex to you. If I have to talk once in a while about sex that is because of your Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan repressive traditions. I am not responsible for it, they are responsible for it. They have made man’s life so paralysed - so crippled - and their whole strategy has depended upon repressing the energy called sex.
And remember, you have only one energy; you don’t have many energies, only one energy. At the lowest it is called sex energy. You go on refining it, you go on transforming it through meditation, through the alchemy of meditation, and the same energy starts moving upwards. It becomes love, it becomes prayer. It is the same energy, just refined states of it. Sex is crude, raw, just a diamond found from the mines. It has to be cut, polished; much work is needed. Then it will be possible to recognise that it is a diamond.
The Kohinoor – that is the greatest diamond in the world – was lying in a peasant’s house for three years. His children were playing with it because he was not aware that it is a diamond; it looked like only a beautiful stone. He had given it to his children.
It was only by coincidence that a traveling sannyasin stayed in his hut; he could no believe his eyes. Before he became a sannyasin he had been a jeweler. He told the farmer, “Are you mad or something? I have never come across such a diamond in my whole life, and I have seen the greatest diamonds. This is not an ordinary stone.”
And the farmer said, “It has been lying down here for three years. One day I found it in my field; in my field there runs a small stream” – it happened in a small place, Golconda – “and in the sand of that stream I had found this, so I brought it home for my children and they have been playing with it.”
Immediately the Nizim of Hyderabad, the king of the territory, was informed. He was a lover of diamonds; he could not believe his eyes. He rewarded the farmer with millions of rupees.
Now the same Kohinoor is the number one diamond in the whole world. It is part of the crown of the British queen. Now it is only one-third of its original weight. What has happened to the two thirds? Two thirds have been cut in polishing, in refining; two thirds of the diamond has disappeared, only one third has remained. But the more it was polished, the more it was refined, the more valuable it became. It is a million times more valuable than it was when it had its original weight.
Sex is raw energy. It has to be transformed, and through transformation there is transcendence. Rather than transforming it, religions have been repressing it. And if you repress it the natural outcome is a perverted human being; he who becomes obsessed with sex.
The people who call me ‘sex guru’ are obsessed with sex. I have not talked about sex more than I have talked about meditation, love, god, prayer, but nobody seems to be interested in god, love, meditation, prayer. If I say anything about sex, they immediately jump upon it.
Out of my three hundred books only one book concerns sex, and that, too, not in its totality. The name of the book is From Sex to Superconsciousness. Just the beginning of it is concerned with sex; as you go deeper in understanding it moves towards superconsciousness, towards samadhi. Now that is the book with has reached to millions of people. It is a strange phenomenon: my other books have not reached to so many people. There is not a single Hindu, Jain saint, mahatma in India who has not read it. It has been discussed, criticized, analysed, commented upon in every possible way. Many books have been written against it – as if that is the only book I have written!

Why so much emphasis? People are obsessed – particularly the religious people are obsessed. This label of ‘sex guru’ comes from religious people.
“Were you shocked by the porno film we saw?” a friend asked the Polack Pope.
The Pope said, “I was even more shocked the second time I saw it!”
The way people have been brought up for centuries is life-negative. I affirm life with all it contains. That does not mean I don’t want you to change – in fact, that is the only way to change. First you have to accept where you are, what you are. First you have to explore your reality, and only then can you find ways to go beyond it. You have to explore into all the possibilities of your existence.
And sex is one of the most important phenomena, in fact the most important phenomenon in your life. But from childhood we are being deceived, we are told lies about sex. And the day we start discovering the facts of life, great guilt arises – as if we are doing something criminal. The criminal thing has been done to you by your parents, by your priests, by your politicians, by your pedagogues. They have created such a conditioning in you that you cannot discover the factuality of your life and its implications. They have falsified you, they have betrayed your trust.
That’s why no child can really respect his parents; they have all deceived him. And no student can respect the teachers, the professors: they have all betrayed his trust. He trusted in them and they have been lying. Utter lies! But the lying has gone so deep, it has become such a thick crust around you, that when you start discovering reality you feel afraid. You are doing something wrong, something that should not be done.

A small girl walks into the bathroom while her mother is bathing. “Mummy, what are those things hanging down your front?” she asks.
“These?” replies the embarrassed mother. “They are balloons, dear.”
“What are they for?” insists the little girl.
“When you die they blow up and you float off to heaven!”
“Mummy,” says the little girl after a moment’s thought, “I think our maid is dying. I just heard her say, ‘Oh God, I am coming!’ and daddy is lying on top of her, blowing up her balloons!”
The children are bound to discover the reality. How long can you hide it from them? There is no need to hide anything: everything should be explained.  When the child is enquiring it should be explained as it is. There is no need to start a child’s mind with lies. Don’t stuff their minds with lies, because how long can you go on hiding the facts? They will manifest themselves and then the child will be in a real fix, in a real difficulty. He will be divided, he will be split. His conditioning will say, “This is wrong,” and life will say “Go ahead.” His biology will say one thing and his psychology will say another thing. You have created a schizophrenic condition in him.
I am against this crime. I want every child to be made fully aware of the facts of life as they are; there is no need to create any guilt. But your religions have depended on guilt. They have pulled curtains upon curtains before your eyes. They have made you almost blind; you can see only behind the curtains, through the curtains. And those curtains are false, pseudo, utter lies; they distort everything.

My respect for truth is absolute and I don’t care about anything else. You have created a humanity which is ugly. I would like to create a human being which rests in truth, lives in truth, is not split, is not insane but is whole, sane, intelligent, is not obsessed with anything. Your religions create obsession. All your scriptures are full of obsession, sexual obsession.
Turiddu, a Sicilian man of forty years, was wasting his life on sex – men, women, children, days, nights, any time, any place. He was going crazy. He could not stop. Finally, in despair, he went to a top Italian psychoanalyst in Milano, very expensive and very special. “Can-a you help-a me, doctor?”
“Yes, I think so. We will try some new experiments.” The first day the doctor drew a circle on a piece of paper and showed it to Turiddu. “What do you see?”
“Oh, it’s-a easy – it’s a picture of some-a beautiful woman’s cunt!”
“Oh, it looks like that-a way, with her legs-a apart-a!”
The following day the doctor showed him a drawing of a triangle. “What do you see?”
“Oh, it’s-a another view of the same-a beautiful cunt from yesterday-a!”
The third day the doctor decided to make a drawing of something that could never be interpreted as sexual. He drew a rectangle and in the centre placed just a point. “Now, mister, what do you see?”
“Don’t-a be funny, doctor. It’s-a same picture – you are looking down on a rectangular bed and that point-a is-a the beautiful cunt you have-a been obsessed with the last three days!”
“You are sexually obsessed and perverted!” shouted the doctor.
“Me?” replied Turidda. “Me? Who is-a doing all-a these pornographic drawing every day-a?”
Religions have created a strange situation. They have created your obsessiveness with sex and then they make you feel responsible for it. They are guilty of creating guilt in people; they make you feel guilty.
But there is a subtle strategy and politics in creating guilt. Once a man starts feeling guilty he becomes weak, he becomes stupid. Once a man starts feeling divided he can be ruled over, he can be exploited. He loses independence. He becomes a slave of some church, some state, of some ideology, some philosophy, some theology. He is no more an individual; he cannot be rebellious. Humanity has been reduced into a mess, into a chaos, and the whole trick lies in poisoning your minds about sex.
Sex is a natural phenomenon; there is nothing to be worried about it. And if I have sometimes to talk about it, it is because of these religions. Once a man is freed from religious exploitation and religious conventions, traditions which are very oppressive, there will be no need to talk about sex. Then we can move into more intricate, scientific ways of how to transform it into higher forms of energy.
Sex is the lowest centre of your existence and samadhi your highest, the seventh centre. It is a ladder of seven rungs. And sex energy has to be moved rung by rung to the seventh where it opens up like a one-thousand-petaled lotus. One becomes a Buddha only when sex is transformed.
That label is absolutely wrong. Just to condemn me they have been calling me “sex guru”, but in fact they are the criminals.
- Excerpted from discourses given by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) at Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Poona, India, July 1-10 1980. Recorded in Zen: The Special Transmission, by Rajneesh Foundation International, 1984.

‘A religion is a region with a li(e) in it.’
- R. Ayana
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