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Thursday 2 April 2009

Lifters – Antigravity Propulsion: Build Your Own Model Flying Saucer

Lifters – Antigravity Propulsion
Build Your Own Model Flying Saucer

"....If we could produce electric effects of the required quality, this whole planet and the conditions of existence on it could be transformed. The sun raises the water of the oceans and winds drive it to distant regions where it remains in state of most delicate balance. If it were in our power to upset it when and wherever desired, this mighty life-sustaining stream could be at will controlled. We could irrigate arid deserts, create lakes and rivers and provide motive power in unlimited amount. This would be the most efficient way of harnessing the sun to the uses of man......"

( Nikola Tesla, June 1919 )
  The Lifter is an asymmetrical capacitor which uses High Voltage ( > 20KV ) to produce a thrust.

The Lifter works without moving parts, flies silently, uses only electrical energy and is able to lift its own weight plus an additional payload. The Lifter uses the Biefeld-Brown effect discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown in 1928. The basic design of the Lifter has been fully described in the Townsend Brown US Patent N°2949550 filed on Aug 16, 1960 and titled "Elektrokinetic Apparatus", you will find in this patent the full description of the main principle used in the Lifter devices.

Today, more than 350 Lifter replications have been done successfully by many experimenters and physicists Worldwide ( see The Worldwide Lifters replications logbook ).

On January 22th, 2003, I have fully demonstrated with the 250 g weight Lifter "Maximus ][" experiment, that a Lifter can be scaled up and also that such a device is able to lift 60 g of payload. It is now possible to build a VTOL craft which will use the Biefeld-Brown effect to fly silently and without moving parts ( see VTOL Lifter-Craft Mk III ) only powered by electrical energy...

The Lifter Project in English Le Projet Lifter en Français


VIDEO of Asymmetrical Capacitors (Lifter like)
tested in FULL VACCUM at 1.72 x 10^-6 Torr
These videos are footage of Gravitec Inc at NASA's NSSTC LEEIF facility in Huntsville Alabama.
These tests were done in summer 2003 in a full vacuum chamber at pressures of at least one times ten to the negative six Torr.
Video courtesy of Hector Luis Serrano ( President of Gravitec Inc. )

 Cold Fusion Researches and Experiments

In 1993 LaViolette reverse engineered the propulsion system for the B-2 Bomber.
Now he exposes the most inner secrets of technologies being developed in classified aerospace programs.
by Paul A. LaViolette

Bear & Co., Rochester, VT. Now available.
Paperback: 512 pages, ISBN 978-1-59143-078-0

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The worldwide group-list dedicated to Lifter project : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Lifters

Email : JNaudin509@aol.com

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