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Tuesday 17 June 2008

Hormonally Challenged

Hormonally Challenged

“For the sake of your soul and the planet, don’t be normal
– normal is atrocious.”
- R.H. Ayana

“Dad – why is it that I don’t see anyone who’s married having a good time? Why are they so depressed and depressing and hardly anyone is sane?”
There are many ways these questions could be answered, even considering the fact that they’re asked by a very bright twelve year old Beamish Boy who visits his hermit father on weekends. Honesty is always the best policy.

“Have you heard how the sperm count of all species has dropped by half in the last human generation?” It may seem like a roundabout reply, but bear with me as the boy did, nodding with puzzled concern. “You have?”

“No… not really. Why’s it happened?”

 “Chemical pollution. One major culprit is PCBs – polychlorinated biphenyls, in case you want to know.” He looks at me blankly. “You see that transformer on those power lines?” My finger points to the ubiquitous ugly metal wires defacing the view. “You see all this plastic insulation here?” – Indicating the spaghetti junction of wiring cascading down from the dashboard of the Jackaroo Deva. He nods.

“Well this stuff is full of toxins that have been found in the Antarctic and Arctic and are in the tissues of every creature on Earth – along with a number of other toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive compounds. As a result the sperm counts of most species have dropped dramatically. Many people might consider this to be no problem – there’s still plenty of sperm, right? But actually many of the remaining spermatozoa are damaged and functionally useless.

“There are a lot of substances that do this – many are called ‘endocrine mimics’ that utterly confuse human hormonal systems. Most plastics are full of them. You with me so far?” He nods.

   “So – if these chemicals have damaged the males, imagine for a minute what they must be doing to the far more complex and delicate hormonal systems of females!”

   “What would they do? Make them infertile?” he asks.

   “Among other things. If your hormones are out of whack your emotions are totally screwed up. You’d expect to see randomly changing emotions with no real relation to anything – people would go emotionally haywire, reacting differently all the time in mad ways, with no apparent explanation for their behaviour – and while men are hardly immune, woman are even more strongly affected.
“Does this make sense?”


“That’s not to say that your emotions aren’t always under your control – if you meditate and examine yourself and your motives. But of course, most muggles don’t, and so the guys are left scratching their heads and both sexes end up mistaking the other one for an entirely separate species.”

“Okay – I can see that – but how long’s it been going on?”

“Since the late eighties or so – for about fifteen years now the whole relationship thing has been broken and no-one’s had any idea why it’s all been so weird…”
“Is there anything people can do about it?”

“Sure – they can leave civilization and stop using every product it produces, while carefully examining their motives.”

“Great. That’s not going to happen.”

“Oh, it can for those who want to do it. Everyone makes their own choices – usually from fear rather than good sense – another reasonless reason. But for those that want to change and get out of the evil system, there’s always a way – if there’s the will.”    

Time appears to flow on…
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - R.A.

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