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Monday 23 June 2008

Divide and Conquer or Unite and Triumph: Make Love, Not War

Divide and Conquer or Unite and Triumph
 Make Love, Not War - Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Left

Two heads may be better than one, but not if they bash against each other. The human species is pitted against itself and against its own enlightened self interest at the dawn of this bright New Millennium. The unexamined human mind is similarly split and fractured, its potential as yet unrealised.

The fracture lines are exposed by our various tribal superstitions and regional lies, but aren’t caused by these outdated totemic religious dogmas and catechisms. Most of the planet is blatantly lorded over by fossilised dynasties and racist dictators. Where you see any single family holding multiple positions of power you’re looking at gangsters in operation, running a parasitic kleptocracy. Cronyism and nepotism are age-old methods of feathering your own nest and fending off rival petty tyrants at everyone else’s expense.

Tyrants use racism as the primal wedge to force populations apart, in order to divide and conquer all comers. Every other antagonistic ‘ism’ is another version of a single primordial fear – the fear of the other and of the unknown, embodied in racism and justified by religion and patriotism.

The so-called ‘free world’ appears to be trapped in an illusion of democracy that delivers power into the hands of exactly the same classes of mediocre incompetents and all too efficient control freaks - who also believe they’re born to hoodwink and rule over everyone else.

While life and liberty are infinitely more secure under a compassionate and swiftly acting rule of law than under the whims of inherently insane brutal overseers, no nation on Earth can honestly boast it has a completely free, independent, incorruptible or efficient legal system – let alone a free one. All democracies face similar hurdles.

Under the simple U.N. definition of a democracy – a nation that has given the vote to all its adult citizens for a generation or more – very few countries measure up. Even the United States only qualified as a democracy after the end of the Cold War - twenty-five years after it finally gave the vote to African Americans in all southern states in the mid-sixties.
More than one in a hundred US citizens are currently incarcerated in a rapidly expanding privatised penal system - a higher proportion than any other country. Libertarianism and liberty are not the same thing; as President Roosevelt famously remarked, freedom includes freedom from as well as freedom to. He included the freedom from want as one of the essential four freedoms that America embodied, in his almost universally accepted vision of the American Dream. This freedom has been derided and ignored by subsequent corporation-run governments as ‘socialist’, ‘communist’ and, even worse, ‘utopian’.

There is no free country on planet Earth – yet – but we can make one! First we have to disassemble all the false divisions that separate us into illusory competing groups, which congeal our shared blood into false notions of nations, states and races. To do this we have to see that our emperors have no clothes except those we choose – or are convinced – to give them.

If you want complete control over the human species the oldest trick in the book is to divide the struggling primates into illusory nations and artificial countries, to pit parochial tribes against other nearby ignoramuses. Take a look at Iraq, for instance – a country that was literally invented wholesale by conquering Western interests early last century. It was created with deliberate, easily exploitable faults and fractures so that racist warmongers could hold onto the region’s resources – including energy supplies - and keep control of a vital strategic corridor, with a classic move in what was universally known in Imperial times as the ‘Great Game’.

The fact that Iraq’s artificially created borders contained mutually antagonistic groups who had never been able to live together peacefully was a major bonus for the conquering crusaders - a deliberate ploy of the Western Powers that’s been widely used throughout history. Until 1959 they were able to steal all the deeply riven despot-governed “Iraqi” peoples’ energy supplies without paying a single pound or dollar in royalties. The now largely forgotten Iraqi revolution temporarily freed its people from the yoke of Imperialistic oppression, but built-in internal divisions, exploitative neighbours and imperialist retaliation undid the fledgling nation spectacularly. Watch this space for no further developments – just more of the same.

The Americans learned the tactic of divide and conquer from the English, who picked up the trick from the Roman Empire. The technique is much older than Rome, originating in primate sibling rivalry and unexamined, culturally entrained competitive behaviour. ‘Division’ is an ancient trick of the divine gods who rule over mortals – the word ‘divide’, ‘divine’ and ‘devil’ all spring from the same root of the Tree of Knowledge of Life and Death, in case you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Most self-professed democratic nations literally labour under the illusion that they have freedom of choice – when they only have two nearly identical thumb-twiddling, tweedle-dumber political parties to choose between. Governments are mainly comprised of old men corrupted by power and fear, and officious Oppositions usually only serve to oppose – they hardly ever contribute anything new or meaningful to a rigged debate.

When you only have to bribe, coerce and co-opt a handful of figures in Cabinet and Opposition you have little to fear from the many millions of subjects who believe their vote means something. Unless you actually know a politician intimately and personally – know them well enough to be absolutely certain they’re honest and motivated solely by the best ideals - only new faces in politics can be trusted at all; you can more easily see their reactions to the strings attempting to pull them.

Some members of the tyranny of despots would like to be good shepherds instead of wily predators, and some are working to remold the world into a more splendid image than their devolutionary fellows – but to exercise power over others is an inherently corrupting Faustian pastime.

Under these circumstances your vote can only mean something if you don’t vote for either of the two alternatives that have a chance of winning! In practice the ‘choice’ comes down to a primitive playoff between two corporate-industrial-military front-men, whose faces and voices are almost all that most citizens see or hear of their governments. Meaningful change is rendered impossible in this false gladiatorial contest. If you have no choice but to vote for a party, then vote for a third force that may hold the balance of power without being already corrupted by it.

 Freedom Exits Under Dominator’s Adversarial Laws

The simple but supremely successful trick of duopoly politics holds the world in thrall to a fundamentally feudal hive structure of remote masters, bureaucratic governors and workers who jump for carrots and cringe from sticks.

Democracy is far more than the sham of party politics, and real democracy is strangled to death by fat cats enjoying expensive private parties held at everyone else’s expense – lousy parties with tinny music, bland costumes and boring speeches – cringe-worthy parties which are no fun at all. Real democracy requires that people can elect representatives who will represent them – not some other individual, group or party.

The whole notion of parties representing the people is an inherently absurd historical error that we now have the means to correct. In the newly emergent interconnected age of distributed networks, we can each become a sovereign of our own true estate – our bodies – and all have a truly equal say and vote in where our species is headed. Modern technologies and widening education bring a truly global democracy within easy reach. Individuals could simply vote for issues and cut out the middleman politicians entirely!

But before we can trust majorities with ultimate - if democratic - power over minorities who may be very different from them, we have a multitude of issues to address and rectify. Fortunately, a fair global framework already exists to protect us all from our own potential errors, one which provides an almost universally ratified Bill of Rights covering every child, woman and man on Earth.

The various U.N. treaties regarding all sorts of rights have been assembled under an adequate umbrella of universal protection known as the International Bill of Rights. It already forms the basis for many domestic laws that various nations have adopted under its articles – but chances are that as a mere citizen you’ve been kept entirely in the dark as to the true reasons behind your particular government’s apparent wisdom and largesse.

The International Bill of Rights is easily accessed via United Nations websites and is easily digested; see if you can find anything in it with which you disagree. It’s likely that the vast majority of humans on the planet will have no problems with its definitions of rights and freedoms, but there are many other issues to deal with if global electronic democracy is to become a reality – for instance, finding a way to curb the power of programmers and technocrats, and the powers of our easily controlled, utterly coercible and censorable mass media. We face ancient dilemmas; who guards the guardians and who watches the watchers? And how do you disarm a paranoid bunch of brainwashed tribalists armed by despots who profit from the continual killing – and who control their civilization?

We have to make an end to war. Creating peace involves creating a space without suffering or violence. If we want to end war a good place to start – if you’re serious about changing your attitudes but can’t abandon or thoroughly alter your current life – is at the kindergarten level of competitive training for violent combat and war; sport.

Competitive sports train the innocent for war. That’s the whole point behind encouraging the ‘masses’ to back and barrack for tribalistic, totemically differentiated teams, folks; it teaches that life, war friendship, love and politics can all be dealt with using the same brainless reflexive win-lose concepts and simplifies everything to an easily divisible level. Sport and war reduce the multitude to elevate the domineering.

If you want to change your world stop paying any attention to the stupid duopolistic distractions of competitive sport and party politics. Many will rebel at this – that’s the whole point. Most current day politics, finance, wars and pieces are equally delusory distractions, keeping your eyes off the prize and your mind off the main game by turning off your mind.

All problems with our conscious decision making processes stem from the self-same source, whether they be individual or collective.

We have to understand where this global split personality arises from; it comes from within each of us. The adversarial structures of our systems of law and government arise from minds that continually argue with themselves and never know peace or inner silence.

This is not just a consequence of the bicameral – twin chambered – nature of our split brain structure – it’s a result of a planetary shockwave that affected us all in prehistory, resulting in our collective and individual inability to recover from a blow to the head delivered simultaneously to the entire species. The Earth was struck by a massive interplanetary discharge – a planet-wide electric shock felt by all, amid a global catastrophe that threatened to extinguish our species.

Remember the ancient Babylonian (Iraqi) story of the ‘Tower of Babel’ and humanity’s cleavage into disparate tribes and nations who could suddenly no longer understand each other? It’s instructive to note that the chroniclers of this pre-Biblical narrative averred that the sky god destroyed the tower to divide Humanity and thus render us powerless - because we were beginning to rival the deities themselves. *

We have little understanding of what abilities we’ve lost as a species – like many victims of electro-shock therapy, we are afflicted with partial amnesia. Suffice to say that once upon a time we could all ‘hear’ on more than one level… whether we remember or believe it or not – and that ability and many others are well within our reach and grasp. The younger you are when you start to change yourself the easier it will be.

Until both hemispheres of our brains can operate together in a balanced synergy - which can only arise from the healing light of clear self-examination and careful tuning - our star-spanning minds are reduced to an argumentative, jostling conversation between two or more equally half-blinded and crippled parts. When we become internally unified and fully integrated we have the ability to tune in with – and on - anything and anyone, anywhere and anytime; and self-styled gods of all creeds and stripes find the idea of such a self-aware Humanity repulsive; it renders us abominably uncontrollable and unbindably free.

The almost universal mental imbalance resulting from this lack of internal attunement is the origin of all apparent divisions and false dichotomies that surround us. Our brains are instruments that require tuning – and harmony is only possible when all crazy notions of aloneness and competition are cast aside.

When we open ALL our eyes we can easily see that disagreement isn’t required to reach the truth, and argument isn’t necessary to arrive at easily achievable and universally agreeable goals. It’s easy to see that all of us are one being staring through the starry eyes of a multitude - and to know that death is impossible.

All it takes is to the ability to do nothing and think nothing. Absolutely nothing. The moment of wonder is only a moment away when you’ve mastered this ‘simple’ trick – the first step to true enlightenment. The world is always waiting for you to reemerge from the delight of the light imbued with immanent innocence; the universe is alive, and responds to your inner sense. The universe is a co-creation and it takes all kinds to make a world. Even if you can transform yourself in the bright void of superconsciousness, your life awaits you on your return. Changing the world means changing your mind and your life; the devil lies in the details you slowly shed with your old discarded skin.

The Whole Holy Hologram

If you want to change your world, the only place to start is within yourself. This requires continual self examination and an awareness and recognition of your true motives and programming. It requires abandoning the false ideas of notional nations, separate races, superior religious superstitions and parted politics. It means rechannelling all your competitive behaviour and attitudes into a recognition of unity with others – and with all things. It’s easy to recognise the all-powerful unity that lies within our vast diversity of cultures, perspectives and beliefs when you stop identifying with individual idiosyncratic fractions and factions. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

The real Great Game is the Royal Maze of the Mind that leads to enlightenment. The gate to the core of the maze resides at the core of your brain, in the central space between and behind your eyes and between your ears, below the crown of your head. If you locate yourself there – right now – and view the world from the perspective of the centre of your own head, you’ll see your view widen from a narrow tunnel to a wide expanse that incorporates everything in your field of view.

We’re primates living in a planetary tree that’s scarred with the graffito of our passions – loves and hates born of our illusory fear of mortality and separation, which compel us to make our mark on the world. We can do better than simply making marks and leaving scars.

All we have to look beyond the surface differences that camouflage our identically innocent spirits and wise ancient souls. If we want to start making a paradise planet out of this industrialised wasteland we have to recognise where the primal split in our species really lies. The first illusory division in our species - and the hideous result of our ongoing inner distractions and artificially contrived divisions - is the enduring armed truce in the pointless, ultimately unsurvivable battle of the sexes.

When peace is made between woman and man the planet can flower into a garden paradise fit for children. When our apparent differences are recognised for what they are – interlinked and interlocking survival strategies designed for life and consciousness to expand on the floating crust of a chaotically changeable ball of hot mud circling a blazing electric fireball – we can celebrate the gift of the interlocking jigsaw puzzles that our bodies and tribes really are.

We can learn that our species-split sexuality is a technique of regeneration and transformation on an individual and global scale – we’re not just a tools used by a bunch of genes for their own survival, but companions, lovers and co-creators. We can learn to control our own fertility at will and lovemaking can keep us young and supple, and be a portal to higher consciousness and the abilities it provides.

The techniques are miraculously still available, despite being long suppressed by rigid prudes worshipping the same false religions that burned Giordano Bruno at the stake – along with many millions of wise women and men – and which still stone women to death for being outdoors alone, or refuse to allow their sheeple to use contraceptives.

The place to make world peace real is in the still core of your mind and the still, pure warmth in the core of your heart. The way to heal yourself and the planet is to still your mind and make love – real, true, non-possessive abundant love – and as the hippies said, if you can’t be with the one you love then love the one you’re with.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it - it might as well be you. Make love, not war; when we learn to accept each other and work together life is no longer a job or chore, but a work of divinely inspired Art. When we open our eyes in the new fresh dawn of sensuously rational happiness we find we don’t have to climb out of the purblind pit of false dogma and censored history – we’re already free in a brave new world.

-   R. Ayana

Turn on! Tune in! Opt out of the system that’s destroying your world and do something else! You literally create reality as you pass through it.
Welcome to the New Aeon. Together we can create an astounding New Millennium!

“Time flies when you don’t notice a single thing.”
Wonder Boy – Age 9
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