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Friday 13 June 2008

Sharpest Tool in the Head: A Primer for Your Divine Nature

Sharpest Tool in the Head
A Primer for Your Divine Nature

“Teach a person to fish and they can feed themselves.” Everyone knows it’s a wiser idea to teach someone how to fish than to simply give them a fish – and then another fish. This aphorism applies equally well to just about anything under the sun that humans need to learn– or need to acquire from another. Teach someone how to learn and they won’t need you any more.

One would think it was in the interests of societies to ensure their citizens are self-educating, self-sharpening instruments engaged in a process of perpetual learning and ongoing accomplishment for as long as they live, continually engaged in the actualisation of life, love and happiness – in the interests of a healthy economy, if nothing else.

Instead our civilizations follow the blind burrowing habits of superstitious cults and private classist codes, using education and work to fashion people into specific cogs to fit into specific gear-chains. Children learn things they’ll never put to practical use, jammed behind desks for up to a quarter of their lives and denied access to information they actually need.

It’s hardly in the interests of education institutions trapped in hopeless economic habits to teach students so well that their services are no longer required after just a few years – but that’s exactly what would be possible if we treated ourselves and our youngsters as something other than preprogrammable robots. Instead young people are set into a moldy mould with an endless series of repetitive rote tasks. Schools are for particularly conformist fish and classes are for class-conscious and snobs.

Kids who are trapped in competitive institutions aren’t told the simple truth, a reality that they only learn once they’ve left their sheltered classrooms; beyond a requirement for a certain level of facility in their chosen field, no-one (except for themselves and their immediate family) will ever be terribly interested in how well they did in school before they entered the real world. Honours and distinctions are fine carrots, but in reality they’re almost totally ignored by employers in lieu of other essential traits and abilities – usually punctuality, servility and conformity. No-one gives a damn what your score was once your nose is fixed firmly to the grindstone and you’re producing things for other people to consume.

If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably spent many years inside a school. Did you learn how your body works, or even where your major organs are and what they do? Were you taught to breathe correctly, or how to sit or move with a straight spine? Were you told that no-one under the age of twenty-five should use a mobile phone (even the woefully inadequate safety standards currently extant were designed for adults with fully developed rigid skulls)?

Were you taught anything much that was meant for your individual well-being or enlightenment? Unless you’re very lucky, very bright or very well-connected, you’re only ever taught what is needed to make you an efficient worker unit. You’re educated in order to make you fit into the fickle needs of a dumbed-down society – only you can ensure that the deal is fair and equitable, on the level, fair and square, a two-way street.

As much as we like to deride the poisonous nostrums and stupid blindnesses of authority figures and scientists of ignorant past centuries, human science is still utterly primitive, a tool that’s still barely scratched the surface of reality.  On a mundane level, it wasn’t until the last few years that researches drew attention to the fact that nerve and brain cells regenerate; it’s been going on for a long time, but no medico or scientist believed what was right in front of their eyes until a couple of years ago.

Similarly, it’s only in the last decade that a single researcher discovered that stomach ulcers – the scourge of civilized humanity for ages – were caused by a simply treated bacterium. Until then, many people died in pointless agony, or had their digestive systems removed to relieve their suffering!  

A similar situation still exists today with cancers and most forms of disease – they’re all treatable, using very simple agents or methods readily available to everyone. But of course, it’s illegal even to draw attention to these things in many nations today, or to mention the word ‘cure’ at all.

In many places mercury is still put inside peoples’ mouths – a practiced only discontinued in more enlightened societies very recently, despite the fact that everyone recognised it was utterly toxic. Let’s not begin a discussion of fluoride for now, save to say that the substance put into people’s bodies and water supplies – sodium fluoride – is not the same relatively benign substance that was used for the original tests which indicated it might be a good idea to use calcium fluoride to harden children’s tooth enamel – not that of adults, on whom it has no (positive) effect at all.

Until around a decade ago most astronomers believed the solar system had been swept clean of debris and had been remarkably stable for billions of years. Nothing much could come at us out of the black and blue – and then the ‘string of pearls’ hit the planet Jupiter in a display of literally Earth-shattering force and certain revisions were quietly made to certain widespread theories.

The current situations with suppression of electro-gravitics, cold fusion, tapping of the ubiquitous quantum foam and other hitherto unknown energy sources can be added to the long list of known and unknown unknowns, ignored by over-specialised scientists who must appear wiser than they are in order to attract money to their narrow specialty.

And there’s the rub; if everyone could be supported at a simple level of sustenance by a wise, democratic, freedom-loving system of governance, these problems wouldn’t exist. If all our collective heritage was shared even a little more fairly no-one would starve and people wouldn’t be so poor they had to overpopulate the planet to ensure that a small percentage of their children survive. Everyone could work at whichever task they enjoyed the most or were best suited for, without having to lie, cheat and scramble over the bodies of their peers to grab a very small amount of advantage. The current paradigm suits the masters who hold the stick and carrot very well – if dominance and bondage are all that human society is for, or capable of achieving.

But of course, anyone who raises such notions at the dawn of the new Millennium will be derided as a communist, a socialist, a hopeless utopian dreamer – or something much worse. Cynics will say that Capitalism won the cold war, and that you get what you pay for; if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. What kind of animal do you get if you pay enough for it to wallow gracelessly in a pile built of other peoples’ efforts, forever? An efficient, well-meaning and compassionate human, or a very fat cat – or perhaps a pig in a trough?

It’s not in the interests of educators to have a population that’s perfectly capable of educating itself – if money is important. It’s not in the interests of doctors to have a self-healing community – if money is important. It’s not in the interests of jealous insecure officials in a dog-eat-dog hierarchy to have a public capable of knowing literally everything – far better if people are capable of believing in anything you tell them to.

Pay as little attention to self-proclaimed and self-serving authorities and experts as possible (including this writer, of course). You have an inbuilt bullshit detector and it’s high time you learned how to use it!

Many techniques for ultimate self-improvement exist, and many more have been swept under the carefully woven carpet of official history. It’s quite possible for just about anyone to acquire the ability to be able to distinguish truth from lies or errors, for instance - using certain inbuilt facilities humans customarily begin to lose as they begin to master the power of speech and learn how to lie. All it takes is to learn how to (be) divine.

Learning to divine is not merely a process of finding underground water or minerals or using a deck of Tarot cards; divining is a priceless piece of our heritage which has been long ignored and suppressed. The facility comes in many forms, all of which are versions of ‘clairvoyance’ (clear seeing) – or to put it more clearly than the utterly inadequate Gallic term, ‘non-local awareness’.

Morons, guilty-feeling people, liars, fearful conformists, religious fanatics and control freaks of all stripes will assure you such abilities don’t exist – they fervently wish they didn’t, for very good reasons. It’s easy to find out for yourself – but it requires the ability to be aware of your own thoughts and motivations from moment to moment, and to recognise the most subtle signals and synchronicities generated by a universe that’s always in harmony with your mind. It requires a very quiet, open mind.

In fact, on a very fundamental level the cosmos is your mind, and vice versa – the universe is holographic in nature, and every part(icle) of a hologram contains an image of the whole – even if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This fundamental reality was long recognised by the ancients, who coined the word ‘omen’ to signal the synchrony of the outer and inner worlds and developed many forms of ‘divination’ - that skewed the odds of an apparently random universe squarely in humanity’s favour.

The entire universe and every detail within it is accessible to your consciousness, if you open your eyes and work with an ability which is your birthright – an ability that will atrophy if you don’t use it.

Access to divining, clairvoyance, telepathy and all the other subtle senses is just a matter of sensitivity, resonance, resolution and focus. As with learning to use all abilities and traits, some people will find opening themselves to the real real world effortlessly easy while others will rebel against the entire notion. Either way, these faculties usually require ongoing self-training and practice by a self-sharpening instrument – you. The entire universe is a signal whose meaning you have to tune in to – and stay tuned to – to divine yourself.

Widespread modern and ancient alternative diagnostic systems exist all over the world which make use of divining. They’re superior to most conventional forms of medical diagnosis and an alternative practitioner may discuss this sensitive matter with you if you ask.

Divining – or dowsing – can be learned in a number of ways. An easy external instrument to use until you gain a feel for the true inner ability is a pendulum. Anything dangled on a fine cord will suffice. As long as you pay attention to the subtle signals transmitted by the heightened perspective of your overmind to your narrowly focused little consciousness, you can watch how it responds to your thoughts and circumstances. You can use it to learn how to tune in.

You can determined how this simple device responds to known knowns – your name, sex, birthday, whatever – whether the swinging pendulum flows back and forth, clockwise or anticlockwise – and see which direction means ‘yes’ and which means ‘no’ on any given occasion. Then you can apply the instrument to known unknowns, and even unknown unknowns. It works fine for a question with a yes or no answer, and there are ways to expand the faculty to encompass less bipolar distinctions.

Of course, after a while you can learn to dispense with the pendulum – when you come to recognise the internal sensations that correspond with the signals it’s giving you. That’s the whole point (if you’ll pardon a terrible pun).

All technologies can be replicated by the ultimate instrument – the infinitely versatile human body/mind. Instruments and devices merely show what is possible to an enlightened being. But hey – why should you listen to me? Listen to your heart and mind. A truly compassionate heart needs the ability to see clearly – and seeing clearly requires an opened heart, as well as opened eyes.

Telepathy, of course, requires different orders of sensitivity and distinction than those acquired through use of a pendulum; but becoming divine by learning to dowse is a good way to find the next step for yourself. Learning to find the place of utter peace and stillness within your core – beyond and within the endless thought-stream that it truly is possible to quiet completely, or distance yourself from – is an essential step to higher consciousness, as is an awareness of your breath, your posture, your habits – and all your motives and motivations.

You can work with any of this information right now – or you can put it off until later, or another incarnation…

After all, what you do matters far less than why you do it.

-   Turn on, tune in – opt out. Work on something different, alone or with people you’re attuned to. You have nothing to lose but your chains.
-   R. Ayana

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