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Friday, 6 June 2008

Brain Altering Drugs: Dumbing Down the Masses

Brain Altering Drugs: Dumbing Down the Masses
by George Lunt


The government and big corporations, whom I collectively labeled as corporate-aliens, want to control you. Diane Ravitch, a leading educational analyst once said,"The person who knows HOW will always have a job. The person who knows WHY will always be his boss." What corporate aliens ideally want is a majority of people that know HOW but reserve those with the knowledge of WHY for their children and a few others whom they deem worthy of leadership. The educational systems throughout the world are geared to the development of mainly working class followers.

The bureaucracy in most of today's workplaces frustrates the workers enough for them to seek escape from their problems. Traditional means of escape are the standard addictions (smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, etc.), media (including the Internet), and religion.

Standard Addictions

Smoking, although addictive, does not alter your thinking. Alcohol and illegal drugs temporarily numb the senses, but you return to sanity when the effects wear off. If you become too highly addicted to these substances you lose your ability to function in society. Gambling, sex, sporting events can also be classified as standard addictions meant keep you occupied so you're less likely to worry about anything important.

Media and Internet

The conventional media, which consists of newspapers, radio, and television, can be both an escape mechanism for the weary worker and a means of spreading control propaganda by the corporate aliens. The Internet can be considered an extension of the media because all of the major news and entertainment networks have a strong presence on the Internet as well.

Unlike the content of conventional media, opinions on the Internet are not always subject to censorship by a few large corporations. This is because major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Live Search still do not sensor searches in many countries. Some oppressive regimes like China require them to limit their content to only the things the government deems acceptable. If governments like the United States and the United Kingdom impose censorship and the search engines comply, freedom of speech will become limited to the "politically correct" views of the conventional media.


Religion is one escape mechanism, if used effectively, can alter your beliefs about anything. It was used for centuries to control the masses during the middle ages, but has lately lost a lot of its power in Western cultures. Subtle influences are still being used to sway the masses to conform to the accepted social order.

In Arab nations, religious influence is much more prevalent. It is still a force powerful enough to turn innocent young people into suicide bombers.

Mind-altering Prescription Drugs

All of the above methods are being used to diminish the importance of the individual and to enhance the value of the "System." But to create a nation of followers, corporate aliens needed a more effective legal method of turning people in semi-zombies. This method had to keep people dedicated to their jobs while remaining followers of the "System" with little or no questioning.

A legal method gaining wide acceptance is that of mind-altering prescription drugs. Drug companies have three reasons for pushing these type of drugs. The first is to make a lot of money. The second is to counteract some of the frustration bureaucracies impose on the people who must deal with them. The third is to make the population more submissive to the will of the "System."

ADHD - A reason to medicate children.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is considered a major reason for medicating children with brain altering drugs. The main symptom of ADHD is a person's inability to focus or concentrate on one thing. Taking a medication like Ritalin calms the person and gives him or her better concentration. This type of drug stimulates the release of the brain chemical dopamine which has a calming effect on the user. It is similar to cocaine, but since big drug companies can't patent it, cocaine's sale or use is illegal. But synthesized drugs like Ritalin, are legally available and their use is actively encouraged.

A lot of what is labeled as ADHD is just normal childhood behavior. Children just naturally can't concentrate on what they don't like, but easily get involved with things that inspire them. Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were just a few gifted personalities that supposedly had ADHD. If they had taken drugs like Ritalin their creativity might have been completely suppressed.

Anxiety and Depression - A reason to "zombify" adults.

As we already know, that many aspects of our greed-oriented society, has a tendency to frustrate us and at times make us depressed. The media leads us to believe that we're always supposed to be happy and, if we're not, something is wrong with us. Because of the complexity of our world no one can avoid sadness or mild depression. Very few people are seriously depressed. Since most doctors get kickbacks from drug companies, naturally they'll recommend a medication that will help you forget your grouchy boss or that recent quarrel with your spouse.

Antidepressants and school shootings.

In the recent shooting at Northern Illinois University (NIU) the perpetrator was Steven Kazmierczak, a 27 year old graduate student. He killed six people including himself and wounded sixteen others. His girlfriend of two years said that he was taking a cocktail of prescription drugs: Prozac, Xanax, and Ambien. He felt the Prozac made him feel like a "zombie," so he stopped taking it three weeks before his shooting spree. If you look up Prozac and similar drugs, you'll find that there is a strong warning against abruptly stopping its use.

People, who suddenly and for no reason, commit such terrible acts, only do so because of altered brain chemistry. Someone with normal brain chemistry is appalled by such thinking. The brain chemistry has to be altered by either strong belief, illness, or drug interactions. Since, in some patients, drugs like Prozac and Xanax bring about thoughts of suicide, it is possible that they can also inspire one to stage that suicide in a style that attracts the most media attention.

It seems that all recent school shooters were taking some form of prescription drugs. I think, that it's quite likely that these drugs contributed in some way, maybe even in a major way, to the rampages that needlessly took so many lives. Remember, that most of the millions taking anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drugs, instead of being violent, are usually passive and more submissive to authority. An interaction with other drugs, alcohol, or even some foods might trigger dangerous behavior in some. Just like cigarette companies for decades did not admit that nicotine was addictive, don't expect pharmaceutical companies to admit that their drugs can turn a few ordinary individuals into terrorists intent on killing themselves and others.

Grief Counseling

For centuries man had to acquire skills to handle many traumatic situations that befell him. During World War II, many people witnessed bombings, executions, and concentration camps, yet most of these people psychologically survived and even gained experience in dealing with less traumatic events.

These days whenever there's a school shooting like at Virginia Tech and NIU, the campus gets flooded with grief counselors. I believe that, with very few exceptions, most people can handle their own grief with the help of their family and close friends. Grief counselors are a way of getting people to depend on the "System" to solve their problems rather than on themselves as they did for centuries. 

Grief counselors can also encourage you to use anti-depressant or ant-anxiety drugs to help cope with your grief. This puts you on the road to legal addiction and, in some cases, subjects you to dangerous side-effects that harm you much more than your grief ever could. In rare cases, it may even turn you into another school shooter.
It's not only with grief, but millions of people rely on "experts" like Doctor Phil to advise them on even their most trivial social problems. There's nothing wrong with listening to Doctor Phil; we all learn from the advice of others. The problem is when we depend on these gurus, instead of ourselves, to deal with our personal troubles. 

Although Doctor Phil, generally gives good advice, remember that his views are sanctioned by the "System." His advice must stay within the boundaries of "political correctness" or he would lose his lucrative television show. I agree that there are a few people that really do need "professional help," but the number of such individuals is much fewer than we are led to believe.


Anti-depressant/anti-anxiety prescription drugs can in twenty-five to fifty years addict most of the modern world. Instead of depending on these drugs, there are a few things you can try. Learn meditation. If practiced diligently, it can have an even stronger effect on your mood than some ant-depressants. Change your life and make it less stressful by getting a new job, making more time for family, getting more exercise, etc. Change your diet, what we eat can sometimes influence our moods. After trying some of these alternative methods, you may find that mood altering prescription drugs are not really needed.

If you are already taking anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drugs, and wish to quit, whatever you do, don't stop taking them abruptly. You can be facing much deeper depression along with suicidal thoughts. Since your doctor addicted you, have him or her work out a schedule to get you off of these drugs gradually.

Learn to deal with your problems and your grief with the help of your family and close friends. When "professionals" step in, make sure their advice is for your welfare not their own. Make choices as an individual, not as a follower.

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