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Saturday 1 March 2008

Your Fly Is Open: Public Privates

Your Fly Is Open 
Public Privates


Those who claim they deserve your trust regularly abuse it. It’s often said that the main reason nations exist is to provide ‘national security’ for their citizens. But what is security? The last thing you need is protection by governments and armies that are merely grand protection rackets, organised gangs and gangsters that you need protection from.

Many countries are ruled by such so-called leaders, who are really followers of money and power. You have a choice to love and obey them or else, like the authoritarian parents of a dysfunctional family. There’s no such thing as an unselfish government that you can trust with your life, despite the propaganda to the contrary. The only people interested in your welfare are those that love you – if you’re lucky enough to be loved. That’s why we’ve all had to struggle with justice and equality for millennia.

Over the last year public servants have ‘lost’ the personal and private information of huge segments of the population of Britain , a fact widely publicised. At the beginning of this year a British defense officer had their laptop ripped off, along with all the personal details of 600,000 British military recruits, including their ‘private’ passport, bank accounts, drivers’ licenses and medical information. This is a terribly normal occurrence; the unusual feature is all the publicity. The story wouldn’t see the light of day in even less open societies with even more monopole media.

An uncountable swathe – hundreds of millions of people - have had their most personal details, including their bank account and pin numbers, private medical, genetic and school records and sundry other personal details stolen in all computerised nations. That huge numbers of ‘public servants’ have access to all these records is asking for trouble. That they can take the private data of their citizen employers home on laptops and disks is unconscionably stupid. Or is it? Does it matter, when everyone’s information has already been stolen?

            After all, much of this info has been obtained and compiled unethically in the first place – no-one has really given their permission to have their lives scrutinised and placed on file and many government agencies disobey the laws and regulations governing how they should do so. The PROMIS and ECHELON information collating and storage systems (that were designed to hold most of the information on most of the world’s citizens) were designed by Mossad and other intelligence agencies and sold to governments by US Intelligence - so that these quasi-legal and completely amoral groups could mine all the information on populations held in national databases and keep and collate it all. The programs were designed with inbuilt Trojan horses that automatically sent all the information on all the citizens of various nations – almost certainly including yours - to NSA headquarters. Everything that’s known about you is known by ungovernable intelligence agencies.

This has been the case since well before 2001 – when anyone who objected to having their civil rights and liberties stolen overnight were suddenly branded ‘terrorist sympathisers’. Anyone who questioned the huge number of lies and discrepancies in the New World order of resident shrub - the glove puppet of his father, the oil-burning bush – was excluded, derided or incarcerated. ‘I’ll protect you. Trust me,’ they say – and for some crazy reason people follow these bloody handed Messiahs. The unthinking voters who put them there (and despite rampant electoral fraud in most countries, a huge number of people always vote for the greater evil) are sheep on their way to slaughter and slaves on an endless treadmill. People hand over the vestiges of their freedom in the name of security, to those who made them afraid and insecure in the first place.

‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself’ somehow became ‘We have to fear fear itself,’ overnight – and foolish populations swallowed this poisoned bait hook, line and sinker, abandoning overnight all the real freedoms and rights their more wisely educated grandparents had fought to achieve for centuries. Now people think nothing of spraying their private lives all over the web and see nothing wrong with employers and governments demanding, keeping and owning everything known about them.

An uncountable legion of people is quite happy to provide most of their private details on the web; it seems cool until you think about it for more than five seconds. This apparent naivety is mitigated by the fact that almost everyone lies about anything that’s important to them.

            Of course, most of this illegally mined information has found its way into the hands of corporate interests, who use it to screw the rest of us as thoroughly as they can. Boardrooms are even less trustworthy and accountable than governments, even though they often have the same well-fed faces at their tables.

All this data stays and grows in the computers – it doesn’t go away.


Last week an old friend mailed me a few copies of a music CD he’s been working on for quite some time. When they arrived in my expensive secure Post Office box, the padded post pack they were enclosed in had been razored open and the CD cases had been broken, damaging one of the disks. The staff wasn’t even slightly surprised when they saw the damage. “Computer disks?” they asked.

“No – music CDs,” eye said.

“Oh – then they’re probably just checking to see if they’re pirate copies.”

“Excuse me? They’re certainly not pirate copies – see? And what right would anyone have to open my mail for that?”

The Post Office employees shrugged and smiled. “That’s customs for you – since 9/11. They probably x-rayed the package and saw it was disks.”

“But this is domestic mail – it hasn’t come from oversea. It hasn’t even crossed a state border…”

“That’s normal, mate.”

“No it isn’t. It’s illegal to tamper with the mail, isn’t it? My CDs have been damaged…” The guys laughed and shrugged. Of course, they could have been lying to me, but there’s no sense in being paranoid.

So sorry, Huey, but the government destroyed your music and the other guys won’t receive those copies. Somehow the huge package containing the telescope came through the mail intact - thanks so much to Jonas and Dorota.

            You can’t even trust the post office, not to mention those who claim to protect you. Why tell irresponsible and unethical governments anything about you? It’s none of their business. Next time you fill out a form, first see if there’s any way you can avoid doing it. If it will be too much of a hassle to leave it empty, then fill in as little of it as possible. Even better – fill in the whole thing with incorrect information and the wrong signature. If it’s a loan application – or most other documents that demand your private details - you probably shouldn’t be filling it in anyway, if you have any real sense.

            It’s illuminating to understand the essence of ‘the fuckup principle’ promulgated by Wilson, Leary and other Discordian change agents at the forefront of the consciousness expansion movement of the last century (before LSD was replaced by Ecstasy and goggling enlightenment was replaced by giggling emotiveness).

All our hierarchical societies are pyramidal in structure, with all true power coming down from the top - even in apparent democracies that labour under the illusion that people have a say in what their governments arrange between each other behind closed and guarded doors.

            In these rigid societies with their apparent ‘ladders of opportunity’ and ‘stairways of promotion’, the summit of power is always protected by the jealous guardians of privilege. Reining drones mindlessly protect their bailiwick against all other comers and colours, and the ladder to the leader is booby-trapped by tricksters sucking up to dynasties of fat petty tyrants who believe they are born to rule. They base this belief on outdated notions and superstitions – the lies told by their parents and ancestors, lies that worked for millennia to keep the ignorant in their place at the base of the pyramid, under their thumbs and under their bums.

            It’s so easy to keep people ignorant. In the United States , one person in five still thinks the sun rotates around the earth, and many still fear and believe in the invisible sky fairy. Roughly half of every country always votes for the biggest asshole with the biggest budget for telling whoppers. A similar proportion believe some hand-written antiquated  book or other that tells them they’ll have a great time in some possible next life - if they persecute themselves and everyone else in this life, the only one they actually have.

            So it isn’t strange that ‘leaders’ hold their populations in the contempt they so richly deserve. In most so-called democracies only the rich and their subsidised flunkies can be elected. It isn’t unusual that rulers aren’t dedicated public servants, but smiling tyrants who want to keep tabs on the unwashed masses and reduce their numbers, in any way they can find that won’t negatively impact on their own power base and dinner table.

We sit back and let these corporate vampires suck the life out of our environment and civilization, stealing their incredibly excessive payments, kickbacks and the fruits of all their unethical deals from the rest of us. We let them steal the public assets our parents and grandparents laboured for generations to build and keep out of their sticky private hands. We allow evil dorks to call our fresh water supplies, air-giving forests and living creatures ‘private resources’ that they can sell or kill at will. We allow professions like law and medicine to restrict their own numbers and wonder why justice and health are unaffordable. We pay obscenely wealthy fat cats to exclude us from our own common wealth with our time, energy and money. We work, consume, reproduce and die for them.

The world is still mired in a feudal kleptocracy and the world’s children are still brainwashed with the superstitious, pernicious lies that made the destruction of the world ecosystem possible. For some reason, fraudulent money grubbers can tell all the lies they want and extort everything they can from the poor and ignorant – if their frauds are labeled as religions. For some reason we think nothing of having to pay some conman to simply live on the free earth that’s the equal birthright of us all. If you pitch a tent on a scrap of ground someone will turn up to tell out to move on or pay up.

            What’s unusual is that we so happily pay these assholes and do their stupid work for them. We accept their totalitarian surveillance as somehow being for our own good. We let them observe us at all times and tap our phone calls and web communications. Busybodies report any ‘suspicious activity’ and are all told it’s noble to be a peeping tom, a Quisling and a dobber, to become unpaid agents for the secret police state.  They don’t need to provide guards in the privatised prison planet they want us all to live in. We even lock ourselves into our barred cells every night and do all their work (and paperwork) for them.


According to the illuminated Discordian change agents, what will always save us from totalitarianism is the nature of the pyramid hierarchy itself. It isn’t in the interests of those on top to let those below them know what’s really going on. It’s precisely the same for those on the bottom – no-one tells the boss the truth if they can help it. And the people in the middle are squeezed from both directions and must keep any information that gives them an edge to themselves.

No civilization, organisation or organism can survive for long if it can’t communicate with itself – and our hierarchical structure ensures that lies and disinformation will inevitably clog up the system and make it unworkable.

            The Discordians call it the ‘Fuckup Principle’ – in any sufficiently hierarchical structure the accurate transmission of information is inversely proportionate to the distance between those at the top and those at the bottom of the pyramid. As the gap widens between the wealthy and the impoverished, the system has no choice but to break down.

            Not even computers or surveillance systems will render regimes immune to this reality for long. All computers have programmers and all surveillance systems have inbuilt protocols and back doors. The rich have their secrets, too – plenty of them – and always leave loopholes open for themselves. The ultra-wealthy are members of a particularly inbred rat pack who will devour any among their ranks they can.

            Do you know what damage a cheap hand-held laser can do to a distant surveillance camera, by the way? Do you know what a simple fifty dollar multiwave oscillator can do to wireless systems? The only way to stop ‘terrorism’ in the modern world is to do away with the genuine motives of pain and anguish driving self-proclaimed freedom fighters. Global and social equity and equality - a fair distribution of the world’s resources - is the only way to stop the righteous, outraged and justified chiseling away at the foundations of the pyramid.

There are millions of hackers, whistleblowers, pranksters, and even more disaffected real victims of the corporate gangs - marginalised people who are revolted enough by the obscenities inherent in our system to become revolutionaries. It’s almost possible to kill or jail them all. Last century, Stalin killed off the brains and intelligence of the Soviet Union so that his totalitarianism could survive, leaving only the dross of a nation of drunken slaves. In hindsight, this was not a very good idea – unless you really hate humans and have no notion of Humanity.

            The true summit of the pyramid is inhabited by the truly inhuman. The real base is not the ‘working people’ but the poor animals and the environment, that our civilizations brutalise, enslave and devour as a matter of course. It’s a route that can’t be sustained. Take a look at Google Earth – wherever the tumours of our cities reside, rocky deserts are left in their wake. The places we’ve intensely inhabited for more than a few centuries are almost all completely trashed heaps of dry stones and bones. The surface of a sphere isn’t infinite, folks – and none of it belongs to anyone. You can’t own anything – not even your own DNA.

            Now would be a good time to join together in a circle of friends and equals. All hierarchies of bosses and directors, presidents, queens and kings are culpable, immoral and unethical. Their top-down termite tower system has failed to protect us and our planet.

We’re all living in circles within circles, wheels within The Wheel. Small groups working together with an awareness of their common humanity will always change the world more surely and thoroughly than mass movements – for better or worse. Who is already in your circle? We’re all only a few degrees apart and most of us already agree on most things fundamental to our lives, our loves, our freedoms.Abandon the beastly boss and rule yourself. Do whatever you will, if it harms no-one. Are we in agreement?

-                R. Ayana


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