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Wednesday 19 March 2008

Global Consciousness Project


Global Correlations in Random Data

Photograph of Earth, 800K The Global Consciousness Project, also called the EGG Project, is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others. This website introduces methods, technology, and empirical results under the "Scientific Work" menu below, and gives background, interpretations, and implications under "Aesthetic View".
We have been collecting data from a global network of random event generators since August, 1998. The network has grown to about 65 host sites around the world running random colors  per egg per sec custom software that reads the output of physical random number generators and records a 200-bit trial sum once every second, continuously over months and years. The data are transmitted over the internet to a server in Princeton, NJ, USA, where they are archived for later analysis. Individual data create a random tapestry of color. The dot below indicates their global coherence. is to examine subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We have learned that when millions of us share intentions and emotions the GCP/EGG network shows correlations. We can interpret this as evidence for participation in a growing global consciousness. It suggests we have the capability and responsibility for conscious evolution. We make the world we live in, and if we Do No Harm, we can help create a Planetary Smile.
ON THE LEFT scientifically treated results
a study of apparent patterns that should not exist in truly random sequences
analysis providing details and context to support building good models
an unambiguous picture of data with minimal interpretation
the goal is to learn the sources of structure and understand mechanism
poetic interpretation and art
a free hand with possiblities touching eye and ear, seeking the heart of the matter
aesthetic and spiritual issues that are central to creative cultural evolution
feeling for the meaning of evident links between events and observers
the goal is to see interconnection as real & creative mind as magical

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  1. A society where a life can't have a soul made me a soul that can't have a life. Please stop the EMF Torture and change my name to leave me with nothing to get rid of the lies that became a life and fly in my face as the reason for everything that happens... or The Universe Is A Belief and this is about A Global Unconscious Project.

    Currently under new management by a private corporation owned by a foreign government to avoid oversight. Hell is the life for people who believe what they see and Nobody is a life that has no reflection in the mirror.



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