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Wednesday 26 March 2008

The Black Goddess & the Sixth Sense

The Black Goddess & the Sixth Sense
What Our Self-Blinding Societies Fail To See:

 You Can't Know What You’ve Lost When It's Gone  
Some books alter the way you view the world forever. The Black Goddess and the Sixth Sense by Peter Redgrove demonstrates the inherent selective blindness of modern Humanity, and shows how things that are repressed – symbolised by the ‘dark senses’ and the hidden female forces that shape the world – are rising to balance human vision once again.  
    Redgrove paints breathtaking pictures of the modern mindscape in relation to the myths of Oedipus and the Sphinx and shows how, like Oedipus, self-blinding, self-mutilating patriarchies have led humans to believe they are the end-point of evolution, having solved all ‘important’ mysteries. Historically, this view has led to very real ‘end points’ of another nature entirely.
       These deeply embedded and psychically active symbologies also indicate how warrior religions overturned earlier, widespread, more homogenous cultures all over the world, which were more in tune with their environment – cultures which had day-to-day access to the self-evident ‘mysteries’ were systematically eradicated and subsumed by more violently aggressive groups. The conquerors had numbed their true ‘sensuous perceptions’ by alienating the sexes from each other and their senses from themselves, in their daily habits and taboos.  
    This schism in the species is slowly being healed from within, according to Redgrove, by the sublime senses and supersenses that we have submerged – but fortunately have been incapable of eradicating.  
    He explores the multi-channeled communications systems of nature, many of which we are still rediscovering in ourselves and other species. His elegantly flowing prose illuminates a living planet aswarm with multifaceted symphonies that surround and interpenetrate all of us. He takes us swimming through a dazzling spectrum of sensory modes, pointing out;  
    “There are more than seventy octaves of electromagnetic radiation, and the human being acknowledges the visibility of less than one octave, our sight being cramped, as it were, between the red and the violet; the colour of our arterial and intravenous blood.” Sight itself takes up about eighty percent of ‘normal’ sensory brain function; like Oedipus, ‘civilised’ humanity has been blinding itself to the bulk of information that’s always been bombarding and informing us.    Our immature worldviews have relegated most of the actual universe to the status of the peripheral and unimportant – and yet we are not ‘naturally’ blind to these vast forces and energies that surround and interpenetrate us; we have deliberately blinded ourselves to any so-called anomalies that don’t fit into the arbitrary jigsaw puzzles of our religious beliefs and pseudo-scientific dogmas.  
    Redgrove – co-author with Penelope Shuttle of the widely-acclaimed Wise Wound, that deals with the rediscovery of the rhythms of the female body – describes studies of animal intelligence and the sophisticated versatility of animal communication forms, touching on the nature of instinct as an agency of the multi-channeled life force of Gaia, our living planet.      He claims modern humans have willingly separated themselves from much of their environment, consciously acknowledging only a tiny portion of reality.  
    Visual, audible, tactile, infrared, chemical and electromagnetic sensitivity are discussed and explored as modes of perception and communication – an example being the ‘external hormones’ or pheromones which allow communication between humans, other animals, insects and plants – even across species, phylum and order boundaries.  
    “The chemical constituents of animal and plant hormones, sex pheromones and messenger systems in plants and animals are all closely similar. This is why, for instance, the pig responds to the truffle – the latter emits a sex odour-chemical almost identical to the pig’s own; and why you find human insulin in a common bacterium.” There is a near-universal communications system continually functioning between all plants and animals, and one which humans are implicately involved within at all times – yet this ‘hidden, dark’ mode of seemingly extra-sensory communication, that determines many of our actions and reactions, remains almost totally unacknowledged and unexplored.
    The Taoist and Tantric schools of knowledge - which were actively investigating these and other vitally important levels of reality and consciousness for millennia - were all destroyed by self-blinded militarists and unquestioning religions. The numbed conquerors feared any deep investigations of the self, seeing sex and sensuous reality as a threat to their domination and control of the womb and society.
    This continues to the present day with the persecution and destruction of groups such as the followers of Rajneesh/Osho, the spiritual practitioners of Falun Gong, Tantra, shamanism and ‘new age’ explorers of all hues. Instead we prop up the pernicious fantasies of pathological liars, supporting pedophile religionists and destructive money-mad technologists with our precious time and energy. As a result we have misplaced more than mere access to our supersenses and sensitivities; we have alienated Humanity from itself by driving impermeable wedges between female and male, child and adult, emotion and intellect, self and other.
    Humans have cut ourselves off from our ability to consciously control our own fertility and we do not allow ourselves or our children to see or hear vital subtle aspects of reality always perceived by our native cousins and ancestors, who evolved detailed descriptions and sciences of the unseen. The implications and realities of deep empathy and even telepathy are ignored as inadmissible data, despite the fact that everyone experiences these things all the time; we’ve all been carefully taught to ignore obvious truths and to mimic the emperor’s love of invisible clothes, and his immature desire for superfluous gewgaws.
    Chimpanzees don’t copy useless or superfluous behaviours; they only mimic things that appeal to their common sense and fit into their societies without disrupting or destroying them. Yet ‘more evolved modern’ humans engage in self-destructive behaviour and copy pointless and even painful fashions and activities without question.   We fail to see that we share the world with a myriad of unseen forces and entities while we fill our children’s open minds with lies about the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Gentle Jesus and Wise Mohammed and the Angel Moron(i) - that inevitably lead innocents to distrust their elders and become cynical materialists, denying their inner awarenesses of the unknown.
        Modern processes of education and training also automatically blind children to the unexplained, unacknowledged realities they see and feel all the time. Each generation puts out the eyes of the next to arrest evolution and humans maintain their shuffling stumble through darkness, wondering where the light we all knew and faithfully followed as children has gone.   All alterations to the perfected temple of the human body are suspect. Genital mutilation has literally cut humans off from their supersenses while numbing the species’ feelings and emotions. We have mutilated our bodies and our minds to fit into a sterile, desert-making hierarchical pyramid kingdom of blind termites, in which the one-eyed obsessive always manages to remain King.       

       From the healing of warts and cancers by hypnosis and the nature of the immune system, to the human effects of modern mass communications, and insect antennae being morphically tuned to the electromagnetic spectrum, The Black Goddess and the Sixth Sense is a goldmine of interconnected facts and scientific revelations. For instance, keratin – a common protein found in your hair and nails – is piezoelectric. It actually generates electricity – and radio waves – under pressure, or, for instance, when long hair is waving in the wind or moving. We literally cut off a multileveled mode of communication when we cut ourselves off from our hair. 
    “Gases containing free-flowing organic materials, like pheromones, are especially voracious of infra-red and microwaves, and the organic molecules will re-radiate this energy that is poured into them, although it will be transformed by the vibratory system of the particular molecule.” The radio waves generated by our hair cause our pheromones to fluoresce in the ultraviolet range, making our ‘auras’ glow just at the edge of our accepted perceptions. 

       Pheromones are a form of chemical communications transmitted from most of your body, passing through us as hormones and traveling between almost all species as aerial pheromones. Pheromone receptors are found wherever we have mucous membranes and these substances are passed into and through us from all other lifeforms. Modern drugs and cosmetics mute and conceal these substances and serve to further cut us off from each other and the living world, while blocking our pores and receptors. As every young child knows, your hair and nails are integral and important components of a whole, unsullied being.

        Science is coming to tentative explanations of such concepts as auras and the existence of aspects of an underlying morphogenetic field or collective consciousness, and researcher have found ways to actually detect such fields within the well-known electromagnetic spectrum. “One view of atomic structure is that matter itself is like an interference pattern between waves… matter is a particular form of electromagnetism…” 

       The ‘onlooker’ or ‘spectator’ consciousness prevalent in the Western paradigm and science from Aristotle to today is reviewed by Redgrove. It is compared with such self-integrating concepts as Chi and Feng-shui from ancient China - and other cultures more aware of the “radiant continuum” of life than our ‘modern scientific’ viewpoint, with its blinkered attempts to monopolise knowledge into a simplistic, dead-end materialistic coffin.  
    In our pursuit of knowledge we have been led inexorably toward recognition of ‘invisible’ forces. In our denial of the sensuous invisibles we create invisible terrors, due to the blind spots we refuse and fear to see and the numb places we refuse and fear to feel.   The Black Goddess shows how culturally implanted anti-sensual isolation and guilt has led to the repression of our supersenses, magical belief systems and even non-abstract Romantic and representational art and music. All apparently ‘acausal’ phenomena are tidily and fixedly ignored in the inaccurately neat Aristotelian worldview, whose denizens ignore their imaginations and therefore ignore an organ of perception into unknown realms.   From this deep pit of sublimation, the ‘Black Goddess’ of our suppressed nature rises all-pervasive; like the Sphinx, She is a mediatrix who can reconcile apparent opposites into a fused complementary whole, freeing females and males, humans and animals, intellect and emotion from their unreal abstractions of each other.
        We populate the unknown with programmed fears and mythological angels wielding flaming swords that bar us from the Paradise that surrounds us - instead of exploring the dark, ‘subconscious’ realms of our world with unrecognised senses and supersenses already tailored to its infinite depths. Darkness is not an absence, not the enemy of the light; it is its palpable, unexplored complement.
The Black Goddess and the Sixth Sense is a book destined to radically change the perceptions and beliefs of any who read it.    


Your parents and grandparents were happy and satisfied to be lied to by those who still get away with stealing the wealth and knowledge of the Earth (and everywhere else) for themselves  – are you?

Turn on. Tune in. Opt OUT!   
-               R. Ayana  

-                This article is NOT a paid ad for this publication, but a genuinely appreciative appraisal of a landmark work by an insightful author. A shorter version was published in NEXUS New Times magazine, Vol. 1, No 5 

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