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Friday 28 March 2008




The American Psychiatric Association defines the meaning of the word INSANITY, as senselessly holding any belief, opinion or system that is not supported by FACT and not knowing the differences between fantasy and reality. If we agree to accept the APA's definitive meaning of the word, then what does our knowledge of 'insanity' signify to us as it relates to our belief based, political and economic institutions? Are those of us who uphold these mythical traditions, insane?
    And if we are not insane and we continue to hold the support of any political-price system economy, then how can we reasonably justify our collective willingness to continuously dupe ourselves into believing that our individual net worth, and the quality of our lives, must only be determined by the opinions of politicians, economists, and the amount of faith based money that they allow us to have?    What if an election were held and no one showed up to vote, and what if we lost faith in the value of money and it became worthless? Might we all be better off without money and politics? Imagine every citizen of the world willfully ignoring all political and economic systems that are designed to swindle us out of our natural reality of abundance.
    All political and economic price systems are based in a fantasy land of easily repudiated beliefs, opinions and or myths. They are set up to create ideological and psychological divisions between various groups of people through our collective willingness to believe in fairy tales.
    In the real world, the vast majority of us will never be represented by a politician or price system economist, unless we can somehow find a way to buy our own piece of the mythically controlled political world government. And that is becoming increasingly more difficult as the worlds faith based money supply is consolidated into fewer hands; and jobs continue to leave our shores, are replaced by automation, or are lost all together as a result of the many problems associated with the reality of Peak World Oil Production, and the corresponding increases in the price of operating economically viable businesses.
   Hasn't history shown us time and time again that politicians cannot and will never be a part of any real and lasting solutions to our most complex social, energy and environmental problems? These problems will only be solved through the functional utilization of reality based technology by Artists, Engineers, Scientists and Technical Experts without any kind of political price system interference.
   Most all military wars are an example and the result of our belief in the divisive myth of money and politics. Money based politicians are representatives of their own private international wonderland, their job is to sell us ideologies that support their own special interests by using our own gullibility against us, as we passionately or passively agree to pay for their profit making wars and businesses with our blood, sweat and tax dollars.
   The vast majority of people surrender our personal freedoms every day of our lives and submit to a political world government that can rightly be called a 'Fascist Totalitarian Plutocracy,' a system which symbolically represents our collective willingness to be controlled and dictated to by one party, an authoritarian multinational government by the rich, that is opposed to democracy! No true democracy is possible until we decide to ignore all political rhetoric and enter into the known FACT BASED REALITY of FREE, clean, and abundant energy systems that are and will be designed and engineered for the benefit of ALL.
   A change in systems will occur when finite resources are exhausted beyond the point where they can no longer be used to prop up Alice's Economic Wonderland, or when the worlds citizens finally realize that any and all polities that use price system economics as the basis for their decision making; whether they are called capitalism-imperialism, socialism-communism, republican or democrat, liberal, and or conservative etc; are nothing more than an elaborate hoax, fabricated to serve, protect, and expand the exclusive interests of a 'self proclaimed' elite wealthy class at the great expense to all of our lives.
   We the people of the world, will become free from the bondage of all price system dictatorships, only when the physical products and services that we all require to sustain our lives are abundantly accessible to each and every citizen and FREE from all subjective interpretations of value.   THE SANITY OF REAL SOLUTIONS ARE ALREADY HERE!   FACT- We have the technology to produce and distribute an abundance of goods and services FREELY to each and every citizen. We have a chance to clean up the environment and the waste that the political-economic price system automatically spawns as we begin to creatively utilize optimum technologies for the benefit of all citizens, whilst assuring a viable future for generations yet unborn.
   I strongly encourage everyone who cares about our future, to consider Technocracy, as the only viable alternative to the insanity of any belief based political and economic institution. Technocracy simply means; A GOVERNMENT OF FUNCTION and skill by Artists, Engineers, Scientists and Technical Experts who base their problem solving decisions firmly on the FACTS as we know and observe them in nature.   If it is physically impossible to sustain an ever expanding price system economy in a finite world, then would it not be wise for us to look beyond our scarcity determined values, and begin to balance the abundance of what we already know for the betterment of everyone everywhere, equitably and without prejudice?   Beyond the myth of money and it's politics, is reality and REALITY is where we will find our sanity for solving our most complex problems.

   For more FREE information about the proposed Energy Accounting System for North America and The Energy Distribution Card, go to www.technocracyinc.org or you can make a request, by sending a letter to Technocracy Inc. 2475 Harksell Road Ferndale, WA 98248-9764    
- Robert F. Ahmann U.S.A.

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  1. Saw your post on chime.in. Great article. Cool blog. Keep up the amazing work. Thanks. Cheers!


  2. Thanks Frank, perhaps one day we'll meet up in Vegas and I'll try one of you designer drinks! Cheers right back at you, my friend...

  3. I wrote this article in 2007 and would like to add a line or two. First off I would like to say that my reference to the concept of peak world oil production is in all actuality an elaborate hoax. Also, energy accounting forms the basis of all price system dictatorships, we actually need to get over the concept of manufactured energy scarcity processes all together and if we do then there simply will not be any psychological need to account and or measure energy resources because in reality energy is abundant beyond any measurable factor. We simply need to use energy intelligently and freely without any form of political price system interference. Also we may be wise to include ALL the world with these concepts and applications.

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