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Tuesday 18 March 2008

Third Millennium or Third Reich?

Third Millennium or Third Reich?

We Need a New ‘Free World’

It’s easy to remember the lessons of history when they’re demonstrated again and again in front of your face. But what is history in a world where information is always censored, gilded and provided by the victors? What is ‘proof’ or ‘evidence’ in the post-analog digital age? Modern schools are cut-down, streamlined businesses designed to teach dumbed down populations how to get a cog-job working inside the mechanisms of evil warmongers they’re not there to educate us to become smarter, wiser or better informed human beings. 

                        The public is taught to view politics as a game and their leaders as captains of sporting teams. We’re told to leave the major decisions that concern our lives to our betters and to toe the line and scrabble for promotion over the fallen bodies of our co-workers. We’re entrained to think that jingoistic so-called patriotism (a form of ancestor worship) is an honourable notion to hold in a diverse, ever-changing global village of billions. People somehow fail to see that patriotism is a fundamentally brutal, racist notion that’s the paltry on-hand excuse for most of the wars in history – the ones not directly caused by those other regional racist lies known as religions.

                        How can we allow this to happen? Surely we all know what’s likely to be coming next, as the open maw of history waits poised to devour another generation. Have we all been out on a long lunch, or are those wireless phones and communications systems really cooking our brains? How’s your attention span lately, hmm? Or have we all really just sold out, cocooning ourselves in swathes of plastic crap and toxic insulation, walling out everyone and everything else and blinding ourselves to the wisdom and beauty of nature? Can you recognise a death-wish when you see one? 

             How could the intelligent, well educated middle class people of 1930s Germany have possibly allowed a hideous regime to flourish, helping the crazed and idiosyncratic Nazi cultists to kill millions by actively working for them, day in and day out? Would they have reacted differently if the symbol of the cult was not a swastika but, say, a more obviously noxious, death-worshipping coat of arms – like a skull above a pair of crossed bones?             

             How could the people have fallen for the trick of allowing a brutal, egocentric, superstitious dictator under he sway of unseen, shadowy powers to install himself as unelected leader? How could they let him hand himself (and his unseen backers) draconian and unlimited powers over all of them, suspending the protections and freedoms enshrined in the constitution in the name of dealing with a national emergency caused by foreign terrorists? The convenient burning of the German congress building, the Reichstag, was a great pretext for totalitarian control - and a perfect template for the events of our own era; it was burned down by the Nazis and blamed on a Jew. There were few Muslims in the country to blame in those days, and Jews have always made the best scapegoats, throughout their long-suffering history; they’re such a tiny tribe and really have so little, yet always seem to represent something to be envious or fearful of, to people who don’t recognise knowledge as their only real treasure.

                         Creating scapegoats is a great tool for power mongers who want to keep control in the hands of their ‘own kind’ of people, a perfect wedge to drive between the common simple hopes and dreams of the common people. ‘Divide and conquer’ is the way of all empires, and the division of the spoils always begins within the population of the empire itself; separated off into mutually suspicious classes, races, creeds and parties, the people have no chance to see who’s really running the show and keeping them ignorant.   That’s why certain old tracts say that division is the way the several-headed hydra, the King of the World, Rex Mundi, chooses to rule the people of Earth. ‘Division’ comes from the same root as ‘diabolic’ and ‘devil’.

          But let’s not be distracted by bogie men; we have many far more potent realities and impending events created by these belief systems to deal with; the belief in the so-called ‘natural order’ of pyramid-structured, feudal, hierarchical caste systems that masquerade as just, fair societies, for instance; the ‘right’ of a handful of fossilised selfish old men and women to control the lives of everyone else on the planet, for instance; the insidious carrot-and-stick control mechanism of money, for instance – the bloated, invisible elephant in the global living room. Or the belief that it’s honourable (and not merely understandable) to love your own nation, tribe or family more than anyone else.

         How could the ‘well-educated’ people of central Europe have stood by when underprivileged minorities were systematically vilified and persecuted, and ultimately rounded up and made to disappear from their midst, right under their noses? Of course, many of the workers who created the national economy and kept the wheels of pre-war industries greased were classed as ‘illegal aliens’ – even the ones who’d been born on the soil of that white fundamentalist nation.

          How could the people not realise that a society is best judged by the way it treats its weakest and most vulnerable and underprivileged members? Could they not realise that they would be the next to lose their rights en masse, and ultimately disappear?

          How could they fall for the obvious self-contradicting lies and propaganda continually fed to them by an immoral, unethical media dominated by a few old racist arseholes, who stood to make a motherload from those who listened to their lies and worked for their monopolistic state-sanctioned corporations? Why would they consider anything not told to them through ‘official, reputable’ channels to be unpatriotic fabrications, scams or conspiracy theories? Why would they care, when they had food and alcohol in their bellies, plenty of creature comforts and plenty of insectile work to occupy the bulk of their time and well-entrained minds? 

        When there is no such thing as habeas corpus, when a government sanctions torture and indefinite, unreportable detention, if elections are not fair, open and transparent, if martial law is effectively declared over the citizenry, if a secretive policing agency is set up specifically to monitor the activities of the population, if any criticism of the government of the Fatherland is deemed unpatriotic or even seditious, if concentration camps and prisons are set up – particularly if they’re outside the national borders of the regime - where prisoners can simply disappear; if more than one person in a hundred is in jail – then the Nazis have already taken over completely and Amerika has already become a totalitarian regime of brutality and coercion run by human-hating misfits, not a freedom-loving democracy of, by and for the people.

         Which is a great pity, don’t you think? After all, the Constitution of the U.S.A. was once a sign of a great high watermark in human history, way up there with the Magna Carta and the other handful of documents that testify to the fact that Humanity has a heart and soul, as well as ready fists and a cunning mind. The universally recognised but barely mentioned U.N. International Bill of Rights would deliver a high standard of justice to everyone in the world; if only we were informed of its existence we’d all recognise our true pre-existing rights in this fractious dawn of the New Aeon. But naturally, such inconsequentialities as our rights, our freedoms, and the nature of the organs inside our own skins aren’t illuminated for us in today’s educational establishments.

         ‘America’ was once a byword for Liberty, Justice, Freedom and even Honour to the enslaved and brutalised people of much of the war-torn world; now it’s just another totalitarian empire to be feared and mistrusted, its people a forlorn bunch of well-trained doormats waiting to be downtrodden. The 24/7 Big Bother society ushered in by 9/11 will be recognised by future historians as a wonderful example of the Nazi propaganda minister’s Goebbledygook doctrine of the ‘Big Lie’; if you’re going to tell a porky, make it a whopper. After all, you can fool all of the people some of the time – and before the suckers work out what’s happened, you distract them with an even bigger lie, bigger fireworks, fatter bread and more dazzling circuses.

         Wake up and smell the smoke! The world is smouldering and the agents of racism, patriotism and nepotism are on the march again, ready to send you and your children into the furnace! Kick the bums out and take back the reins of your life. If your boss is an automaton arsehole, show him your back. Find the thing you love, that you do best,, and stick with it.  Did you know that a single lifetime ago, a European nation actually voted to get rid of its government? Not just its current government, but ALL government. The wise Spanish people, fed up with millennia of lies and crass classist crap, voted anarchists into power and the government was done away with – and guess what? Everything worked fine, until the other national governments sent in the shock troops and made an example of them, while the Nazis led the world into conflagration.  But the Spanish people proved their long-forgotten point – without ANY central government, the people can be trusted to keep civilization flowing and growing! The workers kept working and everyone simply co-operated, unified by their mutual interest.  

         Justice, order and freedom are not the legislated provinces of control freaks, but are the birthright and natural demeanour of all civilised people, when we’re left unmolested to our own devices.  Human nature is very different to what self-projecting power mongers would have you believe. Most people just want to have a good life with their families and friends – it’s called ‘enlightened self-interest’.

         All power groups are merely varying echelons of gangsters, and all you really need to know to understand their motives and behaviour is to look to the example of any primitive bunch of spear wielders or teenage rat pack. It’s a simple barnyard pecking order of protection, patronage, violence and greed, whether it’s the Mafia or the Knesset or the Diet or Parliament or any randomly selected corporation, club, lodge or institution. And yet none of these gangs could operate without the agreement of the mass of people who outnumber and outclass them completely - who are carefully entrained to allow these cancerous outgrowths to flourish in their collective body.

          As this screed is being written, more that one person in a hundred has been imprisoned in the ‘land of the free’. Being ‘better than China’ is a saving grace no longer – the U.S. incarcerates a higher percentage of its people than even that benighted nation; and who knows how many unwanted or big-mouthed U.S. citizens simply ‘disappear’ under censored New World orders? Many of these people are innocent, or stuck inside hellholes for victimless crimes in a country whose people, judges and governments claim they believe in mercy, justice and ‘zero tolerance’, all at the same time. How many contradictory things can a brainwashed people believe at once? Time will doubtless tell, for the Fat Lady is still preparing to sing…

         Meanwhile, here in the relatively freed ex-imperial penal colony of Oz, we have a neutral-sounding, state-sanctioned term for what happens when Aboriginal people die in jail cells; “Deaths in custody”. There are an awful lot of ‘deaths in custody’ – but at least we in the ‘Lucky Country’ still get to hear about many of them. As our great national hero, the steel-armored, authority-killing bushranger Ned Kelly remarked as they put the noose around his neck, “Such is life.”

        One in a hundred. How much is too much? Who’s next? 

        Your parents and grandparents were happy and satisfied to be lied to by blood-soaked dynasties of killers who still get away with stealing the wealth and knowledge of the Earth for themselves  – are you?  Let’s end this feudal farce once and for all and create a real planetary democracy. Stop working for the boss and stop buying the poisoned apples of forked-tongued, divisive control freaks!  Create your own enterprise and work together with friends and family, sharing the work in abundance – that’s what it takes to have a Great Life! 

         Turn on. Tune in. Opt OUT! 
-         R. Ayana
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