"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Wednesday 7 February 2007

We're All Individuals

 We're All Individuals

We all love freedom - freedom to live as we wish, as long as it harms no-one.

Now, at the dawn of the Third Millennium, we need to reorganise ourselves. We need real governance, not industrialist puppet governments nor politician/lawyers.

We need to mandate clean, green practices by corporations, industrialists and nation states that provide us with our false sense of security (and superfluous, outmoded ‘luxury' goods).

We can have it all and the planet, too - if those who love money can be stopped from acquiring it at other peoples' expense and at the cost of the planet and our very lives. We need to party without trashing the place.

Now's the time to retool industries and reframe our expectations of people we vote for and those we don't. They must work more intelligently, efficiently, cheaply and cleanly. This isn't hard - but it requires a wise population to make it possible. It's time to consider and implement the solutions a century of science and research have placed at our fingertips and past time to do away with the steam, coal and oil age contrivances that weigh down our economy and ecologies. The real costs of creating and manufacturing things must been borne by their creators, not passed on to future generations.

Real global governance requires real unity within diversity in our already globalised world. For a start, we need a world of really united nations that can control and stop the movement of troops and weapons across national borders. We need to elect leaders who think of tomorrow and serve and protect our rights and freedoms. The party line is always a conspiracy at the peoples' expense; vote independent. We're all individuals, as Brian of Nazareth said.

Most citizens vote by rote, for the groups their parents were suckered into voting for, just as most blindly follow the particular, peculiar religion indoctrinated into them by their family from birth. All votes are conscious conscience votes - politicians and voters who habitually follow the party banner surrender their consciences. Vote for an issue, or, failing that, a person. Otherwise you vote for the corporate entity that's proven itself to be the best at bribing our leaders.

Many don't vote because they say voting doesn't matter and can't change anything. For them, tragically, this is the truth.

How about you?


- R. Ayana

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