"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Thursday 8 February 2007

Where To From Here?

Where To From Here?

What do we want?

Is it to live happily, healthfully, abundantly and creatively? Is it also to develop relationships with each other and nature that honours and protects all parties? To live in dignity and love requires, I would think, that we cease contributing to the destruction of Mother Earth or the destruction of its ecosystems. 
Unfortunately, most, if not all of us are suckling at the breast of the beast that has, will and is attempting to control, measure and consume all 'resources' on this jewel we call home. Its name is progress - but we all know that's not quite accurate considering the wholesale destruction, poisoning and fracturing of integrated structures, natural or otherwise, which its implementation has involved. 
We have been sold a lie that goes something like;
"It's a pity we have to kill the Earth and each other for a living, but there's no other way we can have our wonderful technogenous standard of living."
It's so good, we are told, that we should force any culture that is simply self-sufficient to develop itself and become like all other civilized nations and change to consuming high-cost, low quality processed half-food, machines, guns and chemicals from the developed world, destroy local food production and replace it with low-wage, life-destroying monoculture. All this so that they can become part of the world community, go into debt and capitulate their country's forest and mineral resources to pay the interest on the money that's been forced upon the usually compromised 'leader' on behalf of 'his' country.
Meanwhile, back in the so-called civilised developed world, the very small group sitting on top of the much larger, though still very small percentage of the world's population who owns all the shares traded on the world stock exchanges (these shares represent control of the world's resources and wealth) have decided there are too many unproductive people to control properly and have set in motion various programs to control, reduce and change world populations radically.
Internet searches for chemtrails, Bush/eugenics, mycoplasma fermentans incognitus (common cause of all degenerative diseases) or Leonard Horowitz will educate the uninitiated into how all these mysterious diseases have suddenly - in the last 20 years - become so prevalent. A weakened population is more compliant and besides, they represent fantastic medical profits. That's part of the downside.
On the upside, we have scientific validation of a movement of the entire solar system and everything in it into a higher energy area, precipitating fast moving evolutionary impulses at all levels. The chaos this is producing is providing the necessary freedom to allow the next evolutionary changes to precipitate.
Our job is to seed the most life-affirming, kindness-promoting solutions for joyous personal and planetary survival. All necessary practical solutions exist. We have but to embrace and implement them and share the results with each other, thus participating in the crystalisation of the world we most truly desire for ourselves, each other and our children. 
by R. Ayana

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