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Saturday 3 February 2007

Twisted System: The Global Secret Society

Twisted System

The planet Earth is run by a secret society. Just about everyone is aware of this, and thinks of them as a secretive group of illuminated magicians - but they're really a bunch of misinformed clowns. Having elbowed and clawed their way to the top of a pile of elbows and claws, they survey the wave of the future racing toward them and proclaim, "Follow me into the depths!" and "I have a mandate!" just before the reality they've ignored for so long sweeps them and their whole palpating heap into the yawning pratfall of history.

            Every generation is the same - there's another one thousand born every minute, brainwashed and squashed by the most over-educated and least capable control freaks that civilization can provide, on behalf of bullying, power-hungry killers. The rulers are gangsters, (in)vested interests that suit themselves in sheep's clothing. 

Their world-destroying cohort of willing worker-followers is well-known and are easy to pick by the nooses they voluntarily tie around their necks in a sign of death and ultimate submission - ready to be yanked and hung out to dry, throats perpetually constricted by the threat of ‘fire', the threat of having their own time on their own hands, of having to live with themselves with no-one to tell them what to do. Their existence is personally tailored for boredom, ignorance and early death. Whatever you do, don't fit in - a misfit can't easily be crammed into their coffin of military-industrial civilization and has a chance at freedom and enlightenment.

Put another way; we've all been told that lowering our emissions of carbon dioxide to 60% of the 1990 level by the year 2050 will save the planet. Lowering the emissions to that level will result in an atmospheric burden of 550 parts per million (ppm) - all invested leaders agree that this is a good idea. But right now, we have 380 ppm in the atmosphere and the clomate is already going to hell - literally. We're creating a world-wide burning desert in an ice age of frozen waste. 

Regardless of whether solar output is a cause of heating the planet, allowing carbon levels to rise to such heights is a certain way of killing billions of humans. Perhaps you think this is a good idea - but remember, scarcity of resources is an illusion created by the same shameful suits who greedily suck most of the world's resources into the bellies of their beastly families. There's more than enough of everything to share, if we don't ruin and pollute it.

Now hundreds of millions will die in the next generation (if we're lucky) and our elected ‘leaders' all agree that killing us more swiftly is a good idea while we swallow their lines and are hooked on and sunk by their poisoned products and septic systems.

It's hard to keep an eye on all the juggled facts, details and figures thrown up by the juggling media to see what they really mean; the truth is treated as a distraction from the entertainment of smoke and mirrors. What's happening, folks, is that we're heading for an ice age via a precursor greenhouse effect and a climate catastrophe. While you've been busily winding the mortal coil of your life through an inherently twisted system, you've known it could all be much better. Well these are new times, a new millennium - time for a change now, today. Time to talk to real friends and other fellow-travelers, time to rid ourselves of the lethargic old suits that constrict our freedom before they lead us into a Sino-US war of mass distraction.  Time for more than talk.

Untie the ties that bind you to a dead-end past. Make love. Plant trees and visit forests. Enjoy the world and your body. Why are you here? There's no point in putting off LIFE until you don't have one - retire now! Turn on, tune in, opt out of this crappy so-called civilization, however young you are, and trust that the universe will care for and guide you if you clear your heart and blood and mind of crap. Even being a happy hippy clown's better than being a hypocrite clone.

Lennon famously said, ‘Don't trust anyone over thirty.' Do you understand why? Do you know what happens when a person comes to believe they're mortal, that they'll die and that first they'll be old and alone? They usually sell out and burrow deep into the hive, cocooning themselves in mouldering lies, not wanting to see the truth - that we;\';re all immortal consciousness and that now, right now, we're ALIVE!

What do you want to do, to be, to become? What are you? These are the only real questions of concern to those pursuing truth and enlightenment. No-one can answer them but you...

 By R. Ayana
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