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Saturday 17 February 2007

More Than Enough

More Than Enough

The Horn of Plenty pours forth all that we need, the Earth's bounty freely given to the children of the world. Everything humans need is provided by an ever-changing and always adapting planetary ecosystem, the life-force feeding itself and its constituents - including us.

            There is more than enough - even with six of seven or ten billion human beings, Mother Earth/Gaia/Tya/Nungeena will do her best to provide for them all. Only the greed of a few, who consider themselves as different from the rest of Humanity as would another species, stops the fair flow of Cargo from the cornucopia of the planet.

            This primitive sibling rivalry has defined the development of civilization since we discovered fire and began to burn down our primal forest home.

            Religions, cults, cultures, nations and civilizations divide us all from each other down radically obvious demarcation lines - the root of which is race, the primary, primal exploitable apparent difference within our singular species. All other false societal divisions are based on this base fear of the other brother.

            The fact we're all alike as sisters and brothers has only fuelled the fires of unnecessary competitiveness and conflict, just as sibling rivalry is trained into their young by ignorant parents and cultures that prize competition and believe a meritocracy is superior to egalitarian democracy and a fair division of the common wealth of the planet. A meritocracy is the smiling false face of an all too familiar imperial nepotism.

            Justice and compassion (and their opposites) are born in the family home and the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

A fraction of the money we waste on machines made for killing humans is all that's needed to save the planet. We can't save it without radically changing ourselves and cultures - by giving up war.

If we stop giving our time - our only real wealth - to the fear-mongers and weapon lovers all the people of Earth will easily be well fed, educated, housed and transported and have good health, communications and energy supplies. We need united nations, working together with the aim of having a good time - not ripping each other off in the name of kindergarten gods.

It's simple - all we have to do is like ourselves and each other - beyond mere tolerance or acceptance - and change those fearful parts of ourselves that are products of intolerance, greed, bias and ignorance.

What's our existence worth? What's the planet worth? How much does fairness cost? How much is land worth? NOTHING! It's as priceless as fresh water and intact, diverse ecosystems. It droppeth as the gentle rain.

Our global village is in deep peril. Only partly self-induced, the threats to our future are real and pressing, requiring us to change our stupid, outmoded ways of thinking and seeing and living today, now, while you're reading this. We're all in the same boat and the ship,y friends, is sinking. Greed won't save us. In this Titanic race toward the iceberg of climate catastrophe, not even the over-privileged will have lifeboats to save themselves (though many imagine that they do).

We've come so far, manifested so many of our dreams and thoase of our ancestors, and developed so many vaulting, over-arching ways of furthering our species and consciousness itself. Yet to the very few surviving ancient nomadic people, our monadic systems are the blind and groping outgrowths of insecure, infantile cultures and our great hopes are merely a blip, another high water murk in the relentless rise and fall of another temporary empire whose achievements will become the dust, stone and bones on which their descendants tread in a truly brave new world.

It doesn't have to be this way for sedentary ‘civilized' humans, if we're aware, compassionate, wise and confident in our humility, if we simplify and actively change our lives for the better NOW -HERE - YES, YOU!

It's time for a few radical changes. We have everything we need to do anything we want. Don't wait for next year.

         by R. Ayana


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