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Tuesday 10 January 2006

Understanding P.T., UFOs and Psi Phenomena

Understanding P.T., UFOs and Psi Phenomena


Psychotronics, unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and paranormal phenomena such as psychokinesis, telepathy, and precognition all have one thing in common: both mind and matter-energy are involved.

    Hitherto, mainstream science has insisted on a rather arbitrary separation of mind and matter-energy.  However, as we shall see, this separation is not based on good observation.  For example, everyone exhibits in himself the ability of mind to affect matter.  While theories of computers, control systems, and physics can explain human behavior once the physical system has been given an input signal, the original signal - intent, or what I call inception - is an unexplained mystery to ordinary science.

    "Psychotronics" (a Czechoslovakian term) and "psychoenergetics" (a Soviet term) have been specifically designed to provide a framework for approaching the problems of mind, matter, and their interaction.  If we can understand psychotronics, we will be able to understand better the interaction of mind and matter, including all paranormal phenomena, unidentified flying objects, and Fortean phenomena.

    Let us therefore start by defining psychotronics.  The prefix "psycho" refers to the mind.  The suffix "tronics" refers to physics and physical devices.  Thus the concept of psychotronics refers to a union of physics and metaphysics.  Such an audacious concept can offer a solution to almost every present problem in meta physics, the foundations of logic, the foundations of physics, and the foundations of mathematics.

    To begin with, it seems necessary to form a unified theory of mind, matter, and their interaction.  It also seems necessary to reinterpret and extend electromagnetic theory.  Logic itself must be advanced, for a part of reality, although "illogical" according to our present logic, is nonetheless true.  In metaphysics we must solve formidable problems: the ontological problem (nature of being); the problem of mind, and the interaction of mind and body; the problem of change; and the problem of nothing.

    It has been said that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  To tackle the problems of psychotronics demands the audacity to rush in where even fools fear to tread!

    At this time, it may be appropriate to point out that all Western science, mathematics, and logic are founded upon three simple laws of logic, proposed and formulated by Aristotle.  Since the entire universe cannot be described by these three laws - parts of reality are known to violate one or more of them and hence be illogical though true - it appears that we must be audacious enough to tackle and change the three laws of logic, if a new paradigm is to be constructed to solve all the presently unsolved problems.


First, no one knows what mass really is; we do not know for sure whether inertial and gravitational mass are one and the same.  General relativity says it is, and we know from experiments that if any difference exists between inertial mass and gravitational mass that difference is very small indeed.  But we do not know positively that there is not some small but finite difference.  And we have no idea why the mass of a moving object increases with respect to a static observer.  It is simple to calculate in special relativity how much the mass increases as a function of the velocity, but no one has the foggiest notion why this happens.  Particularly so since an observer standing on the moving object and moving along with it sees no increase in its mass at all.

    This poses a real paradox; if we try to assign some absolute notion to the idea of mass, then any object has an infinite number of masses, all at the same time and all different.  There are two ways to determine mass: (1) by its resistance to a disturbing force, and (2) by its ability to occupy three-dimensional space.  The latter requires that mass be volumetric, i.e., that mass be L3 dimensionally.

    But look at the weird properties of a photon!   If we measure its resistance to a disturbing force, we find that no force on earth can accelerate or decelerate the photon.  If we measure the mass of a photon by the first method, it appears to have infinite mass.  Yet if we measure it by the second method, it can have no mass at all, because a photon is not volumetric; it is two-dimensional.  It therefore has infinite mass and zero mass simultaneously.

    Furthermore, we can take the viewpoint that whatever its mass is, it can only have one.  If that is so, then infinite mass and zero mass must somehow be the same thing!  Which contradicts the three laws of logic.  However, this should not concern us too greatly; many things contradict the laws of logic and are nonetheless true.  So while it is presently "illogical" for infinite mass and zero mass to be identical, we should hold on to the idea that this may very well be true.

    Additionally, one of the great cornerstone assumptions in physics is that gravitational field and electric field are mutually exclusive - i.e., they are totally different things.  Yet a physicist named Santilli has proved that this is not so, and that they are either partially the same thing or totally the same thing.  And there the matter stands, so we do not fully understand what electric field and gravitational field are, or how to go about turning one into the other, although Santilli's work seems to imply that this is at least theoretically possible.  We must therefore invoke a new concept of reality.....

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