"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Thursday 12 January 2006

The Colour of Passion

The Colour of Passion


Red is the colour of a type of passion and the colour of the physical hominid heart and blood – but not the colour of the truer, deeper heart energy, which is an emerald green; the midpoint of the rainbow.

           Often the things you remember when first exploring passed lives are so intense that they can discourage you from looking further, deeper. Yet you must look through that intensity, because what you remember of it is bound to be clouded by your current existence, perception and your socio-cultured viewpoint – by that in which you are clothed. You have to view passively without trying to lay your interpretations on what it is you are viewing, no matter how unusual or even abhorrent it may appear to your third millennium consciousness. You may not understand what was really happening.

If you can go back in your long memory with that viewpoint, when you see something that shocks you, you’ll be curious rather than afraid – and the far greater spans of bucolic, pastoral existence and magical happenings will open up before you.

       The Aegean and Minos civilizations did not sink in the same global conflagration that sank the last of Atlantis - whose mountains still exist as Cuba. Atlantis was destroyed around 13,000 years ago.

The world isn't round - the equatorial diameter is 27 miles wider than the polar - the equatorial bulge. When you tilt the Earth 20 degrees - as happened at the end of the last glaciation, precipitating its end - whole continental areas rise and fall by miles, in relation to the datum (sea level).

         Castro commissioned the group who found the Titanic to explore for sunken galleons off western Cuba - and they found Atlantis.

See for instance>

      - R. Ayana

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