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Saturday 14 January 2006

Plans for the New World Ordure

Plans for the New World Ordure
A Primer for Imperial Domination


Eye - a distant but interested observer of the world.

It all started well before the Third millennium, of course, but it’s instructive to start with the artful destruction of Bill Clinton. Calling on the well-known traditional American attitude to sexuality (that it should be neither seen nor heard and is a form of bondage) the so-called ‘neo-cons’, new con-men, pilloried a couple for making love. Making love was grounds for impeaching a president and trampling the last flowers of free love – of people enjoying each other - in the twentieth century.

Back then, when the mainstream press was still slightly free and truth sometimes slipped under the wire. Still visible were the machinations of the old-guard ‘Republican’ Imperialists – those industrialists and their servants who had run the right-wing administrations for decades of decaying hopes and dreams, those whose weapons were ‘Intelligence’ and war, marshalled as always to keep them in power, money and the benefits these bring to insecure old men. It was widely reported they were doing everything necessary to bring the ‘republicans’ back to power. Morality and ethics were not even considered. These men are into power – and though they own all coil, oil and nuclear power facilities, the power to wield death was more important.

Everyone aware of the times knows the 2000 election was monumentally and obviously rigged. There’s no need to describe it all, surely (see Fahrenheit 9/11, for instance). Yet most do not recall the media widely reporting the neo-conmen were ‘sexing up’ intelligence of all sorts immediately after the erection of a false election, particularly in relation to Islam, Korea and the Middle East (strategic oil reserves). How many recall that the plans for the invasion of Afghanistan were on the table the moment the imperialists gained power? How many noted that the incredibly long and detailed Pat Riot Act was ready to enact the moment the planes hit the twin Towers?

Let’s recap a little, shall we? There’s enough in plain sight in the public record for anyone with half a brain to see what’s been going on – if they’re not too na├»ve. Remember – to keep maximising profits and ‘economic growth’ you must keep the economy on a constant war footing (like the ‘Cold War’ after WW2), which also gives the total control required by bullies. To do this the neo-conmen must find – or create – a ‘credible threat’. Islam will do nicely.

* November 2000 – Obviously Rigged US Election of Resident Evil George Bush the Second, son of George the First – previous head of the CIA. Who can doubt aristocracy and dynasty thrive in the US?

* 2001 – Neo-conmen begin ‘sexing up intelligence’, setting up their own White House cabal to ‘vet’ and ‘interpret’ intelligence of all kinds (anyone notice the ‘white’ in ‘white house’, despite the appearance of cosmetically coffee-coloured people there?).

* August 2001 – Shadow government (neo-cons and cabinet) all retreat to a ‘secret location’ to make unspecified plans for the Bush presidency. Though many have forgotten it now, this was a time when the government temporarily disappeared into a bunker, re-emerging only a couple of weeks before the events of September 2001.

*September 2001 – The event which ushered in the ‘new world order of the third millennium’, blamed on the ‘lone gunmen’ Osama Bin Laden and his followers (CIA-trained agent who didn’t declare responsibility for the destruction of the Twin towers) – the son of the Saudi billionaire that the President’s billionaire father has been a ‘business’ partner with for decades. Al Quaeda, by the way, is the latest incarnation of a notorious Arab Nazi group, backed and armed by the west since before WW2. US civil liberties instantly curtailed. The republic becomes an unabashed empire and the cabal declares it necessary to invade Afghanistan to ‘get Osama’. Surprisingly, only 30% of the US population want to go to war.

* Soon later, the Anthrax scare hits the post offices of America. A strain of Anthrax somehow lifted from highly classified US Army stores is dusted into envelopes and mailed around the country. No one is charged, there are no links to ‘terrorism’ – but plenty to ‘Intelligence’ - and the weak bacillus strain used is usually non-lethal; the method of delivery is designed for maximum fear and minimum damage to the population. Strangely, now 70% of the population want to go to war with Afghanistan.

*2002 Cabal members Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld tell to the United Nations in plain words that the US will not allow fair competition from any other nation, economically or militarily – and that space is to be militarised and the sole province of the Eagle Boys. Afghanistan invaded, leaving the entire border open for Osama to escape while oil routes and other assets are consolidated. The first officially sanctioned nuclear weapons – nuclear bunker busters – are dropped. The US corporations begin disposing of their un-disposable nuclear waste by firing it at their manufactured enemies. The war moves to Iraq; the majority of the US population now believes that ‘Saddam helped Osama’ - wrongly. Thousands of tonnes of radioactive dust poison the lands of the fertile crescent for billennia. Amerika tells the world – ‘we will poison your land and people forever if you don’t roll over now.”

*Freedom of people and press sinks out of sight.

*2004 ‘election’. Land of the free and home of the brave has become a base of an evil empire.

*2006…. The world has a fair umpire, in need of critical reform. It’s time to take our own authority as individuals seriously and create a truly democratic and United Nations, with democratically elected representatives from each nation. We already have an International Bill of Rights. We’re all already protected by binding agreements between world powers that citizens must become familiar with.

Read the U.N. International Bill of Rights! Learn how you are already protected from despots and tyranny. If we know our rights and don’t give them away to the lying lawyer politicians who front for ‘industry’ and other slave-owners, we can still create the world system we need and truly want.

 There is still time – if we all stop working for the Man and start working with each other.

      - R. Ayana

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