"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Friday, 27 January 2006

Intelligence with a Capital Eye

Intelligence with a Capital Eye

The world system is run by Intelligence with a capital eye. We are all conscious and asleep simultaneously. We create the world together…

We each have a choice; ongoing self-examination and being aware of our inner motives - or living in a hypnotised state of thrall. Citizens or consumers, voters or clients, population or masses, operators or things. Which would you prefer to be – creator or user?

Being consciously aware of where you are, your thoughts and posture, breath and attitude prevents reverting to the restless ‘default setting’ that humans customarily descend to – simple, hormonally mediated pre-mammalian behaviour. And all rooted in
dominance/submission protocols developed for the existence of amoeba and dinosaurs. You can accept greed and suffering – or allow wisdom and love to blossom in your surroundings, using less and discovering the source of satisfaction, peace in quiet.

Some insist that life is a vehicle for the propagation of genes through time. Others point out that genes are vehicles for the propagation of life through time. Either way, many other things are being propagated in time by human civilization.

For instance, thought-forms and ideas can be viewed as using the human mindscape to reproduce and transform themselves; these are referred to as memes, n-dimensional creations that determine the very courses of human lives and societies – and the sorts of cultural ideas created by Forrest Gump.

Joined by invisible networks of hormones, thought-forms, technologies and ideas, we resonate and retransmit them all in a fractal flow of altered images and feelings. They resound through the mental and Earthly landscapes which we represent.

You have a right to be here. You’re part of this living web and play your part in it. You have freedom of choice and…

You’ve already made it. Yo
u’re here to understand why you made it.
-          The Oracle

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But what does all this psychedelic palaver mean? How does it help us? How can we make a better life, a fairer planet, money out of it? How do we alter material reality unless we do it with our hands and tools, directed by vision? We do it every day of our lives.

Life is art. But look around – there is such a thing as bad art. It’s time for a more organic perspective.

- R. Ayana

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