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Tuesday 17 January 2006

Relation Ship

Relation Ship


Relationship is all for many people. The seaworthiness of a relation ship can be all you are aware of or wish for, when life appears to pale for you if there’s no-one to share it with.

        Major political parties are insecure couples in co-dependent relationships. This bipolar political system suits the argumentative dichotomy represented by most hominid thinking – if it isn’t self-aware and self-examining. All patterns of power grow from the primeval power relationship between men and women – and mother and child.

            Disputative and extremist, early 21st century impolitics characterises the ‘competitive’, aggressive and dystopian culture in which it is embedded. It has not yet evolved into the polite, constructive discourse it must become before creative fusion can steer human society; it is still mere partisan reaction, with politicians and populace remaining prey to those vested interests unified in their will to own, to dominate and rule the rest in the name of parasitic nepotism.

        It all started when nomadic societies changed to settled villagers. The women (who gathered most of the food and stayed around the children more, around water and fertile areas) noticed that certain plants were present in the same places each year and learned how to cultivate them. The bands of spearmen/hunters who were accustomed to being praised and rewarded for the meat the returned to the clan were no longer feted so well on their return.
 Some became sulking bands of brigands lurking on the high ground over the village. Eventually they ‘developed’ into the barren-ground Baron and his spearmen and Feudal societies became widespread – as they remain today.

        The next step from the primordial slime beckons. Who hears the call?

      - R. Ayana

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