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Tuesday 20 September 2011

Mistake Waiting to Happen? AIDS – The Real Story (4)

The Virus Engineers
       AIDS – The Real Story – Section 2    
Part 4 – Mistake Waiting to Happen?


Scientists groping for the origins of AIDS swiftly proposed that it originated in Africa in the form of an African green monkey virus which crossed the species barrier to infect humans. This theory immediately diverted attention away from the USA and Europe, where for the previous forty years biologists had been blindly playing around with primate viruses. 

            It was soon generally agreed by most virologists that the AIDS-associated human immune-system virus (HIV) is related to the monkey virus STLV-III, since that virus forms part of human HIV. 


Viruses can mutate when exposed to various chemicals, radiation or hormones. Transmission from one species to another can also cause a virus to mutate. A spontaneous or deliberate mutation can also cause a virus to cross the species barrier to a new host.

            Spontaneous mutation occurs naturally; this gives rise to epidemics of flu that periodically sweep the world. Mutation can involve a swap of genes between two or more different types of normally mild flu viruses to produce a single very dangerous one.

            Under laboratory conditions many viruses have been studied and deliberately made to change host range. It is equally possible for such a mutation to occur accidentally in a laboratory, as such a disaster is encouraged by the nature of animal experimentation.

            To date, HIV is the most complex of the group known as retroviruses. Whereas most of these contain only four genes, HIV also has genes that are only found in a small subgroup of retroviruses called lentiviruses. This subgroup includes the viruses responsible for the brain disease scrapie (visna virus) in sheep and goats and the viruses that cause the brain rotting diseases Kuru and Cruetzfeld-Jacob Disease (CJD) in humans.

            According to Nobel Prizewinner D. Carlton Gajdusek, these viruses are so similar that they must be different strains of the same virus. The 1986 Report of the British Medical Research Council also supports this statement. The evidence points to HIV being formed by a mutation that involved STLV-III and a lentivirus. Such a mutation could not happen under natural circumstances because of the completely different host ranges of the viruses involved. 

AIDS Genesis? 

Much of the research into the viruses of Kuru and CJD was carried out in the laboratories of the National Institutes of Health at Bethesda, Maryland in the US, under the direction of D. Carlton Gajdusek. His work involved injecting these viruses and others into the brains and bloodstreams of many species of monkey, including the African green.

            By 1976 over three hundred monkeys and apes of at least nineteen species had been used. The viruses were also grown in cultures of cells from African green monkeys and during this experiment were deliberately mixed with many other forms of virus. It is very likely that mutations occurred and that STLV-III combined with a lentivirus to produce HIV.

            The workers involved were totally ignorant of the presence of STLV-III, although it is now known that it existed in US lab monkeys as long as forty years ago. All over the USA during the 1960s and 1970s, experimenters were deliberately transmitting simian AIDS from animal to animal, species to species, laboratory to laboratory, watching it develop in severity and speed of action.

            No attempt was made to contain the viruses. Biologists continued to inject animals with viruses about which they knew virtually nothing. Even though there are still many unknown monkey viruses, biologists are even now injecting HIV, the human AIDS virus, into these animals. 


Escape from the Lab 

If the AIDS virus was laboratory-created, it would have been all too easy for it to escape into the local population via laboratory workers; such incidents are well documented. For example, Fort Detrick, the top security US Army Biological Warfare establishment in Maryland, was considered to be the most secure laboratory in the world. Yet over a twenty-five year period there had been, on average, an accident involving serious infection (including three deaths) every three or four weeks.

            In 1981 several litres of deadly chikangunya virus disappeared from Fort Detrick – “a disease of explosive potential as either a biological warfare agent or a natural disease threat”, Pentagon documents reported.

            The human herpes infections that spread through global populations in the 1970s were also shown to be bovine strains that had ‘escaped’ from a biological research laboratory. 

            Accidents are even more likely to occur under civilian conditions and increase dramatically when staff are unaware of the hazards. Similar work with viruses was carried out in Britain, where many laboratories used (and still use) primates. It’s quite possible that another virus similar to HIV will again be ‘discovered’.

            This is why vivisection laboratories are regarded by Animal Welfare groups as biological time-bombs waiting to go off, presenting a massive health threat to their immediate population and the entire world. 

This section is a brief summary of BIOHAZARD, findings gleaned by the British National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), from over a thousand pre-internet research papers dating back to the 1930s.-        

by R. Ayana


Section 1 Part 2 - Very Hard to Catch

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