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Saturday, 10 September 2011

John Bedini's Free Energy Monopole Energizer

John Bedini's Free Energy Monopole Energizer

The schematic above is the famous Bedini Monopole Motor that uses one battery to run the generator while charging a separate bank of batteries. The diagram above shows a Tri-filar coil.  The first coil is for triggering the transistor while the second coil is for power to run the generator wheel with magnets on it.  The third coil is a generator coil that charges the secondary batteries.  The reason that you can run the generator and recharge a bank of batteries at the same time is because this is an open system.

Most critics of John Bedini say that he is breaking the laws of thermo-dynamics with his claims for his generator.  They refuse to look at his accomplishments with the laws of thermo-dynamics in an open system.  Most critics only know about the closed form of thermo-dynamics they teach you in high school and they refuse to look at the physics of open systems in a vacuum, therefore they do not reap the benefit of Mr. Bedini's knowledge of energy from the vacuum.

These systems have been proven time and time again by experimenters from all over the planet, yet the so-called mainstream scientists of our day refuse to do the experiments for fear they would be ridiculed by their peers and lose their standing and their funding. (Think about it, if every high school student was being taught the truth about this technology!)  What a shame, we could all be energy free right now except for the arrogance of a few!

 The Myth-Busters show tried to build one of these to prove this free energy technology, they built a machine that in no way followed John Bedini's plans or patent and failed miserably.  They should be ashamed of misleading the people of the world about this energizer/generator and apologize for selling out to ignorance or worse, for suppression of free energy freedom! 

This next picture is of the first self-running generator that John Bedini designed and built and gave the plans to mankind.  It works, and is what the Monopole Motor emulates with better efficiency and easier timing. 

At the Tesla Centennial Symposium of 1984 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a man named Jim Watson used this very design to build a small motor and a 12kv self-runner version of this motor.  A motor of this size could easily run a house, charge electric cars and then some for free! 

I heartily recommend that you build any of these bad boys, scale it up, and set yourself free from the energy grids and the arrogance of the few who keep this knowledge from the masses.  Thank you John Bedini for your tireless fortitude and experimenting to bring us this truth about freedom in energy!  

For more information on the Bedini Monopole Motor go to: http://johnbedini.net/john34/bedinibearden.html or to build a simplified version and learn the basics about this energy system go to: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Bedini_Monopole3
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