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Friday 9 September 2011

Mass Contacts: Extraterrestrials Among Us

Mass Contacts: Extraterrestrials Among Us
Italy’s Disclosure of Human looking aliens


By Paolo Harris

Exopolitics: The study of contact and relations between humanity and extraterrestrial civilzations

"Friend-Ship" A True Tale of Repeated Alien Contact by Multiple Witnesses (PT1of4)

Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvante told me that there was going to be a “slow” process release of information governed by a “special study group”. He may have been the first to print what he said were two alien photos on his book” Catchers of Heaven”. One is a blonde blue-eyed human looking alien called Sa Ra from Altair 4, the other a  baby” grey. He talks extensively about his role as interface with this human looking alien in a diplomatic capacity.

These are the protocols of which I speak in my new book: EXOPOLITICS: HOW DOES ONE SPEAK TO A BALL OF LIGHT: Exopolitical challenges and protocols for future contact. ( Authorhouse)

 This year in Italy, two important books surfaced talking about aliens among us. The first book was written by Stefano Breccia, an Italian engineer and expert in computer graphics and telecommunications who is considered a very credible source. The book is called Contattismi di Massa (Nexus Edizioni) and Mass Contacts ( Authorhouse) which now published in English . It deals with two opposing groups of Aliens situated near the Adriatic coast near Pescara who mingled among the residents and especially who communicated with several important political figures in 1956.

Their liaison contactee was a man called Bruno Sammaciccia, a credible figure who held four University degrees (among them psychology and psychiatry) and amazingly enough was nominated man of the year by UNESCO in 1982 for his cultural background. He was first contacted telepathically by these very tall (8 foot) humanoid aliens who had a base in the Adriatic Sea. In the Chapter called “Amicizia” at the end of the book he talks about their habits, intentions and their interaction with humans among them, such prestigious figures as a Brazilian Cardinal, a famous painter, a general of the carabinieri (Italian Military Police) - but in particular, they contacted the much noted ( Italian Consul) Console Perego who had the sighting over St. Peter’s on December 1st 1953 and who spoke about UFOS to many Italian Officials in the 1950s, much like Adamski.

           Contacted telepathically was also, journalist /photographer Bruno Ghibaudi who took the amazing photos of these distinct craft coming out of the water near Pescara on the Adriatic coast. The book includes many photos of this plus the dignitaries mentioned plus one photo of an 8 foot tall alien who said he was part of a confederation from a “blue” galaxy, which probably means a blue nebula. One message given to Planet Earth was “most extraterrestrial life was humanoid in nature”! They look like us!

          The second book that I researched is called Beyond the Heavens or Oltre il Cielo by Maurizio Cavallo.This second book details the agony and the ecstasy of Maurizio’s contact with a group from Clarion from the star system of Aquila (the Eagle) - the problems with conflicting realities and dimensional travel which almost led him to insanity.

         Cavallo’s contact happened in 1981 and in an effort to stabilize himself in this reality, he took many photographs and many Polaroids of different aliens from what he also calls the “confederation”. These Clarions asked him not to release them for 10 years to test his commitment to them. Most every photograph portrait has a name and is very particular. He explained to me that his Clarion Contacts absorb light when photographed so there are many flashes of light as in the picture of Suell.

I have been working on the Maurizio Cavallo story since October 2006 and find him very stable, logical, calm and credible. He simply lives his story. It is very difficult to evaluate this type of case that has films, photographs and artifacts. Although I visited him four times always staying in his town for days, I became very anxious to involve Jaime Maussan from Mexico in this particular case especially since he was doing the “Antonio Urzi” case only 40 kilometers away.

The Urzi footage of daylight UfOs matches that of Mauizio Cavallo and in one film, it seems like the same UFO. Antonio Urzi is in Milano, Cavallo lives one hour away near Torino and his contacts come about in Val D’Aosta as well as the French Alps. Jaime Maussan flew to Milano the 11th of May 2007 and he filmed interviews for two days. Both these contactees are summoned to film these craft, plus they are sensitive to the presence of their extraterrestrial friends. They are chosen.

It is ironic to me that there is a special timing to all this. It seems about time that we realize that these people walk among us on Earth and they are concerned with our welfare to some extent. My job is simply to report the story and with Jaime Maussan to slowly analyze the case and report what they tell us. It is up to the reader to decide.

Maybe it is time!

Interview with Professor Stefano Breccia

1. This book Mass Contacts is a milestone in Ufology. Why did you decide to publish it, more importantly why now? Is the time for disclosing this better?

Well, actually I was told to publish this book; I wrote it as a favor to my old friend Bruno Sammaciccia, . I sent it to the Italian Nexus publishing house following the pressing requests by researcher Roberto Pinotti. Now I have been encouraged to present it America, following your request so the English-speaking world can read it. There is no particular meaning to the " timing" of release. People can find it on Amazon.com

2. What do you think are the most important parts of this book?

The book relates histories of mass contacts in the world and in the Pescara region of Italy, but of course the one I’ve been involved with is the last one, Amicizia meaning Friendship; therefore it has been, to me, the most important one; and, among the pages devoted to Amicizia, probably the most interesting is the last one, “Maieutics”, where I present the reader with excerpts from their way of thinking. I believe that everything I wrote is important, otherwise I wouldn’t have made the effort to write it.

3. How does the reader find this story credible? Do the photographs of the actual protagonists help?

I do not intent that anybody believes what I’ve written. I’ve stated this many times, within the text. It’s up to the reader to decide whether I am a fool or not. About photos, I am the first one to state that pictures are meaningless; I even present a fake, done by myself. I’ve included a lot of pictures simply because most of them are totally unknown, up to now. Think of the scout craft  formation, seen from above! Or the many pictures shot during a landing. I’ve never seen anything like that in any UFO book, therefore I believe that “Contattismi di massa” has been the first one to show such things. There are even two pictures of W56 people. The one on the cover is actually composed by two half-pictures, that have been put together, but they come from two different images, otherwise our Friend would show three arms at the same time!

4. Have you been warned about disclosing too much? Have you yourself met these people?

No. I am not disclosing too much and yes, I have seen them.

5. Do you think that the fact that there a human looking aliens that live among us more dangerous than taking about the EBE or the Grey? Where did they live? Did they use Italian words or telepathy?

Sorry, but here I do not understand fully your question. Our W56’s were speaking plain Italian, and other languages; their Italian was often corrupted with Abruzzo’s vernacular, but they were able to speak even Latin and Sanskrit, as I have written in my book. They were making contacts typically using radio sets as receivers, or using telephones, or video sets, which, if off, usually were turning on by themselves, just to shut off when the communication was over. Very seldom telepathy or other “unusual” media were taken into account. Our Friends are living inside small bases, or plainly within our environment.

6. Discuss the unacquainted reader the two separate groups of human type aliens. What were their names and why did we give them a name? How long did they live? Give a physical description, please.

The problem about names is really difficult to be afforded in a few lines. What I may say here is that almost all of the names of the characters involved have been invented here on Earth.
Physical descriptions, and the like, may be found inside the book. There are many different groups of aliens interacting with our day-to-day life. Aside the W56’s and the CTR’s, my book quotes also the Elta V’s, the UTI’s, the Ummites, and obviously nobody may know how many others were (and are) around us. As far as I know, all of them are human-like, with only minor differences, height among them.

7.  Why were these two groups fighting?

You’ll find several, different, motivations about this war, this quarrel, or whatever you’d like to name it, within the book. The main reason is the rage between human and not human beings. The W56s are among our ancestors, while the CTRs are an artificial offspring, generated by the W56s themselves.

8. Did you ever personally interact with them to your knowledge?


9. What impression did they give you?

A very friendly one, whence the name “Amicizia” (“Friendship”) came from.

 10. Describe their Underwater bases near Pescara in the Adriatic Coast. How did they live there undetected?

Sorry, but you may understand that describing such things, with a lot of technology beyond our actual knowledge, is too difficult to be condensed in a few lines. I may just recall that (as I have written) there are no fixed entries into: when necessary, a passageway is open, then closed, and everything gets back to the “status quo ante”. The “big base” had a ceiling 300 meters high, so that, at times, it was even raining inside it!  Anyway, I may state, if anybody may be willing to believe me, that a lot of our Friends are living among us, interacting at ease with our society, having Earth identities.

11. Did they do a "technology exchange" with anyone and were the Americans aware of them? We know they contacted the Vatican through certain cardinals.

Of course I believe that the ultimate goal was a technology exchange, but also, may be more importantly, let’s say, exchange in topics relating to morality. You’ll find in my book some statements that may look preposterous, at a first sight, such as, for instance, that killing a man is not inherently to be condemned, that our system of laws, lawyers, judges and the like is all but foolish. Such statements are discussed and justified. Aside from a quotation of an American president within the English version of this book (please let me joke a bit on it!), I know very little about Vatican implications. I may only underline that one pope has signed a dedication to a book by Sammaciccia.

 12. Did they give humanity any future predictions? Will they disclose their presence in the future?

No, as far as I know.

 13. We are waiting for the debut of this important book. What do you think are the most important passages that you wrote?
I already answered this question before: I do not intend to be the champion of aliens of any kind. I have written what I, honestly and without any peculiar aim, believe could be written

 Mass Contacts is available at Arcturus books in English.

A tentative study on the strange picture at the end of “Contattismi di massa”

Teresa Barbatelli - © 2009

The lucky readers of “Contattismi di massa”, by Prof. Stefano Breccia, are going from a coup de theatre to another, while reading the appealing reconstruction of the contact cases with supposed aliens, not on the part of single earthlings, as we are used to being told by most of the literature, but by groups of people who, usually, have preferred to conceal their experiences.

He starts from a group of scientists who, in past centuries, have shown intuitions and inventions well in advance of their age, then presents the well known “Ummo case”, with many details unknown up to date. Then, in the third chapter, he presents the most astonishing part of his book, the “Amicizia case”. At the end of his very detailed story about Amicizia - that went on for more than 30 years, a tale with many details that may be verified even today, mostly focused on the character Bruno Sammaciccia - the author presents us with the picture of a supposed W56.

The picture is clear and bright (it’s incredible to scholars, who have been used to seeing blurred and out of focus pictures, badly lighted and disputable, where supposed aliens are concerned); it shows us a young man in a garden, smiling. He doesn’t show anything that might make us think of a being from an-other world; he looks to be very tall, and the only strangeness consists in his head, a bit too small with respect to his body…

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  1. Love and friendship is the message here, compassion. The messages I receive through my dreams by these M56 is that we must learn to be compassionate to others, or we'll blow ourselves up through Nuclear and or biological conflicts. We're fighting over resources that we don't need to be fighting over, because there is more than enough for everyone, that was the point of their telepathy. They kept going on and on about the problems related to the current conflicts over oil, and how we don't need oil. They told me about Technocracy and how this one system could bring us all back into balance through the process of freeing up energy so that it could serve ALL of humanity in ways that would bring us all into harmonious accord with natures delicate laws. It's really a nexus of converging points of view based on measurable realities that hold the keys to all the solutions to our most complex problems. The people who currently run things are functioning as automatons, they are on a course of self-destruction, and they will die for their beliefs regardless of REALITIES natural solutions that surround us ALL. The political kings have all been programmed to control the world through their fantastic beliefs without any conscious regard for the lives of others. This is the current moral dilemma between various kings of throughout planet earth, and these kings are ambivalent, because they don't have the knowledge of science necessary to actually solve any kind of social, energy and or environmental problem. They simply function and retain their traditions of power through the beliefs of others who grant them rights to control the lands through the power of myth, and these people will willingly choose to die for a fairy tale before any kind of viable solution can be actualized through the realities of what is already known, and has been known since the beginning of time.


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