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Friday 12 November 2010

Otis T. Carr and the Tesla Saucers

Otis T. Carr and the Tesla Saucers
Nikola Tesla’s protégé Otis Carr developed & patented man-made flying saucers in the 1950s

by Doug Yurchey

‘My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety.’
-- Nikola Tesla, interviewed in The New York Herald Tribune, October 15, 1911

‘The vehicle was simply an extension of their own bodies because it was tied into their neurological systems…’
-- Col. Philip J. Corso,
The Day After Roswell

‘You must always work with Mother Nature. Force is never necessary. The laws of the physical universe are really very simple.’
-- Ralph Ring,
interviewed by Kerry Cassidy, August 2006

Otis T. Carr (1904-1980?) was a protégé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Carr and his team constructed a number of fully functional, flying saucers in the late 1950s. The flying disks worked and were demonstrated. Carr was serious about ‘taking his craft to the Moon.’ However, two weeks after a dramatic test flight, their laboratory was forcibly closed. Federal agents confiscated equipment as well as all documentation. Authorities told them Carr’s project would ‘destroy the monetary system of the United States.’

Ralph Ring, now aged 72, was aboard that incredible and successful test flight. He and Carr, with their 45-foot saucer, transported themselves ten miles at the speed of light!

(Click on the Project Camelot link and download Ralph Ring speaking of Otis T. Carr, the events leading to the OTC craft and the project’s eventual shutdown by the feds: http://www.projectcamelot.net/ralph_ring.html [Two Ralph Ring Videos Below: Interview & Conference])

‘Fly is not the right word. It traversed distance. It seemed to take no time. I was with two other engineers when we piloted the 45-foot craft about ten miles. I thought it hadn’t moved – I thought it had failed. I was completely astonished when we realized that we had returned with samples of rocks and plants from our destination. It was a dramatic success. It was more like a kind of teleportation.’

‘I’ve lost count of the number of people who have refused to believe what happened. I no longer talk about it. It’s no fun being laughed at and ridiculed. But I’ve described it exactly as it occurred. One day someone will build the disk just as we did and they’ll have the same experience. All his blueprints still exist. Nowadays, it would all be done with digital and solid state circuitry - no moving parts would be necessary.’

‘You have to work with nature, not against her.’ (When the disks were powered up and reached a particular rotational speed) ‘...the metal turned to Jell-O. You could push your finger right into it. It ceased to be solid. It turned into another form of matter, which was as if it was not entirely here in this reality. That's the only way I can attempt to describe it. It was uncanny, one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt.’ (The Philadelphia-Effect? [or Hutchison Effect? – New Illuminati Ed])

‘(Carr)…was an unquestioned genius. Tesla had recognized his quality immediately and had taught him everything he knew. He was inspired, and – like Tesla – seemed to know exactly what to do to get something to work.
- Ralph Ring
The following is from Margaret Storm’s book ‘The Return of the Dove.’

‘It was in November, 1957…when Otis T. Carr of Baltimore, Maryland, announced that free energy and spaceflight had been once again made available to the inhabitants of this planet. Carr, a disciple of Tesla, has come up with two new inventions. One is an electrical ‘accumulator’ and the other a gravity motor; both utilizing the power of the sun and other forces in nature found in free abundance in the atmosphere.’

‘Carr…has organized a solid business corporation under the normal conventions of the American free enterprise system.’

‘While governments still deny the existence of flying saucers and daily newspapers refuse to give outstanding news to their readers… the uninformed public remains uninformed. They do not even know the problem of spaceflight has been solved on this planet by an American citizen.’

‘Carr’s free energy motors will power automobiles, for one thing; a development which would do away with the need for gasoline…’

‘Large space vehicles will be brought down to size of about ten feet in diameter. They can be built to sell for less than the cost of a modern automobile and are designed to take a family across town, across the nation or around the world in absolute comfort and safety and in a fraction of the time ever before possible.’

The above statements are from 1957. They knew THEN not to rely on petroleum. Little could they imagine the hell wrought by the Oil Companies 50 years later!

‘This is news of world importance, yet so strict is the gangster censorship imposed by the Silence Group, that newspapers founded for the purpose of giving news to the public DARE not carry out their function. For to do so, would mean running the risk of ruinous economic sanctions.’

‘Carr had offered to build and deliver spaceships to governments wishing to send expeditions to the Moon or elsewhere, but these offers were declined in favor of much more expensive rocket and missile programs.’

Consider the International Geophysical Year of 1957. A reported 67 countries were involved in a scientific effort that lasted from 7/1/57 to 12/31/58. The team studied aurora and airglow, cosmic rays, geomagnetism, gravity, ionospheric physics, longitude and latitude determinations, mapping, meteorology, oceanography, seismology and solar activity.

The year 1957 was also the year of Sputnik…

(edited) INTERVIEW:

‘Long John’ Nebel (WOR Radio, NY) with Otis Carr and Norman Colton (October 29, 1957): Do you believe in the possibility of flying saucers coming to this planet, the planet Earth, from other planets?

OTC: We believe that there are unidentified, electrified objects in the air. We have seen three on three separate occasions, they were going at great velocity and they were definitely electrified because we have been working on the same principle for many years and we recognize what we saw.

In what way is your invention different from the UFOs, which you have seen?

OTC: We do not know, naturally not having been able to examine the objects we saw due to the great velocity, we can't say with certainty that they are similar to ours, but the principle we feel is the same. Our design utilizes gravity, electromagnetism, and electromotive force and a relative field to get its functional operation… It's a central power core. Now this is what we call an 'accumulator.' In a vernacular sense, it is a factory. It is a storage cell, an accumulation of storage cells, which provide an electromotive force in the same manner that any known battery produces an electromotive force.

Here is a paragraph that you sent copies of your brochure outlining your system of propulsion that you have developed to President Eisenhower and the Cabinet and the Atomic Energy Commission. Have you received an answer from them?

OTC: There was recognition of receiving the material.

Beyond that, did they give any value judgment on what you had to contribute?

OTC: No, we have not received any value judgment.

Don't you think that is a little odd?

OTC: Yes, I do.

Is there any way that you can explain it?

OTC: I have my own ideas about this…of course, no way to substantiate such ideas. To give my own personal opinion, we have a truly safe vehicle which is not expendable, it does not burn up its energy in a few seconds, it carries the energy with it, it can leave the Earth's atmosphere and return man, it also can be used within the atmosphere. It can make a trip as easily as other aerial transportation systems from here to Baltimore or from here to the Moon. Now it is inexpensive, it certainly doesn't cost as much as the systems of the expanding rocket. The fueling is much less expensive and whether or not our offer is entering into an economic picture that is not feasible at this time, we don't know…

Were you interested in this before 1955?

OTC: Our investigations began in 1937. We were actively making models in 1938. In 1942, we had come up with the basic principles.

In other words, 18 years prior to this year, you had in your mind that possibly some type of craft could be developed that you could go into space with? Is that right?

OTC: This is true.

Do you hope with this craft, if you are able to manufacture it, that you can go to other planets with it?

OTC: Escaping from the immediate gravity pull of the Earth plus the heavy atmosphere of the Earth enables us, just as our satellites are doing now, to join a universal free energy system. They have a velocity now of 18,000 miles per hour, more or less, without any expenditure of energy whatsoever. Now any energy attached to this would immediately throw them into a higher velocity orbit which would expand them further into space...This is extremely easy to do. We feel that our craft will gradually escape and possibly escape the atmosphere of the Earth and then we can handle velocities almost unimaginable in reaching other gravity systems…

How many people can you have in this craft?

OTC: The one we have on the design board which is 45 feet in diameter, the cabin would accommodate three to be comfortable.

And what type of equipment will you have on board of this craft?

OTC: On this craft, insofar as the individuals are concerned, can travel the same as in a pressurized airliner. We don't have the problem of a heat shield.

What about high velocity?

OTC: We don't have a problem of thermal barriers because the electro-magnetic system sets up a protective shield in our craft which enables us to overcome this barrier without any discomfort to the occupants inside the craft. And we can very slowly rise, and once we are outside the atmosphere, we can accelerate to tremendous velocities up to the speed of light itself.

How would it land?

OTC: Very simply, we can fly at a very slow velocity of 100 feet per minute or less and we can sit down as gently as a feather because part of the operation of our craft has joined universal systems. This is a relative velocity of the attractive inertial mass; it becomes weightless as regards this inertial attraction. Individually, it is not weightless, it has the same weight as before, but when it reaches the relative location, it becomes an independent system just as a planet is an independent system.

I believe what you are saying is that you'd be creating an artificial gravitational field within the body of the spacecraft and yet there would not be any gravity on the outside?

OTC: Exactly correct.

And this is done by the battery which I attempted to describe, spinning around and producing its own gravitational influence?

OTC: Yes, this is the beginning of an answer to your question. We have capacitor plates and electro-magnets as a part of this system. Now this is counter-rotating, the electro-magnets rotate in one direction and the accumulator, the batteries rotate in another. The capacitor plates rotate in conjunction with the battery so that we have a clockwise and counter clockwise rotation. Now the third system is the cabin that maintains the crew. This does not rotate, it is fixed due to the fact the two bodies are rotating clockwise and counter clockwise. Therefore, the system causes the craft to escape from the gravity pull. The craft itself due to this system still has internal gravity because it still has the same weight that it had in the beginning.

Would the time factor be involved with this craft?

OTC: In our solar system, the time factor would be involved, yes. We evaluate time on the velocity of light and in certain systems, if we exceed the velocity of light, unquestionably the time would slow up.

Your craft can exceed the velocity of light?

OTC: We don't say this, I say in other systems.

I thought nothing could do this, I thought it was a constant factor, one of Einstein's factors.

OTC: Possibly in our system, but not necessarily true in other systems.

Anything approaching the speed of light becomes pure energy.

OTC: Pure energy, but in other systems it could change.

What other systems?

OTC: Other solar systems, we are completely controlled by our system and here the velocity of light is our yardstick and our pattern and our craft is designed around this... We have invented an electrified system which makes it possible for a propulsion system which put into operation can carry human beings, with a fuel system which is not expendable and take them into space and bring them back and return in this craft. If I had the tools now, and those tools are available in large plants… we could have this craft on the Moon in six months from this date.

You were incorporated in 1955 and I imagine you have made an effort to get some money to promote your product.

Colton: An offer we made was that the OTC-X1 craft will be parked in any specified area in the Continental U.S. and go one or more times outside the Earth's atmosphere and land within a distance of the Pentagon building in Washington or any other location best suited for public observation.

Could a small craft be made to take off?

OTC: We plan to build a prototype model as a demonstration device. Now I would like to state certain models have been built by me and tested. Each one has been airborne. One was lost entirely in space. We had a control system and this one didn't function. This has already been done.

What do you think about the principle of rockets under certain conditions?

OTC: We don't need it. We have a tremendous spin here. An electric motor operates the same way. You set up an electromotive force inside a magnetic field and you get rotation. So what we actually have here is an improved electrical motor which in itself is a circular device. And we say we make energy out of the air, from another dimension…this Earth itself is literally a spacecraft demonstrating what we're talking about. It's rotating and orbiting at a certain constant speed with a magnetic field and it is in itself a spacecraft… We feel outside the Earth's atmosphere new systems of propulsion even beyond our own of electromagnetism will make themselves apparent.

The text of this interview was kindly shared by Mike Hughes of Anaheim, California, as reprinted in ENERGY UNLIMITED around 1983, and though very faded in many spots, was typed up by Jerry Decker from KeelyNet. Decker's intention was for it to be copied at other sites on the net for the widest possible audience of interested parties.

Look at gas prices today; look at the horrible state of a War for Oil. We need a new transportation. We need a new type of CARR. Governments could make the airline industry obsolete. The Powers That Be could make oil virtually worthless. With the development of electric disks, you could transport all items and merchandise instantly. Nothing would have to be shipped across country in expensive, large semi trucks. Prices on everything would drastically drop.

Anti-gravity, flying saucers, transporters, teleporters, replicators and so much more are scientific realities. We could colonize the planets and go to the stars!

What great feats of engineering would be constructed if we had the availability of anti-gravity platforms? We could build the pyramids! Imagine new architecture and towering structures that would be ultimately accomplished. We could build on the scale of our ancient ancestors… if only we utilized super lasers and anti-gravity. Futuristic dwellings that defy gravity are possible. Entire cities could be made to hover in sync with nature. Tesla spoke of the ‘Wonder World’ ELECTRICITY, used fully, would produce.

Governments of the 21st Century KNOW how to build flying saucers. Some of the UFOs are ours. What we need most of all is a government that does not suppress a quantum leap, but one that will allow a giant step to benefit its citizens and all of the Earth. But does the creation of a worldwide, saucer-transportation system terminate the concept of countries?

At the same time Tesla was teaching the likes of Carr, Arthur Matthews and Einstein, we should consider what was happening in Nazi Germany. Hitler and his fascist regime of the late 1930s may have also developed the electrified disk known as the ‘saucer.’ The flying ‘electric motor’ is a scientific possibility. Why wouldn’t German scientists be close to discovering the answer? Study Victor Schauberger’s involvement with developing flying disks for the Third Reich. Numerous Internet sites and books deal with the subject of round Nazi craft.

Under ‘Suppressed Inventions’

5/5/60 J3-A, 54 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR Pat. #US02912244 Victorville, CA: First time ever in any newspaper: Otis Carr tells how his Flying Saucer, the OTC-X1, works. Carr developed his power plant for the saucer at the Osbrink Plant in Apple Valley. The OTC- X1 is described ‘as being two tops that spin in opposite directions around a single axis...The entire circular-foil craft that is Mr. Carr's most profound development, is an assembly of only two major moving mechanical parts.’

‘Governments KNOW how to build saucers. They HAVE secretly…and this is how they have gone into space and established bases. We are left with pathetic, primitive NASA and gas-combustion, motor vehicles!’
 - D.Y .
Copyright by Doug Yurchey
All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission
Doug Yurchey can be contacted:
He would enjoy your comments.
From http://www.world-mysteries.com/newgw/otis_carr_dy.htm

Project Camelot interviews Ralph Ring (52:18) @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfM23rAZTSQ

Otis T. Carr & his Flying Machine

Over the years, the name of Otis T. Carr comes up with regard to a flying machine he was said to have built and tested as well as a power source which he dubbed the U-tron. Scant details are available as seems to always be the case with such reports.

However, in Carrs' case, he did receive a US Patent 2,912,244 for an 'Amusement Device.'

On reading the patent and examining the diagrams it seems to be a Trojan Horse method of recording his discovery, much like the means afforded to Keely to record some of his discoveries in the form of an 'occult novel' back in the late 19th century.

A search of the net for Otis Carr and the Utron finds several sources selling information about his work and this online document from France; French page on Otis Carr

Otis became acquainted with the reclusive Nikola Tesla at the hotel where he resided. Tesla loved to feed the pigeons in New Yorks' Central Park and one day instructed Otis, then studying art and working in the hotel, to buy two kilos of unsalted peanuts as pigeon food for him.

Over a period of three years, after each delivery of peanuts, Otis had the opportunity to converse with Tesla on his various discoveries. From that knowledge and his own insights, it is claimed he went on to invent a free energy generator (U-tron) and a flying device.

In 1947, Carr had finished his research on a flying vehicle (resembling the levitation disc of John Searl) and tried to interest various governmental and University agencies, all in vain because they were more interested in atomic fission.

Carr decided to direct his invention towards the educational and entertainment aspects of his work. Carr was granted a US Patent 2.912.244, for a toy apparatus which very accurately reflects the proportions and the design of his antigravitational flying vehicle.

The principle of operation stated by Carr was that "any vehicle accelerated towards an axis compared to its inertial mass of attraction becomes immediately activated by the energy of space and acts like an independent force."

A diagram of the patent of Otis T Carr

Carr would have taken as a starting point the end of the English patent n° 300.311 of T.T. Brown by transforming the cylindrical engine into a biconic engine designed to create a nonuniform field around the ship, thanks to its design combined with its rotation.

He placed in the center another larger nipple which could be used to produce local energy and also to create another nonuniform field in the center. Although confirmed, the assertions of Carr do not explain the exchange and the extreme polarization which occurs between the iron disc with segments and the electromagnets of the circumference which give a cancellation of the gravitational field and allow antigravitational flight.

Flying disc of Otis T Carr
Note: 12 Utron electromagnets in periphery

In the disc of Carr is a key component, the Utron, which consisted of metal condensers in rotation whose form is unusual, square in a plan and round in another plan. This Utron has the same function - rotary inductive component at high speed - as the steel plate segments of Searl’s [levity disk].

This use of a condensing component (capacitor) in planetary rotation provided a measurable storage capacity of load at high circumferential speeds.

In the disc of Searl as in that of Carr, the accumulated load coming from the element in rotation is discharged into electromagnets on the circumference of the disc. On the disc of Carr, the spin zone contains uniform reserves of condensers which produce oscillations (pulses) for the loads as received by the magnets at the edges.

With the addition of the Utron, Carr appears to have improved the basic antigravitational technology of Searl, giving them both a reinforced credibility.

The following was posted on the KeelyNet BBS as CARR1.ASC on January 31, 1991. The article is from FATE magazine - May 1958 - page 17, in the regular column, I See by the Papers, the following article was found.

Gravity Machine?

The following summary was sent from a Ship's Paper of October 30, 1957, after being copied from a CW News broadcast while at sea. It is unusual because no other report of this announcement reached us. It certainly is sensational - if true.

Baltimore, Md., October 29: A group of inventors claimed Monday they have been able to utilize gravity in circular motion machines capable of powering everything from hearing aids to space cruisers.

Otis T. Carr, president of OTC Enterprises, Inc., detailed his claims in an interview and demonstration of a crude model of a circular motion machine which he said is the principle of a "free energy circular foil" space craft he can build, if someone puts up the money.

He said the machine can be adapted to devices of any size to produce continuous power absolutely free of dissipation.

Its immediate application, Carr said, would be in a space craft - which would be able to fly among the planets in controlled flight. It could land or take off as desired on the earth, the moon or any planet in the earth's solar system, he said.

Carr and his associates said their claims are based on the most simple practical applications of natural laws and discoveries in science and mathematics. They have no formal education in science or engineering.

He said the same "free energy" which causes the earth to rotate on its axis and orbit around the sun will turn a machine he described as two cones joined at their circular bases.

When the rotation of such a machine reaches a certain velocity relative to the earth's orbital velocity, Carr said, it will take off.

Carr said the core of his space ship would be a huge battery which would spin at the velocity of the external craft and which would be recharged, he said, by its motion. Carr declared such a battery, built to any size, could be designed to power the largest electric generating plant, operate an automobile, heat a house or power any conceivable machine or device.

The principle on which Carr said such circular motion machines would operate is that "any vehicle" accelerated to an axis rotation relative to its attractive inertial mass (the Earth) immediately becomes activated by free space energy and acts as an independent force…

Notes about the ship

A closeup of the left and right sides of the U-shaped electromagnet;

Part 82 - conically-shaped member (gyro) may be easily formed out of a suitable sheet material, such as laminated aluminum or plastic - Positioned to move through the simulated electromagnets 86

Each simulated electromagnet 86 may be formed in horse shoe shape... with tubing or like 88 to simulate the winding of an electromagnet.

And the capacitor plates from the patent;

I further prefer to secure a plurality of plates 90 (6 plates, 6 gyros) in spaced relation around the upper face of the rotating assembly 14 to simulate capacitor plates in a space craft. The plates 90 may be formed out of any suitable material such as aluminum laminated Masonite, to provide a striking appearance.

This shows how gyroscopic motion can produce a thrust as represented by the following diagram;

As you can see with Carr’s gyros being at 45 degrees the 'beams of force' would be directed to collide at the center above the space craft. Directional control would be by reducing or increasing the speed of one or more gyros on the side you wished to travel, causing the craft to 'dip' into that direction.

There seems to be something else going on here, with the spinning gyros and capacative plates being rotated through the electromagnet arms.

Now, if you look along the axis of rotation of the conical shaped members which are gyroscopes, you will see they intersect at a 90 degree angle as shown below;

Which corresponds interestingly enough to two methods to alter gravity, one involves creating what Keely called an 'artificial neutral center', the other involved using a band or ring around the object, when stimulated the ring produced weight loss;

Decker's correlations

though there are several which relate, the one I have in mind being from the claims of Dr. Daniel Fry at White Sands;

"...description of two rings. When dual magnetic fields are produced in these rings, the interaction will focus between the rings. This focal point will produce an artificial neutral center towards which the mass will be attracted by virtue of resonant attraction of the natural neutral center."

Meaning the natural neutral center of the ship will be attracted toward the artificial neutral center. It works much like a goat harnessed to a wagon... if you hold out a stick with a carrot hanging from it, the goat will follow the stick in whatever direction you so choose.

And from an anecdote from Wil Wilson;

…anecdote about a newspaper article with a picture describing a levitation device that was suppressed. A cylindrical container with a series of solenoids mounted on the top of the cylinder. Each solenoid is pointed towards a central focal point. When the solenoids are pulsed at the same frequency, the combined force creates an artificial neutral center which, depending on the amplitude of energy flowing into this artificial neutral center will cause the natural mass neutral center to be attracted to the artificial neutral center. The mass will thus be pulled in which ever direction the artificial neutral center is pointed, regardless of direction.

Another file is The Ship of Heaven & the Aten band;

"...This indicates the establishment of a bubble of force that protected anyone within its confines. Rather, it produced a center of gravity that absorbed aether at its own rate, rather than being chained to the planet, thus inertia and gravity were SOLELY governed by itself. Keely said you could produce this effect to such a degree that the object would float away like a bubble, independent of the mass (referring to the earth)."

And yet another file showing an 'artificial neutral center' to deflect the aether/zpe influx that produces the illusion of gravity is about Edward Farrow;

"Book lost 1/6th of its weight due to action of his 'electrical condenser'... In Farrow's explanation, he said that the dynamo acted to "intensify the vertical component" of the Hertzian waves which it generated. This intensification produced buoyancy in any object to which the unit was attached. The unusual pattern of Hertzian waves fanned out in a thin horizontal plane of electromagnetic stress over a broad area.

...The condensing dynamo employed either a horizontal row or a ring consisting of a series of interrupters or breaks (gaps) for producing this field. The ring of electrical breaks extended in a horizontal line around the perimeter of the device. Power and frequency of the oscillators were not given.

The buoyant effect is similar to that produced by floating a sewing needle on water. Although the steel has a much higher density than the water below it, the surface tension permits the linkup of many surrounding water molecules in a thin film or sheet. Similarly, the dynamo lifts against the strong gravitational field by REACTION against the weak geomagnetic field. The interaction over a very wide area between this field and the Hertzian waves produces electrical buoyancy. No U.S. patent was received on the invention. "

Taking into account Carr’s use of conical gryos, which would be spinning on their axis to create a force beamed at the top of the ship, they are also on rotating assembly 14 which carries them through the horse shoe shaped electromagnets. This is HIGHLY similar to Joe Parr and Dan Davidsons experiments with rotating pyramids.

If you have additional information you might wish to share, please contact Jerry Decker or post to the Interact discussion list... thanks!

The US Patent Office uses a TIFF file format, if you click on Images and nothing comes through, you need to download and install the;
Free AlternaTiff Viewer
install it, reboot your computer, open a patent image,
all the patents before 1971 are ONLY IMAGES,
after 1971 they are text and image

From KeelyNet 12/23/01 - http://www.keelynet.com/gravity/carr3.htm
And see Tesla’s Saucer – http://newilluminati.blog-city.com/nikola_teslas_flying_saucer__em_field_lift_experiments.htm

For further enlightenment see –

The Her(m)etic Hermit - http://hermetic.blog.com

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From the New Illuminati – http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com


  1. Similarly, a copper coil at the outer rim (located on the interior of the vessel) going all the way around and connected to itself creating a closed loop system is stationary while a large wheel having very large Neodymium magnets located at the outer edge of said wheel allows only the North ends of the magnets to pass in close proximity to the stationary copper coil then creates a very high voltage (20,000,000 volts) in the closed coil system and that voltage is then fed to an iron pole located running through the center of the craft from the top of the disc shaped craft to the bottom of the craft where the current is then fed to three large dual plated capacitors located at the bottom outside of the craft where the current is then transformed from electrical current to electrostatic fields projected outward from the bottom of the craft where this static field then bends around the outside of said craft attracted to the top of the iron pole at the top of the craft where the field then disapates into the top of the pole flowing in the same direction as the new incoming electrical current just in from the coil and the field is then transferred back into electrical current again and thus continues recirculating forever this way. When the power of the charge going to the capacitors is adjusted to around 290Kv per Cubic Centimeter it is then more powerful than gravity which as a set power amount of 289Kv/Ccm and the craft then floats weightlessly. For manuverability one simply adjusts the power to each capacitor independently for forward and back and left and right and a seperate coil at the base of the upper conical dome (the bridge) is energized seperately with its own charge amount for up and down manuvering. Now, hook all this to a computer controled steering wheel so that vectors of multi directional manuvering can be harnessed into the steering wheel so that the craft can be driven like a car and you have a simple and effective flying saucer that you can build in a large shop at someone's farm in total secret like we did and then fly it slowly the first few nights to get the hang of it before test flying it at higher altitudes. Note, you will find that for every KiloVolt above 289 you will be able to fly at about 1200 mph so 290 Kv into your upper bridge coils (located outside the craft above the middle of the rim of the craft and just below where the upper cockpit is attatched) will cause you to fly upwards at 1200 mph which is TOO FAAST! ! if you're not experienced so infuse into your circuite between the iron pole and your capacitors a main variable resistor that runs current into a much smaller variable resistor and run both to your computor control system so that you can use the smaller resistor to adjust volt by volt in a "main" accelerator pedal while a second accelerator pedal is for the large variable resistor. using the smaller accelerator pedal on the floor of your cockpit you can fly at "normal" relativistic speeds of between 1 mph and 1200 mph max. The main accelerator pedal will over-ride the smaller pedal if you contact it with your foot and those speeds will be between 1 mph and beyond light speed. Light speed is aquired easily in moments (outside our atmosphere) because the field around the craft eliminates inertia and all effects of gravity and therefore mass cannot become more dense as implied by Einstein. Einstein would be correct if the matter of the craft were directly exposed to space fabric at speeds aproaching light but the field insulates the matter of the craft and everything within the craft so his relativistic laws don't apply here.
    Have fun and BE VERY CAREFUL! ! ! ! !

  2. This all needs to be open sourced and working on by many groups simultaneously and brought to LIVE TV once completed for the world to see on a specific date. This way the cover up can be smashed open and no one will get anymore property confiscated and shut down. Set a revelation date and have cameras and crowds ready across the nation and globe.

  3. I want to build..I am being serious. I don't want to think about the possibilities any more, I want to be out there proving them to be true..I am not interested in profit or fame, but in the laws of the universe, the spiritual and technological advancement for the good of human kind. We must forfeit the military industrial complex. We must rise above their tyranny and their malicious motives. Money is what they seek but what they will get will be far from it....we must rise above before they drag us down with them, in their own path of self destruction. If there are any of you..my brothers and sisters here on this planet that are in the process of building and understanding this would you be interested in taking me upon your mission? Or if their are any of you wanting to do this...feel free to email me at amatschat1@gmail.com. no more of this longing for human kind to right itself, we must make it happen and we must do it soon..before its to late.

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  6. Do you have any more info or perhaps drawings on the equipment and construction? Thank you

  7. Gostaria de saber como fazer esse disco voador de Tesla. Saber como funciona. Etc. Amo as idéias de Nicola tesla. Pra mim ele foi um dos maiores cientistas da época. Queria ter conhecido esse extra terrestre em vida e aprender com ele. Pra mim ele foi e ainda é o maior cientista de todos os tempos. Pois ele fez uma nave que tinha conciencia própia. Nossa isso é extraordinario pra mim. Eu gostaria de ter o conhecimento e a inteligencia que esse cientista de nome Nicola Tesla tinha.

  8. Ralph Ring é um cara muito inteligente. Admiro-o muito! Pena que ja está tao velho. E todo esse conhecimento vai se perder sem transmitir a outro essa fascinante iďéia. Gostaria que ele passasse pra mim, essa tao fascinante invençao de outro planeta.


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